Cammy sighed. She was on another mission from Delta Red. It was the same mission that had been repeated almost weekly for the last three months. There was news on a possibility of someone with knowledge of Shadaloo, but every time, it was just some fake report. While in the helicopter, she tried to shout over the noise of the blades to her commander.

"Sir! Why do we bother with all these reports of Shadaloo? We are wasting resources, and would gain more benefits if we actively searched ourselves!" The British female was annoyed at the waste of time, when she could be researching on Shadaloo herself. The other troopers were familiar with these outbursts.

Her commander, Sergeant Donald replied calmly,

"We have other duties, not just our concern with Shadaloo. We can't afford to neglect everything else for one crime syndicate!"

"I know sir, but Shadaloo is dangerous! And-"

"No." Sergeant Donald cut her off. "You may have a personal grudge against Bison, but while under my command, you will obey me. Now, let's get this mission done!"

Cammy simply replied in a breathy sigh,

"Yes sir." The 'mission' was to find a supposed Shadaloo operative, who was going under the codename name of 'Cheetah', in the Chinese capital, Beijing. He was apparently meeting another Shadaloo operative at the famous restaurant, 'Wu Ming Can Ting', or No Name Restaurant.

Grunting when she hit the floor, two miles away from Beijing, she looked around. It was countryside, with trees, bushes, and many colours of flower. As she breathed deeply, she realised that the air was fresh, unlike near towns.

"Okay crew!" Sergeant Donald asserted. "We are going to walk to the inner part of Beijing. We will halt half a mile out to change into 'local' clothes, in order to hide ourselves from the targets. Any questions?" Silence. "Good. Move out!"

Cammy was sat down, looking around, trying to be inconspicuous, while eating her vegetable soup. She was hoping that Delta Red's operation would yield results this time. Suddenly, a man bumped her, dropping his suitcase in the process. Cammy, ready to scream at him, froze, and stared at him. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and was clearly not Chinese.

"My sincerest apologies madam." He had a melodic voice, calm and deep.

"That's okay," Cammy said. "I should have had tucked my chair in more."

"Perhaps." The man said ominously. "But it is fine. I'll be on my way. Good day madam." He walked on, hands clasped behind his back. Cammy realised something.

"Wait! Sir, you dropped your suitcase!" She frowned, confused, when he began to run. She looked back at the suitcase, and heard a faint ticking. 'Maybe he has a phone number, or address inside.' Pulling the clasps, she found it was unlocked.

She heard a repeated tick, tick, tick, tick. She looked at what was inside. A bomb!

"Everyone, get out!" She screamed, already running. There was mass confusion, but Cammy didn't realise this, as she was already outside. Wham! She was met with a fist, and, acting on instinct, she kicked the gun she had noticed out of her attackers hands, and kicked him with her other foot in his stomach.


An explosion rocked the restaurant, sending both Cammy and her attacker flying on to hard gravel. Groaning, she stood up, and looked at the tattered remains of the restaurant, her comrades. Overcome with anger, she ran at the man, screaming, and drawing a knife as she did so. Holding it to her assailant's throat, she shouted.

"Talk! Uh…" She gasped in surprise. It was the same man from earlier, and he was laughing!

"Gladly, this was a trap to kill you!"

"They were my FRIENDS!" Then, a coy grin came over her face. "You need to suffer, as they did." She punched the man, crushing his skull, not seeing the glowing purple that accompanied Bison's 'Psycho Power' attacks, until the third punch…