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Last Time

Harry smiled, happy that Nasta was resting, and that he was still taking in fluids. It was going to be very difficult now with him being very sick, but they'd manage, even if they had to leave him in bed, where he was going to recover more, then that was what they would do, with no arguments from the poorly Nasta.

The most challenging would be Blaise's birthday, as Nasta would insist on being there, but in four days he should be much better with the potions he was taking. It might take him a couple more days afterwards for him to start feeling more like normal, but he should be able to celebrate with them a little. Harry hoped that he was feeling better by then, he wanted Blaise's birthday to be perfect. Not that he thought that Nasta being sick would spoil Blaise's birthday, of course not, but he knew that it would spoil it for Nasta himself to try and keep up with the rest of them while he was so sick.

Chapter One Hundred-Sixteen – Party Surprises

Harry had forgotten about his own hospital appointment and he cursed himself, his mates and all of their lack of organisation skills, as he sat in the ridiculous little plastic seat and waited for his name to be called out.

Max had been called into work very early that morning, before seven even, for an emergency break out of dragon pox in Ireland, which had sent anyone and everyone who wasn't already infected scrambling for vaccines, leaving clinics critically short and desperately owling anyone who could send them more, as it was a very, very time sensitive disaster. Max had been told, by his very panic stricken and harried work colleague, that Saint Mungo's had already blocked anyone from entering the hospital from an Irish floo code and the hideous dummy at the walk-in entrance was turning away anyone with dragon pox. Max had been cursing up a storm as he ran all over the house trying to yank off his pyjamas, force himself into work appropriate clothes, pack up his work case, choke down a few pieces of toast that Harry had made him, washed down with pumpkin juice, before flooing out of the house with barely a kiss to each of the kids as he left.

Draco needed to stay at home to watch over the babies and the still sick, sleeping Nasta too, and Blaise was off job hunting, for real this time as he insisted that he wasn't going to any classes and this time he really was job hunting while he waited for the goblins to get back to him on investing in his business proposal…they were stalling and Blaise was getting antsy about them maybe pulling out of his idea. So he'd gone job hunting just in case, to tide him over until the goblins gave him approval, or the news of rejection, of which he was now more certain they were leaning towards because of how long it was taking them to decide.
Blaise had been gone for just fifteen minutes before the floo call from an orderly came through, asking him if he was going to bother with his appointment today, which he was already half an hour late for.

After a desperate, cursory call around the family and not getting any answer, a furious argument with Draco about why he was going alone, because the appointment was important and the kids couldn't stay home alone with a sick, sleeping Nasta, he had flooed to the hospital by himself, catching himself on a knee, which was now sore and aching.

He didn't like being here alone any more than Draco did, but what other choice did he have? This was to make sure that their baby thunderer was as well as he could be, especially now that the stress had been taken from him. Of course they could have re-booked the appointment, but it could be another week or two away and Harry couldn't have that. He needed to know that his unborn son was doing better now that his main causes of stress, mainly the court case and the agony of waiting for the verdict, had been removed.

He still couldn't believe that he'd forgotten about the appointment, but with Nasta being sick, Blaise's birthday coming up tomorrow and Eva getting constipated, he'd had a lot on his mind recently. He hadn't checked their schedule cork board in about a week, and it didn't look like any of his mates had either, or one of them would have seen the Healer appointment card for his fourteen week scan.

"Harry Potter?" An orderly in her pale yellow robes called out.

People started hissing and talking to one another when his name was called out, and despite being in a hospital waiting room, many of them with newborn babies waiting for routine check-ups, they craned their heads to look at him, younger children squealed and asked to go and touch him, much like a ten year old Ginny had when she'd found out that he was on the Hogwarts Express.

He stood and he walked quickly to the orderly, who gave a stern look to those people in the waiting room, and then turned to escort him to Healer Almus' rooms herself, just in case anything happened to him on the way. Harry was grateful to her for her staunch professionalism.

Harry had forgotten how much of a deterrent his mates were. People still gossiped and talked, they still craned their heads to get a good look at him, but none of them would dare approach him with four big, muscled men surrounding him and he could forget about the people around him, safe and secure in the knowledge that they couldn't approach him or hurt him with his mates there. He sighed, today was going to be a doozy, he could already feel it.

"Harry, there you are. No fellas with you today?" Healer Almus asked him worriedly as he entered the room alone and shut the door behind him. "Has anything happened? Is that why you're late?"

"No. No, nothing like that!" Harry insisted quickly. "A lot of little things have happened, that's all. Eva was constipated for a few days and had to have a laxative, Nasta's got the flu, Blaise's birthday is tomorrow, we just forgot all about the appointment. It was only me and Draco at home, well, Nasta's there too but he's in no state to help, so I've had to come on my own today."

Healer Almus sighed and shook his head. "Climb up then, Harry. Let's see how baby boy is doing."

Harry sat on the examination bed and he removed his jumper before lying back and letting Healer Almus check him over.

"How have you been, Harry?" He asked seriously.

"Wonderful since the end of the court case, but with Nasta being sick and Eva having her problems, well, I could still be better." He insisted.

Healer Almus nodded as he continued checking him over.

"How is the morning sickness?"

"It's trailed off now. I get queasy in the mornings, when I just wake up, but it's rare now that I am actually sick, so I've been doing much better. Usually a cup of ginger tea, some ginger newts for breakfast and in an hour I'm fine."

"Wonderful, so you've been eating better?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, I've been eating more and it hasn't bothered me."

"Right then, let's check on baby." Healer Almus said, laying his wand flat over Harry's belly.

Harry was once again smitten with the image of his unborn son and he kept his eyes glued to the shifting, moving baby. He still couldn't feel anything.

"Well, he's still very happy where he is, he's grown well and he's not showing any signs of distress, so that's a very good sign." Healer Almus told him. "Let's check his heart rate."

This was what Harry was most worried about as a Doppler was pressed carefully into his skin and then the whooshing sound of rushing blood filled the room.

"Well, I'm very pleased to say that his heart rate has come down, Harry. Not by much, he's at one hundred and sixty-six beats a minute, which is still high, but I'm pleased that it's coming down."

"Will it come down further now?"

"I want to see you in another two weeks, for your sixteen week scan, so we can check to make sure it is coming down with the removal of your stress. Don't forget about this one." Healer Almus teased.

"I am sorry, we have had a lot on and Nasta would have definitely remembered if he'd been in his right mind."

"Is he going to be alright?"

Harry nodded. "He'll be fine. He gets the flu once a year, and it's always in or near October. It's the cold, wet season for the reserve and because the dragons are breeding and have hatchlings, the keepers have to go out and check on them all. Nasta gets soaked to the bone every single day, so he always gets sick and if it's not the flu, it's a chest infection, if it's not that then he has a raging fever, he just always gets sick around this time of year. Max has him well in hand though."

Healer Almus nodded and helped Harry get back into his shirt.

"Here are some photos for you and the date and time for your next appointment, Harry."

"Thank you." Harry said softly, sliding carefully from the examination bed and making sure everything was where it should be.

"I'll see you in two weeks."

Harry smiled and said his goodbyes. He made his way carefully back through the hospital and he hurried through the waiting room to the floo banks. No one was waiting to pounce on him and he was able to make a very quick escape. He flooed home and he caught himself on the fire guard and he breathed happier. He stepped over the fire guard slowly and carefully and he went to find Draco in the larger family room, going the long way around so that he could pin the new appointment to the cork board as he went into the kitchen, glaring at the little card for their missed appointment as he pulled it off and binned it.

"Draco, I'm home." He called out before he entered the family room. "Nasta! You should be in bed!" He chastised as he saw his oldest mate sat with Draco.

"I feel fine, Harry. Draco told me about the forgotten appointment."

