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Days went by. Tatsumi would frequently go out and train his new power, sometimes with Toujou, Kazaki, or Himekawa. One occasion, he got to battle Saotome. He surprised me by how strong he was. Knowing Oga's position, he trained him all day that day, and he got noticeably stronger. And a few time, he told me he trained with Kunieda. An evil feeling, jealousy, stirred within me. But sometimes, instead of watching Beel to make sure he was okay, I would stay home and finish watching my soap opera. Because of his training, Oga and I didn't really converse.

Before we knew it, two days remained before the tournament.

(Aoi's POV)

As I helped train Oga, I realized that he's never going to feel that way towards me. But I guess having him as a friend is better than nothing.

"You're pretty good with that wooden sword," he told me after we finished training.

"I can fight just as well with a simple ruler."

"Ruler? Huh."

We sat there on the hill for about half an hour talking about simple stuff and drinking yogurti.

"Are you nervous? About the tournament, I mean," I said suddenly.

"Me? Nervous? Nah. Far from it."

This was one of the main reasons why I fell in love with him in the first place. He's so confident in himself.

I watched as Oga handed Beel some of his yogurt. The baby drank it greedily, and I couldn't help but smile. 'He's a pretty good father to Beel…'

"How's Hilda?" I asked. "I haven't seen her for a while now."'

"She's being lazy and is staying home watching her weird soap opera."


He nodded his head and obviously spaced out. 'Is he thinking about her?' I felt a pang jealously.

Quietly I said, "You really like her…ne?"

"Huh? What was that?"


(Hilda's POV)

He came home late the night.

I turned off the television and faced him with my hands on my hips. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Should I?"

"Beel should have been fed hours ago, douche bag!"

"Don't worry, I fed him some yogurti so that he wouldn't starve."

My eyebrow twitched as I gave him a scowl. He walked into the kitchen and started making dinner for all of us. I sat back down on the couch, not even bothering to turn the television back on.

"Were you with Kunieda?" I called. I heard the clanging of pots and pans.

"Eh? Course I was. Why?"

I shook my head and said, "Nothing. Don't worry about it."


The next day, I was awoken to someone hitting the doorbell multiple times. Knowing that Oga would probably sleep through it, I got up and made my way downstairs.

"Hilda!" Exclaimed Misaki as she hugged me tightly. My eyes widened in surprise. This visit was very unexpected. Behind her stood Lauren carrying Zoey.

"I'm so glad you're still here! My brother must be madly in love with you or something!"

I felt the heat rush to my face. Lauren noticed this and giggled.

When Misaki finally released me she asked, "Tatsumi is still participating in that tournament, ne?" I made room for her and the others to come in.

"Yes, and he has been training very hard."

"Well, it is Tatsumi."

She set the luggages down by the couch. Lauren looked around and mumbled, "Japanese houses man...they're so tidy…"

"I'm going to wake up Tatsumi!" Announced Misaki as she flew up the stairs. I was left there standing with Lauren.

"So how has it been since we left?" She questioned as she set Zoey down.

"Well. Yourself?"

"It's been alright…" She tucked some hair behind her hair and said, "How's stuff going between you and Oga? I saw you blush earlier."

"D-Don't worry about it!"

Lauren laughed and said, "You just stuttered!"

We both looked at the top of the stairs when we heard a sudden yell. "Misaki!" Roared Oga. Multiple thumps were heard and some dust from the ceiling fell down on us. I brushed some dust off my sleeve and looked at the American girl. "Sounds like he's awake," I said.

I spent the morning spending time with them.

When it was the afternoon, Misaki, Lauren, and Zoey went upstairs to sleep since they were still on a different sleeping schedule.

I looked at Oga who had Beel on his lap and was watching anime with him. "It's time to train," I told him. He looked at me and said, "Hey, even I deserve a break. Besides, everyone that I train with is busy today."

"Tomorrow is the tournament."

"I realize that."

"I'll be your training partner."

After a few moments of silence, he nodded his head. "Come on, Baby Beel," he said as he picked the baby up and placed him on his shoulder. He turned off the television and Beel's eyes started to water.

"I know you want a break," he told him, "but tomorrow is the tournament. Besides, don't you want to show your mom how powerful you are?"

I froze in my seat.

'Mom? Me?'

From the door Oga asked, "Comin' or what?"

I got up, grabbed my parasol, and followed him to the river.

(Oga's POV)

"Get ready," I told her. Beel's eyes sparkled with confidence. He was going up against his mother after all…And I still can't believe I told her that. Hilda unsheathed her sword slowly.

