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A/N: Written for THE 7-DAY CHALLENGE #1 on livejournal, the prompt was 'rain'. Pre-slash, first kiss

The rain was coming down in torrents as Morgan stepped off the plane in D.C. He hefted his carryon over his shoulder and ducked his head, knowing that, even before he started the run toward the awaiting vehicle, he wouldn't be able to avoid getting drenched.

It was cold, the sky a slate gray and cloudless. Thunder rumbled overhead and Morgan shivered. He attempted to shrug off the ominous feeling that the foul weather inspired and concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other.

Reid was somewhere behind him, the sound of his footsteps drowned out by the overpowering pounding of the rain against the asphalt. Morgan chanced a backward glance, but the wall of rain made it impossible for him to see the younger profiler.

He was soaked by the time he reached the black SUV, its color and size the only reason he'd been able to see it through the thick curtain of rain. His fingers, numb with cold, fumbled with the handle and he cursed as they slipped off the rain-slicked metal.

"Here, I got it," Reid shouted to be heard over the rain.

His mouth was so close to Morgan's ear that the younger agent's breath tickled the hair at the back of his neck, and Morgan swallowed, hard, at the unexpected sensation that the feeling of Reid's breath, hot and moist, brought with it. Morgan closed his eyes, and tried not to think as Reid reached around him to open the door.

Morgan tensed as Reid's arm brushed against his shoulder. Heat radiated from the slender man, and Morgan could feel the doctor's compact muscles contract as Reid pulled the door open. Morgan tried to breathe through the moment, tried not to let his imagination get the better of him, but when he turned to thank his teammate, Reid's crooked smile was his undoing.

Throwing all caution to the wind, Morgan drew the younger agent's face down to his, and, in spite of Reid's startled, "Ah," he kissed the man, relishing the awkwardness of the moment and the doctor's taste – an amalgamation of sweet and salty that merged with the copper of the rain.

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