Harry sighed, but he sat down and he smiled. "We fall apart without you, Nas. We need you fit and healthy. I have another appointment in two weeks. But our thunderer is doing well. He's grown a bit and his heart rate has come down, just not by a lot. I've got some more photos."

Harry handed them over and watched as Nasta and Draco flipped through them.

"So, everything's looking good?" Draco asked.

Harry nodded. "Yes. His heart rate is falling, we'll see if this continues now at my sixteen week scan."

"I'm feeling better today." Nasta said. "I think the worst is over and I'll be completely fine in a few days. How has Leolin been? Any sign of illness?"

"No, we've been keeping a very close eye on him, but he's been fine. He's actually been sitting up a lot more and we've realised that he recognises us from the colour of our eyes."

"Really? How do you know?" Nasta asked excitedly.

"He was looking for you the other day." Harry said. "He looked at Draco, Blaise and Max, then he looked for you. There's no way he could have been counting and Draco said that he knew the colour of our eyes, that he was looking at the colour of our eyes as we all have different colours."

"He does stare at our eyes more than any other part of the body." Nasta agreed. "Perhaps he was committing the colour to memory and he now recognises us through that colour."

"We don't know what that means for those with the same colour eyes though." Harry sighed, frowning a little in worry. "Braiden for example, has the same colour eyes as Blaise, and Tegan and Regan look very similar and their eyes are the same green-hazel-gold that yours are. I don't know if, when the time comes, that he won't confuse them all together because of the colour of the eyes."

"We'll ask Dain and Kailen, if they ever decide to come and visit." Nasta added with a small sneer.

"If not, we could always invite Ezrah over, or Eitri. They don't have children themselves, not yet, but they might know."

Nasta nodded, looking more at ease with that idea and he settled back, closing his eyes.

"You need to be in bed. You won't get better if you push yourself." Harry chastised.

"Now that you're back safe I think I will." Nasta sighed heavily.

"Come on." Harry insisted, standing up. "Draco, I want tea when I come back."

"Yes, Sir." Draco rolled his eyes.

"Sarcasm doesn't become you." Harry said, giving Draco a poke before giving his attention back to Nasta. "Do you have enough water upstairs, Nas, or do you need some more?"

"Another one." Nasta mumbled, looking like he was going to fall asleep on his feet.

Harry went to get another glass and he filled it before he turned to help Nasta up the stairs and back into bed.

"I hate being sick." Nasta moaned.

"I know, love. But if you don't stop pushing yourself, it'll only take longer to get better." Harry said, shimmying Nasta into bed and setting his new glass of water on the bedside table for him. "Now, everything is fine, I'm home safe, you just concentrate on you and get better soon. We love you, but you need to stay in bed."

Nasta nodded and he sighed again, snuggling down and allowing Harry to tuck him in and give his forehead a quick kiss.

"I get bored staying in bed so much." Nasta complained.

"I know you do. So did me and Blaise when we were on bed rest, none of us like it, we're active young men, but we need to endure it to get better." Harry lectured. "It's not going to be forever."

"I know. I want to be better by tomorrow, though."

"I know that you do, and you don't know, maybe you will be. Maybe you'll wake up tomorrow and feel much better and stronger, but if you're not, we'll pander everything around you."

"Everything should be pandered around Blaise!" Nasta said furiously.

"Oh, it will be, but I will work it in such a way that it'll include the both of you." Harry said sternly. "I won't have you left out and I won't have Blaise's birthday ruined. I will find a way to make this work, Nasta. You'll see."

Nasta smiled then. "You're so determined, I can't help but believe you. I love you, Harry."

"I love you too, now quit talking, lie down and get some more sleep. I'll come and check on you in an hour with another headache reliever."

Nasta chuckled, but he did lie down more comfortably, and Harry smiled. He kissed Nasta again and he slipped from the bed and he closed the door behind him as he left the room.

He went next door to check on his napping babies and he tucked them in too, making sure comfort teddies were close at hand, or in the case of Tegan's penguin, actually in her cot, as it had slipped through the bars at some point during her nap. All of them were sleeping soundly today, even Farren and Calix. He left the nursery, went back down the stairs, and into the family room with Draco and their youngest girls. His tea was waiting for him on the coffee table, perfectly made and at a drinkable temperature and it made him smile. Everything was going to work out just fine, he'd make it so.

Max had been furious for forgetting the appointment, despite coming home exhausted and looking a mess, covered in all sorts. Blaise had been furious about it too, as he hadn't actually needed to go out and he could have accompanied Harry instead, but they had calmed down when Harry had explained that he was fine and hadn't had any problems in the hospital and told them what Healer Almus had said, and shown them the new photos of their little thunderer. The both of them swore not to forget the next appointment, in fact it looked as though Max had actually memorised it as Harry had caught him staring at the little card, murmuring soundlessly to himself.

Blaise's birthday dawned the next morning with both Harry and Max getting up early and while Max sorted out breakfast in bed for the five of them, Harry sorted out a fussing Leolin, who wanted his morning bottle an hour earlier than he usually did.

"The kids will be alright in their nursery for a bit while we have breakfast, I know we normally feed them first, but this is a special occasion." Max chatted to Harry as Harry himself fed Leolin, who was eating much quicker.

"Max, look at this." Harry said distractedly as he watched Leolin. "Is it just me and some wishful thinking or is he hungrier than normal?"

Max popped up over his shoulder and he watched as Leolin barely stopped to swallow before he suckled in more milk, his eyes closed and his hands resting on his own belly as usual.

"It's not just you, he is really going for it." Max said. "I'll make up a half bottle, just in case he wants some more. Maybe he had a growth spurt overnight."

"I'll weigh him after he's finished eating." Harry said, excited at the prospect of Leolin having any sort of growth spurt.

He watched in utter amazement as Leolin drank down all of his milk, and then latched onto the second bottle that was offered to him. It was the most he'd ever eaten in one go before.

"Is he going for it?" Max asked, flipping pancakes.

"He really is, I think he might get close to finishing this bottle too." Harry said excitedly.

"I can't even believe it, he must have had a growth spurt. Does he look any bigger or feel any heavier?"

"No, not really, but then I'm used to hefting around Farren and Braiden. He's still our lightest baby, even smaller than the girls. So I won't know until I get him on those scales."

"I set them up on the table for you." Max told him. "I can't wait to see if he's gained anything."

Harry smiled and watched as Leolin continued eating. He'd slowed down now, suckling more normally, but that he was still eating was a huge achievement for him.

When Leolin actually finished drinking, he'd only left a small amount in the bottle and Harry hefted him onto his shoulder with a burp cloth and he winded Leolin, being very careful of his tiny wings.

"There we go, baby." Harry said once all of Leolin's wind was up. He laid Leolin in the bowl like dish on the scales and he watched as it displayed eighteen pounds and four ounces. Harry squealed happily. "He's put on a whole pound, Max!"

"A full pound overnight? Let me see!" Max said excitedly, as he hurried over to look at the scale display. "Well done, Leolin! How tall is he now? Is he still twenty-five and a half inches?"

Harry took out a soft tape measure and he did it by hand, lying Leolin on the table and measuring him.

"No, he's gained half an inch, he's twenty-six inches! He really did have a growth spurt, Max!"

"No wonder he wanted more milk, half an inch and a whole pound! He needs the extra milk, he'll be on the big bottles now."

Harry was so excited, he wanted to thrust Leolin at his three sleeping mates upstairs and shout the news in their faces, but even he wasn't that cruel. He was grinning and he couldn't put Leolin down as he cradled his boy in his arms.

"Ma." Leolin called out.

Harry looked at him, but his Faerie baby was reaching out to the counter. To the Harry doll.

"I hate that thing." He said, even as he picked it up and gave it to Leolin, who tucked it into his neck and curled up around it.

"Leolin loves it." Max said. "He wants to keep his Mummy close."

