Fandom: Starry Sky (Dark Matters AU?)
Genre: General, hurt/comfort
Rating: T
Characters: Izumi Takatsugu, Izumi Kanetsugu (OC), Oshinari Haru
Summary: Izumi Takatsugu, son of Izumi Kanetsugu and future heir to the mighty Sakashima-kai, has just made his first kill at the age of eighteen.
Warnings: Backstory, semi-AU, bromance, violence, death, mature themes

A gunshot sounds through the space of the small warehouse back room, followed by the clatter of metal dropping to the ground. The body tied to the crate slumps to the floor, as crimson steadily begins pool around it. Even after the deed's been done and the weapon's dropped from his trembling hands, the boy still stands there, frozen in the spot, trembling from the weight of his actions. His blue eyes are wide in horror and shock as he watches life leave the man before him, lips pale with nausea and disgust at the sight.

Izumi Takatsugu, son of Izumi Kanetsugu and future heir to the mighty Sakashima-kai, has just made his first kill at the age of eighteen.

The victim was a traitor, a mole who had passed inside information to rival families, and he had been punished accordingly. As the few witnesses to this event, mainly the oyabun himself and several trusted subordinates, begin to file out of the room, a brief display of emotion flashes over Izumi Kanetsugu's otherwise stony features. The Sakashima boss casts a glance at the blonde man standing in the corner of the room, giving a short stare of concern and commission, followed by a brisk nod and prompt exit.

It isn't until the entire room is empty save for the boy and the blonde, that Takatsugu allows himself to break down, dropping to his knees with choked, horrified sobs, wringing his hands over and over again as if to wash the figurative blood off of them. He doesn't dare look up, lest he accidentally catch sight of the man- no, he can't think of it as a person, or else that just makes it worse. It's a corpse, a traitor, nothing more- that he's just killed. The boy bites his lip almost hard enough to draw blood, and just kneels there on the floor of the warehouse, tears running down his face.

Oshinari Haru looks at this child that he's watched over ever since he was barely more than a child himself. He looks at the boy who's never wanted anything but to become as strong as his father, to make his father proud, to become a worthy heir, not knowing the cost that it would take. He looks at this young man with far too much empathy and brightness within him to belong to this underworld, and Haru doesn't know what to do or say. He doesn't want to tell Takatsugu that there will be many more killings to come on this bloody path that he's chosen, or that as the bodies pile up, the faces will begin to fade until he doesn't feel anything anymore.

Oshinaru Haru doesn't know what to do or say, but he's been assigned the mission of taking care of this boy, for as long as either of them takes breath. So ignoring the stabbing pain in his chest, he crouches down next to Takatsugu and places a hand on the boy's shoulder.

It's the least he could do.