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Last Time

Max chuckled then and slipped into the bed to spoon against him. It was quiet for a while in the bed and Harry was very content and just as he was drifting back to sleep, Max spoke.

"I'm so sorry about what my Mother said, she had no right."

Harry stiffened right up before letting out a breath. "It's alright."

"It's not though, is it? I can't believe that not only did she forget, but she told you that she had forgotten. I'm so angry with her right now I don't think I could even look at her."

"Does…does she see me as a person, Max?" Harry couldn't help asking. "Does she see me, or does she just see a way to get babies?"

Harry felt Max swallow behind him and heard the hard, nearly painful, noise. "I don't know." Was the quiet, almost sobbed answer. "I just don't know."

Chapter Sixty-Eight – Stamina Exercise

Just five days before Harry was due to go onto his heat he had a letter from Myron, asking if he still wished for him to babysit the children for his heat period. Harry had gotten more and more stressed over the last two weeks, working himself into terrible states because everything was so wrong. Max wasn't speaking to his Mother, Harry didn't want to see or speak to her, Draco wanted to go and kill her, Nasta was silently seething and Blaise snarled and bared his teeth every time her name, or someone with the same name, was mentioned.

Max had calmed down over the last two weeks, until he could go a full day without getting lost in deep thought or breaking down in tears, those first few days had been harrowing for the rest of them, and seeing Max so damned unhappy and desolate was one of the reasons why they were so unforgiving towards Ashleigh, who had been silent, which was a blessing really, but that she hadn't even tried to send an attempt at an apology, not even to Max, angered him immensely.

Everything now was getting on top of him until it felt like he was being buried alive. The entire spectacle with Ashleigh, Max's palpable sorrow, everyone else's nearly visible anger, the looming court case, the approaching exams, the mountain of homework that he had yet to do, the quintuplets second Dragon Pox vaccine was due next month, Aneirin had sent them an owl the week before to tell them that Sanex had gone down with the flu and that he was due to work the second half of Harry's heat period. Then there was Narcissa and Lucius' silent distance, Marianna's absence, Remus's indifference, and the biggest fear that he had, his heat was just a few days away, he didn't want to be pregnant again, he couldn't have another baby right now, he just couldn't.

He had talked everything over with his lovers extensively, especially the approaching heat and what they were going to do and he was adamant that he wasn't going to punish Richard and Myron for what Ashleigh had said and done, but his Dracken was so stressed and restless over letting Ashleigh near his children that he had lost control of his wings and he could not pull them back in, which meant that he couldn't leave his rooms and he got more stressed as he missed lessons and became even more jittery because he was cooped up all day, every day.

Three days before his heat, Myron and Richard came to visit after Max had finally relented and owled them, begging for some help or advice on how to calm Harry down, though he had made sure to stipulate that Ashleigh was not to come near them. They flooed to the school as soon as they received the owl and they arrived at the boys' rooms where they found Harry pacing and growling, Regan in his arms, his wings out and flared with his stress, tossing his head from side to side every other minute in agitation.

"I didn't think he'd be this bad." Richard said as he watched Harry pace restlessly.

"It's been terrible for the last week and a half." Max admitted sadly. "He doesn't want her anywhere near the children."

"He didn't answer my letter, I take it that he's going to put the full responsibility on Aneirin." Myron said neutrally.

"That's the thing, he doesn't want to punish you or Dad either, but he's adamant that he doesn't want that woman near the kids. He's so stressed that we can't get him to fold his wings in, he's missed a week of lessons and he's too edgy to do anything other than pace, he's not sleeping, he's barely eating and we don't know what to do anymore, we've tried everything." Max stressed.

Myron snorted and in a moment he had his wings, claws, scales and fangs out and he strode to Harry and took Regan from him amid snarls and growls, feeling a brief pang that even after everything, Harry had trusted him enough to not think of him as a threat to the child, otherwise he would never have caught Harry off guard and gotten the baby from him safely, before he handed the baby to a nearby Nasta.

He circled around Harry, darting in to try and grip Harry to turn him around, Harry fighting and trying to gouge at him all the way. Myron was bigger, stronger and more powerful however and he had lived as a Dracken for so much longer. He easily managed to circle Harry again, grip one of his biceps and he turned Harry around in his arms, Harry's back to his chest. He gripped the tiny wrists strongly, but delicately, and he let his legs go from under him. He sat on the floor and he sat Harry on his lap, just holding him now, letting him thrash and growl and snarl and writhe.

It took an agonising forty minutes before Harry finally tired himself out and he slumped back in Myron's hold, at which time Myron started gently petting and stroking Harry's wings, Harry shivered at the soft, almost forbidden touch and it took just four minutes for his wings to droop which then allowed Harry to pull them back into his body.