Harry rolled his eyes, but he smiled. Leolin, exhausted from early start and his little feast, drifted back off in his arms.

"He must still be growing." Harry said in amazement. "I'll keep an ear out for him now, in the next few days. He might want to eat more often."

Max nodded as he finished stacking the fluffy pancakes onto a plate.

"Come on you, back upstairs, we have a birthday boy to surprise." Max told him. "We can drop Leolin off in his nursery on the way."

Harry nodded and he went up first, dropping Leolin off in his own separate nursery, just so that he wouldn't be disturbed by his more active older siblings, nor put in any danger if they caught something and potentially passed it on to him.

Max had waited for him out in the hallway as Harry laid Leolin down in his cot and covered him over. Harry rejoined Max and together they went into their master bedroom.

Draco was just stirring as they came in and Nasta was sat up, awake and sipping on a glass of water. He put the glass back on the bedside table and he smiled at them as they entered.

"How are you feeling?" Max asked him.

"Better." Nasta said. "I'm not quite up for wrestling dragons again, but I can actually breathe today."

Harry smiled, as Nasta didn't sound as snuffly today as he had in past days. Harry clambered onto the bed, straddled his mate's lap and he kissed Nasta.

Draco groaned as he got a knee to his thigh. "Harry! What are you doing?"

"Waking you all up! We have Leolin news!"

That had even Blaise turning over to look at him, all of them suddenly awake and more alert.

"Is he okay?" Draco asked.

"He got sick?" Blaise slurred sleepily.

"He wouldn't be here wasting words if Leolin was sick." Nasta calmed them, showing why he was their top dominant, and why they'd missed him so much when he was ill.

"He's had a growth spurt!" Harry said excitedly. "He woke up earlier than normal and he drank all of his bottle and almost half of a second bottle too! He's half an inch bigger and a whole pound heavier!"

"Really?" Draco asked him, sounding just as excited.

Harry nodded. "He dropped right off back to sleep, so it looks like he has some more growing to do too. I'm so happy."

"I can't wait to see him." Blaise said, rolling onto his back and stretching. He clocked Max at the end of the bed and the tray in his hands. "Is that breakfast?"

Max grinned and he settled the tray at the end of the bed. He handed Draco and Blaise a plate of pancakes and then he handed one to Harry, then to Nasta. He sat on the end of the bed and he ate his own pancakes, but Harry, sat in the middle of the bed, was happy to eat and look at all four of his mates.

"Happy birthday, Blaise! How does it feel to not be a teenager anymore?" Max asked him.

"Wonderful." Blaise said with a smile. "I might actually be able to get a job now if my potential employers don't see that I'm a teenager, though I'm still waiting for the goblins to decide on that business proposal that I gave them. I knew it wouldn't be easy getting money from them, but truly, how long do they need to decide?"

"Floo call them." Draco said firmly. "Remind them that they owe you an answer, even if it is a notice of rejection."

"It'll definitely be a rejection if I hound after them." Blaise fretted.

"You're not a teenager any more, Blaise. Take these matters into your own hands instead of looking for an interim job while they yank you about over the decision."

"You mean Blaise isn't twenteen?" Harry asked with a grin, trying to steer the conversation away from the argument it was heading for.

His mates all laughed, but Blaise reached out and patted his cheek.

"No, you're adorable though." Blaise told him. "You'll be twenteen, like Max is thirty-threeteen."

Harry laughed and grinned up and Max, who grinned back. "That I am! It's what you get when your mental age doesn't match up with your physical age."

"I wouldn't mind staying a teen for a while longer." Harry grinned. "It makes me feel old otherwise."

"Can you believe that it's almost been three years for us, Harry?" Blaise asked.

"No, it doesn't seem so long, but then I've had so much fun with you all that the time is flying by." Harry smiled. "The kids are all growing and can you believe that our baby is twenty-six months old?"

"I still can't believe it." Blaise said, looking at him with a loving look. "Our first born, our only child together, and he's now sleeping through the night and using the potty more than he is his nappy. Where was the little, shrivelled newborn that you presented to me?"

"It was over two years ago." Harry said wistfully and shook his head.

"And very soon another little new one will arrive." Draco said, bending forward to touch the bump.

Harry smiled and covered Draco's hand with his own. "Our new little boy. Our thunderer, who has actually been really good today." Harry said brightly.

"Let's hope he carries on being good." Max said as he took Harry's empty plate and put it back on the tray.

"He's being good, but he's hungry." Harry said with a smile.

"You're still hungry?" Max asked.

"No, he is." Harry said with a wink and a grin as he shifted over to Blaise and pulled the duvet from him. "I think he needs some fluids, if you catch my drift."

"Oh. Oh!" Max laughed then and swatted his bum. "I get you, well by all means, take what you need, lover. Let me get rid of these."

Harry, who was busy pulling down Blaise's pyjama bottoms, heard Max shift the tray of empty plates to the floor and out of the way. He smiled up at his first mate.

"Do you want to feed me, birthday boy?" He asked in a low purr.

Blaise's eyes widened and the pupil's dilated. He smirked in a very smug, self-satisfied way and he crossed his arms behind his head and watched Harry.

"Carry on, Bello." He said, his voice much deeper now. "If you need to feed, you can just take without asking, it would be my pleasure to feed you."

Missing Scene

Harry laughed fully then and he stood up, going to their massive walk in wardrobe, he opened 'his' dresser and pulled out some clean boxers and socks and a clean tee-shirt. He was feeling reinvigorated and he felt like he had energy to spare as he dressed in his underwear and then he took down a hanger with clean jeans on them and he dressed in those too.

"Come on, lovers." Harry chided, clapping his hands. "Our children need us."

He opened the nursery door and he had to smile as several little faces turned to look at him. The only one still in a cot was Regan, who was stood up and clutching his comfort teddy.

"Good morning, babies!" He called out cheerfully.

Calix came rushing into their master bedroom and he immediately toddled to the large bed. He immediately tried to heft himself up by winding his hands in their duvet and tugging on it, trying to climb it, though he didn't get very far and he soon called out for assistance. With a laugh, Max reached over and gave Calix a hand up. He immediately started wriggling and climbing all over his Daddies.

"Bo da, Mummy!" Came the predictable greeting from Braiden.

"Bore da, Braiden. Good morning." Harry replied.

"Bo jor!"

"Bonjour, Braiden. Good morning."


"Ciao, Braiden. Good morning." Harry repeated dutifully.

"Ciao!" Calix said happily from the bed. "Morning!"

That had his mates excitably sitting up and lavishing him with praise. Harry chuckled. "It seems that Italian is the easiest and the most memorable for them."

"Ciao!" Tegan shouted from next door and Harry laughed.

"I think the morning greetings are going to start taking ten minutes." He said with a smile.

"Out!" Regan cried from his cot, holding up both arms to him, his teddy dangling from one hand. "Mummy, out pwease."

Harry about melted as he went to sweep up his son, kissing him and praising him for correctly using 'please' in a sentence. They really were growing and learning every single day.

"I suppose it's time to get up." Max sighed. "These little toe rags won't wait for their breakfasts forever."

"Give them some fruit and yoghurt and give them a bigger lunch." Harry insisted. "In fact, I'll do that now while you lot get dressed. I can handle that."

"Stop taking my job from me." Max whined.

"You've already cooked breakfast this morning. Besides, it's only fruit and yoghurt, calm your shit." Harry winked.

"Watch your mouth in front of the kids." Draco chastised.

"After what was just done to my mouth, my language is the least of our worries." Harry laughed. "Come on babies." He called out a little more loudly. "It's time for breakfast. Come on Farren, Braiden, Tegan."

He got the kids all following him out onto the landing and then he got them waiting on the top of the landing by the baby gate. He got himself on the other side carrying Calix and Tegan and he dropped them off at the bottom of the stairs and he went back for Regan while Braiden and Farren slipped down on their bums as he watched them like a hawk, but he was content to allow them another small little taste of independence and coming down the stairs, sort of on their own, was enough for now.

