Or Why Nabulungi and Kevin and Arnold Would Think Damian May or May Not Be the Son of Satan

Nabulungi, Arnold, and Kevin sat on their tiny couch, watching TV to pass the time before the fourth member of their group arrived with their much anticipated pizza.

"What, exactly, are we watching?" Nabulungi asked the other occupants of the room, face twisted into confusion at the vulgar cartoon playing itself out on the screen.

"South Park," Arnold said, almost reverently.

Kevin, eyes wide and mouth partly open, merely shook his head and made a small choking noise.

Nabulungi tilted her head slightly to the side, "Is the son of Satan really named Damien?"

Neither boy answered, Nabulungi furrowed her brow. "So, the son of Satan is named Damien and we all will be turned into… what, exactly, are those… things…?"

Kevin whimpered and Arnold shrugged while the Damien on the TV set a park on fire.

After the episode was over, Nabulungi, Kevin, and Arnold blinked at the screen in silence while a condom commercial played.

Kevin was the first to break the silence, his voice strained, "Arnold, why did you make us watch that?"

Arnold shrugged and Nabulungi wondered where she could meet this Damien boy, "I haven't seen a cartoon in a long time and… I thought Naba would like it…"

Nabulungi snorted softly and Arnold blushed. Kevin's eyes still remained on the screen. "The… the son of Satan… Satan fighting Jesus…I…"

"I don't think Satan would be killed by Jesus, he is much bigger in size…"

"Nabalungi," Kevin chocked out and Arnold giggled behind his hand.

"What?" Nabulungi said, shrugging, "Also, Damien seems to be a very nice boy, his magical powers would be very useful."

Arnold snorted a laugh, ignoring Kevin's strangled whimper.

"Oh calm down, Kevin," he said, throwing an arm around Kevin's shoulders, "It's just a cartoon!"

"Jesus… he… Satan and Jesus, they…."

The doorbell rang and, with a shake of her head, Nabulungi stood to open the door for Connor, "Damien isn't a very bad person, even for the son of Satan. Let's ask Connor what he thinks…"

"No!" Kevin shouted before Nabulungi opened the door, "We are never to talk about this again, understand?"

He looked from Nabulungi, to Arnold, and back again, not dropping his gaze until both nodded. "Good. Now please open the door, I can smell the pizza from here,"

Connor stomped over the threshold into the relatively small apartment, cheeks flushed and snow in his hair, "I still don't see why we couldn't just get delivery," he grumbled through his scarf.

Kevin laughed and took the two boxes from him, "Delivery costs money, this was easier,"

"It's snowing," Connor mumbled as he painfully hung up his coat and blew into his fingers, "It's cold, and it's snowing, and you're telling me that me going out in the cold snow is easy. I hate you."

Kevin grinned and flicked Connor on the ear before settling the pizza boxes on the kitchen table. "Eat up, kids!" he called, grabbing four plates and shoveling four slices onto his own before sprawling onto the couch.

Connor gingerly sat in the little remaining space next to him, Arnold and Nabulungi opting to sit on the floor, and his request for Kevin to move his stupid octopus-like limbs out the way halted in his mouth as he saw the rolling credits on the TV screen, "Were you guys really just watching South Park?"

Kevin's smile vanished and Arnold snorted a laugh before taking a long sip of his drink to hide his smile. Connor, deciding he wasn't going to get a coherent answer from the two anytime soon, turned to Nabulungi.

"I've been told we are not supposed to talk about it…"

And that's why Nabulungi thought Damian was Satan spawn!

I've been waiting for ever to find out why I made Nabulungi think Damian was Satan's son's name but then I remembered and I wrote this!

This story WILL be continued! Eventually!