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WARNING: Gajeel will probably be kind of OOC as I write on and I won't be adding the correct accents of the English, Scottish, and Irish. I will be keeping it basic simply American English, for I cannot write characters with distinctive country accents. :P

He was Gajeel Redfox. A merciless hoodlum from the underground Fairy Tail Guild.

She was Levy McGarden. An innocent bystander that lived on for only her precious books.

Despite living in the same world. their lives couldn't be more different than from light and dark. He was built of muscle and brute strength, possessing a heart of iron that could not be penetrated by meddlesome feelings. She was a fragile fairy with a pettiness that complimented with her warm open heart. He was coarse with his words, spitting out the blunt truth without tact; while she spoke with sincerity and kindness that touched the souls of other people.

It may seem almost 99.99% that these two were complete enemies that were bitter and cold towards each other. But that slim 0.01% might overturn the tables, the attitude turning into an affectionate one. This was a story, between these incompatible people set in the Victorian era of England; where occult and black-magic users ran amok with the psychotic gypsies and the low commoners, all caught up in the crossfire of treacherous guilds.

It had been raining that afternoon, the rain pouring buckets and buckets of toxic filled water from the coal factories. The commoners and nobility alike scurried below, desperately trying to seek shelter from the hazardous rain. Carriages drove by, splashing the water scum over the dirt pavements at the feet of poor citizens. It was common that it rained in a small district such as this, but despite already had grown up in Ireland for the majority of her adolencence years, plus the additional five years she spent in England; Levy McGarden could not stand the gloomy weather.

"I hate this..."

The young blunette scowled at the ongoing rain, drumming her fingers gently against a large tome that she had finished reading. Although her favorite hobby was to read, read, read all pieces of literature existed on this planet, it would simply wonderful if she could step out into a moment of sunshine. Levy wasn't the type who liked being cooped up in a shabby library and become a senile old lady, especially in the back of the archive room.

It was spring for crying out loud! Shouldn't there be overflowing green pastures shined and sparkling in the dazzling sun while horses galloped over the countryside? Shouldn't she, a mere woman of 24 years old, be enjoying her youth at parties filled with young potential husbands and nibbling at delicate pastries imported from France? In her case, it was impossible.

For one, Levy was the runt in her family. Her mother and younger sister sported beautiful looks that made everyone's heads turn with admiration. Their shiny maroon colored locks were either curled or waved into an extravagant bun and their face and figure rivaling those of Aphrodite. Levy, on the other hand, was the laughing stock.

Her unkempt aqua colored hair stuck out from beneath the colored bandanas she wore to keep the rebellious strands down. Levy, unfortunately, wasn't blessed with the heart shaped faces men like to cup their fingers around, or have the voluptuous body with curves that settled nicely in a large hand. But even with her chubby baby cheeks (or so she claims) and her vertical-like body, Levy was thankful for her charitable personality and for her passion for literature. She wasn't beautiful or eye-candy, but at least she wasn't a dirty vagrant.

Levy signed once more that day, her thoughts drifting away with the rain. If only this cursed rain would let up, she could go shopping! All month long, the young adult had drooled over the new selection of feather pens and parchments and demanded for the price. To her horror, the merchandise had an inflammation price that exceeded the amount of sales she could get from selling her books! So, for the entire month, Levy spent selling her collection of novels and poetry to customers such as Lucy, a rich heiress living near Scotland. After collecting enough money, the blunette had fantasized about the idea of purchasing the new pens that accompanied with the dark colored inkwells and the crisp parchment papers; but to his disappointment, was faced with this catastrophe.

Oh, Levy would do anything just to obtain those fresh supplies from the stationary store! But alas, she couldn't bear getting herself wet in the rain, let alone, ruin her feather pens and sheets of papers on the way back.

"Oh well..."

Shrugging at the turn of events, Levy knew that there was nothing for her to do, except to engage into her novel once more. Flipping a new book to the first page, the 24 year-old quickly became entranced in a plot of dangerous mercenaries and damsels in distresses existing in the years of vassals and lords. It was a series that recently had been published and sent to her library only a few weeks before, and it had received many encouraging reviews from nobles and middle-class commoners alike.

Being a hopeless romantic, Levy found herself marveling at the friendship and love bond between the male and female characters. Although the book was quite a cliche, the characters had interesting personalities that kept her reading. The action was also superb, a movie literally playing through the young adult's mind. Levy squealed happily as she just read the knight promising the princess to be by her side, and would follow his princess' after she died.