Harry got them to the kitchen and he pulled out their plastic bowls before turning back to help the kids into their booster seats. He got them beakers of apple juice to tide them over before he pulled out the kilo bucket of natural yoghurt that Max bought for the kids and he dolloped a few spoonfuls into each bowl. He washed blueberries and raspberries and added them to the bowls, then sliced in strawberries, a bit of banana and some grapes before handing them over to the kids with a spoon, though he already knew that he'd be wiping most of it up off the floor.

He ate his own fruit and yoghurt standing at the counter, so nothing from his babies' bowls ended up in his own. It took fifteen minutes before the first of his mates made it down to the kitchen and it was Draco who came in first.

"Do you want tea?" The blond asked him, moving straight to the kettle.

Harry nodded. "Yes please."

"Eating again?" Draco teased.

Harry shrugged, chewing another mouthful of yoghurt and fruit. "I guess I got hungry again after our bed activities." He laughed. "Our thunderer needs his daily fruit quota."

"You don't know how much I enjoy hearing you say that." Nasta said as he came into the kitchen. He was dressed in actual clothes for the first time in several days and he looked much better, healthier. Harry was so very, very glad that he was finally feeling better, that he was getting healthier.

"I could hazard a good guess." Harry grinned.

Nasta came and kissed him.

"Is everything still on for later?" Harry asked quietly. "Do you have the tickets safe?"

"Yes, Caru." Nasta said. "Everything is prepared, though I'm not sure Draco will enjoy himself." He said with a smile at Draco's back.

"Oh, I'm sure he will…once he adapts." Harry laughed.

Nasta gave him an evil smirk and then moved over to grab his mug of morning green tea. Harry watched him, just happy to have him back on his feet and in relatively good health once again. None of them liked seeing the others sick, but when it was Nasta, their family just sort of fell apart, as they'd proved by forgetting his baby scan appointment.

Harry finished his second breakfast and he went around helping his babies to scoop out the last of their breakfasts, casting a glance every now and then at Max, who had brought down the twin girls and was currently feeding one of them…he hadn't bothered to get fully dressed yet, he was still shirtless, and he cut a glorious figure bottle feeding a bottle to a tiny little girl who was tucked into his one muscled arm. Harry was getting aroused again.

"You look flushed and glassy eyed, did Nasta pass his sickness to you?" Blaise asked worriedly, breaking Harry's dazed staring by placing a hand on his forehead.

"Oh, I'm fine. It's not there that you want to touch, lover." Harry smiled with a wink and he took Blaise's hand, and in view of his other staring, worried mates, he placed it over his crotch.

Max laughed, Draco rolled his eyes and turned back to finishing the morning tea, and a coffee for Blaise, but Blaise himself gave Harry a sly grope and a squeeze and Harry gasped, before he turned and followed him like a sex starved sheep.

"No, Bello." Blaise said with a grin. "We're up for the day now, you know we don't slip off for sex when we're up for the day."

"Harry's certainly up for the day." Max quipped with a grin.

"It's your fault that I am!" Harry pouted.

"Me? What did I do?" Max demanded.

"You know what you did!" Harry huffed.

"Max, stop teasing Harry." Nasta tried to be stern, but his lips twitched and they could all hear the laughter in his tone.

"I haven't done anything!" Max insisted.

"Yes you have!" Harry said back. "Standing there half naked, one of my baby girls in your muscled arms looking like a parenting magazine's wet dream. You know how I get when I'm pregnant!"

Max seemed to realise then how he looked and he grinned. He flexed a little more, making his arms bulge. Harry groaned and took his honey tea into the family room, removing himself from the tantalising view of temptation.

It didn't take long before he heard little feet slapping on the kitchen floor and then a horde of barefooted babies came in.

"Can someone get clothes for the kids, please?" He asked as he watched them all hurry to their toy box in their pyjamas.

"Draco's already gone to sort their clothes." Nasta called back.

"You come in here and sit down. You need to rest!" Harry nagged.

He heard his mates chuckling and he rolled his eyes.

He was excited for later, it was going to be a new adventure for all of them tonight, as despite their Muggle experiences, neither Max nor Nasta had ever been to a cinema before, neither had he, but Hermione had once told him and Ron of a trip to the cinema she had taken during the summer. Harry had told Nasta what Hermione had told them, that it was like watching a movie on a massive screen, but he had omitted the other things that Hermione had told him, that it was loud, dark and overwhelming. Hermione had enjoyed it, but she had said that it was a little overbearing and took some time to get used to in the beginning. Harry was excited and he was looking forward to it.

He was actually finding it difficult to keep his mouth shut. Only Nasta knew what he'd had planned, the others had been told that it was all in hand. Blaise hadn't been told anything. But he was so excited and he was looking forward to going to the cinema for the first time.

Nasta did do as Harry had asked though, and he came into the family room after a few minutes to keep him company. They sat with their morning tea and just watched their children destroy the clean, tidy room. Harry didn't care, he didn't fret the mess, he was no Petunia Dursley.

"Are you both alright?" Max asked, walking in with both girls in his arms. He set them immediately on the floor, into the chaos of their older siblings.

"Do you have the baby monitor?" Harry asked quickly.

Max reached behind him and he unclipped the monitor from the back of his jeans and he placed it on the coffee table. "Got it." He said with a smile. "I just couldn't carry it with the girls, so I had to clip it somewhere where their little feet wouldn't kick it. In the kitchen you can just about hear him snuffling now and then as he sleeps, he's not awake yet."

That automatically made Harry smile.

"Do any of them need a nappy change?" Max asked, pulling the nappy bag from under the side table and sliding the foam changing mat from under the settee.

"Looking at them, I'd say Calix, definitely." Harry said.

Max shuffled forward on his knees and he caught Calix and hefted him over to his little work station and he started the process of stripping off pyjamas and changing nappies, leaving all of the kids bare until Draco came back down with their clothes for the day.

"What do you have planned for my birthday?" Blaise demanded as he joined them.

"Mind your own business." Harry teased.

"Who says we're doing anything?" Max carried on, grinning. "Nasta has only just gotten better and Harry is preggers. Regan, no, stay still, sweetie." He said quickly as his distraction almost lost him the baby and he had to lean forward and grab a little ankle to heft Regan back onto the mat.

Harry rolled his eyes and laughed. "We owe you two birthdays, we have a lot planned." Harry winked, as it looked like Blaise was actually believing their teasing that they weren't doing anything. "Alexander is having the kids overnight, so you'll be free to ravish me until your heart's content all night long."

"You really are up for it now, aren't you?" Max laughed, being very brave in Harry's opinion and darting a glance up at him, once again taking his eyes off of Regan.

"I really am, I don't know what's wrong with me today, but the very thought of it is making me hot and hard."

"It must be pregnancy hormones." Nasta said, throwing an arm around his shoulders and pulling him into a hug. "You can go through a range of different emotions and feelings, including being incredibly aroused. It's normal."

"We like it very much." Max added with a salacious grin.

"Blaise, sweetheart?" A soft voice called out from the other room.

"Madre, in here." Blaise called out to his Mother.

Marianna came into the room with a wrapped gift in her hands and she swooped on Blaise, taller than him as she was, and all but crushed him in her arms, giving his forehead a big, smacking kiss, leaving behind the dark purple lipstick that she was wearing.

"Bon anniversaire, Blaise." She said brightly, her thumb automatically wiping away the plum purple stain.

"Merci." Blaise answered in French, taking the gift and sitting down to open it.

Marianna was immediately distracted by the nearly naked babies, coming to greet her in several languages.

"Oh, aren't they the adorable little linguists?" She cooed.

"They're coming on really well." Harry said with a proud smile.