Myron released the tiny wrists that he was holding, letting Nasta take a yawning Harry from his lap and he got up with a groan.

"I'm fifty-three; I can't be doing this any longer."

"You have another three hundred years of life left." Richard said. "Please don't tell me that you're going stiff already, I can't go three hundred years without the level of sex that I've come to expect!"

"You have no worries about that, your tight little arse is mine." Myron growled, biting at Richard's chin before lining up their mouths, taking extra care with his fangs, as his hands squeezed and dug into Richard's arse, taking care with his claws.

"Ewwww!" Max whined. "That's gross, stop it!"

"It's sweet." Harry smiled sleepily. "Leave them alone."

"It's alright for you to say."

"Why? Because I don't have any parents to act like that in front of me?"

Max sighed. "I didn't mean it like that, Harry, you know I didn't."

Harry nodded. "I know, I'm sorry. I just…with everything coming up I don't…I'm scared." Harry admitted softly.

"Of what, love?" Nasta asked him softly.

"The heat for one, being pregnant again for another and…what if…what if the Dursleys get off? What if I go through all of the court cases and everything and they still get off."

"They won't." Richard told him. "Harry, the judge and jury are going to stick them up against the wall, shoot them and then hammer the nails into their coffins and throw them into a deep, dark hole. They're going to prison, Harry and they're going for a long time."

"But what if they don't." Harry fretted.

"They will, Harry."

"But just say they don't!" Harry insisted.

"Then I'll go and kill them for you." Myron cut in. "They won't get away with what they did to you, Harry. I won't let them."

"We won't let them." Richard added with a glare to his lover. "I have full confidence in our case, Harry, they won't get away with it. Child abuse is a very serious crime, with the evidence we have, they will not walk free, though if you want to be sure, I'll come and talk to you after your heat is over, we'll condemn them even further."

Harry nodded. "Okay. I don't want them to get away."

"They won't, so calm down and stop stressing over everything. Now, what do you want to do about the children in three days' time?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't want Ashleigh near them." Harry said softly, ignoring Max's angry hiss at her name. "But if you and Richard want to look after them, you can."

"How do you propose we do that when Ashleigh lives with us, Harry? We're not throwing her out of her own home and likewise we do not want to be here listening to you having sex for a week, not to mention that you could very well use this room and we don't want to watch you having sex either."

"Speak for yourself." Richard snorted. Myron clipped him over the back of the head sharply.

"You don't have to." Harry answered, grinning at Richard's childish pout. "Aneirin is back in work, so he'll be gone for half of the week that I'm on heat, he offered, quite happily, to cancel, but Alexander owled me. I think he just knew that something was wrong. He's offered to look after them, he says that he'd be more than overjoyed to have them while I'm on my heat period."

"Have you taken my Father up on his offer?" Myron asked quietly, keeping his feelings of hurt and failure to himself.

"I'm leaning more towards it, I don't want Aneirin to have to rearrange his work schedule because of me and I don't want Ashleigh near them, but I don't want you to kick her out of your house for any length of time because it's not fair to make you choose between your mate and your grandchildren. So Alexander is looking to be the most sensible option. That way, if you wanted to, you could go and see the kids at Alexander's. I'd feel much better about this whole thing if I knew that you were checking up on my babies, not that I don't trust Alexander, but he is out of practice of having any baby overnight, let alone for a week plus, I don't think he knows what he's taking on with these six."

Myron snorted. "My sisters, Aurelia and Lydia, are submissive Drackens, Harry. Ashleigh was right when she said that the children usually go to the submissive's family for heat periods. My Mother and Father have been kept on their toes over the years, Aurelia has seven children and you remember Shae? Aurelia is her Mother and Shae has fourteen children now and my Father sometimes has them when she goes on her heat as well. Lydia has five children and is pregnant again. My Father is always kept on his toes."

Harry smiled and then laughed. "It's a good idea to hand the kids over to Alexander then."

Myron nodded. "Of course Richard and I will go and spend time with our Grandchildren if you wish it of us, we wouldn't miss it, but I wanted you to know that Ashleigh has been thoroughly punished, I don't think keeping her from the kids is going to help."

"I don't want her near them." Harry growled, his Dracken surging and sending out pheromones that let the dominants around him know that he was not happy.

Myron nodded. "It is entirely up to you of course, you're their Mother and we'll respect your decisions regarding them, but she is very upset with herself for what she said."

"It wasn't just what she said, Dad, it's that she actually forgot what Harry had gone through. How could she forget something like that when Dad is working so hard on Harry's case at home? It doesn't make any sense!"

"She won't answer that question when we ask her." Richard sighed sadly. "We don't know why she forgot or even how she did. It is strange."

"She doesn't see me as a person, she doesn't think I'm real." Harry told them. "She sees me as a way to get babies, a means to an end, nothing more. That's how she forgot, if she could get babies around herself without me, then she wouldn't give a fuck about me."

