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Ok, so i've been wanting to write this for a while (longer than the year i've been out), so I recently dusted off my copy of Knights of the Old Republic and played through as one twisted, evil sith lady, all because I wanted to get some DSFRevan/Bastila stuff up on here that was Sithy. Also I needed something to try and get rid of the writer's block i've had for the past loooooooooong while so i can make an attempt to finish all the stuff I have pending. But don't expect any vampire stuff, Twilight has effectively killed it for me.

Anyway, here's my latest piece of M rated smuttiness, read it, review it, help me get back on track! I'd add a disclaimer, but let's be honest, if I owned anything, this would've been a part of the game. So, without further ado, let me say:

A Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...

The woman once known as Sane Kaar, now the reborn Darth Revan, sat in her private quarters onboard the Star Forge in deep meditation. The dark side was strong on the massive station, she felt it all around her, it swirled, radiated and penetrated her very being. She felt alive.

It had been over a month since she had reclaimed her place at the head of the Sith Empire, as well as leaving the majority of her former companions as lifeless corpses on that beach on Rakata Prime. All save for her new apprentice, Bastila, the Mandalorian mercenary Canderous Ordo, HK-47, and T3-M4. She almost regretted what she had done at times to Carth and the others, but they made their choice to stand in her way, and they paid the price.

She could still hear their anguished cries as she cut them down. Mission had cried before she was killed. She had cried because Revan had held the girl's complete trust, only to be betrayed. Zaalbar's rage rippled through the Force once the twi'lek fell, but he joined her soon after. Carth, however, accepted his death with a defeated grace. The fool had even tried to appeal to the Sith Lord by confessing love for her. Unfortunately for him, her love was taken.

Her love belonged to the woman she had risked her life to rescue on Taris. The woman whom had saved her life on that failing battleship so long ago. Bastila was the one who held her heart, and it had nearly killed the woman when she thought Bastila dead on the Leviathan, not knowing of the former scout's feelings. She still didn't. The relief and joy Revan had felt at the Rakata temple had almost overwhelmed her. But there was another feeling.


Revan had felt betrayed by Bastila, and that the woman she loved had given in to Malak's temptations and joined him, when she was supposed to be loyal to her. That feeling of being betrayed angered Revan. An anger that hadn't subsided like she had hoped. Bastila had attacked her. She had attacked and tried to kill her.

At this point, Revan didn't know if she could trust Bastila. First she betrayed her, then Malak. How could the Sith know that she could trust her apprentice? A million and one thoughts swirled through Revan's mind, each one angering her more and more. She pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind and calmed herself, feeding off of the dark energies of the Star Forge.

The answer came quickly, she couldn't trust Bastila.

The truth of the matter was that Bastila was as independent as a Sith as she was as a Jedi. Only now she had less restrictions. It was only a matter of time before Bastila turned on her again.

Revan had to find a way to prevent that without killing her apprentice. Nothing came to mind, the Force was telling her that she had to die, Bastila was like a sleeping kath hound, she would strike at a moment's notice. Malak was the same way.

Then it dawned on her, a kath hound... There were plenty of people in the galaxy whom had taken kath hounds as pets. Many of them gangsters, but the idea was there; how do you keep a kath hound tame? The answer was to break it and bend it to your will.

"Yes." Revan thought, "To keep her, I must break her."

It would not be easy. Bastila was a strong woman. She had been a slave briefly on Taris, but that was short lived.

Revan shifted slightly, the thought of Bastila in her slave garb excited her.

That was it... She would be the slave of the Dark Lord. A smirk curved the lips of the Sith. She would break the great Bastila Shan and make her her own personal slave. She would mold her to the point that she would act not only as her apprentice and partner in battle, but would tend to her every whim.

Revan knew how to do it. The dark side held many secrets, many ways to mold minds. She would make Bastila fall in love with her. She would use the Force and her body to bend the young Sith's mind to her will, and make her completely and utterly enthralled.

Revan reached out with the Force to find her apprentice's location on the space station. Revan found her on the observation deck at the top of the station, a good twenty levels above her quarters. The Dark Lord reached into her apprentice's mind and bid her to come to her. Bastila's mind reacted instantly, sending positive waves back, letting her master know that she was on her way.

Revan stood up and moved to prepare. She shut herself off from the Force to prevent Bastila from sensing her thoughts. Bastila's seduction wouldn't be easy, but it had to be done right. She had ten minutes at most.

The Dark Lord moved from her meditation chamber to the refresher, stripping off her robes along the way. She stepped into the sonic shower and let the waves of energy strip any dirt microbes from her body. She stepped out and went to her bedchamber and picked out simple black undergarments normally unsuited from any form of combat. She could feel Bastila a mere seven levels above her. She grabbed her twin lightsabers as well as her belt and fastened it to her hips, not knowing if she'd need them.