"I can see." Marianna laughed, then hefted up Calix, who was the most insistent that she pick him up. "Have I miscounted, you are one short? But, where is Leolin?" She asked, scanning the room.

"He is upstairs. He's having a growth spurt." Harry said happily, proudly. "He needed some more sleep."

"Oh, that is wonderful news." Marianna insisted with a smile.

Harry nodded with his own smile. "The girls are coming on really well too. In fact they all are, even this one." He added patting his belly.

"Has his heart rhythm come down?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, since the end of the trial it has. There's still some more work to be done, but we're heading in the right direction now."

"I am very proud of you for coming through that with such grace." Marianna said with a smile.

Harry smiled and nodded, but his attention was taken by the nearly released Regan coming over to him and lifting his arms up to him. Harry hefted him up and sat him on his lap, giving him a cuddle, smoothing the hair from his face and giving his temple a kiss. Max had moved on to Farren.

It was at that moment that a soft grunting came through the baby monitor and a sleepy 'Ma' was heard.

"I got him." Nasta said, putting down his mug of green tea and going to get their Faerie baby.

"Is he alright to go near Leolin now?" Marianna asked.

"Yes, he's woken up feeling fine." Max said. "He's no longer contagious and we will keep an eye on Leolin, just in case, but the danger is over."

"Good." Marianna said shortly.

"Would you like a coffee, Mother?" Blaise asked, after he'd finished examining the coffee set his Mother had gotten him for his birthday. It included actual French coffee beans, a bean grinder, a little coffee press and a new mug.

"I would, Blaise, thank you."

Blaise went to sort out another round of tea and coffee and Harry sat back and watched over his playing children. At least until Calix, who had been placed back on the floor, came to him and patted his knee.

"Mummy, toon." He said, pointing at the double doors that led into the other room.

"Do you want to watch cartoons? Come on then." Harry said, standing up with Regan cocked on his hip and going to throw open the double doors. He found the remote on top of the TV, because the kids thought that they were toys and liked bashing them about or mashing buttons, and he switched on the tele and turned it onto the kids' channels. He had watched the local news last night before he'd gone up to bed.

"You know we're going to need to get another TV when the kids are older, don't you?" He told his mates, after putting down Regan who wanted to watch the cartoons with Calix, and walking back into the family room.

"Why?" Draco asked, having just walked through the door and holding an armful of clothes and a handful of tiny socks.

"We have a lot of kids, we're going to have many more, what are the chances that they all want to watch the same thing on TV?" Harry chuckled. "Or when the older kids want to watch a movie and the younger kids want to watch cartoons?"

Draco groaned and Max laughed. "A new TV for this room it is, as long as one doesn't show up in my kitchen, then I don't care. I never believed in having a TV in the kitchen. The kitchen is for family meals, not gawping at a screen while shovelling in food that you're not even tasting. I don't spend hours making my family a meal only to have it unappreciated and eaten as quickly as humanly possible."

"I agree." Harry said to appease Max, who settled down again. He still remembered Dudley eating like a gormless zombie in front of the TV in the kitchen, ignoring everyone around him, not taking part in the conversation, Harry would even go so far as to say that Dudley hadn't even heard anyone around him talking as all of his focus was on the TV. He didn't want to associate his cruel, overweight, spoilt cousin with his children. He didn't want them to turn out anything like Dudley.

Blaise brought in a tray with the mugs on them and he handed his Mother a mug immediately. Nasta came back in with Leolin and Harry repressed the urge to automatically hold out his arms. He calmed his Dracken side, their Faerie baby was fine, he was safe.

Nasta sat with Leolin for a few minutes, then he handed him over to Harry and that was the end of anyone else holding Leolin's attention, as with a shriek of 'Ma!' Leolin dug tiny fingernails into his neck and held on. He mouthed at Harry's chin, in his version of a kiss, and it made Harry smile, it made his mates all laugh.

"Do you need a babysitter for later?" Marianna asked them as she watched Draco and Max dress the fresh, clean babies in their day clothes.

"Alexander has agreed to have them overnight for us." Blaise explained.

Marianna laughed. "Don't do anything that I wouldn't, Blaise."

Blaise went red and he buried his face in his hands. "Madre!" He complained.

"What? I wish for my son to enjoy an active sex life. There's nothing embarrassing about that."

Harry's lips twitched into a smile, trying to repress his laughter, as his first mate looked about ready to die on the spot.

After several more comments about their sex life and heavy encouragement to take full advantage of the baby-free night, Marianna seemed to realise that she had embarrassed her son more than enough for one day, as she soon excused herself after finishing her coffee, and with a final warning to them all to enjoy themselves that night, she flooed away laughing and left Harry sniggering and Max biting his lip to keep from outright laughing himself.

"Well…she does know us rather well by now." Max tried.

Harry chuckled to himself. "It wasn't so long ago that we went on an all-night bender and couldn't even remember where we were when we woke up."

Blaise moaned at the reminder. "Don't mention that. I have never drank so much in my life and I never want to ever again."

"That was the night that we spent in the nasty little Muggle hovel, wasn't it?" Draco asked.

"That was the one." Max nodded. "I still have nightmares about that hideous carpet."

Harry chuckled, but his attention was caught by Calix in the other room. Calix who had climbed onto the coffee table.

"Calix!" He said sharply. "Get down."

"No!" Came the defiant answer from the other room.

"I said get down, now." Harry said, staring his young son down who frowned and pouted at him.

"Don't want to." Calix tried.

"It's dangerous, get down."

"Time out?" Nasta asked as Harry continued frowning when Calix ignored him.

"Yes, that was three clear warnings. Hold this one for me." He said handing Leolin over to the nearest person, who happened to be Draco.

"Do you want me to…?" Nasta started, but Harry shook his head.

"No, I noticed him and I started this."

Harry stood himself up, thankful that he was only three and a half months pregnant and not any further along, even if he was at the halfway point in his pregnancy now, and he went into the other room and he took hold of Calix's hand and pulled him gently until he shimmied off the table on his own, Harry there as support in case he fell. He was wearing socks, on the polished table, he could have slipped at any point.

He tugged Calix back into the family room and pulled over one of the little chairs that the kids used. He sat Calix in the chair, in a corner and then he crouched down.

"I told you to get off of the coffee table, Calix. You didn't listen. Now you need to stay here until I come back and get you."

"Mummy, no!" Calix cried, but he was getting better at understanding the rules of his timeouts now, as he'd had so many of them recently, and though he cried and flailed about in the chair, calling out for him, his bum didn't leave the seat. At least it didn't this time.

"He's so fearless." Harry sighed as he sat back down, taking Leolin back from Draco and settling him down again from being abruptly placed in his Father's arms. "He's going to be trouble when he's older."

"What do you mean when he's older?" Max laughed. "He's trouble now."

Harry smiled and looked at Calix, now sat still, but sniffling and rubbing his wet eyes, watching his siblings playing. He was itching to join them, Harry could see it.

After exactly one and a half minutes, Harry went to Calix and he hunched down, Leolin still in his arms, but carefully slung over his shoulder, so he was facing behind him and couldn't see Calix.

"Calix, I told you to get off of the table and you didn't listen, that's why you got a timeout. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mummy." Calix sniffled, reaching out to him, but Harry held him outwards, so he had eye contact.

"Say that you're sorry."

"Sorry, Mummy."

"For what?" He asked.

"For climbing table and not get back down." Calix answered, reaching up and rubbing his eyes again.

Harry nodded and he pulled Calix into a cuddle and kissed his head.

"I love you." Harry said.

"Love you, Mummy."

"Go and play, Calix."

Calix did as suggested, and he took a toy into the living room, where Regan and the cartoons were, and he started playing, occasionally looking up at the TV, but he thankfully stayed away from the coffee table.