"Do you truly think that?" Myron asked, shocked and unsettled that Harry would truly think that and he was worried that maybe, just maybe, Harry could be right.

Harry nodded. "It's true." He said firmly. "She has no interest in me, every single question is always about the babies and never about me."

"That's not true, she's always asking you how you are." Richard pointed out.

"Only ever when I was pregnant."

"That…that can't be true. It can't be!" Richard said, but his tone belied his uncertainty.

"It is." Harry moved to pick up Braiden and pulled out a foam mat to change him on.

It was silent as Harry changed and then redressed Braiden and rolled him over, off of the mat and onto his belly, he thrust the wet nappy and used wipes at Max, who took them silently and put them in the bin.

Harry slid the foam mat back under the settee and he lay down on his belly next to Braiden, slipping a hand under him and lifting him gently, to urge him onto his hands and knees.

"Come on, love, you want to crawl, you want to be mobile." Harry insisted.

Braiden bounced on his hands making soft noises and drooling excessively.

"I think he's cutting another tooth." Harry sighed as he got a cloth out of his pocket and wiped the drool away.

Braiden giggled and Harry gave him a gentle, but forceful shove to the bottom to encourage him to move. Braiden found it hilarious.

"No, it's not funny, you want to crawl."

Braiden went to reach out for Harry's face, but moving his hand made him unstable and he fell to the floor laughing. Harry let out a sigh.

"He'll crawl when he's ready, Harry." Nasta insisted as he rocked a fussy Tegan.

"Just wait until he learns the word 'no'." Richard grinned. "It was Caesar's favourite word."

"That's because it was your favourite word." Myron huffed.

"Oh no, my favourite word was always and will always be 'yes, yes, YES!'" Richard laughed as he moaned exaggeratedly. Myron went red faced and went to swat at Richard again who ducked out of the way laughing.

Harry chuckled. "Really? Your favourite word is yes? Funny, mine has always been a tie between more and harder."

Richard almost choked on his laughter and he doubled over.

"Harry!" Myron scolded.

"What? Is it my fault that I don't have a mate who can satisfy me? I have four of them, you'd think that I'd be worn out before them, but no."

"Harry!" Max said shocked.

"Don't look at me like that! You need to go to a gym, your stamina is falling and you're failing me."

That did it for Richard, who collapsed onto the settee and held his stomach with one hand and his throat with the other. He started laughing so hard that he just made a wheezing sound. Myron was of course by his side trying to ease him through his breathing, but Richard just waved him away, still wheezing.

"Is he alright?" Harry asked concernedly, he hadn't meant to hurt Richard through laughter.

"He's fine. He would have accepted my help if he was in any danger, he knows not to take a chance on things like this." Myron answered, still hovering over Richard like a worried Mother. Not that Harry blamed him in the least.

Richard drew in a deep, gasping breath like a drowning man breaking the surface of the water and he let out a stream of chuckles.

"It wasn't that funny." Max pouted.

Richard nodded his head, wiping away tears. "I love that kid!" He said breathlessly, cheerfully pointing at Harry. "I haven't laughed like that in ages. I needed that laugh."

"Well I think it's time we took our leave." Myron said firmly, helping Richard to his feet. "We were worried when you didn't responded to the owl that we sent, but now that the issue of childcare is sorted, I really don't think mixing you and Richard together is a good idea, you're both as bad as one another, thank Merlin that Caesar isn't here as well or I'd roll over in defeat."

Harry chuckled. "I bet that doesn't happen too often."

"Watch your cheek."

"I can't, it's impossible to look at your own cheeks. The one's on your face at least."

Richard started laughing again at that and Myron scowled, picking his lover up and carrying him out of the room to Harry's jaunty wave. He chuckled before lying down and trying to get Braiden to crawl again once the portrait door had closed.

A heavy weight on his back had him gasping and turning as much as he could to see Nasta sat on top of him, giving him a look.

"What?" He asked.

"So we can't satisfy you, can we? We get worn out before you, do we? I think we need to take care of our submissive more, Max. Who knows when the last time he was truly satisfied with our love making was."

Max cottoned on very quickly and he gave a feral grin. "I'm sure some more practice in the art can help boost my stamina."

"I was only joking, of course you satisfy me."

"Ah ah, no back tracking now." Nasta admonished lightly. "We need to thoroughly satisfy you to teach you not to spread such nasty lies."

"I'm going onto a heat period in three days, can't you teach me then?" Harry asked as he tried fruitlessly to get out from underneath Nasta.

Nasta put more weight on him and nibbled an ear. "No, I think you need a nice, long, hard lesson right this minute. It won't wait for three days, will it, Max?"

