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Bastila's hands were magic. Revan let out a sigh of content as her slave worked the knots out of her shoulders. The dark lord's plan had worked perfectly, Bastila's transformation was seamless. Outside of the quarters that they now shared, Bastila acted as the brash young Sith she always was, a ferocious fighter and capable leader, but once she crossed the threshold into their quaters, she instantly became as tame as any other slave.

Revan had obtained slave garb for her, which the apprentice would always quickly don before her mistress returned to the quarters. The outfit consisted of a black cloth which wrapped in an X shape around her chest covering her breasts, showing an appropriate amount of cleavage and leaving her midriff exposed, a black loincloth-esque skirt which ended just above her knees, covering only her vagina and half of her perfect ass. Two red bracers clamped her wrists and a golden slave collar around her neck. Her shoulder-length hair was tied in a messy bun, as her master liked it.

The two were currently in their chamber onboard Revan's new flagship, Winter's Bite, after successfully taking Sullust from the Republic. Heavy casualties had been sustained on both sides, but after a bombardment from the Sith fleet, the Republic forces were wiped out.

Bastila had proven herself on the battlefield, having slain ten Jedi and taking out a Republic tank on her own. She was really coming into her own as a warrior. The mere thought of watching Bastila on the field excited Revan, thinking of Bastila's lithe body as it twisted, vaulted, and moved in the dance of combat. Everything about Bastila excited her, and the feeling of her bare slit under her skirt rubbing against the Sith lord's posterior did nothing to quell her.

The end of the chain attached to her collar rested just next to Revan's hand. She grabbed it and abruptly jerked her slave down such that she was laying flush against Revan's bare back, her firm breasts pressing into her. Bastila came down with a yelp, which was silenced as Revan mashed her lips to those of the younger woman. Bastila immediately responded and returned the kiss with just as much fervor, allowing her master to shove her tongue in when she asked.

Revan pulled away after a brief moment, still holding onto Bastila's chain she stated in a husky voice, "I want you to dance for me." Bastila nodded and moved to climb off the bed. Over the few months since Bastila had been fully seduced, Revan had her learn the art of exotic dancing over the Holonet, and, needless to say, Bastila quickly mastered her new lessons.

Bastila stood in a starting pose as Revan sat up and pressed a button on a datapad next to the bed. A slow, melodic tune rose over the speakers with a low fanfare and led into rhythmic, almost tribal, beats of a percussion instrument. Bastila began her movements gracefully, bending, twisting, and moving as if she were a seasoned entertainer. With each tap of the percussion, the slave would snap her hips to one side, then the other before finishing the flourish with a full rotation of her hips.

The dance was mostly in her hips, but at times Bastila would lift one of her toned legs straight to the side and bow it, before continuing with the movement of the beat. As another flourish came about, Bastila kicked one leg straight out in front of her and dropped to her knees, sharply turned fully around and began to move her chest and arms in a shimmy motion as the percussion gave way to the tapping of sticks. She stood back up as the vocals returned, keeping her arms crossed above her head as she moved into another flourish of kicking, twirling, and moving of her hips with the beat.

As the last beat of the drum died, Bastila ended her dance in a submissive kneel at the foot of the bed. Revan was well aroused at this point. Bastila looked up and saw the flicker of lust in her eyes. Taking her cue, Bastila crawled up onto the bed and stalked her way up to her nude master propped against the headboard. Revan spread her legs, her glistening slit beckoning Bastila on. The brunette wasted no time diving into eat at the delicate flesh in front of her.

Revan leaned her head back and relished in the joy being brought to her by her apprentice. Bastila had become a master at the sexual arts, every lick was placed in just the right place such that it sent electricity coursing through the Sith lord's body. Revan let out a moan as Bastila slipped two of her slender digits inside her.

"Keep going." she moaned as Bastila began to pick up her pace, causing her master to begin to roll her hips in time with the movements. Revan bit her lip, the pleasure beginning to mount further. After a few more minutes, Revan bade Bastila to stop as she felt her orgasm coming. She then pushed the younger woman onto her back and lifted her legs apart. She moved the cloth of Bastila's skirt aside and mashed their pussies together and started to grind.

The feeling was almost overwhelming. Revan grunted, groaned, and moaned as she and Bastila ground against each other. Revan held off her orgasm as long as she could, but after a moment she let out a near-scream as she rode out the waves of pleasure. She started to rub herself as Bastila moved to lay on top of her.

Revan graciously accepted the kiss Bastila offered with as much fervor as she could muster. As the Sith lord rolled over, ready to give Bastila the pleasure she had earned, the comm station on the wall began chirping loudly. Revan let her frustration ripple through the Force as she reached out with it and toggled the comm to audio only.