Harry got back onto the settee and he chose to sit closer to Draco, so that he could cuddle in and rest on his mate with a sigh.

"This discipline is exhausting!" Harry complained.

"It will be when you're pregnant." Nasta said. "You should be taking things easier now that you're at the halfway point."

Harry nodded. "I wonder if I'll go early. I mean, a month from now and I birthed the quintuplets."

"You shouldn't do." Max said. "You're carrying a singleton, and there were five of the quintuplets, so obviously as they fight for space, food and oxygen from you, you're more inclined to birth early with multiples. Our thunderer is on his own in there, so he should stay put."

"I birthed Braiden early." Harry pointed out.

"He was our first, that's normal too." Nasta said. "Not to mention that…that we almost lost him, so he was anything but a nice, smooth pregnancy."

Harry frowned and nodded. "Do you think I'll ever have a nice, smooth pregnancy?" He asked.

"It's doubtful." Blaise teased. "With our family now getting bigger, there's always going to be something to cause stress or strife. We'll just have to deal with it as best as we can and try to limit the stress on you as our beautiful, amazing submissive mate."

Harry smiled and gave Blaise gooey eyes. He felt a twitch in his lap and he groaned theatrically.

"You need to stop being nice to me!" He complained.

"What? Why?!" Draco demanded.

Harry took his hand this time and placed it on his groin.

"Are you seriously telling me that you got aroused just from being called beautiful and amazing? We call you that all the time and sometimes barely get a grunt of acknowledgement for it!" Draco said.

"It's the pregnancy hormones!" Harry complained. "I can't help it, it just happens."

Harry, for a distraction from his current mood, went back to fussing over Leolin, who was staring at the ceiling, as if studying it.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked him, smoothing the hair from his forehead. "I think he needs a haircut, this mop is getting long."

"I'll do it in the afternoon." Draco said, before taking a sip from his tea cup.

"What's he looking at?" Blaise asked curiously.

"The ceiling." Harry said, looking up at the ceiling too. "It might be the pattern on it that he's fascinated by."

"He gets distracted by the strangest of things." Max said.

"Says the man who inspects every carrot and potato in the supermarket before he chooses the ones he wants." Draco snarked with a teasing smile.

"I like feeding my family the best quality produce I can find." Max defended with a grin.

Harry snorted. "Right, we've digressed enough, go and give Blaise our presents. Today is for him and it's already nearly ten and he hasn't been given them yet."

"Yes, it is my birthday." Blaise teased. "Pay attention to me!"

It was probably the worst thing he could have possibly said, as Max took him at his word and hefted him into his arms and slung him over his shoulder and started giving him attention.

"You should have known better, lover." Harry laughed at him as Max carried Blaise into the next room.

"I really should have seen it coming!" Blaise shouted back, but he was laughing himself, trying to prop up his upper body using Max's shoulders.

"You wanted attention, now you get my undivided attention on your glorious body." Max faux growled as he dumped Blaise on the settee in the living room and 'fell' on top of him. Harry watched them with a laugh.

"Get off, I see presents." Blaise said excitedly.

"Don't spurn my loving advances in favour of material possessions!" Max complained.

"Max, let him open his gifts, we have a busy day ahead of us." Nasta laughed.

"Daddy Max, no!" Tegan chastised, hands on her little hips. "Naughty corner." She told him, pointing to the corner.

Harry laughed so hard that he had tears streaming down his cheeks and he had to hold his belly with his free hand.

"She…she thinks that you're fighting!" Harry managed to giggle out.

Max chuckled himself and he grabbed Tegan's hand and pulled her over to him and he pulled her up into the tangle of bodies.

"We're just playing, Tegan. See, Daddy Blaise is still perfectly alright."

Tegan looked at her Daddy Blaise, who pulled her to kiss him and he cuddled her.

"I'm okay." He said. "I love you."

"Love you, Daddy." She said.

"Go and play." Blaise told her.

She nodded and Max placed her back on the floor and she toddled away. Max got off of Blaise with a laugh. He helped Blaise sit up and he kissed him, hard, heavy, passionate and Blaise came away from that a little dazed with a goofy looking smile.

Harry frowned, he stood up and he went to poke at Max.

"What's that look for, love?" Max asked him.

Harry awkwardly dodged Max's hands as they went to wind around him and Harry sat heavily beside Blaise and he curled up to him and kissed him. Blaise smiled gently at him, then sent a smug look to Max as he cuddled Harry and pulled him into another kiss.

"I was jealous of you both." Harry admitted quietly.

"Why?" Max asked.

"I wanted to be kissed." Harry said. "I was actually, truly jealous that someone other than me was kissed."

Max shrugged. "Don't fret, Harry. It's normal during pregnancy. We're actually lucky to have escaped it thus far, but your Dracken side is just feeling very protective and possessive of your mates, even with other mates. We should have seen it coming, especially with how…aroused, you've been feeling today."

"I don't like it!" Harry complained.

"It's alright, bello." Blaise assured him. "After tonight, you won't have any need to feel jealous at all. You're going to be so well satisfied that you won't have any room to feel jealous."

Harry moaned unhappily and he huffed, putting Blaise's hand back in his lap.

"I only just managed to calm down." He said.

Max and Blaise both laughed. "You really are in a mood today, love." Max told him.

Harry nodded. "I don't like this."

"It won't be for long." Nasta told him, migrating over to the living room. "Such feelings are usually caused by a surge in hormones, once it settles, you will settle again."

"That doesn't help me right now, Nas."

"Stop touching everyone then." Draco told him.

Harry levelled a glare on him. "Do not tell me that the solution to this is to stop touching and loving on you all, I won't do it."

"Calm down, all of you." Nasta demanded, but it strained his health as he turned away from them and coughed into his hand. "Enough now." He said, more quietly. "Let's focus on Blaise and his gifts, not on who is feeling what, or what we think can be done to help, only one thing will help and we're too busy at the moment to indulge in it. Blaise, open your gifts."

Harry stayed snuggled up to Blaise, but his first mate moved to take the first present from the pile. Harry watched him indulgently as he opened his gifts, a lot of them coffee related, which made him smile. Max had even gotten him chocolate coated coffee beans, Harry hadn't known that you could even get such a thing. Blaise seemed to like them though, he hadn't stopped eating them yet.

"Muma." Farren called out to him, toddling over.

Harry allowed Max to pick Farren up and pass him over, in place of bending and picking him up himself. Harry cuddled with Farren on one side and Leolin on the other as he watched Blaise unwrap all of his gifts and cards.

Draco cleaned up the wrapping paper, because he couldn't stand the rubbish being on the floor, and Harry slipped to the floor to play with his children, Leolin sat upright in his lap now that he'd cracked open his gold eyes. Two hours before his usual feed, he started whining for food.

"Max, can you grab him a bottle, please? I actually think he's hungry."

"But it's so soon." Max said, but he leapt up excitedly and hurried into the kitchen, Leolin's cries in his ears.

"Are you not done growing yet, little man?" Harry cooed to him, but for once his presence, or his voice, were not enough to soothe Leolin and he just carried on crying.

"Mummy, baby 'Eoin is sad." Calix told him, as if he couldn't hear the baby crying in his lap.

"I know, sweetie, he just wants a bottle. Daddy Max is getting it for him." Harry explained over Leolin's crying.

Calix rushed on little feet to the kitchen, where they heard him, brokenly through the crying, chiding Max to go faster. The four of them shared a look and a laugh, but of course, their children were coming on so well in this last month, Braiden especially now that he was two years old, and now Leolin too, who was jumping ahead of their expectations with this sudden growth spurt.

Max came back into the living room, Calix behind him, clapping his hands as they would sometimes do to get the kids into the kitchen for a meal, and Harry had to take a moment to control his laughter enough to take the bottle from Max and prod it into Leolin's wailing mouth. It was one of the bigger bottles Harry noticed immediately and it filled him with joy and excitement to be giving Leolin this bottle over the smaller ones.