Max shook his head, a predatory grin on his face as he started moving babies into bassinets. It gave Harry one last life line to use.

"The kids." Harry complained, but with Nasta sucking and nibbling on him, his concentration was rapidly declining.

"I think it's time for the kids to take a nap." Max grinned. "Ninety minutes of peace."

"Well, from the kids at least, but Harry's going to be screaming his lungs raw."

"Big words from a man who can't satisfy me." Harry hissed, deciding to play the game, it was easier than fighting, plus he hadn't had a real chance to unwind in ages. It could turn out to be exactly what he needed. What they all needed.

Nasta snarled and shoved against him. Max hauled Braiden away and settled him down for a nap in his travel cot before stealing him from Nasta and carrying him to the bedroom.

"You're a barbarian." Harry complained.

"Don't I know it." Max growled before biting at his neck hard enough to make him gasp and to leave a mark.

They didn't go up to the bed, where Farren and Calix were sleeping in their bassinets, instead Max fell to the clean patch of floor boxed in by the settee, catching himself on his one hand, the other holding Harry tightly to his body, before letting him fall the short distance to the floor and kissing him ferociously.

Nasta joined them, Harry was happy to note him place a baby monitor near them, before he warded the area they were in so that the two boys sleeping upstairs weren't disturbed.

Missing Scene

Max rolled sideways away from him so that he didn't collapse on top of him and they all calmed down together.

"Oh, I can't move." Harry whined.

"We don't have to." Max told him breathlessly.

Determined to prove him wrong, a cry from upstairs started slowly and sleepily before rapidly turning hysterical and being joined by a second cry.

"I think now we do." Nasta sighed.

"Those are both your kids up there, go and get them." Harry nudged Max insistently.

Max groaned, but he dutifully rolled to his knees and carefully stood up, he breathed and calmed himself as he took the stairs, the babies cries getting louder and louder the close he got to them.

"It's Calix. He's woken Farren up too." Max called down to the floor as he scooped the both of them up before carefully coming back down the stairs, holding onto one thrashing baby and one still baby, measuring every step until he finally reached the bottom.

Harry's afterglow had worn away quickly under the concern for his screaming child. He held his arms out for Calix and took the baby and hushed him, feeling his forehead, cheek and neck.

"He doesn't feel fevered." Harry murmured, turning him over onto his belly and lifting his nightdress, undoing his nappy and pulling it away. He hissed at the red, raw rash that had taken over Calix's bottom.

Nasta sighed. "I'll go and get the cream."

"Why does he suffer so badly with this?" Max asked furiously, using his free hand to tug at his own hair while he rocked Farren in his other arm to calm him down after his brother had rudely disturbed his nap.

"Some babies just do." Harry said sadly. "We're going to have to up the watch on him again, every half an hour without fail and let his skin breathe for at least three hours a day."

Max nodded as Nasta came back with the tub of Sudocrem, handing it to Harry.

"Braiden never suffered like this." Harry sniffed as he covered Calix's bum with the cream, leaving him on his belly to let the cream absorb into his skin.

"Braiden's a Dracken, Harry."

"He's a baby!" Harry hissed.

Nasta sighed. "Drackens are more resilient than humans, Harry, they won't catch as many infections or sicknesses."

"That doesn't mean that they can't!" Harry said stubbornly as he lay down to nuzzle Calix's face, wiping away the slowing tears. "I hate seeing him like this! Why won't it just go away?"

"He has very sensitive skin." Max sighed softly. "He must get it from you; Merlin knows my skin's like old, dried out leather."

That made Harry smile and he let out a soft chuckle that was part sob.

"He'll be fine, love. He won't be in nappies forever."

"Don't most babies start toilet training at around two years?" Harry said confused. "That's a long time, Max."

"It'll fly by as soon as we're away from the school and have a consistent daily routine. Very soon, we'll miss this place."

Harry snorted. "It's a school."

"You have also said it was like your second home." Nasta cut in softly.

"Oh don't turn this into a therapy session, Nasta!" Harry complained. "You know I don't feel like that now, Max's home is my home now. My only home. I have no need for a second home anymore."

Max grinned. "See, the boy lays claim to what is mine, we'll make a good submissive out of him yet."

Harry grinned and elbowed Max. "Go and make up some bottles, it's almost time for the evening feed and Draco and Blaise will be back soon."

"Yes dear." Max sighed sadly, as if put upon and moved into the living room with a muted grin.

Harry rolled his eyes and followed him. "Seriously, what did I do to get you as a mate?"

"Snogged me on a rock out by the lake when you were advertising for a mate." Max answered happily.

"I snogged you?" Harry demanded. "My memory happens to be a little different about that!"

"Do you regret it?" Max asked as evenly as he could, trying to hide his insecurity.