She looked at herself in the mirror, her lovely almond-shaped eyes burned orange with the dark side, her short black hair was cropped close to her head with bangs combed just over her left eye. She examined her attire, and felt it looked quite uncharacteristic of her, standing in only a black bra and panties with her belt slung across her hips and her lightsabers on each side.

Bastila was almost there; Revan moved into the main room of her quarters and moved to sit in a chair, facing the door. She sat and crossed her shapely legs in a very official way as she felt her apprentice coming down the hall.

The chime from the door came shortly. "Enter." Revan called. the locking mechanism on the door rotated over and the massive door slid open, revealing Bastila standing outside, garbed in her new robes, which mirrored her previous Jedi garb, with grey replacing the yellow and black the brown.

A look of mild shock came over her pretty face as she stepped in and bowed, not expecting to see her master clothed as she was. "You summoned me, Lady Revan." Revan smirked at this. Anyone else simply would have referred to her as a lord.

"Bastila, come in." Revan gestured with one hand as Bastila stepped forward and knelt, as was custom, and used the Force to shut and seal the door.

"I am disturbed Bastila." Revan stated cooly, eyeing her apprentice, allowing herself to feel aroused, thinking of what was to come.

"How so?" Bastila inquired, keeping her eyes on the carpeted floor. "I have been reflecting on events of late. More specifically the events after our encounter with Malak on the Leviathan."

Bastila looked up at her master, perplexed. "You betrayed me, Bastila. Malak captured you, offered you a place at his side, and you accepted." venom dripped from Revan's words. She exhumed the calm, quiet fury of a hurricane before it struck. "After you swore to aid me in defeating him, you joined him. I don't like being betrayed, Bastila."

Revan's gaze burned a hole into Bastila's very soul. Revan sensed fear creeping its way into Bastila's being. "Malak once betrayed me. Only once." The fear encompassed Bastila's entire presence in the Force. It was then that Revan opened herself back up to the Force, allowing Bastila to feel her anger.

Bastila's hand went for her double-bladed lightsaber, but Revan reached out with the Force and pulled her apprentice's saber into her hand. "You won't need this."

Revan held her hand up, and Bastila's airways shut off. The grey-eyed woman gasped for breath, falling forward and clutched at her throat, as if to try to remove the invisible hand. "Don't worry, Bastila." Revan cooed, "I'll not kill you, yet." as Revan released Bastila's throat, she shot a stream of Force lightning at the woman on the floor. Bastila's scream of agony resounded around the room.

The attack lasted less than two seconds.

"Stand up." Revan commanded. Bastila shakily complied. Sweat formed at the young woman's brow. Revan held up Bastila's lightsaber and used the force to disassemble it completely. "You betrayed me, Bastila. You shattered the trust I had in you." Revan stated.

Panting, Bastila replied, "I...I didn't betray you, Revan. Malak was never my master, never truly. He merely opened my eyes and showed me the power of the dark side."

"You attacked me, Bastila. That was your betrayal. You betrayed me, then betrayed Malak. How long until you betray me again?"

Bastila's eyes glanced at Revan's sabers.

The blow came from nowhere. Bastila let out a grunt as her back hit the wall, Revan holding her there with the Force. "Try it, and you will die." Revan held Bastila spread-eagle on the wall, her arms and legs held apart.

Revan sauntered up to the struggling woman, her hips swaying in a way that caught Bastila's eyes. "I loved you and you betrayed me." The shock on Bastila's face was evident when Revan pressed her lips to the younger woman's. "I loved you, Bastila. That love is the only reason you're still alive."

Revan pressed her body against Bastila and whispered in her ear, "I've loved and wanted you since the cave on Tatooine. But now..." Revan bit Bastila's ear, "Now it is time for me to take what I've wanted."

A shudder ran through the young Sith as Revan stroked her hand up and down Bastila's waist, before moving to her covered breast and giving it a squeeze. "Please," Bastila whispered, "I don't..." Bastila gave out a yelp as Revan flung her across the room to the floor.

"I don't care." Revan stated cooly. She drew one of her crimson blades and held it to Bastila's throat. "Rise." Bastila stood. She could feel the heat radiating off of the blade at her throat.

"Strip." Revan ordered. When Bastila hesitated, Revan made two precise slashes with her saber, marking an X over Bastila's abdomen, barely missing the delicate skin beneath. Using the Force, Revan yanked a huge piece of the material. "Finish."

Bastila hastily removed her clothes and soon stood before master in nothing but her undergarments, consisting of a black exercise bra, and matching skin tight shorts. Bastila moved to cover herself, despite not being greatly exposed, earning herself a jolt of lightning, bringing her back to her knees.

"Stand up, whelp." Revan commanded, before undoing her belt and dropping it to the floor. She then grabbed Bastila by the arm and dragged her into her bedroom. Revan then tossed her lightsaber back into the other room, out of Bastila's range.