He had an audience as he fed Leolin, who settled into his favoured feeding pose of eyes closed and hands on his own belly. All of his mates were as excited as he was and it made Harry feel so happy, so proud, as he watched Leolin suckling quickly.

He managed to drink all but a scant inch in the bottom and Harry felt like he could burst with joy as he handed Leolin over to Nasta, who winded him as Max took the bottle back into the kitchen. He sat on the floor still, watching his oldest mate pat the tiny little back of their Faerie baby until he burped.

"I love you." Harry said to no one, and everyone.

What followed was a cacophony of noise as four adults and several babies all declared their love for him. It made him smile as the warm feeling of acceptance washed over him. He laid his hands on his bump and rubbed.

"I love you too." He whispered softly, giving his belly a little tap for good measure. It took him a moment to realise that the baby had tapped back and he gasped.

"What? What is it?!" Draco asked in alarm, and of course that brought Max running from the kitchen and had Nasta putting Leolin down in his bassinet and hunching down in front of him.

"Here. Here." Harry said excitedly, taking Nasta's hand and putting it on his belly. "He's moving! He kicked me."

Five hands pressed against his belly, including his own, and they waited. They waited for almost two minutes, vibrating with excited energy, and then their little thunderer kicked out, squirming in Harry's sac, allowing all of them to feel his movements.

"This is amazing. I love you." Blaise declared, kissing the side of Harry's head.

"Mummy, what doing?" Braiden asked curiously.

"Come here, Braiden. Your baby brother is moving, do you want to feel?"

"Yeah." Braiden said, picking his way through his Daddies and allowing Max to hold his hand to Harry's belly.

The baby kicked and Braiden's little eyes went wide. "Baby hurting mummy!" He cried, snatching his hand away.

"No. No, Braiden it doesn't hurt." Harry soothed gently. "He's just letting me know that he's alright."

Braiden, looking upset, stared into his eyes, seeking out the truth, and he nodded, looking a little happier. He put his tiny hand back on Harry's belly, before bringing up his other hand and cuddling Harry's belly with both arms.

Harry had to smile down at him, and as he did, he caught movement in the corner of his eye and a flash.

"Max!" He complained. "Don't take photos of me."

"But I love you." Max whined. "You and Braiden look gorgeous with our thunderer between you."

Harry sighed, but he smiled too.

"Halfway there." Draco said, smiling at him.

"Just the hardest half to go." Harry added with a laugh as he cuddled Braiden to himself before kissing his head.

"We'll look after you." Blaise said.

"You always do." Harry laughed. "Except when I need attention during the day!"

"You're still…?"

"Yes!" Harry said in exasperation.

"If we have a free moment to slip away in the afternoon, while the kids are napping, we'll have a quickie." Blaise laughed. "It's my birthday, I get what I want."

"I love you." Harry purred happily.

Harry went back to playing with his children, laughing at all of their little comments and their games. The afternoon couldn't come quickly enough for him, he really, really needed some sort of proper release, the blow job that morning hadn't been nearly enough.

They did not get the chance to sneak away for the afternoon. Blaise's grandparents, Marianna's parents, had finally come to see them for a surprise visit for Blaise's birthday. Bastien and Mégane Lavelle knew where they were living thanks to Marianna, and they'd only just come off of a full world cruise, it had taken them three and a half years to finish the full cruise.

They had missed Blaise being mated, they'd missed their first and only great-grandson being born and growing up, and they'd missed the birth of all their other great-grandchildren. They were more than making up for it now as Harry was fussed over like he was a child, Max was almost fighting Mégane off of his muscles without looking like that was what he was doing, and he all but dived on Ave when she started crying, using her as an excuse to get away.

Bastien seemed rather stern, Harry could see how he had put his own daughter, his only child, into a mateship contract instead of allowing her to find love on her own, but Harry refused to bring up the past, because Blaise was so happy, so excited to see his grandparents. He was talking rapidly in French to his grandfather, showing off his children and Harry assumed that he was introducing everyone, but he didn't understand and he couldn't get away, as one of Bastien's arms was around his waist, his large hand patting his pregnant belly proudly.

Braiden had surprised them, by greeting them in English, Welsh, French and Italian, and he was currently cocked on Blaise's hip, their matching eyes and hair marking them as Father and son.

Nasta finally took charge and he got everyone sat down on the settee, allowing Harry to wriggle away and escape over to Draco, and Nasta sent Max to make tea and coffee.

"It is wonderful to meet you all at last." Mégane insisted. "We have heard so much about you from our Marianna. Of course if we had had any idea that mon beau chéri was going to be mated so soon we would have held off on our cruise." She added, patting Blaise's cheek affectionately. Harry could almost see Draco memorising the nickname to torment Blaise with later.

"You have done very well for yourself, mon petit canard. I could not be more proud of you, or the little family you have for yourself."

Blaise was going a very special shade of red that was reserved for the ultimate of embarrassments and Harry was feeling very unsympathetic to him or his plight as Draco bent and whispered into his ear 'it means little duck' and Harry had to roll his lips inwards and bite on them to prevent the laugh that wanted to spill out. No one had ever called Blaise any sort of pet name like these before, not even Marianna, and to hear Blaise called a 'little duck', well, Harry was very hard pressed to control his laughter.

"Thank you, grandfather." Blaise said. "I love them, and these children, regardless of blood, they're all mine."

"Of course they are!" Mégane said joyously, holding Regan on her lap. He was snuggling with his comfort bear, but he was very happy to remain with her and she was happy for it. "They're all just wonderful."

Harry puffed up, but Draco just held him tighter as Max came back in with his posh tea set and he started serving everyone, their guests first, and then Harry, because Harry had to have his honey tea or he'd actually start crying. He was rather emotional at the moment, since about midday, when he still couldn't have sex and he felt fit to burst. Draco had made them tea and he'd brought in Blaise's coffee and Nasta's green tea before Harry's, and he'd just burst out crying. He couldn't even explain why it had upset him, it just had. So now he had his tea as soon as possible, after that little meltdown. He was still feeling a little unbalanced and very emotional and he couldn't wait for this phase to pass.

"How was your cruise?" Nasta asked politely.

"Oh, fabulous. Absolutely fabulous." Mégane told them. "I'm not sure Bastien was as enthused as I was, but there is just something so exciting and exotic about other countries and cultures. I did miss hearty French cuisine after a while though." She laughed. "Not to mention the wines."

"I think a shorter cruise would have done." Bastien said. "A year, maybe a little longer. Three and a half was too long to be away from home and family."

"It was a once in a lifetime trip, Bassie." Mégane complained. "When are we ever going to do such a thing again?"

"You would go again tomorrow if you could." Bastien laughed at his wife.

"Is that an offer?" Mégane smiled, showing a lot of teeth.

"No!" Bastien said quickly. "I want to enjoy my own home, sleep in my own bed and catch up with our only grandchild and the children that he has had, not to mention this little unborn trésor!" He added, looking at Harry's belly indulgently.

"Mummy, who dis?" Braiden asked him, pointing at the two new people.

"This is your great-grandfather, Bastien, and your great-grandmother, Mégane." Harry introduced slowly, so that Braiden could absorb the information.

"Gwanddad and Gwandmama." Braiden nodded.

"Well done, Braiden." Harry praised.

"So, what are you boys up to later?" Mégane asked with a truly wicked look on her face. She reminded Harry so much of Marianna teasing Blaise over his sex life in that moment that he was absolutely, one hundred percent sure that they were not only Mother and daughter, but truly two peas in a pod.

"Harry and Nasta are hiding something." Blaise said, a permanent pink tint to his cheeks now. "They have something planned, but they won't say what it is."

"It's a surprise!" Harry frowned. "Stop asking."