Harry looked at him stunned before narrowing his eyes. "Of course I don't. I love you and that isn't a word that I have ever used lightly. The fuck up that was my own bonding was the best thing that ever happened in those bloody meetings. I have no idea what I would have done if I had had to choose between you and Nasta." He shivered at the thought. "I'm so glad that I didn't have to choose between you both."

"So it was always between me and Nasta?" Max asked, visibly perkier than he had been before.

Harry snorted. "Of course it was between you and Nasta, he was the strong, silent dragon tamer, which just got my blood going, especially with all those fantasies I used to have of him taming me, seeing as I'm part dragon. Then there was you, the incredibly tall, very broad, absolutely handsome potion's master who promised to cook for me every single day of my life. I think my Dracken was too close to the surface during those meetings now that I think about it, I used to have fantasies about you too, you were just so tall and broad, I used to dream about you completely covering me and pinning me down, you had no need to tie me up, you could easily incapacitate me with your own body. I never had those fantasies about anyone else, so when I woke up off of that heat and found out that I had mated to you too, I just knew that it would be Nasta I would pick as a grounding mate. I always knew it, it just took me a while to realise it. Plus your biscuits were to die for."

Max just laughed as he boiled the kettle and set up six bottles and five mugs, making sure to keep Farren away from the boiling kettle, just in case.

Assured that Max felt better, Harry lay Calix on the carpet and checked on Tegan, Regan and Braiden. They were all asleep and showed no signs of stirring. He moved to check on Leolin, not really expecting him to be awake, Leolin still slept for at least eighteen hours a day, but Harry had a huge surprise when he found soft gold eyes open and peering up at him drowsily and slightly suspiciously. Harry smiled widely and picked him up, hoping that maybe this meant that Leolin was moving on from his eat, sleep, shit stage of life and was moving onto his eat, sleep, shit, awake for a little while at a time stage. Harry would just love that, he wanted to spend more time with Leolin, but he was always asleep. It was hard.

"Hello gorgeous baby boy!" Harry cooed happily.

"Is he awake?" Nasta asked surprised.

Harry turned him carefully and showed Nasta the blinking golden eyes. It was always a conscious act to remember to support Leolin's neck. Even at three months old, he could not take even a little bit of the weight of his own head and he flung his arms out in surprise if his head was dipped suddenly.

Nasta came over and kissed Leolin's puckered mouth and nuzzled his cheek.

"Be careful!" Harry snapped. "Your stubble is irritating on the skin and Leolin's skin is more delicate than anyone else's."

Nasta smiled and obediently moved his stubbled cheek away from Leolin's face, he instead went nose to nose with him, giving his youngest son all the eye contact he could possibly want.

He took the tiny hands in his own and bounced them lightly. "You need to start growing. You're worrying your Mother, Leolin and we all know that that isn't good for him."

"Oh ha ha." Harry pouted, but he couldn't help smiling at the scene Nasta made with Leolin, who was still so small, so tiny and had yet to gain another pound.

Nasta took Leolin from Harry, holding him up under his arms, keeping his head steady, before cuddling him into his shoulder.

"You want to come and sit with Daddy don't you?" He cooed as he moved to the settee and sat down, his eyes tracking every inch of Leolin's face, slipping back to those eyes often and just smiling and stroking Leolin's tiny arm.

Harry shook his head and he accepted the mug of honey tea that Max handed him and he sat on the floor by the coffee table and he stroked Calix's back.

"You don't think he's too cold do you?" Harry asked suddenly as he felt the heat leaving Calix's legs. "I know it's March, but it's still cold."

"His skin needs to air out, love or he could get an infection." Max told him, settling down on the settee behind him with a groan and rubbing Farren's back as the baby made a soft, startled noise at being moved suddenly downwards.

"We have a choice between him getting an infection or leaving him cold on the living room floor."

"He'll be fine, Caru." Nasta assured him. "Once the cream has absorbed enough we will wrap him in a blanket to help warm him back up."

"Okay. I hope he's alright though."

"Mama?" Braiden called out from his cot.

Max snorted. "He heard your voice."

Harry moved to get up, but Max pressed the top of his head. "Remember, one of us has to go and get him or he'll cry every single time you're out of the room and when you have lessons seven hours a day for five days a week, that's not convenient."

Harry sighed and slumped back down letting Max get up to go and get Braiden. Harry was distracted however by the portrait opening to the sounds of a hushed argument as Draco and Blaise came back.

"You're out of Dracken form, Prezioso." Blaise said happily, having seen him first and coming to kiss him, holding him tightly. "You smell of semen."

Harry's grin widened and he chuckled. "Yeah, it's Myron's fault."

"Why was Myron touching you in such a way?" Draco hissed possessively.

"Not in that way!" Harry defended, blushing. Myron would probably rip him apart at the seams, or probably accidentally crush him, if they tried, not that they ever would, but if they did…Harry shivered.

