Alex was walking home; home being a hotel, and walking being a quick stroll. The hotel was merely a block away from the dairy and her mind felt like the stretch of wide space. She looked at the stores that passed in the wave, showing her she wasn't walking slow, but at a medium to fast pace. She slowed down, taking in the bright colors of the showering lights.

"Kingston!" Called a voice; a male, English voice.

She turned around to see Matt, running to catch up to her. He fell into her step and they walked side by side in the chilliness of London at night.

"Where are you off to then?" He asked, smiling brightly with his baby face.

He wore black skinny jeans, a blue T-shirt and a black hat that pushed his ears down. She chuckled at the sight, pulling it off to place it on her head. Now his hair flopped into his face adorably, and he frowned at her like a child who had just lost his sweets.

"I'm going home, or to a temporary home for foreseeable future anyway" She replied, ducking his hands when he tried to tear the hat from her head sneakily. She smirked, and continued to walk, watching as his long legs passed her short ones. Her clothes were far from glamorous, so far she felt a little awkward in her trousers and baggy singlet. She had snatched his hat, so he snatched her shopping. He only found her bottle of milk, the bar of galaxy chocolate and her most treasured possession at the moment, a bottle of red wine.

"Spoiling yourself are we, Kingston?" He arched an eyebrow, teasing her with his eyes. "And I thought I was going to be bored tonight"

"I don't recall inviting you, but yes, I feel the need to sit at home and wallow in my singleness. Salome is off with Florian, staying at school in LA, and we're divorced so… What the hell, but you need to go home to that girlfriend of yours" She gave in, his pleading face being too much for her to resist. She was exceptionally lonely these days, and Matt made her smile. Alex Kingston, 49 years of age, flirting with a man half her age. Blimey.

They arrived at the room, and laughed as they walked through the frame, dropping the shopping on the bench-top, taking out only the wine. He popped it open, poured them both a glass, and joined her on the sofa, still laughing at his own joke. Alex had so much fun, gulped her drink down and felt the loneliness ease with each teasing look Matt slipped to her cleavage. She cocked an eyebrow, giving him a threatening glare.

"Alex, what do you believe will happen with River?" He used her first name, rather than her last name, meaning he was expecting an answer that wasn't sarcastic.

"Spoilers, love" She might be slightly tipsy, but she wasn't about to spoil the unveiling surprise of the next week.

"Are you my wife, Professor Song?" He asked, taking on the tone of The Doctor, acting all mature and great in his power. She laughed, took a sip, and bit her lower lip. She wasn't telling, and he frowned.

"Anyway I could make you tell me?" Matt's eyes glinted with a provocative ideal, a desire that looked all too familiar.

"No," She replied rather seriously, not wanting to lead the poor boy on.

Was she leading him on if she said yes, and returned the glint? Was it leading him on, or was it admitting truth? No, it was leading him on. He was twenty years too young for her, and she was an old woman now. All wrinkled and sagged in her glory.

He downed his drink, moving to the table by the sofa, pouring another glass. He refilled hers, but she drank no more. She watched him, and decided to test the waters a little. Sliding her feet from the trainers she wore, she kicked her socks off under the table, and under his jeans, she slid her toes up his leg slightly. He jumped, startled, and then there was a mist that formed in his eyes, as he continued with his questions, not stopping her from her footsie play.

"When will I find out?" He asked. "About River, I mean"

"One day, sweetie. One day soon, maybe" Her use of the word 'Sweetie' got to him, and a growl escaped the back of his throat. He was getting hot and heavy now, breathing deeply; it looked like he was trying to face something else, avoiding eye contact with anything of her person. It was then she she scooted towards the wine bottle, sliding a finger up his leg as she did, not going further than the beginnings of his thigh.

She could see he wanted more, those eyes reflecting the lust of a man older than him, showing his extensive maturity. He was not a little boy right now, and when he smiled, there was nothing childish about it. It was a hungry smile that could swallow her up in a minute, engulf her until there was nothing left but a puddle of lust.

A burning in her lower stomach bubbled, forming an ache that would not be satisfied if she could help it. She couldn't do this, it was wrong. She got up in a hurry, just as he was about to place his hand on her thigh, and brushed her hair from her eyes.

"I've got to, er, pee" She stuttered, rustling off to lock herself in the bathroom.

She stared at herself, all flustered and rugged with sexual tension. That was all it was, sexual tension. She had not been with a man for what felt like forever, and she was only reacting because mother nature had made her do so. With a nod, and a wash of her hands, she returned to see Matt.