"What time is it, at least?" Draco asked. "I need to know when to get ready."

"You have time, it's later. You'll know when to get ready when we take the kids to Alexander."

"About five O'clock, Draco." Nasta said when it looked like Draco would press for more detail. "Be ready for half four."

"You're no fun, Nasta." Harry pouted.

Nasta just gave him a look and Harry laughed.

"Oh, I know that look well." Mégane giggled. "Then, you boys are very young, you should be at it like…oh, what is that English word, Bastien? Lapin?"

"Rabbit, grandmother." Blaise told her, looking like he'd rather not answer.

"Yes!" She said, snapping her fingers at him. "You should be at it like rabbits."

"Judging by how many children they have had in a little over just two years, mon ange, they are at it like rabbits." Bastien told her. "Our petit canard is being well satisfied, I can guarantee it."

Harry smiled happily. He did like knowing that he satisfied his mates, and he definitely knew that he was very satisfied with his mates and their attentions. Or he had been until today. He groaned softly and rolled into Draco.

"What is it, love?" He asked softly.

"Guess." Harry huffed.

"I don't…oh." Draco clicked and he threw an arm around him and cuddled him in tighter. "It won't be long. The kids will be gone overnight, then we can do whatever we want."

Harry grinned naughtily. "Can't wait." He whispered back, moving to kiss Draco's strong jaw.

"We've just got to survive the grandparents-in-law." Draco laughed.

"They're not so bad, and Blaise obviously loves them."

Draco nodded as he looked over at Blaise, practically fawning over his grandparents, but, Harry reasoned, he hadn't seen them in almost four years because of this amazing, world-wide cruise that they'd gone on. Harry never wanted to be away from his home for that long, not at the moment, he might feel differently when he was older, but he was definitely a home body, he did not want to be away from home for so long, nor did he think he could leave his children for so long, just in case they needed him, but again, it was impossible to know what the future held. Perhaps one day they would go on a cruise, he just hoped that it wasn't a three and half year one.

The trip to the cinema had almost sent Draco into a panic attack and Harry had stolen all of the popcorn from his mates and all but inhaled it. He and Max had almost been caught giving each other hand jobs in their seats and Blaise had almost broken his neck slipping on a spill, but overall, the film had been good and it had been a new experience for all of them, even though Draco was steadfastly refusing to ever go back.

They went to the pizza restaurant over the road and Draco didn't really like that either, but Blaise really did and as it was his birthday, it was for him. After they'd eaten, Harry dragged his mates to the bowling alley and even that almost ended in disaster…Max was far too strong and he'd almost thrown one of the balls through the wall trying to get a strike that would win him the game. After that game had finished they decided to play it safe and they went to the attached arcade and they had fun acting like teenagers. Well…technically Harry and Draco were still teenagers, but they had fun, even Draco, who had a particular fondness for penny machines.

Blaise had come up to him and proudly handed him a teddy that he had won from the crane machine and Harry tucked it under his arm with a grin. His babies would enjoy it in the morning.

Nasta beat his arse on the air hockey machine, Max was so tall that he could cheat the basketball game just by reaching over and dropping the ball in the hole and at the end of the night, they pooled all the tickets they'd won…Max from cheating at the games and Draco from the penny machines, to get another teddy for the kids.

He was in massively high spirits and by the time they got back home Harry was ready to burst from sexual frustration. He had been wanting sex all fucking day, and now was finally the time to have it. The house was dark and empty, the kids were away for the night, and he could have his mates' undivided attention. Everything was perfect.

Harry jumped on Blaise the moment they were through the front door and his mate laughed and swung him around and into a deep, passionate kiss.

"Let me shut the front door first!" Max laughed at them. "We don't want to give the neighbours a free show."

"It's eleven at night and they're miles away!" Harry complained. "They won't see nothing!"

Nasta laughed, in very high spirits after their night out, and a wave of his wand had the lights coming on just as Max shut and locked the front door. Nasta put the teddies he was carrying on the side table by the front door that was used for putting letters and things on and he came to steal Harry from Blaise.

"It's my birthday!" Blaise complained, pressing himself up against Harry's back while Nasta snogged him.

"For another hour." Draco said, pulling Blaise into his own arms and distracting him with gentle touches and butterfly kisses.

"It's still an hour that I intend to use." Blaise argued.

"Come on then, birthday boy." Max laughed, picking Blaise up, and using a hand on Draco's shoulder to steer them to the stairs. "Nasta, come on!" He chided as Nasta stayed downstairs with Harry.

Nasta broke the kiss and he chuckled. "Come on, Cariad." He said to Harry. "We've been summoned."

Harry snorted a laugh. "Carry me. I want to suck on your neck."

He had the greatest pleasure of watching Nasta's pupils dilate and he grinned as he was lifted up carefully, but he made good on his words and he started licking and gently sucking on the skin of Nasta's neck. He was bristly and stubbly again, even though he'd shaved just before going out. Harry was definitely going to get beard burn from this, but it didn't stop him from nuzzling Nasta's neck and chin, nor did it stop him from kissing him. He'd deal with the beard burn tomorrow, a bit of Max's aloe healing salve did wonders for his skin and it worked amazingly well for beard burn.

Harry was dumped on the bed with a gasp, but it was a very short fall and Nasta's hands were still on his back to support him so he didn't have a heavy landing. Harry giggled and squirmed happily on the cold sheets as he smiled up at Nasta who was hovering over him. He was kissed again and he latched onto his top dominant's mouth happily. He'd been wanting sex all fucking day, he'd been aching for it, aroused and unsatisfied, but now…now he was finally going to get what he wanted, what he needed, and it was going to be fantastic.

Nasta moved his mouth to Harry's chin, kissing and nipping lightly with his teeth before moving down to do the same to his neck, teasing and enticing Harry to wriggle and make soft sounds as yet another move had Nasta attaching his lips to Harry's barely visible collarbone.

Harry ignored everything else, the noises from above him, as he instead stayed in this moment with Nasta.

Missing Scene

"He's completely out of it." Harry chuckled, snuggling in post-bliss up to Blaise.

Blaise, exhausted himself, just grunted and forced himself over to Nasta so that he could sleep.

"Come on birthday boy, don't you want some more?" Max chuckled.

"No. Too much, my fucking stomach muscles hurt." Blaise complained.

"It's not his birthday any more either. It's almost two in the morning." Draco grinned.

"Good. I'm knackered." Harry whined, throwing an arm over Blaise and cuddling into him.

"You're the one who wanted sex so badly."

"And now I'm very satisfied." Harry chuckled, before a huge yawn almost unhinged his jaw. "Maybe see tomorrow, wake up early and see if that urge comes back…before we go to get the kids."

"I love you so much." Max declared happily, throwing himself down behind Harry and throwing his arm over him and Blaise.

Harry just hummed tiredly.

"Thank you, Draco." He murmured as the ceiling light went out and soft steps padded back to the bed. It dipped on Max's side and then there was shifting and Harry felt another hand touch his side and he hummed again, more in acknowledgement.

"You okay on that side?" Max asked, presumably to Draco.

"Yeah, you can be my little spoon tonight."

Max laughed quietly. "Until I roll over in the night and make you my little spoon. A little like we did tonight."

Harry snorted a soft laugh.

"Go to sleep now, Blaise and Nas are asleep and it would be cruel to wake them." Max said, settling down and laying still.

Harry yawned once again and he rubbed his head on the pillow and curled in his toes a moment, before tucking his knees up a little more. He'd gotten what he wanted after all, in the most amazing of ways, though he really hadn't wanted to wait. Though he had had more fun in the arcade than anywhere else, and he couldn't wait to show the two new teddies to the kids in the morning when they went to get them back, after a rare lie in and some morning sex. That would go a long way to relieving all of his stress and make him feel much better, but first, he wanted some much needed sleep to recover his strength and energy.

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