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The morning sun rose, and greeted the Oerban houses with its brightness. A certain Pulsian's window was softly hit with the sun's rays, and they greeted her with warmth. Her eyelashes fluttered, knowing it was dawn. She slowly arose from her sleep and stretched her tan arms, yawned loudly. She greeted the sun's rays with a soft, "Good morning" and hopped off her bed to get changed and start her training.

On the other hand, a familiar silver-haired man grunted as the sun's faint light hit a part of his pillow next to his head. Hidan was definitely not in the mood to wake up and start the day. It was already enough that Pein made him get up at six in the morning. Today, he just wanted to sleep in.

After her quiet breakfast, Fang walked through the house and exited, hoping not to wake anyone up. Thanking her loud feet for being silent, she headed outside to the training fields with her trusty lance. As she entered into the fields, she closed her eyes and bowed. This was how she started off a practice battle with her father when she was younger: enter the field, bow, prepare your formation, start. She pretended to relive those exhilarating memories, and began swinging her wild lance in a fierce dance of swipes. Within the collection of swings, she added in a few kicks for extra practice.

While Fang was doing her daily training routine, Kakuzu awoke, despite not being a morning person. He got off the bed, and tried to wake up Hidan, "Hidan. Hidan!" "Whaaaat?" a grumpy Jashinist growled into his pillow.

"Get up, we need to talk to the leader" Kakuzu replied hastily.

"Fuck the leader! I need my shut-eye!" he yelled even louder. The tall man kicked Hidan's bed and walked away.

Sitting alone in the kitchen, Kakuzu began his meeting via astral projection...


"How was the night, Kakuzu-sama? Are these tribal people ... savages?" a particular blonde haired terrorist asked.

"They're actually civilized, Deidara." he grunted.

"Oh! OH! OOOOH! Kakuzu! KAKUZU! Do they have big, yellow, flightless birds that they ride on? They're called Chocobos!" Tobi squealed.

Ignoring him, Kakuzu asked indirectly, "Is there anything else that I need to look out for?"

"It might be a good idea to look out for their military and all. After all, these "Oerbans" probably have some type of special potential. And we could use them to help us with the tailed beasts..." Itachi suggested.

"It depends, Itachi," the leader said, "if they are willing to work with us. And in order to do that, we would need to make a treaty."

"But treaties... We never make them! Why would we do that for these people?" questioned the Monster of the Hidden Mist.

"You never know, it might be necessary, Kisame-san" Deidara answered calmly. "Leader-sama."


Deidara paused, and then continued his question, "Last time we had our short meeting. You said that you might send another pair of partners over. Are you actually going to?"

"I am not sure why he would need to.." Konan mumbled to herself quietly.

Silence wafted throughout the meeting. The only one who wasn't very silent at all was Tobi, who bounced up and down at the thought of Chocobos. But no on really pays attention Tobi during meetings, so he doesn't count. The silence broke once Pein made his choice.

"Yes, I suppose we should. Kakuzu and Hidan will have the job of studying the people of Pulse, and the other two will investigate the field area. We could also use the animals to help us."

"This seems like a pointless mission." Black Zetsu mumbled. "But you never know, it might help." White Zetsu grinned. "Besides, animals taste yummy." "But we don't know much about them. They could be dangerous. But we laugh in the face of danger, yes?" "Yes."

"So who's going to go over to Gran Pulse, Leader-samaaa?" Tobi yelled with enthusiasm.

"Shut up Tobi! If we weren't freaking holograms I would blow up your ass off to the next generation!" Deidara screamed impatiently.

"Okay sempai~" the orange masked ninja replied obediently.

"The partners who are going to go over to Gran Pulse are-"


(Half way during the meeting...)

"Good morning Kakuzu!" Vanille trotted over to a mediating Kakuzu. "Kakuzu?" Vanille shook his shoulder lightly. "Kakuzu~ Are you there?"

The red heard put her hand on her hips, smirking. "He must be in some sort of meditative state... I should wake him up anyway." She thought devilishly. She sucked in as much air as her young lungs could hold, preparing for a drum-bursting yell.

"KAKUZU!" She screamed.

The tall man's eyes snapped open, his astral meeting with the Akatsuki interrupted. "Vanille!" he scolded, "Why did you do that?"

"I felt like it." She hummed happily. Kakuzu slapped himself in response, not knowing what to do. He was about to find out who was going to visit Pulse. And whether they were going to be totally assholes about it, he didn't know. He hoped that the leader wouldn't mind that Vanille interrupted his "important" meeting.

"Have you made breakfast?" Kakuzu asked, changing the subject.

"Nope, I just got up. Could you wake up Hida-"

"I tried, he won't." he grunted.

"Oh. Well, I guess it's my job to do it!" the young female promptly began to skip to the guest room where Hidan slept.


"Fang!" he called out. He began running towards the Pulsian beauty, who was entering a hot spring.

"Yes?" she asked, slowly stripping her clothes off and prepared to enter the spring. "I'm here to apologize for my stupid behavior. Will you accept it?" he said graciously (what the hell Hidan).

At first she was stunned, and then her eyes glimmered with happiness. "Of course I will, Hidan." She slowly sunk into the spring's torrid water, the water relaxing her muscles. "Why don't you join me, Hidan?" she beckoned.

He nodded stupidly, removing his pants and ninja boots. The silver haired man slipped into the water with the gracefulness of a newborn duck. He sat next to the Pulsian beauty, his face inches towards hers.



They were about to close the gap between them, and their lips were almost touch-

"HIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" Vanille yelled in the Jashinist's ear, interrupting his sweet dream.

"God fucking damnit Vanille! I WAS JUST HAVING A GOOD DREAM!" he yelled, his voice cracked. He buried his face back into his fluffed pillow, crying fake tears.

Vanille sighed, leaving the dramatic Jashinist to do his own silly business. She sauntered off to the kitchen, finding Kakuzu eating some Pulsian cereal.

"What the heck is this stuff? Chocobo Flakes?" he asked quizzically. "Do you have anything better. All you guys have are these kiddie cereals..." Instead, Vanille just smiled in response, signaling a "no". The tall man rubbed his temples, and continued to eat the cereal, despite its extreme sugary-ness.

Five minutes later, Hidan came out of the guest room, rubbing his eyes. He walked over to the kitchen table, sat down and dropping his head on the table. "Good fucking morning, Kakuzu.."


"Did Vanille wake you up by screaming too?" the silver haired man said drowsily. The other man sighed once more, annoyed by Hidan's forgetfulness. "No Hidan, I woke up on my own, remember?" "Oh. Yeah. Did she still scream at you then?"

Silence. "Yes."

More silence wafted into the room until the door swung open. And then a proud Fang entered into the house! "Mornin' everyone~"

"Well, aren't you in a good mood?" Kakuzu rolled his eyes.

"Why yes I am, Kakuzu. I just finished another training session." She too, sat down at the kitchen table. "And in a few days, it'll be my birthday. Happy 21st birthday to me."

"Well that's nice." Hidan moaned sarcastically.

Fang scoffed at the Jashinist, slightly hurt that no one cared, but shook it off quickly. "Well someone's in a shitty mood."

"Well, when you have Vanille fucking screaming in your ear to get you up, what the fuck are you going to do?" Hidan retorted.

"Come on, Hidan. No need to be mean to Vanille. After all, I don't wanna damage your precious face, now do I?" She teased.

"I could kick your womanly ass right NOW. This god fucking instant."



And then the Jashinist and Pulsian warrior separated their ways. Vanille watched all of this, and massaged her temples. Getting Hidan together with Fang is going to be much harder than she thought.