"Myron came over when we reached the end of our tether, he got Harry out of Dracken form, but certain comments were made and Max and I couldn't let them stand." Nasta explained as he brushed Leolin's hair gently.

Max chuckled darkly and Harry squirmed uncomfortably, busying himself with reattaching Calix's nappy, pulling down his night dress and wrapping him tightly in a thick blanket, cuddling him to his chest.

"They were flirting?" Blaise asked incredulously as he took Braiden from Max.

Max snorted. "Of course not. My Dad Richard was here too, of course with him everything spirals down to sex. Harry made certain comments about the four of us not being able to satisfy him, Nasta and I had to prove that we could in fact satisfy him and leave him a quivering mass on the floor."

"I was not a quivering mass on the floor." Harry refuted.

"You had sex while we were in lessons?" Blaise said softly.

"At least I'm not in Dracken form anymore. That's good right?" Harry grinned.

Draco shook his head. "I think we should get to have sex now."

Harry frowned. "I'm not a doll you can line up and use in turn."

Draco rolled his eyes. "I didn't mean it like that."

"Then go and have sex with Blaise if you both want sex so much. I'm so not in the mood." Harry huffed as he drained the rest of his tea and put the mug on the coffee table, before using both arms to snuggle Calix.

"He's moody because his heats approaching." Max said.

"You shut up!" Harry snapped.

"Yes dear." He replied subserviently.

That one comment took all the anger and frustration from him and quirked his lips up into a smile. He chuckled.

"Sweetheart, do me a favour and get me another cup of tea please."

"Whatever my darling wants." Max put on a fake, high voice and Harry laughed as Max flounced into the kitchenette to re-boil the kettle. Watching such a large, physical man flounce was so hilarious that none of them could help laughing at him, even Max was laughing at himself.

Max put the scoops of baby powder into the six bottles and poured in the boiling water, before making everyone a fresh cup of tea and serving them all.

"Thank you, love." Harry said, pulling him down for a kiss.

Max pulled back and winked at him before going to finish the bottles and bringing them over to cool naturally.

Harry snuggled Calix tighter as he was pulled up onto Max's lap, being manipulated into the arm and side of Max's body that wasn't cuddling Farren as Draco and Blaise slipped off their shoes, ties and settled down to relax with their teas, even if Blaise took one look into his mug and scowled at its contents.

"It's hardly poison." Nasta said.

"It might as well be." Blaise muttered.

Nasta sighed heavily. "Fine, go and have a coffee."

Blaise's head snapped up, his eyes slightly wide. "I've already had one mug today; you said I wasn't allowed more than one a day because of the health detriments."

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." Nasta answered. "And don't expect it every day either!" He added quickly as Blaise put Braiden onto the settee next to Draco and rushed to the kitchenette to tip away the hated tea to make himself a much loved coffee.

Harry stood up and sat next to Nasta and snuggled into him, leaning over to kiss his cheek before slipping under his arm and resting his head on the fleshy area of his chest, just before it met his shoulder, near his armpit, settling Calix on both of their laps, making sure not to disturb Leolin, who was fast asleep once again.

Blaise was grinning from ear to ear as he placed his coffee carefully on the table, watching it impatiently as it cooled to the temperature that he liked it at.

"Blaise, Blaise, the mug is not edible." Max reminded as he grinned. "The way you're looking at that coffee, it's like you want to swallow it whole."

"I'm torn." Blaise answered, not taking his eyes from it. "I want to just gulp it down in case Nas changes his mind, but I also want to sip it, savour it because it's such a rare treat."

"I'm not going to take it off you, feel free to sip away." Nasta said, wrapping his arm around Harry tighter.

"You should have sex during the day more often." Blaise insisted. "If it gets me a coffee I'll even gladly volunteer."

Harry giggled lightly as Nasta snorted, rolling his eyes before cuddling Harry, Leolin and Calix tighter in his arms.

"Mama?" Braiden called out.

"What, love?" Harry asked back.

"Gee ma."

"No, you stay over there by Daddy Draco and Daddy Blaise."

"Mama mama ma!"

"I can't ignore him." Harry said firmly as he wormed away from Nasta, put Calix in his arms and went to Braiden. "I don't care if he depends on me, or cries if I'm out of the room. I can't just sit there and ignore him as he calls out to me, I won't."

Harry left no room for argument as he cuddled Braiden, who clenched his hands tight into Harry's shirt. Harry sat back on the floor by his cup of tea and he sat Braiden in his lap, who was now quiet and content to bounce on Harry's lap, cooing and babbling. Harry held him more securely and let him carry on as he basked in his family, looking around at all of his children, all of his lovers and he felt happy, content and he reached over and handed Braiden the shape sorter. His son screeched in delight and started playing with his current favourite toy and Harry was very happy to play with him, the play increased when Draco slipped to the floor and joined in, helping to teach Braiden his shapes, even if he was far too young to actually grasp much, it never hurt to start early.

