Wow my first fanfic huh? I find it weird my first finished fanfic is for The Lorax because really just look at the amount of time I've been in other fandoms

Axis Powers Hetalia: A year and a half

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Sherlock: seven months

The Lorax: eight days

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"No more pancakes Ma I'm full..." The Once-ler mumbled in his sleep, unaware of the orange guardian watching him.

"I'm not your Ma Beanpole! Now get up, I'm hungry!" The Once-ler woke up with a final snore from the rather unpleasant dream and looked around confused until his eyes landed on the Lorax.

"Huh? Ugh what do you want this time Lorax?" the tired man asked rubbing the sand out of his eyes.

"I want a hug." the speaker of the forest said rolling his eyes, "What do you think I want? Now come on, those fluffy discs aren't going to cook themselves!" The Once-ler scowled at the orange fluff ball from behind his covers before flopping back down into the bed.

"So, be it kid. I'll happily cook my own-" The dark haired man was quickly out of bed and grabbing the necessary ingredients to make the daily breakfast. Pancakes were expertly tossed through the air and onto a plate all while Oncie whistled a random tune. As he was cooking his last batch of pancakes he noticed that the Lorax hadn't said a single word the entire time.

"Hey Jelly Bean you better not be messing with my new Thneed, it's the new and improved model that people will be sure to love this time..." the dark haired mans rant died out as he saw the fluff ball examining the name engraved onto his guitar. On the face of the guitar in faded cursive was Once-ler but before that there were scratches obviously meaning that there was once a name written before it.

"Hey Kid-"


"Aww come on Beanpole, I always thought Once-ler was a weird name." the lanky man set the plate of pancakes down harshly and gave the Lorax an offended look.

"Your name isn't exactly something normal either you know! I mean what kind of name is Lorax anyway!" he remarked pointing a fork at the being across the table.

"Woah there now kid no need to get all defensive I was wondering is all. Once-ler is a perfectly fine name just a bit different for a first name." he argued back grabbing a flapjack with his hands

"So, come on spill the beans what's your real name?" The Once-ler chewed his food slowly thinking of what he should do. The memories behind his first name wasn't something he particularly wanted to remember but, if he wanted the pesky guardian off his back he would just have to fess up.

"Okay fine but you have to promise to tell no one all right? And I do mean NO ONE." the mustached guardian dawned a triumphant smile and raised a fluffy eyebrow.

"I speak for the trees, live in a forest full of animals, and I don't think you humans take to kindly to me and I certainly don't take to kindly to your kind. Who am I possibly going to tell?" The Once-ler pushed away his half eaten breakfast and scratched the back of his head.

"You have a good point. Well then it all started long ago-"


"What is it? I just started the darned thing!"

"It couldn't have been that long ago you're like what sixteen, seventeen?" The Once-ler stared at the Lorax exasperated with him already and rubbed his eyes.

"It was a long time for me ok? Seriously sixteen? I have you know I am a legal adult!" The Lorax stared at him blankly obviously not knowing what that was.

"I'm eighteen ok! Now do you want to know my name or not?" The Lorax was about to make another comment until he noticed The Once-ler's I'm really not joking around face. He shut his mouth and settled back into the chair.

"Ok, ok go on if you please."

"Thank you. Now it all started a long time ago..."

There was one final yelp then the cry of a newborn child.

"It's a healthy baby boy Mrs. Once-ler!" The mother of her third child groaned in response and dropped her head heavily onto the pillow under her. The doctors gave each other a sideways glance but shrugged it off continuing to care for the baby boy.

"Nurse please go tell Mr. Once-ler the news and that he can come in now." The nurse scurried out of the delivery room a cheery smile plastered on her face. She approached a rather a handsome man in his early 30s a far off look in his eyes

"Mr. Once-ler." She piped trying to get the dazed mans attention rather unsuccessfully, she huffed not used to being ignored and tried again a bit more loudly, "Oh Mr. Once-ler!" The man stood up startled out of his reverie and looked to the source of the voice.

"Oh hello there nurse! So, uh how did things go?" he wrung his hands together nervously and the nurse gave a small giggle, the classic nervous new father.

"Congratulations, your wife has given birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy!" The man pumped his fist in the air with a childish whoop and began dancing around humming a random tune

"Na na nanana na~" The nurse was slightly taken aback by the sudden outburst and continued watching the man with a bemused smile.

"So, can I see him nurse? Can I?" He stared at her with the biggest blue eyes she had ever seen, feeling a blush rise up on her cheeks she nodded her head before turning on her heal back towards the delivery room.

"Just follow me sir." She led Mr. Once-ler through the delivery room doors and introduced him to the Doctor who had delivered the child. The doctor handed the new father a small child bundled up in a sea of light blue fabric. He stared in awe and pure bliss at the child, his child.

"Hey there little Once-ler." he cooed, "You know you look a lot like me, which is good because your father is one good looking guy. Maybe you got some of my natural talent too." Mr. Once-ler laughed quietly to himself "Of course you do." The new father took a deep breath and began singing, the lyrics seeming to fall easily from his mouth.

"Cause you're a natural born Once-ler oh that's what you are. You'll shine brighter than those stars up in the sky." the nurses looked happily at the father and son not wanting to disturb them but, there was one more thing they had to take care of, the name. The same nurse that gave the father the news stepped forward with a birth certificate in her hand.

"E-excuse me Mr. Once-ler I hate to interrupt but have you and your wife decided on a name yet?" He looked up surprised that there were other people in the room besides him and baby Once-ler.

"Oh right a name well you see, May and I thought we were having a girl so..." the nurse nodded getting the picture.

"Well you could always wait until she wakes up so you two can discuss things." Mr. Once-ler shook his head a mischievous grin on his face.

"Why wait that long? I have the perfect name." his smile grew wider as he turned his attention back to the soon to be named child.

"Stirling Once-ler." He thought for a second mulling the name over in his mind before cracking his most dazzling smile yet.

"Yes! That's it! Stirling Once-ler a name that everyone will remember, a name people will know for years to come." Stirling yawned and opened his eyes to reveal eyes bluer than the sky outside.

"Yep, definitely a Once-ler."

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