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Before being trapped in this strange world, she had forgotten what genuine fear felt like, but very recently, she had gotten her fair share of near-heart-attacks. Now, her heart pounded against her rib cage once more, and she shut her eyes tight, praying that he would not find her. She pressed her back against the cold, crumbly, cement wall, and then took a deep breath to try to slow her heart rate. Suddenly she heard footsteps coming down the hall, getting closer, and her eyes widened as she clamped her own hands on her mouth to suppress a startled gasp.

If he found her, it was all over. Or maybe it wasn't. The others were still alive…she hoped, but could not be sure. The footsteps were drawing nearer at an increased pace, and so she rested her head on the wall as well. She was going to die, but now she found herself accepting the thought. Soon her pursuer would be close enough to smell the mixture of sweat and blood coming from the wound he inflicted upon her.

Glancing down at her long, wavy, deep brown hair that was tangled and matted, she remembered the last time she had spent so much time perfecting it. It saddened her, and she reflected upon the last few days. How did things end up like this? The situation had gotten so complicated, the circumstances so dire. Without meaning to do so, her mind wandered to when the terrible things first started…

It was the day of the International Science Competition, held at America's place, since he was the one who challenged all the other nations into the contest to prove that he was the greatest country on Earth. Some of the nations, affronted at his arrogance, accepted the challenge, while other just participated for the heck of it.

Russia was there, wanting to prove his scientific excellence with a new model of a space ship. The German brothers, Germany and Prussia, teamed up to synthesize a whole new element and add it to the periodic table, while the Italian brothers claimed their exhibit of a new kind of garlic spice was science-y with Spain hanging around for moral support. China, Canada, and Britain were also present with their innovations, while France showed up "just to take a look."

Even Japan attended the competition, and he was kind enough to allow the Philippines to tag along even though she had nothing to contribute with such short notice. Only lately had she been actually getting to know the other nations from the West, since she'd much rather just socialize with her Asian neighbors sharing the Pacific with her. However, Japan and China convinced her that it was best not to isolate herself and to forget old grudges, saying that even Korea was having some good times with them.

So there she was, staying close to Japan and his invention, checking her compact mirror every so often to make sure her hair was still flawless. The two made small talk with other nations until finally, America burst into the wide room with that ridiculous haughty expression of his and Tony towing a machine covered in cloth behind him.

"Dudes! Get ready to totally have your asses kicked!" America announced loudly as his alien friend pulled away the cloth on cue. A large, metallic archway was revealed with a control panel attached to the side, random buttons blinking and beeping.

"You wanker! You can't have Tony build your exhibit using alien technology! That's not fair!" exclaimed Britain furiously while China and Canada nodded in agreement.

"HA suck it dude! You're just jelly that your imaginary friends can't be as great as Tony!" America replied and Tony gave a thumbs up. Germany rolled his eyes and Japan shook his head disapprovingly.

"Jelly?" France asked, letting exasperated confusion slip into his voice.

"Short for jealous, dude, get with the times," America laughed.

"Well what does it even do?" The Philippines threw out the question; the Westerners tended to give her a headache sometimes and she didn't want their arguing to turn it into a migraine.

"Well…Tony said that if you walk through the portal once it's activated, it takes you to a parallel universe! Cool, right?" America explained excitedly, the grin on his face growing wider. He began jumping up and down; obviously he had a soda or two before arriving.

"Those don't exist, dummkopf ," Germany muttered, causing Prussia to laugh maniacally.

"They do to!" America insisted, "And I can prove it! Tony, do your thing!" Immediately the gray creature began pressing buttons on the keyboard, what seemed like at random, but nevertheless the machine sparked, then radiated a purplish-pinkish light that filled the archway.

"Now who's coming with me?" America looked expectantly at each nation with a half smile.

"I bet he's faking it, look at the bastard's face! It's just one of his fucking pranks," Romano said with a snide tone.

"Yeah he's trying to butcher my magic like he did with my language," Britain concurred stepping up to the archway to examine the glow. Italy also came to admire the luminescence of the portal.

"Ve~ it's so pretty though," he gushed, but Germany frowned.

"Don't get to close, Italy," he warned walking up behind him with Spain, Canada and China going to speculate.

"I want to get a closer look as well," the Philippines said to Japan, who gave a startled "Okay," as she grabbed his wrist and brought him with her. Then France and Romano followed as well, not wanting to be left out with Russia, but he too went up to the portal.

All the nations crammed together in front of the portal and began to lean on each other to get a closer look at the so-called transportation device. Russia, being at the back of the group put a little more weight on France ahead of him to see better, but France did not expect it. His knees buckled at the extra pressure, causing him to fall forward into everyone else. The nations closest to the portal, with nothing to fall forward into but the archway, were pushed directly into it, creating a chain reaction as the others tumbled in after them with great commotion.

The Philippines felt as if she had been sucked into a whirlpool that was tossing her around, forcing her to let go of Japan's wrist. She screamed with nothing else to grab onto, seeing nothing but bright light around her, but still heard the others' screams. And then all at once the noise stopped and after a brief moment, it seemed as if the portal spit her out and she hit the floor dizzily.

When she sat up, she looked around and noticed she was now in a bedroom that was poorly furnished with a simple bed and a table littered with maps and…a girl standing in the door way with her hand still on the knob like she was about to leave. The other girl had a stunned expression on her face, and the Philippines could see why. She looked exactly like the other girl. Same golden brown eyes, same tan skin, same body stature. Although, the other girl had her deep brown hair tied back into a tight ponytail and she was wearing an army uniform with a general's hat.

"What the hell?" her look-alike uttered out after recovering from her shock. The Philippines, however, was still speechless.

"How did you get in here? You-you look like me!" the other girl stammered. Then her eyes grew big from realization. "You're an imposter! A spy! Sent here by that magical motherfucker, yeah that's it! He used his magic to send you here and replace me so that you can cause my house turmoil!" With each word, the other girl's voice grew angrier and more hateful. The look in her eyes changed from confusion to deep loathing…and murderous.

The Philippines shook her head violently, putting her hands up to show that she meant no harm whatsoever. "No, I-I don't…I don't know how I got here! This…this is crazy…" She had no clue what she was doing, and she knew she wasn't supposed to be here. "America's machine…must've worked…" she said softly to herself.

"What was that?" the other girl demanded, stamping her foot. "And cut the crap! Or things will end badly for you." Her threat sounded frightfully real.

"I-I'm from another universe! Another dimension!" The words tumbled out her mouth without any thought. Great, now she'll think I'm a liar and crazy. The girl stared at her with a puzzled look, but then took this into consideration.

"Well…we do look exceedingly similar…identical actually…is it possible that you're the Philippines from another dimension?" As the girl thought out loud, the Philippines nodded.

"Yes! So you're the Philippines from this world? Wait, you believe me?"

The other girl looked at her skeptically, and then began to nod slowly. "Maybe. Japan once gave a presentation about parallel dimensions at a world conference, but was ridiculed for it…"

"He did? Did you believe him?" So this world also had a Japan, so it probably mirrored the countries from her Earth as well. This is so weird! Don't freak out! Just stay calm! That's what Japan would do, right?

"I considered it, I guess, but…" the other girl glanced at the Philippines thoughtfully. "He told us how to prove if someone was really from another dimension."

The Philippines looked up hopefully, knowing she would be proven right if the information was correct. But then her face swiftly changed to instant terror as the other girl—the other Philippines—trained a gun on her forehead. There was no hesitation or waver in her hand as she pulled the trigger.

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