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Chapter 22: Time to Check the Past

Natsumi smashed her lips onto Masamune's for a desperate and rough kiss.


Masamune froze on the spot when he felt their lips connect. Natsumi attempted to receive a response from the other, but there was nothing. Masamune snapped of out of his shock and pushed Natsumi away from him quickly. He could hear a string of heavy pants coming from his former fiancé. He knew that he had hurt the other dearly and that he needed to explain everything. Considering Natsumi's personality, he knew it wouldn't be likely for her to understand, but instead hold a large grudge against him. However, he was looking for the chance she might find it in her heart to forgive him.

Natsumi began to use her fists to punch Masamune's chest with as much strength as she could, but it just felt like light touches on his chest. A huge of pang of pain and betrayal filled her heart as hot tears trickled down her cheeks. Unable to stand any longer, Natsumi's fists slid down Masamune's chest as she fell onto the floor crying miserably. Filled with indescribable feelings, she kept whispering, "Why…? Why…? Why did this happen to me…? Just why..?"

Sadness filled Masamune when saw his ex-fiancée in this state. Even though Natsumi is not the one he loves, he still loved her as a friend, family. If it weren't for her, perhaps he wouldn't even be here today. During his darkest days, she was his saving grace. Even though it would be difficult to make amends, he knew he had to, especially because it was Natsumi.

He knelt down on one knee and said gently, "I am sorry… I never meant to hurt you, but I only love Ritsu."

Tears only streamed down Natsumi's cheeks harder when she heard those words. Once again, the person she loved betrayed her. First he did, now Masamune did. A small cry escaped her lips. What had she done to deserve such misery?

Masamune placed a hand on her shoulder and asked, "Even though what I have done to you is unforgivable, but could you find it in your heart to forgive me…?"

He didn't receive a response from Natsumi. She couldn't respond because she didn't know what to say. How was she suppose to know how to answer at this moment when her heart and mind could only comprehend the pain she was feeling at the moment. Her sobs only increased in volume.

Not able to take the drama any longer, Keisuke walked over there and lifted Natsumi into his arms. His younger sister wrapped her arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder. The oldest child of the three sighed and turned towards Masamune. He said, "Don't worry. Natsumi will be alright. She'll calm down soon. Just give her some time to absorb everything that has happened today." He sighed one last time before walking out of Ritsu's bedroom with Natsumi in his arm.

The ravenette watched with remorse as the two exited the room. He saw Haruka chase after and the rest of the people follow suit as the other three. Now, only Masamune and Ritsu resided in the room. The ravenette turned around and approached the sleeping brunette with a saddened smile. He sat down on the bed and moved a hand onto the other's pale cheek and caressed it tenderly. He whispered longingly, "Please wake up soon… I'm sorry for everything…"

Masamune heaved a deep sigh and turned to stare out the balcony. He only had a few more days here. If Ritsu didn't wake up soon… what would he do…? The ravenette hoped his beloved would wake up soon. It was already agonizing knowing he had put Ritsu in such a state. The man leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss onto the other's lips. If only this was like the tale of Sleeping Beauty. A kiss to wake the princess. Masamune chuckled at that thought, but it quickly drowned away. He said once more, "Please wake up soon…"

Another day passed and went, but Ritsu was still in a deep sleep. The doctor also came again and attached an IV to Ritsu, assuring the man would still receive the nutrition necessary. The day passed with heavy tension in the air. Every servant was deeply worried for their precious prince. News had spread that the brunette had fallen in the coma and every citizen sent their condolences to the royal family. Masamune moved out of Natsumi's room and into a guest room that had been prepared for him when he first arrived at the castle. Keisuke, Haruka, Atsushi, and Kiyomi took care of Ritsu's affairs as well as their own. Natsumi barely left her room and couldn't be found anywhere. Masamune mostly stayed with Ritsu in the brunette's chambers. Sometimes, the ravenette would go out for a breath of fresh air, but for majority of the day he stayed within the room.

After dinner, Masamune decided to walk around the halls hoping to relieve some tension from his body. All he could think about was Ritsu. The fear that Ritsu would never wake up chilled him to the core. So many 'what ifs' circulated through his mind. What if he had he hadn't gone back to Natsumi once he remembered the brunette? What if he unlocked those memories before Ritsu said those words? Just what if…

As Masamune let his mind wander, he mindlessly walked through the halls. As he passed by one of the balcony of the castle, he spotted Natsumi staring at the stars. Her shoulder-length hair flowed gently with the wind. The long, lavender chiffon dress she wore swayed with the breeze. The princess propped one of her elbows on the railing of the balcony and rested her head on the palm of her wrist. From Masamune's point of view, he could see that his ex-fiancée was lost in thought. He wanted to use this chance to talk to Natsumi. Hopefully by now, she had calm down and would be willing to listen to him.