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Archivest: Chapter 26 of the Scaled Bits will help clear up more on Ashleigh, as for why submissives become infertile if taken by a human, it's the failsafe of the Dracken gene to make sure that no submissive Dracken is 'bred' by a non-Dracken to ensures the highest possible amount of Dracken children are born, if a submissive 'bred' with a human, the gene would be too dilute to ensure any Drackens that generation, or any of the subsequent generations, so it's a way for the genes to protect the Dracken species by permanently destroying the womb/sac of the submissive so they can't conceive a human's child. It's mainly a very strong deterrent to stop all female Drackens and submissive males from seeking out human lovers, even though some still do, but the genes can't differentiate between willing and not willing, so even if the female or male submissive in question is not willing, it will still destroy the womb/sac to prevent pregnancy by a non-Dracken.

Every Dracken except for male dominant's are affected by this failsafe of the gene, including dominant females like Marianna (Blaise's Mother) who is permanently infertile after willingly sleeping with humans after she killed her one and only mate, Maximiliano, Blaise's Father. She didn't want any more children after Blaise if the Father couldn't be Maximiliano.

chachamaru43: I'm not planning on it, I'm sorry your friend is put off by so many chapters, but I thought that most readers looked for long, well written stories, so I'm a bit confused as to what it is that is actually putting your friend off reading. I'm planning on doing this all in one go, not stopping half way through just to make a sequel and carry on, I don't see the point of it.

: The names for who? All of Max's family were taken from long, exhausting searches for the names of rulers, warriors, royalty and leaders, as their entire family follow's that one theme, even Farren and Calix. Nasta and Sanex were made up, Nasta from the Welsh Nestor, from which I took the name Nesta, which is Nasta's great-great grandfather's name and I just swapped the 'E' for an 'A'. The names all come from gruelling searches, mixing, matching, swapping letters and some are just purely made up, like Max's middle name Diadesen, I have no clue where it came from, but it is completely made up and not a real name. It just came to me and I used it.

Haven't Had Enough: No, the amount of mates Harry has does not impact how many Dracken children he has, with that being said though, it does help because it's not on how many mates he has, it's how powerful he is and how powerful his mates are, as Harry is very powerful and most of his mates are above average, it does increase his chances of the gene choosing one of his children. Harry already has above average amount of Dracken babies, to have two Drackens out of six babies, one of which doesn't really count seeing as Leolin took Faerie genes, that's pretty amazing, you only need to look at the other Dracken families, even Max's extended family to see how unusual that is and no, Harry being a male submissive has no bearing on if his children are dominant or submissive or if he will have any male submissive children himself, that's purely up to the Dracken gene that choses the child.

jewel131415: It is entirely possible for Harry to have a 'dry heat' where his body goes through his breeding cycle, he does go onto heat, but his body doesn't reach the needed temperature to conceive a clutch of children, which is one hundred and ten Celsius, thus putting him straight back into another two monthly cycle where he will try again on the next heat period for a baby. The number of dry heats is unlimited; he can have dry heats for the rest of his life, though it is entirely unlikely and is more common in older Dracken couples that have been through numerous heat cycles before, so it's unlikely that he will have more than three or four back to back dry heats.

KyuubiChild717: Yes Ginny was at Harry's birthday party, but she didn't find out that Harry was a Dracken, when Harry started acting strangely, Mrs Weasley sent her home, when Harry was on the roof with his mates, Mrs Weasley was forcing Ginny to floo home and when the mates finally came back down to tell them, she was already gone, she's too young to keep a secret like this. She'll be told when she graduates.

hetaliajapan01: Oh yes, unmated submissives fall for mated dominants all the time, you have to remember that mated dominants are the cream of the crop, they're the ones that all the submissives want, so naturally the unmated submissives will want the mated dominants. But that being said, not many dominants will stray from their current submissives or children and if they did, their current submissive would kill the 'encroaching' submissive or the new submissive would kill the previous one, but they would never get along, never. There can only ever be one submissive in each family unit, no exceptions, the Dracken gene would not take the humiliation or the presence of another submissive in their territory and if two submissives nested in the same territory, they would fight to the death for the right to nest in the territory they had deemed safe and secure enough to birth in.

fantasyexpert: It was a coincidence. Ron didn't know anything about what Nott was planning with Astoria. He just happened to grow up at that particular moment and it happened to be the day that Harry was alone. Harry has turned into something of a social recluse, he comes out of his rooms only for lessons, as soon as they are over, he runs back to be with his lovers and babies, very hard to get him for a heartfelt apology, especially when you know deep down that he isn't going to accept it and may punch you in the face. So it was a stroke of luck that Harry was dragged away to socialise when Ron had finally grown up enough to realise he was the one in the wrong and when Nott and Astoria had plans to hurt and defile him.