Matt breathed a sigh of relief when she left, looking down at his nether regions with a furrowed frown. That was something he was supposed to imagine at home; having Alex Kingston straddling him in her drunkenness. That was imaginary, and not supposed to enter his head at her hotel room!

He walked over to the toilet, waiting to her the flush of the loo… It never came, but she washed her hands and breathed heavily. He had affected her! Quickly, he did a little dance of happiness, but then realized he had made her feel uncomfortable, and stopped.

She walked out, and he smiled at her, noticing her look of confusion. She didn't know why he was standing outside her bathroom. His eyes scanned downwards, looking at her breasts; they were full and lovely, without a sag to be shown. Lively breasts that bounced with her short, snippy breaths. She was beautiful, her bum wonderfully described in the trousers that hugged her thick thighs. She would have been gorgeous naked, or so he imagined she was like a goddess. His thoughts had trailed so far she had to clear her throat to get his attention. Unfortunately, he had to hide his growing erection under the palms of his hands.

"Right, um" He scratched his cheek. "This looks weird. I was wondering if I could borrow your sofa tonight? Daisy is having a girls night and refused me entrance to our flat."

Good one Matty ol' boy!

Her eyes went wide, a look of nervousness perturbing him greatly. Then she nodded, taking on a motherly smile. "Of course, you can stay in the bed I had asked for Salome to sleep in. She won't be needing it, so you can use it"

"Thanks Kingston" He said. There was an awkward pause, and then she rubbed her hands together.

"I think I'll knock off about now. I'm a bit tired after that walk" She said quickly, acting out a fake yawn. He could tell it was fake, her breathing was rushed.

"Yeah, me too" He agreed, not wanting to make her feel worse.

"I'll get you a few blankets"


He was outside her door! Watching her!

She started to hyperventilate, but when he asked, she nodded her consent for him to stay. As hard as it was to pretend that she wasn't incredibly aroused now, she managed.

"I'll get you a few blankets" She said, walking off to get them from her suitcase. She made the bed in the room opposite hers, and let him hop into his bed. She walked off quickly, undressing to get into her own bed. She got in naked, grabbed her rabbit, and hid under the covers, getting to work on the impenetrable ache she felt for him.

"God, Matt"

She ran her hands down her breasts, cupping them, then squeezing each hardened nipple, hissing at the pleasure. She imagined Matt doing this to her, running his hands down each curve of her body, licking and lapping at her skin. She massaged her neglected clit and mashed her fingers into her sex, grunting while thrusting her pelvis upwards.

When it got too much, she held her rabbit to her sex and dipped it inside herself, moaning at the pressure and thickness inside her. It wasn't him. It wasn't enough. She wanted him to dip his hands into her, dip his cock into her and let her wrap around him and tae control of him. She wanted him to hurt her deliciously, fill her to the hilt and ram and shove into her, letting her cry out loudly and feel his sting, marked by him. He would touch her, move her, kiss her and bite her. There wouldn't be an inch of his skin she wouldn't taste, and she doubted he would miss a spot on her either.

"Matt, oh, oh, Matt!" She didn't mean to be loud, but hoped to god that the walls were quite soundproof. She continued masturbating, imagining the man who slept in the room next to her.



He had distantly heard him call her name, in a pleading voice. Was she hurt?

Matt went to check, popping his head through the slight opening of the door, only to see her gyrating up and down on her finger, thrashing from side to side while moaning out his name in soft whispers.

In only his boxers, he just about came then and there, feeling his erection get bigger and harder to an unbearable pain. Christ, he wanted her bad. She looked so beautifully erotic, moving to a rhythm that only existed in her mind, filling herself with pleasure, imagining him.

"I'm here" He whispered, but she didn't hear him, didn't see him; she was enjoying herself too much. He went to the end of her bed, lifted the cover up and slid his head under.


Suddenly, after thrusting her rabbit in and out for a while, Alex felt hands pin her thighs down; she yanked her rabbit out and tried to look under the covers while yelping lightly. A tongue thrust into her heat, licking and eating her out while rubbing a nose on her clit. She screamed in fear, tossed the covers off and saw Matt, eating her out deliciously.

"Ugn, Matt... Stop…" While trying to tell him to get off her, she had tangled her hands in his hair and forced his face in her crotch, not letting him stop until she came. It started to build up, her pinnacle coming closer and closer with each lick and nibble at her heat. He pulled back, stopping. She let out a moan, and felt her world come crashing down, and not in the good way either.