He took a deep breath and called out to her, "Natsumi."

The brunette snapped away from her thoughts and turned to look at who called her. Her expression became more solemn. She said in a small whisper, "What do you want Masamune?"

The ravenette responded in a gentle voice, "Can we talk?"

The princess stared at the other for a few moments before sighing deeply. "Alright." She turned away to look at the view.

Masamune walked over to where she stood and also looked towards the horizon. He said sincerely, "I am sorry for what I have done…"

Natsumi looked at him for a second before looking away. "I know you are. You are not the type of man who would want to fool anyone. When you apologize, you mean it from the bottom of your heart." Silence settled between them for a few minutes, but Natsumi broke it when she asked, "Will you tell me why you love my younger brother?"

A sweet smile spread across Masamune's lips. "As I have said, I met him when we were high school. He was 15 and I was 17. Apparently when he saw me, he fell in love at first sight. Ritsu acted like a little stalker." He chuckled a little. "Whenever he checkout a book I previously read, he would put it under the name 'Oda', which was dumb because I couldn't find him later." A fond sigh passed his lips. "One day, he confessed to me all the sudden and I decided to play with him a little, but as I was around him more, I started to realize that I was falling in love with him. No matter how I treated him, he still stayed with me, but all of that ended when a misunderstanding happened."

"Isn't that just like the story my brother told us a few days ago?" Natsumi asked when the connection clicked in her mind.

Masamune thought for a few moments and his eyes widened. No wonder that story felt so familiar. He couldn't believe he hadn't connected the two. Keisuke was trying to give him hints and help him regain his memory quicker. The ravenette laughed, "I can't believe I didn't realize it earlier, but yes it is the same story."

"You sounded like a jerk in that story," Natsumi smirked at that thought.

"Haha… I was I guess, but he broke my heart too. I couldn't find him for 10 years. I looked for him, but I could never find him. When I met him 10 years later at Marukawa, I never wanted to let him go again." A gentle smile decorated his lips. "I knew that he was the only one for me. He is my first, last and only love." He turned towards Natsumi and said apologetically, "I am truly sorry…"

Natsumi sighed and said, "I never told you this, but in the past I was hurt deeply by someone I loved. He was the one I loved before I met you." The princess faced him and continued, "He and I were long time friends. When we entered our teenage years, we became more than just friends. We became lovers." She turned away and faced the stars again. "I truly loved him and he loved me too… but I guess I was wrong. A few years into our relationship, we were faced with some trials that caused us to be apart at times." She could feel the wetness gather around her eyes. "After a few weeks of being apart, we were able to find the chance to see each other, but on that day he dumped me. He told me he couldn't be with me anymore." Tears began to trickle down her cheeks. "I couldn't believe it. I knew him since my childhood. I thought he was the one for me, but he left me with even giving me a reason. I only realized why he broke up with me when I spotted him the streets with another girl. He smiled happily when he was with her. Just like when he was with me…" Her tears only streaked down heavier now. Little sobs racked her body. Masamune drew her into his arms and Natsumi cried into his chest. The ravenette ran a soothing hand through her hair and allowed her relieve her sadness in his arms. If this is what he could do for her, then he would.

When Natsumi's cries quieted down into soft hiccups, he asked, "Do you feel better now?"

She moved way from his chest and wiped her tears with her hand. She let a tender smile appear across her lips. "Thank you… It has been a long time since I had revealed that to anyone."

Masamune removed his arms around her and they both face towards the horizon and allowed silence to rest between them. Not an awkward and tense one, but a comfortable one.

Natsumi finally said, "I don't know if I can forgive you right now, but… I will one day… Just not right now."

Masamune smiled and responded, "That is all I want. Thank you…"

Once again, they stood side by side in peace. After a while, the ravenette excused himself and went back to Ritsu's room. He sat by the brunette's side and ran his hand through the other's silky hair. "Please wake soon… I'm waiting for you this time… I always am…"

Rustling was heard. Masamune saw Ritsu's hand move a little! Slowly, there was more movement! Emerald eyes fluttered open! Masamune gasped. Ritsu was waking up! The ravenette dived down and immediately brought the brunette into a tight embrace. "RITSU!"

"What…?" The younger man let out a loud wheeze.

"I am so sorry! Please forgive me!"

Masamune moved away a little to stare into the other's eyes. However, he noticed something weird. "Ritsu…"

Only shattering words were spoken…

"Who are you?"

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