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Chapter 20: A Realization to Heal

"Eternal Love"

The passionate and meaningful words inscribed in the ring Ritsu had given Masamune three years ago. To know that his first love had given him something so valuable was bringing more confusion onto his mind. Masamune didn't know what to do. His heart was longing for Ritsu. To hold, to hug, and to kiss the brunette once again. Masamune's heart was utterly confused. He says he loves Natsumi, but after what An-chan had said, there were many doubts in his heart and mind. Who did he love? Did he truly Natsumi or was she only a replacement for his first love, Ritsu? Which was it? Masamune didn't know. He just didn't know.

Masamune quickly went back to his room and placed the precious ring into his white music box.

Around noon time, Natsumi had come back to the castle to have lunch with her delightful family. Once again, Ritsu was not there, which made everyone worry for the brunette, especially Masamune. He admitted to himself that he still cherished Ritsu, but he wasn't sure of his feelings. Lately, his thoughts towards Natsumi had been changing. He was starting to see more of his fiancée's true personality. She needed attention, but she wasn't getting any because of Ritsu, making her feel resentment towards her younger brother. Masamune found that characteristic rather childlike and stupid. Attention isn't something you need to feed on in order to live. Honestly, in his mind, attention shouldn't be everything either. When Masamune saw how his fiancée reacted to losing everyone's interest in her, she became rather bitchy and annoying. He should have notice before. When she was complaining about things at work and with her friends, she would respond in the same way, except more subtle. That was going to be hard to live with…

Lunch had been rather silent, except for Natsumi's loud chattering. After it was over, Natsumi dragged Masamune to the garden for some alone time. Both were rather silent during their duration at the garden together and tension could be felt, so in order to destroy it, Natsumi kissed the ravenette, but it only made the tension in the air worse. Masamune just didn't feel right about the kiss, so he couldn't kiss her back. The emerald eyes he stared into weren't right. They didn't show the correct emotions and vulnerability. The brown hair was too long and not soft enough. The lips weren't plump or soft enough. Nothing felt right anymore. When he stared at Natsumi, all he could do was compare between Ritsu and she and every time Ritsu had won.

Masamune whispered, "Why do you love me?"

Natsumi looked at her fiancée confused and asked, "Why would you ask that?"

"I have a reason," was the answer she received.

"Well…" she started. "I love you because it feels great to be around you and I feel as if I can connect with you. You are my best friend and someone who will listen to me when I feel upset. That is why I love you."

Masamune was shocked by her words and was moved, but there was hesitation in his heart to return those words, so he opted to say, "Thank you…"

Natsumi smiled and said, "Let's go."

A possible tragedy was coming…

Around 3 o'clock, the family decided to tea, only to be interrupted. Masamune, Natsumi, Atushi, Kiyomi, Haruka, and Emiko heard frantic screaming and running through the halls. All the servants were shouting at each other to hurry up and call for a doctor. Haruka immediately took Emiko away from the scene and into her room before following the others to their destination, which was Ritsu's quarter. Another accident had happened, but only far worse, but no one knew what it was.

Throwing the door of the chambers apart, everyone was breathing heavily from running. Before anyone asked what was going on, Keisuke moved to the side and showed them what was wrong.

Ritsu was fading…

Masamune didn't even need to ask to understand what was going on. He knew by the paleness of the brunette and the fact he was starting to become transparent.

Kiyomi shouted anxiously, "Why is this happening?"

Shouting was heard throughout the room, but Masamune couldn't hear it. He was deaf and blind to his surrounding, but his own thoughts and Ritsu's body. He couldn't lose Ritsu. It would too hard, too painful, too… everything. He couldn't lose the person he loved. Wait… loved… He couldn't lose Ritsu because the brunette was the one he loved and cherished with his heart. To be without Ritsu all these three years, he always felt some hollowness that could never be filled and now it will be bigger if the one he loves dies. He would miss the soft brown hair, beautiful emerald eyes, stubborn attitude, kindness, and everything about the younger man.

"How do we fix this?!" Masamune shouted.

Everyone was surprised by his sudden outburst.

"You know how to fix this! It was too painful for Ritsu after what you said!" Keisuke screamed.

Masamune ran over to Ritsu and cried with desperation, "I love you! I always did and always have, so please! Please don't leave me!"

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