I am slowly on my way to insanity.

I see myself all the time. Not exactly myself, but myself before I became corrupted. I look into mirrors and sometimes I don't see my own stubbly, weary face. I see a bright-eyed, freckly, innocent young man ready to take on the world. I fall asleep and dream of the past and then I wake up and think that I'm back there. But I destroyed it. I destroyed everything. The trees, the animals, the rivers, and the skies. The town even locked me out with a giant wall. But I'm fine. At least I still have myself. At least I still can be with the young me. He still loves me. He doesn't blame me. He blames the real culprit, my evil mother. As I sit and talk to myself, I feel myself slowly losing myself in this world I've created. I find my self falling so deep that I may never get up. But it doesn't matter, even if I slip into so called "Insanity", then I'll still have myself.

We are slowly on our way to insanity. And we cannot wait to get there.