Without further warning, she sprinted towards me a little faster than Aoi. Thanks to her training, I easily dodged the sword that passed my neck.

"You're not seriously going to fight me with your sword unsheathed and everything, are you? What if you hit Beel?!" I side stepped.

"Of course, aren't I doing it now? Besides, I would not hurt Beel. Never."

She attempted to kick me where the sun doesn't shine, but I jumped and avoided it. When I landed a few feet away from her I asked, "But what if you hurt me?!"

I saw her smirk.

"Then I guess you better avoid getting hit."

She lunged her sword at me again.

After a few hours of lunging, kicking, punching and dodging, I decided that it was time to end this battle and show Hilda who the quicker one of us was.

When she lunged her sword at my neck again, I felt more of Beel's power surge in me. In a blink of an eye, I stood behind her.

While she was still processing what just happened, I grabbed her hand that was holding the sword, turned her around, and pushed her onto the grass with the blade hovering inches from her neck.

"I win," I told her.


She closed her eyes as the corners of her mouth tugged upwards. "You did well," she said once she opened her green eyes again. "Kunieda's training has surely paid off."

I kept staring at her. There was a strange feeling at the pit of my stomach. I took the sword out of her hand and tossed it to the side.


I didn't even realize that my face was mere inched from hers. She didn't push me off. She didn't resist.

"Oi! Oga!" Came a cry from on top of the hill. Sighing inwardly, I turned my head to see Furuichi running towards us.

"Whatcha want?" I asked him with an annoyed expression.

"You were about to kiss Hilda-san so I had to stop you!" Pathetic tears started forming in his eyes.

I looked down and realized I was still on top of the blonde woman. I got up as quickly as I could. "S-Sorry…" I mumbled as she got up. She didn't say anything; all she did was pick up her sword and placed it back in its sheath.

"You," I hissed as I grabbed the creep by the collar. "Are going to get it."

After I beat up Pedochi and after Hilda and I got back home, it was around dinner time.

Misaki, Lauren and Zoey were all sitting on the couch watching a movie.

"There you guys are!" Said my sister as she craned her neck towards us. "Have fun?" She winked. I didn't respond and neither did Hilda. I guess it was really weird for the both of us.

"I'm going with these guys to get some pizza," continued Misaki. "So, you know, you two can be alone for a while."

She got up and left with the others.

I set Beel on top of me as I lied down on the couch and then turned the TV on to his favorite program.

The doorbell rang and Hilda went ahead and opened the door. "Hello, Kunieda," I heard her say.

"Good evening, Hilda. Is Oga here?"

I grabbed Beel as I sat up and placed him back on the couch as I started walking towards the door. Hilda gave her entry.

"H-Hey, Oga…" she said as she looked around. "I could have sworn Misaki would be here by now…"

"She just left to go get some food."

"Oh! I see…um…I was here because-"

"Yeah, I know. I was going to give it to you earlier, but I got busy." Aoi dropped her golden necklace when she was training me. She left before she realized she lost it. I turned around to go upstairs and retrieve it.

"Where the hell did I put it?" I muttered to myself as I looked around the room. After a couple minutes of searching, I found it hidden under one of my mangas.

When I turned the corner to go downstairs, I heard Hilda yelling. I stopped to listen.

"He doesn't have feelings for me! Unlike you!"

"Hilda wait-"

"I don't want to even know what you two have been doing when he was 'training' with you!"

"You're misunderstanding-"

They both stopped when they heard me coming down the stairs. Hilda looked away.

"Here," I told Aoi as I handed her necklace to her.

"Thank you," she mumbled.

And just like that, Hilda ran out of the house.

"What's gotten into her?" I asked worriedly.

"She's in love with you, Oga. But she's mad because she thinks that you only have feelings for me."

I paused for a moment to soak in her words. 'She's in love with you, Oga.'

"I know you're in love with her as well. Even a blind person can tell. But unfortunately, you two can't see it until it's shoved into your faces."

I stared at the open door. It was raining.

"Go," started Aoi with a smile. "I'll watch over Beel."

I ran immediately. I couldn't see her anywhere, so I just followed my instincts.

(Hilda' POV)

A minute after Oga left to go upstairs I looked at Aoi sadly. "What's wrong?" She asked me as she took a step closer. I looked down and said with my voice breaking, "I don't think I've ever felt this way towards a man before…"


In a whisper I said, "I'm jealous of you…"

"No Hilda…I'm the one who should be saying that."

Clenching my fists, I looked at her and yelled, "He doesn't have feelings for me! Unlike you!"

"Hilda wait-"

"I don't want to even know what you two have been doing when he was 'training' with you!"

