A/N: Just a litte theory on the monochrome sisters :)

When I got the call, time seemed to stand still, like a red light warning me not to cross. I ran for too long and entered too late.

"She's dead." The nurse told me when I asked for the room of my friend. Cruel and to the point. However she patted my head and told me to head to emergency. Her sister was there.

On my way, the monochrome stench of death dulled my senses and the rumours floated to my ears.

"I heard she broke all her limbs."

"She must have been in such pain."

"Couldn't tell her arm from her foot."




"Should have waited for the light."

I blocked out the thought. Thinking of the green go and how we would all cross together instead of the red stop and the smearing ocean behind a body.

The people faded from my view as I devoted myself to nothing. The white hospital walls were no longer blinding to look at with its speckles of black. I found her after circling and circling the white desert, having not come across her the first, second, or third time.

Her eyes were dull and she was hooked up to several machines all beeping at different rates. Her beautiful hair shimmered like the night sky, her skin the moon.

"She's dead." The voice was haunting and so unlike the love the usually poured from it when speaking of the other. Two hollow eyes turned to me wishing to be turned off. Wishing that red and green where white and black. Wishing there was no traffic. "He killed her." Rage would have painted her lips ugly if her own blood had not already done so. Hope had died in those eyes, being replaced with only vengeance. Something went off, a sign that something was not right. I walked to her bedside and she grasped my hand.

"I'm going to kill him." She hissed out, poisonous crimson coughing out with the words. "I will kill him who killed my sister." Yet I could feel her hand shaking. Not because of the hesitation for killing. Not because of grief towards her sister. But because of the thought of doing it alone. Forever the two twins had been together. As different as black and white yet just as similar as the shade. She would have to do it alone. Do all of it alone. She would be without her other half, her white, her black, forever.

"I'll do it." The words escaped my mouth before I could rationalize it. "You have something much more important to do." She looked in shock but then smiled. A smile so bright it brought tears to my eyes as the machines fell as silent as a cacti, the only cry coming from the lone vulture and sole girl.

They lived together, the twin. It was only fitting that they died together.