"What is it." She demanded as she began to kiss and nip at Bastila's fair skin, moving the cloth covering her breasts aside.

"My Lord," the voice of Revan's new fleet admiral chimed over the comm, "There is a message from Master Ban on Korriban, she states that it urgent."

"Put her through."

The voice of Yuthura Ban chimed in, "Lord Revan." she greeted.

"Yuthura. This had better be as urgent as you say."

"I'm afraid it's worse, I suspect that Republic troops have infiltrated our ranks at the academy. I have tried to seek them out through the Force, but they are being shielded somehow. I suspect a Jedi is at work."

"And you thought to bother me with this? I left you in charge of the academy and its security, Yuthura. Perhaps I chose poorly?" Revan asked as she began to silently suck one of Bastila's pert nipples, needing to cover her mouth to keep her moans from going into the conversation.

"N-No, my Lord. I shall double my efforts." Yuthura's fear rippled through the Force so strong that Revan felt it so far away.

"I hope so, Yuthura, for your sake. But we shall see once I arrive." Revan dipped her free hand beneath Bastila's skirt and began to stroke her clit lightly, teasing her.

"Y-You're coming here? My Lord, I assure you..."

"That I will be welcomed as I should when I land?" Revan slid a finger into Bastila's folds and bgan to pump, causing Bastila to squirm beneath her.

"Y-Yes, my Lord." The comm went dead.

Revan looked deep into Bastila's grey, lust-filled eyes, "Now, let's take care of you, shall we?"


The entire garrison stood in formation as the Ebon Hawk came in to land at the Dreshdae landing bay. As the freighter touched down, Yuthura Ban swallowed hard. She had not seen the dark lord since she had infiltrated the academy some time ago as a Jedi. Yuthura had been lucky that Revan had needed someone experienced to run the academy and that she spared her after she had tried to kill her.

The ramp lowered and Darth Revan herself descended the ramp, clad in her former garb, complete with the Mandalorian mask she had once taken as a trophy during the Mandalorian Wars. Her long black cape flowed in the light breeze as her apprentice descended as well. All the troopers snapped to attention and the students fell to their knees before their master. Yuthura knelt as well as the woman approached.

"Rise." she commanded, her voice sounding somewhat distorted as it filtered through the mask's vocabulator. Yuthura stood and fell into step alongside Bastila as they proceeded through the spaceport towards the academy.

"Tell me more of this infiltration."

Taking her cue, Yuthura began to explain, "I first noticed something a few weeks ago, when I caught a soldier attempting to hack into the academy's systems. He was caught, of course, and was taken to the torture chamber. All we know is that he is Republic, but we have not been able to discern anything more."

"Take me to him." Revan commanded. Yuthura nodded and led the two to the torture chamber once they entered the academy. The torturer dropped to one knee as they entered. "Leave us." Revan stated dryly. The man on the ground nodded as left the room as quickly as he could.

The Republic trooper sat panting on the floor of his cage, obviously working through the effects of the Sith's truth serum. He was a young man, looked to be about in his mid-twenties with short, sandy-blonde hair.

The man looked up and his face fell before he cocked a smirk, "So they had to send the dark lord herself to get me to crack? I feel so honored, your sith-ness."

Revan was in no mood. She reached out in the Force and clamped down in the man's windpipe. Instantly his eyes bulged out of his skull and he began to claw at his throat and gasp for air.

"I have no time for games. I am not some inquisitor seeking your knowledge. I will not use some poison to drive the information I need from you, you are expendable." Revan released him and turned to Yuthura and Bastila, "Leave us." Unquestioning, they left.

Revan turned back to the prisoner. "Now, you will tell me who the other spies are. Now." She reached out in the force and touched his mind. He was resistant, and would not break. It was then that she lost her patience, and pushed to dominate his mind, in a lesser degree than what she had done to Bastila.

"Th-There's only one more." He was still fighting, he was a strong one, "A Jedi, one of the students." Revan reached deep and found the image of the impostor. "Thank you." she stated before she shot Force Lightning into the prisoner. His screams of pain and anguish echoed through the academy, and she didn't stop until the cries ceased.

Yuthura and Bastila were waiting for her just outside the room. Wordlessly she left to search for the student. She reached out in the Force and found an anomaly in the main chamber. It was easy to spot the Jedi, even without using the Force. So easy that she was genuinely shocked that no one had noticed.

The Jedi was a younger woman, barely above a padawan, with bright blonde hair and innocent features. What faith the council must have in her to send her here. The woman looked back and saw the dark lord herself moving towards her. Immediately her fear echoed in the Force, and she barely had time to react when Revan lunged at her, igniting her crimson blade with a snap-hiss.