The Dark Lord then spun the woman around and smashed their lips together in a wet, sloppy kiss. Her hands went to Bastila's firm ass and groped and kneaded the flesh, pulling their groins into contact. Revan's lust was taking over as she shoved her apprentice onto the bed and ripped her bra off as she climbed on top of her.

Revan took a moment to admire Bastila's gorgeous breasts, the pert pink nipples standing at attention. She then dove in and latched on to one of the pink buds, tugging on it with her teeth as her other hand began to knead the other.

Bastila began to let out a series of small mewls and hisses as Revan roughly played with her chest. Her hands gripped the sheets as she looked down at her master. This was not an ideal position for her. Her master was in essence raping her. At any other time, she would have resisted, but she knew that even without a lightsaber, Revan would kill her instantly. At least she was still alive.

Revan sat up after she felt that she had tended to the other woman's chest adequately and removed her own bra. Bastila stared at Revan's chest for a moment. The Dark Lord's breasts were a little larger than hers, but they looked firm. Revan scooted up Bastila's abdomen and held her breasts in front of Bastila's face.

"Suck." She stated. Bastila knew better than to refuse and latched onto one of her master's nipples, clumsily licking, sucking and nipping each of the buds in turn. She had never done anything like this before. Had never even considered it, neither when she was a Jedi or a Sith. But here she was, suckling another woman's chest like a newborn.

After a short time Revan removed her bountiful bosom from Bastila's reach, clearly unsatisfied.

Revan leaned down and said in a darkly low voice, "I'll say this once, if you wish to live another day, you had better show me that you're worth something." The mere tone of Revan's words caused Bastila to swallow in fear.

Revan then climbed off of her apprentice, stood up and removed her panties before straddling Bastila's face. "Eat me." she ordered, "Show me you're worth it." the look of horror on Bastila's face at the thought of eating another woman quickly vanished as her fear drove her to obey. The younger woman's tongue darted out and began lapping and Revan's shaved pussy, pushing inside. Revan let out a pleasure filled moan and griped Bastila's hair to keep her in place as she worked her magic.

Shortly Revan began to move her hips and grind herself on Bastila's tongue as one hand move slowly up her body and began to knead her breast as her pleasure filled moans filled the room.

"Keep going." She commanded as she felt her orgasm coming. Bastila's hands wrapped themselves around Revan's thighs as the woman above her let out one last groan and ride out her orgasm on Bastila's face.

Panting, Revan let go of Bastila's hair and quickly got off of the younger woman and flipped her over. Bastila was still panting from the exertion of her endeavors when Revan pressed herself into the woman's back, pulled her head back by her hair and whispered in a husky voice, "You're talented, Bastila. Allow me to return the favor."

Bastila let out a yelp as Revan smacked her rather hard on the ass before kissing down her back and almost ripping her shorts off. Revan spread Bastila's legs and admired her glistening pussy. Bastila shuddered as Revan pressed two fingers to her slit and extracted a sample of her juices. She put the fingers in her mouth and fell in love with the taste.

Revan flipped Bastila back over onto her back and locked eyes with her apprentice as she slowly leaned in and latched onto the glimmering slit. Bastila gasped in surprise at the ferocity of the woman in between her legs. She had never felt anything like it before. Revan was relentless, her actions doubling when she slid a finger into Bastila's virgin hole. As she pumped her finger, always stopping just short of Basitla's hymen, Revan turned her attention to the woman's clit.

Stimulating the small bundle of nerves almost sent Bastila over the edge. She gripped the sheets in a white-knuckled grasp and let out a series of rather loud moans, never leaving the eye-lock her master had kept throughout the ordeal.

Bastila shuddered then spasmed as she shot her juices all over her master. Panting, Bastila lowered herself back onto the bed as Revan crawled up her body, planting kisses as she went. "That...That was..." she didn't finish her sentence as Revan reached her head and kissed her. Bastila wrapped herself around her master, kissing back with all her lust.

As they kissed, Bastila began to relax. She was afraid of death when they began, but after what had just happened, she was sure her master would not harm her. After a moment, Bastila felt her mind begin to cloud. Something was wrong, she couldn't feel her limbs. A commanding, feminine voice penetrated the fog.

"You are mine, Bastila. Your life, your body, and your soul now belong to me. From this moment forward you are now not only my apprentice, but my slave. My will is your will. You shall never harbor any thoughts of betrayal, or usurping. Your only goal in life is to serve and satisfy me. You love only me. You. Are. Mine."

The fog deepened and Bastila felt herself say, "Yes, my master." The fog began to clear. Revan was standing above her. Somehow she had gotten on the floor and was on her knees, looking up at her stark naked master. Lust sparked in her loins.

"Now, Bastila, whom do you belong to?" Revan asked.

"You, my master. Only and ever you. I am your humble slave." Bastila stated, meaning it with every fiber of her being.

A smile crossed Revan's lips, her plan worked. Bastila was broken to her. The kath hound was now her bitch.

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