"You're misunderstanding-"

We both stopped when we heard Oga come down the stairs. I couldn't look at him because I feared that I may just burst out in tears, so I looked away.

"Here," I heard him say as he handed Aoi something. When I took a peek, it was a golden necklace.

'He gave her a necklace…'

Kunieda thanked him.

I had enough of this, so I ran out of the house without a second thought.

It started raining, and I was thankful for that, because now I could cry without having anyone know that I am.

'I've never felt this way before… not even with Dameon! Why…Why him?! He was just a guy that was supposed to watch over the young master….and I hated his guts when I first met him….but now… I don't know what to think anymore!'

When I felt my legs grow weak, I ran into the nearest alley and sat under a lamppost, crying my heart out. 'Him and Aoi look good together anyways…'

I was already starting to shiver from the cold, but I paid no attention to it.

I didn't even hear the footsteps in front of me.

"Hilda," said Tatsumi's masculine voice. I paused for a brief moment then looked up. He was just as soaked as I was. I sniffed and looked away saying, "Please, leave me."

"Hell no."

"But what about Aoi? Where is the young master?"

"What about them?"

"Why would you just leave them?"

"Because some dumb blonde decided to run out into the rain."

I rolled my eyes and said, "You better go back before she gets worried."

He sighed and said softly, "You idiot. I don't like Aoi like that, okay?"

I looked at him for a brief moment and then looked away again.

He took my hands and pulled me up before I could resist. "What do you think you're doing?" I hissed at him. When I was standing on my feet, I tried to escape his grasp, but he was just too strong.

He looked at me straight in the eye and said, "Something that I've wanted to do for a while now."


He roughly pushed me against the wall and held my hands above my head. "T-Tatsumi?" The heat rushed to my face once again. "Why are you doing this?"

"Stop being such an idiot, Hilda. I wouldn't be doing this right now if I didn't love you."

His words made my heart flutter and my body froze.

He started to slowly lean in. I couldn't help but notice how handsome he was, even with his wet hair sticking to his face like that. My heart started beating faster the closer he got and my breathing started to get shallow. I gulped and inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of the pouring rain. Before his lips touched mine he said in a soft whisper, "You're beautiful, Hilda."

I closed my eyes and accepted him. His lips felt warm against my cold ones. I accidentally let out a soft moan, and when I did, Oga released my hands and positioned his on the small of my back and the back of my neck. I let my hands wander up to his wet hair and started playing with it a bit.

After a long while he released me. As we parted, I inhaled shakily.

"I need to get you back inside the house. You're freezing."

His face was flushed, and I'm sure that mine was as well.

"Then hold me," I whispered. The words actually came out without my consent, but Oga wrapped his arms around me tightly as did I with him.

I don't know how long we stayed like that, but he eventually pulled away again and took my hand saying, "We gotta go before they send the cops or somethin' to look for us."

I nodded my head and followed him back to the house.

(Oga's POV)

I had to restrain myself from pushing Hilda against another wall and smashing my lips on hers.

I still found it a bit weird, since I hated her like no other when she first arrived. But now, I'm a bit- no, I'm very grateful that it was my house that she chose to stay at.

When I opened the door to my house, everyone was sitting on the couch eating pizza. Even Aoi.

"Aii!" Squealed Beel, happy that we were back.

Misaki noticed that my hand was still tangled with Hilda's, so she smiled widely.

"Well, don't you two look flushed," she teased.

Blushing, I walked towards the staircase. We needed to change out of our wet clothes.

"Oh come on, baby brother! You don't have to be shy! We already know what happened!"

Ignoring her, I went upstairs with Hilda behind me.

"Tatsumi…" I heard her whisper when we reached the top of the steps. I turned around and saw her looking down with a small smile on her face. "You can let go of my hand now."

I released her hand immediately and went into my room.

I didn't realize how fast my heart was beating until now. It felt like it was going to burst.

After I put on fresh dry clothes, I felt like something wrong. I heard Aoi burst into Hilda's room while screaming her name. Worried, I rushed over there.

The room was Hilda-less and the window was open. On the bed as a note. Aoi picked it up and read it out loud.

Dear Ogre,

I couldn't help but notice your intimate moment with my Hildegarde, so I took her. Don't even bother looking for her, because she will be well hidden. The only way for you do get her back now is to win that tournament tomorrow and wish for her return. That is, if you win. Oh, and don't worry, I hurt her. She's in very, very good hands (Insert smirk here).

Until tomorrow, Ogre


I clenched my fists. "That bastard…" I growled. I took the paper from Aoi and tore it up into tiny pieces.

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