The Jedi leapt to the side and avoided the swipe, her lightsaber coming to her hand and igniting. Revan couldn't help but be amused, the child hadn't even changed the color of her blade. It was obvious that she hadn't used it since coming to the planet as the bright blue blade would have given her away.

"I must say, you have done well to evade my security here."

The girl had lowered herself into the starting stance of the first form of lightsaber combat. Definitely unseasoned. "Darth Revan," she spat, "The great traitor herself." With that, the girl charged, swinging and swiping her blade in sapphire arcs, which Revan was easily able to dodge and parry. They duel had garnered a crowd as students looked on.

The Jedi went to swipe at Revan's head, then feinted as the Sith moved to block and went for her legs. Revan didn't have time to block, and opted to vault over the girl, leaving a small flesh wound in her shoulder. The girl let out a cry and turned to begin a series of frantic swings.

"Good," Revan stated as she danced away from the panting Jedi, "I can feel your anger, child. Use it, attack me with all of your hatred, all of your anger." The Jedi let out a roar and charged forward like a rank amateur. Her swings had gone from calculated swipes to frantic swings. She backed Revan against the wall.

The girl went for an overhead strike, leaving her face open for Revan's fist to connect with her nose. The Jedi stumbled back. Revan reached out in the Force and flung the girl against the far wall, before grabbing her and pulling her back, allowing her to slam into the wall painfully.

The girl stumbled back, her face covered in the blood from her nose. Revan grabbed her lightsaber and cut it in two before kicking the Jedi to the ground. "Yuthura." Revan beckoned her over, never breaking eye contact with the fearful girl on the floor. The twi'lek appeared at her side, "I must say, I am disappointed you were unable to detect this whelp. Pick her up."

Yuthura obeyed and lifted the battered and broken Jedi and held her in front of her. "What is your name?" Revan asked as Yuthura restrained her.

"J-Jani." she responded weakly.

It was quick. With pinpoint accuracy, Revan severed Jani's head from her shoulders, just barely missing Yuthura. The twi'lek allowed the girl's body to fall, before doubling over as Revan pumped lighting into her. Yuthura's blood-curdling scream could've woken the dead in the Valley of the Sith Lords.

The electricity ceased and Yuthura was left panting on the floor. "Do not fail me again, Yuthura."

Revan turned on her heel and walked out of the academy with Bastila in tow. "You were wonderful." Bastila said as soon as they were out of the academy, "I must say, mistress, you were too lenient on Ban."

"Do not presume to tell me how to handle my dealings, Bastila. Yuthura has not yet outlived her usefulness. And neither have you." Bastila looked at her master quizzically. "Mistress?" Revan stopped abruptly once they stood at the base of the Ebon Hawk's ramp.

Revan turned to Bastila and removed her mask. Her orange eyes looked softer than they had for awhile. Revan quickly embraced Bastila and planted a passion-filled kiss on her. "Bastila, you are my apprentice, my slave, and my love."

"Revan, this is not like you..." Bastila said as Revan pulled away.

"I need you to watch the empire for me." Revan stated as she replaced her mask and walked up the ramp, leaving Bastila standing at the base, "'Watch it? What are you talking about? Where are you going?" Bastila moved to follow Revan but was stopped as the ramp raised itself, sealing her outside.

Her comlink chirped and she answered it, "Somewhere you can't follow." Revan's voice stated, "Bastila, I love you, and I release you." As the comm went dead, Bastila began to feel lightheaded, as if a great weight was lifted off of her. Instantly she recalled her former self, as well as the memories of what had happened since she was seduced seemingly so long ago. She looked on as the Ebon Hawk lifted off. Taking with it the woman who was her master, but also the one who had stripped her of her free will, had turned her into a pleasure slave to suit her own desires.

As she watched on, Bastila muttered only one thing to herself, "Come back to me." She wouldn't let the tears she wanted fall, not here, not now. She turned to the dock hand, "Summon me a shuttle."


Revan sat in the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk. It was the first time she had been alone since she reclaimed her mantle as Dark Lord of the Sith. Her only companions now were T3 and HK-47, who were deactivated in the cargo hold.

She punched in the hyperspace coordinates and made the jump towards her destination. It was only then that she let her first real tears fall. It hurt her to leave Bastila, to leave her empire. But her errand had to be done, and she was the only one to do it. And she would. Despite her evil nature, she was going to save the galaxy one more time.

As she reclined in the pilot's chair, silently sobbing, she felt something through the Force. Something warm, pure. "Bastila..." Bastila had reached out to her and touched her mind. She was instantly flooded with the one thing that Bastila was feeling, love.

Revan steeled herself. After everything, Bastila still loved her, and now she had a reason to be sure she would return. "I will." she said to herself, "I will return." she would see Bastila again, and she would return from the Unknown Regions.

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