"No, please…" She begged, thrusting upwards to make him come in contact with her ache. It was getting worse, taking her over with the painful throbs of heat; she needed him inside her, wanted him so deep she screamed.

With the moments that passed, she suddenly came back to earth and realized that she had just acted out oral sex with a man who was too young for her. He was looking at her body, licking his lips.

Before she could say anything, or protest, his lips were crushing hers sweetly, hungrily nibbling on her lower lip. He sucked it into his mouth and licking the roof of her mouth. She moaned, but managed to push him away to break the kiss. Breathing heavily, her exposed breasts heaved upwards with each puff. She sat up and he pushed her back down. His chest brushed her, and again she pushed him away. "Matt––" Kiss. "Hm?" Kiss. "I'm too old for you" Kiss. "No, you're not"

She pulled back to look at his crazed expression, wanting to be able to resist the loveliness of him.

"Tell me you don't want me, Alex, tell me and I'll go." He offered, and then he went to her neck, planting little kisses that dug into her pleasure spots. She was beginning to say it, and his hips moved against hers, rubbing his hardness against her crotch, soaking his boxers with her wet arousal.

"I––I don–– Oh god, Matt… Please!"

He smirked at her, refusing her now. She reached down between then, slid her hands under the band of his boxers and pulled his thick, long cock out into view, stroking the velvety head softly. His eyes went wide with surprise, then half lidded as she pumped at his length, knowing how to draw a man to a quick orgasm with her experienced hands. He was so big and long, so hot and hard and all she wanted was for him to stuff it inside her and never let it come out until she begged for rest. It jumped in her hand, bouncing in her direction.

"Do you want me to suck you off?" She asked, knowing some men preferred it before engaging in sex. She sounded a little raspy, and she could see he took it as if she didn't want to.

"It's okay, Daisy doesn't like doing that kind of thing. I didn't think you would either" His face dropped slightly, reminded that Daisy wouldn't let him indulge. Alex doubted Daisy let him say no to pleasuring her in oral sex, but she was a little bitch that one, anyway. Oh, how he needed to learn. Daisy was a little girl, not a woman who had experience and a taste for sex. Women developed the sexual fantasies and abilities to explore and love all areas. She wanted to suck him off to prove it, but instead she ran her nails gently up his length, causing him to hiss and buck into her hand. She could suck him later, right now she wanted him in her. She ached for him.

"I want––" She moaned when he leant down and sucked her nipple, nipping it lightly.

"What do you want, baby?" He cooed. "Tell me what you want"

"I want you inside me, I ache, Matt" She moaned, arching into his traveling mouth. He dipped his tongue into her belly button, only once before moving down. She spread her thighs to look at her core, licking his lips lasciviously. "Matt, we don't have–– Ohhh!" She couldn't protest, he was eating hungrily at her wetness, tasting her musky flavor while making noisy sounds. She giggled, and felt the heap creep up her neck, spread over her body. She was about to orgasm, and again he pulled away. Only seconds away from orgasm, she was about to rub herself to jump over her pinnacle, but then he slammed into her and dear god!

His entire length penetrated her, deep to his balls. It was too much after almost coming, and she burst with a shriek. He had planned this, she knew it. He wanted to make her orgasm on the first thrust. While the white light blinded her beautifully, she felt him caress her with his length, pulling out to slam right back in, leaving her with a sweet ache each time. A wondrous pain, a fantastic strong pain mixed with pleasure. He drove into her without abandon, balls deep with grunts bursting from his gaping wide mouth. She closed her eyes and thrashed her head from side to side.

He thrust and thrust until they were both getting close; she was bound to get a second orgasm from this magnificent man. He increased speed, driving forward so hard they both slid back on the bed, her head coming to rest on the pillows. Still, he rammed more and more until they both came, shouting each others' names loudly in their joined climax.

Collapsing on top of her, he chuckled.

"What so funny?"

"I'm never going to hear you say my name the same again" He replied, cheekily rolling off of her, pulling her against his body.

"Shouldn't you go to your bed?"

"I thought I was in my bed?" He replied, confused.

"Matt," She sighed, not so sure how to approach him. "This was probably a mistake, we can't do this again"

He kissed her neck, then her back. "You're lying, I tell you" He licked her earlobe, taking it into his mouth to bite softly.

"Oh, god, I so bloody lie"