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Chapter 1: A Dream

In a field of yellow tulips*, there stood two men. One man had raven black hair and honey colored eyes. He was tall and had a muscular build. His face was filled with despair and confusion. The other man had light brown hair and emerald colored eyes that was apologetic and held sorrow. He had pale white skin and was fairly tall, but still a few inches shorter than the other man. Sadness, despair, hopelessness and countless other emotions floated in the air.

The raven haired man shouted with confusion mixed in his voice, "Why?"

The brown haired man yelled back "It just can't be! Don't you see! We can never be! We don't have a future together!"

The raven haired man exclaimed, "I will do whatever it takes to be with you! I love you more than anything!"

The brown haired man shook his head rapidly and tears were starting to swell up in his eyes. His body was shaking, but not with anger, but sadness. He was shattering into pieces. He said quietly, "Sorry…We just can't… I cannot…Please forgive me…"

At hearing those words, the raven hair man stretched his hand out and reached out to grab the arm of the browned haired man and pulled him to a bone-crushing embrace. The brown haired man's tears dripped quietly onto the raven-haired man's shoulder.

The raven haired man placed his fingertips into onto the brunet's chin and tilted it up, so they would be looking into each other's eyes, which only showed sorrow and despair. They were some of the only the emotions both could feel right now and maybe forever.

He said, "I will do whatever it takes to be with you, Ritsu…"

The brown-haired man looked into the other man's eyes hopelessly and responded with the same tone his eyes expressed, "Takano-san…don't…let me go…it is the only way…I would make you forget me… but I have no power to do so…don't suffer because of me…don't…"

The raven haired man said heartbreakingly, "I can't forget you…I can't let you go… Even if I spell was casted on me…I can never forget you… I never will… you mean too much to me… you are my only love…without you…I rather die than live…"

With that, the raven haired man smashed their lips together lips for a desperate kiss. The brown-haired man did not even refuse the other man. Normally he would put up a fight, but not now, when it would be last time the two will ever see, meet, or feel each other ever again. He wrapped his arms around the raven haired man's neck and tangled his hands into his dark soft locks. He opened his mouth to allow other's tongue to enter his hot cavern.

The raven-haired man slipped his tongue passed the other's lips and explored the other's mouth with love and want for the other. He did not want to let this man go, not when he is the love of his life, the only one he will ever love in his lifetime. Never again will he let him go like the first time…Never let him go again…Never Ever…

When the two pulled apart, a thin string of saliva connected their mouths. Both of their lips of were swollen and red from the kiss. They were still in each other's tight embrace and staring into each other's eyes and not looking away. All of the sudden, the raven- haired man pushed the brown-haired man onto the ground of flowers and climbed over him.

He proceeded to express his hope, love, sorrow, and despair. At each movement and action, the man below moaned out loudly, not holding back a tiny bit. This was his last present and memory for the other man because after this, everything about him will have vanished and never to be seen again.

The raven haired man had fallen asleep holding the other man's body in a tight embrace. The brown haired man was still wide awake and did his best to get out of the hold.

Once he was released, he sat down next to the sleeping man. He noticed the distressed expression the man's face held even in his sleep. The brown haired man placed his hands on the raven-haired man's cheek and caressed it.

He whispered softly and apologetically, "Please forget me…"

He paused for a few moments and gazed at the sleeping man. He continued in a soft voice filled with hesitation, "I… I love you…"

The brown-haired man leaned down and pressed his lips lightly against the raven-haired man's. He let his lips linger there for a few moments before pulling apart. He stood up and put on his strewn clothes. Before walking away, he gave the man one last glance. He said again, "I really do love you, but we are never meant to be… Masamune…I love you…"

With that he turned and walked away into a cloud of thick fog. His figure disappeared slowly until it no longer could be seen.

Then, the raven haired man woke up abruptly and shouted with a heartbreaking voice, "RITSU!"

Waking up from his deep sleep immediately, Masamune shouted, "RITSU!"

His breaths were hard and shallow. His body was drenched in sweat. He scanned the room and looked next to him and saw the person he was looking for. Ritsu was lying next to him and was not awakened by his sudden cry. He was still there. He was not gone, but sleeping by his side peacefully. Masamune's eyes were filled with relief and he allowed himself to calm down once he knew that his beloved was still next to him.

He laid back down his side, so he was facing Ritsu. He moved his hands to Ritsu's cheek and stroked the soft cheek. He whispered to himself repeatedly, "It was just a dream… It was just a dream…"

*Yellow tulips mean a hopeless love. (Is it important? That is for you to think about)

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