"So explicit, yet so deep," The blunette muttered and felt a dreamy smile spread on her face. Indeed, the knight was pledging undying-loyalty to the princess, but he was also proposing the fact that he was in love with her and would be with no one else. " I wish I had a knight or a prince like that..."

From a young age, Levy had dreamed of marrying a splendid man that shared the same passion in reading and writing, as she had. He would have wheat-colored hair that would shine in the English sun and pale skin that brought out his cerulean colored irises. The man of her dreams would have a cheerful personality and would laugh a pleasant chuckle that would make her heart thump rapidly. But unbeknownst to the avid reader, she had just been creating an image of a man that matched her personality exactly. In truth, after leaving her hometown in Ireland, Levy hadn't met any men; except for the two youngsters Jet and Droy, and older men who stopped by to purchase a book.

Levy was indeed a hopeless romantic.

As the blunette excitedly read on, she became so engrossed that she hadn't noticed that the sun had gone down and the district became bathed in the eerie light of streetlamps. She quickly glanced at the grandfather clock near a stack of books, to see that it was currently around 8 in the evening.

"Oh dear..." Levy realized as she snapped her book shut. "Got to close the shop now,"

She hurriedly grabbed her midnight shawl and draped it over her frail shoulders to help warm the exposed skin from the harsh coldness of London. Levy exited the curtained archive room to be greeted by a cozy lit room with tens of bookcases lining the walls and in the center. An oak desk stood in the far back, facing directly in front of the door; while scrolls of papers and parchments practically overflowed onto the floor and onto the chair. On the opposite side of the desk, lay door that led upstairs to her townhouse.

Drawing the key from her pocket, Levy approached the door in a comfortable stride. Lately, she had been hearing rumors of the notorious Fairy Tail guild bogging down into residency in her district. But all she owned was this library rental and the floor upstairs that served as her home. There was nothing to steal from her, unless if you wanted to get your hands on a valuable book. But, who in the world would want to steal some grimy moth bitten book, let alone a gangster doing the thieving.

Just as Levy was about to insert the gold tarnished key in its proper keyhole, a thud was heard from outside. She froze for a mid-second, her mind trying to process what had just happened. Her hands began to tremble as the 24 year old began to back away from the door, gripping her shawl for an ounce of comfort. Another thud was heard, a crashing sound following after.

Wh-what was t-that? Levy worried as she felt a vice-like grip squeeze her erratic beating heart. It's... It's probably just a cat right?

Suddenly, a loud pound startled the poor woman, scaring her out of her wits. Her blood became an icy river and her muscles turning into jello. Are they here for me? Levy screamed mentally in her head as another ear-splitting crash rang in her ears, and in response, the young woman screamed. Fear crawled up her skin, making her even more nervous, beads of sweat already forming at her hairline. Is it a rapist? Or even worse... IS IT JACK THE RIPPER? Tears threatened to spill from Levy's honey colored eyes.

"O-Oi..." A voice muttered from outside. All movements ceased, the female's voice became caught in her throat. Her lips became chapped in cold as Levy leaned in to listen.

"Is anyone there?..." the deep voice trailed off, sounding gruff and tired. Levy furrowed her eyebrows at the human sounding voice.

Silence followed shortly after the man's question, the atmosphere suddenly heavy. Jack the Ripper or not, Levy could not help but feel pity towards the poor soul that lay between her and the door. She felt all her fear slowly drain away as she drew herself to the full height of a 5 foot and 4 inches. There was nothing to be afraid of... Probably just a beggar who needed money.

Her throat muscles began to work again as she parted her dried lips. "Y-Yes..." Levy replied quietly, reaching the knob of the door. "W-Who is it?"

And her hand turned the knob, the door opened to a dimly lit street, blackness covering the streets. All she could see in front of her was a pair of blood red irises starting back at her. As Levy's eyes began to adjust, she saw that those crimson eyes belonged to a broad-shouldered man clad in a dark vest and trousers. His black mane was soaked in a substance that Levy couldn't quite pinpoint. He was currently leaning against the door frame, his height and figure overshadowing her small and petite stature, a studded hand gripping his side.

As the heroine dared looked closer, she realized that his hair wasn't wet with the dampness of the night, but was soaked in pure blood.

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