CHAPTER NINE: A date, Miss Kingston?

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The date was set, Karen was looking after Salome, and Alex had no choice but to go to this bloody date, or he'd come for her, and would use her need for him against her. Pushing herself to wear something a little daring, she stared at her body in the mirror. Sure, her bottom sagged a little more than it had ten years before, and her breasts weren't as perky, but she could pull off a tight dress like any other woman.

"You're mad," She told herself, but she still placed the earrings in her ears, and applied the thin line of lipstick to her lips. The dress was black, and it wasn't completely slutty. It covered most of her cleavage, and showed enough to drive him wild. He needn't use his imagination to see what lay beneath the thin fabric, because he knew. The thought of him knowing exactly what she looked like naked could work as a disadvantage, or an advantage… She just didn't know which yet. Most likely a disadvantage, because she was definitely one to fall for a guy that could describe what he would do to every curve.

Doing another quick take on her outfit, she was ready to go. Pushing up her breasts for luck, she grabbed her purse and went off in her car, driving to the restaurant with white knuckles; white because of how nervous she was. She was like some petty adolescent, surprised that anyone would want to date her and even more surprised that she had accepted.

"Come on, Alex, pull yourself together. It's just Matt."

It wasn't just Matt, it was a date with Matt, and a date with Matt could lead to more with Matt, and a heartbreak that she wouldn't be able to crawl out of. Worst of all, if they did start dating… She would have to tell Florian. Alex did not look forward to that moment, or to any moment with him.

She arrived, and already her breathing was accelerated. Hopping out of the car, she locked it and stood in the cold of the night for a little longer, afraid if she moved, it would be into her car and away forever. With her keys in hand, she unlocked the car and opened the door, about to jump right back in. A strong arm caught her and pulled her from the door; the keys were taken from her hand and the car was locked, and then she was lead into the restaurant.

"Didn't picture you to be one to run, Kingston." Matt said with a smirk.

"Wasn't running, I was just––"

"About to drive away from me, I know." Matt cut in, knowing her perfectly to guess she was about to come up with some excuse as to why she was jumping into her car.

"I wasn't," Alex defended herself, and it didn't work a bit. He pulled her waist to his and whispered in her ear.

"You were, Alex,"

Catching her breath before she made a fool of herself by gasping, she pulled away from him, and he pulled her back, resting the palm of his hand on the curve of her bum.

Again he began whispering to her.

"Don't worry, I don't bite."

"What if I like biting?" Alex teased, and smiled at the man at the counter. He took them to a private booth and Matt pulled out her chair for her. His outfit was hardly over-the-top. He was wearing trousers, shoes and a shirt with the top button undone. Messy and adorable, just as she liked it.

After a while of awkwardness, Matt had made Alex laugh and talked about silly things that he was doing. It made her feel much better in the situation, and more calm to allow the night to progress. Alex ordered a steak after Matt said she couldn't get the salad. He ordered the same, and asked for a bottle of wine.

"Isn't this what started it all?" He asked thoughtfully, dipping the neck of the bottle at the rim of her glass.

"I suppose it did," Alex agreed, pulling the glass to her lips to guzzle it down like a gannet. She was still nervous, and the wine was used as a relaxant.

"So, I propose a questionnaire." Matt suddenly said. Alex swallowed and frowned.

"A questionnaire?"

"Well, I ask you a question, and we both answer it, and then you ask me one, and so on."

"That seems fair." She lied, drinking more wine hurriedly. He was noticing her drinking, and arched an eyebrow knowingly. Was he trying to get her drunk by making her nervous? It was working, because as he poured her more wine, she sipped at it like it was water.

"Good… Favorite movie?" The questionnaire had begun and Alex had to think of her answer.

"The Winter Guest, you?"

"The Song Of Lunch,"

"Oh, I love that film!" Alex reached for his hands, and he looked down at her thumb running along his palm. She pulled away and fiddled with the tablecloth. "Okay, what do you like to do in your spare time?"

"You," He joked, and she threw her napkin at him, blushing.

"Other than that, you dipstick!"

"Okay, well, I like to watch movies with you, naked on a sofa. I like bubble baths, and football, and I like reading books in my spare time. You?"

Again, she blushed through half of his answer, and cleared her throat to give her own answer.

"I like writing, reading, cleaning and gardening in my spare time."

"Do you like dancing?" He asked.

"Yes, do you?"

He didn't answer, and stood up, wiping his trousers down.

"What are you doing?"

He pulled her up and swirled her about, moving his hips to hers to take control of her body and rock her to music she hadn't paid enough attention to hear before. It was a slow tango, and he moved her around even though she could barely do it right. His gangly legs got in the way of hers, and they both ended up tripping on feet through it, almost falling in the laughter they shared.

"You're rubbish at this!" Alex giggled. Matt frowned, and wrapped his arms around her bum, pulling her pelvis to his own. Heat crawled up her neck when she felt a hardness against her body, and she welcomed the soft kiss her planted on her lips. He pulled away too soon, but really, it was good he did. He might have had an Alex Kingston straddling his lap in a restaurant if he didn't. She pulled away and ducked from his grabs. Sitting down in the seat again, she continued eating her medium rare steak, chewing softly.

"Penny for them?"

"I charge pounds."

He smiled, "Help a poor beggar?"

She gave him a considering glance, "Alright, I was thinking about what your intentions are tonight."


"You know what I mean." She growled softly.

"I intend on feeding you, dining with you, talking with you and making sure you get home safe." He replied innocently. Almost… Too innocently.

"isn't that what you did at the beginning?"

"I didn't feed you, nor did I dine with you. I did talk with you and––Oh, right." He smirked. The first night they had slept together he was walking her home, making sure she got there safe, and they got tipsy.

"My point," Alex began, "Do you think you're going to return home with me?"

"Not exactly."


He cleared his throat, "I'm responsible, and I wouldn't take advantage of you."

She laughed at how he kept throwing the word responsible around as if saying it more and more would suddenly make it true, "Right then." She took another bite of her chopped up steak and pushed her plate forward. Dabbing at her mouth, she watched as he pushed his forward also, and looked at her as if wondering what happened next.

"Mind if we share a cab, Kingston? So I can make sure you get home safe and sound?"

Alex looked thoughtful. They were both too tipsy to get into a car and drive home, meaning she would have to get her car with Karen tomorrow.

"Alright, but you're not coming into my room."

And with that, they got up, and Matt paid. Alex had tried to say that she could pay for it, and the argued she should pay at least half of it, since she ate most of the food, and he rejected her strongly. She admired that he knew how to say no to her nicely, unlike Florian who used to hit her.

Sitting in the cab, Alex sat on the window seat and insisted Matt do the same. He did so like a gentleman, even with a smirk that said he knew exactly why she didn't want to be incredibly close to him and his body. He was still smug enough to grin at her whenever she tried not to look at him and failed.

When they arrived he helped her out, and she was forced to hold his hand, which he did not release until they reached her door.

"Well, goodnight." She tried, but he stopped her from shutting the door with his hand. She could have slammed the door on his hand, but she wasn't cruel.

"Alex… I had a great time."

She smiled, "Me too, Matt."

"Maybe we should do it another time?"

Alex thought they might, and her heart went soft with the baby face he gave her, looking like he wasn't trying to pressure her but wanted nothing but for her to accept him again.

"Surprise me, darling."

"Goodnight, Alex."

He bestowed a kiss on her cheek, gave her a hug, and left.

Alex threw her purse on the sofa and started to take her dress off. With one strap off, she heard a knock on the door. She opened it and smirked at Matt.


"Get in here."

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