Marble: Sorry to have missed your question the first time around! Yes, they refer to themselves as old, because they like to whine. My Mam is 50 now and she complains she's getting old and falling apart and she's been doing that since she was in her late forties, it's just a thing that the people around me do, My Aunt has back pain or a migraine, my step-dad want's new legs and hips. It's just something that's rubbed off on me and I've unconsciously incorporated that into the fic. It's not meant to be taken seriously, just as people complaining.

Alexander is in his early nineties now, having been born in nineteen-o-five. He still has chestnut brown hair, the same hair he passed to Myron, but surrounded by obviously younger men, it's easy to tell he's older. He does not look like a ninety year old man by any means, but he also does not look like a middle aged man. He looks older and has the wisdom of an older man.

As for the genetics, Harry does not have eggs, so Harry is not classed as an X, but as an XY. The reason male harems have a higher amount of children in each pregnancy, especially if they have a large number of lovers, is because the amount of semen they release into Harry, which has to match up with Harry's own XY chromosomes, released into his sac, to create babies. The sheer amount of chances to make an XY pairing (A boy) severely outnumbers the amount of time an XX (A girl) can be made and yes a YY pairing can be made, but will result in immediate, natural termination as a baby cannot be made without at least one X chromosome.

Anon: I am seriously going to take that as a compliment! I'm by no means a professional writer, though I plan to be, ever since I first started reading Harry Potter when I was seven, I knew that all I ever wanted to be was an author. I owe a hell of a lot to J. K. Rowling.

Ravenmaster7: It is partly his level of core power and partly just the way he was born, the two together make a fertile mix that is driving Harry completely mental. His core power is the driving force as he has magic to spare after his everyday use to strengthen and heal his body quicker than a weaker Dracken, which shortens the recovery time between the after birth period and the next heat cycle and the length of his breeding cycle is determined by the genes he was born with. Harry has a quite short breeding cycle, but is by no means the shortest, but some Drackens only go onto a breeding cycle twice a year, which means they have a six month heat cycle. So compared to that he's practically a rampant rabbit.

xxRefuseToBreathexx: It was chapter 58 – School Time Blues.

uolexa: Oh no, hell no! Nothing that drastic. He won't physically look much different than a human of the same age, though some children are going to be bigger or smaller than average, he will only drastically change physically when he goes through his final inheritance at 16. The development will be all mental until that time. He is already exhibiting above average mental capabilities for his age and this will be more pronounced when he becomes a child, around six or seven, he will show advanced brain development and will be smarter than children the same age as him, but not overly noticeable, Harry was able to hide it from his teachers when he wanted to after all. So they are advanced for their age mentally, but it's not overly noticeable, they're not going to be baby geniuses or anything, but they will be more advanced than humans of the same age.

Okay, some people just aren't getting the whole Ashleigh thing, so those of you on my Facebook page will recognise this elaboration, though reading chapter 26 of the Scaled Bits will help immensely, but if you still need some help, this is a cut and paste right from Facebook.

'Okay, I'm going to have to explain because some readers are just not getting the whole Ashleigh thing or 'why Harry overreacted so much about it' Seriously? If you were as hideously as abused as Harry and you confided to people you loved and trusted with what happened, for the very first time I might add, and then they turned around and forgot what you had gone through even with daily reminders in the form of one of the people you live with actively working on the case, how the hell would you feel?
Also Harry's feelings on the matter, meaning him thinking she only sees him as way to get babies, apparently 'came out of the blue' well I'm sorry to the reader who said that but you obviously weren't reading closely enough because I have been building up to this plot line for a year! Not even weeks or months but a year! Dropping little hints throughout the story, just little odd comments or actions from her that didn't reveal too much, but hinted at what she actually thought.
I hate Ashleigh, I have always hated her and I did consider killing her off with Theodric so she would never have appeared in the fic, like Lowri, but because I added in Nasta, it was too convenient to have both of their Mothers dead, so I kept Ashleigh with the full idea that I would use her purely to show what happens to submissives who lose children and can't move on. It was subtle and well hidden, but if you have read closely enough you would have found that things don't add up, little actions and the things she says are odd and strange. There is a reason that Amelle does not want Ashleigh near her children, there is a reason other female submissives will not allow her near their children and it has everything to do with the instincts that Harry suppresses. She is not a danger to the children in any way, but that's not all the instincts are warning about.
I have been planning and hinting at this since Ashleigh was first introduced! I have been building this up from the beginning and I will see it through to the end I have planned regardless. That is all I will say on the matter.'

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