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This chapter might be a little interesting because I've noticed that its always been Tsukune and his gang have taken a back seat to everything.

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As to what will happen when this charade is over, I might decide to give the crew a little R&R after wards, they pretty much deserve it after this.

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Jason was now raging through the mob of monsters as bodies, blood and spittle were just flying everywhere. Jason in his rage had become nothing but a blur to the monsters, sidestepping and batting aside weak opponents and tearing through strong monsters with frightening ease.

A few monsters with long ranged abilities were no firing nonstop at the Godzillian, but with no such success.

A few spider like monsters had tried to entangle Jason with webbing traps and snares, but this seemed to have no effect on the raging Saurian as he teared through webbing strong enough to put steel to shame with ease.

A few opponents had been able to temporarily stall him, but they were only delaying the inevitable.

Yukari simply looked on as more monsters poured in to fight Jason, seemingly coming out of the very walls themselves.

A stray Orc had been batted aside by Jason, and while from a distance it seemed very little force was used to attack him, the Orc was sent flying...

Straight into the wall that Yukari was hiding behind.

The little witch ducked as the Orc hit the bricks, his mouth missing teeth and his chest bruised badly. A few seconds later, the Orc fell of the bricks like one would peel the skin of a banana.

Yukari wondered if it was even safe to continue watching Jason beat up the students anymore. She did not want to be apart of this fight by any means and she felt like if she continued watching eventually she would be flattened Pizza.

Before she could make her decision, a blue beam of radioactive power lanced across the field, and slammed into the floor she was standing on.

The stone burnt away as the heat and the radioactivity blasted it to kingdom come, and while neither the heat nor the radioactivity affected Yukari in the least bit concerning her health, it DID affect the stability of the floor she was standing on.

"Yukari get out of there!" shouted Moka.

Derived of its structural support, the floor came crashing down with Yukari screaming all the way and slammed on to the second floor, creating a ramp that which Yukari so uncomfortably slid down and landed in the middle of A heated battle...

With Jason barreling straight towards her, his eyes still clouded in rage.

Yukari could only look on, speechless in fear, as countless monsters tried and failed to stop the juggernauts seemingly unstoppable rampage, only to end up tossed or kicked aside.

Up top, Moka begins to panic. The fact that she had just fell off two stories and was still alive was remarkable, and by all rights Moka should be relieved.

But unfortunately, she had landed in the midst of a ferocious battle and since she could not see what was happening she feared for Yukari's life. Combined with the fact that Tsukune was gone and she could no longer transform, she was even more terrified.

She turned to the nearest person she could see, which happened to be Kurumu, and pleaded with her to rescue Yukari.

"Why do I have to save that flat chested witch? Hell I don't even like her, I hate her!" she complained.

"Please Kurumu, your the only one who can get to her in time!" pleaded Moka.

Kurumu shuffeled her wings a bit as she pondered for a time, then she replied "Fine, probably need her any way." she muttered.

Kurumu unfurled her wings and with a dash of speed, flew threw the air, and out the hole in the wall.

Moka quickly looked back to Mizore who had recovered and said, "Mizore, help Kurumu, and see if you can get Jason back here."

Mizore nodded as she unsheathed twin icicle swords from her arms and bolted out the hole as well.

Moka finally turned to Gin, as the man had still been standing there utterly speechless at the unnatural way Moka took charge.

"Gin, we have to go find Tsukune! He's in danger and you know it!"

Gin stammered a bit before replying," R-Right!"

The two left the scene with Moka looking back and wondering if they were going to be able to make it through this alive.

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Jason trampled his way through the swarm of monsters as he tried to get to Yukari. It seemed that through his blind rage, he still had a sliver of intelligence left as he knew that he had to protect Yukari.

Kurumu came down from the skies like an angel of death as she began to use her sharp claws to cut her way through the mass of monsters attempting to bring down Jason. However, through the fighting, she saw out of the corner of her eye that Jason was making his way to a scared Yukari.

"Not why I'm on watch Jason!" she shouted as she flew up from the fight and sped over to Yukari.

"Mizore, Kurumu!" shouted a enlightened Yukari.

Jason looked over his shoulder while putting down a Orc. He nodded as his berserker rage had left him and he was back to holding off the monsters.

Kurumu noticed this, and made a heartfelt nod towards Jason, who picked this up and looked at her an let a grin spread across his face, as well as closing one eye and opening it again before going back to fighting.

Kurumu was left speechless, did he just wink at her?

She put those thoughts out of her mind. There were more important things to worry about.

Yukari some what relaxed as Jason had not only stopped his charge, but seemed to gain back some of his sanity as well. It was at this point that she saw Kurumu fly over to her and asked her of she was alright. Yukari pointed out that while she was ok, they needed to stop the mob of monsters from continuously attacking Jason and defeat them all together, as Jason was the only one they had that was able to defeat Kuyo on his own.

"What the hell makes you say that? Didn't you see him Yukari? He just got blasted through the wall like he was nothing to Kuyo!"complained Kurumu.

"But he never got the chance to hurt Kuyo, and if he's already facing the entire school, hen why can't he face Kuyou?" defended Yukari.

Kurumu snarled. She may not like it, but the boobless witch had a point. While they may be able to take him on together, it would really be safer if Jason managed to come with them, not to mention she would like to see the shit beaten out of Kuyou.

"Allrigt fine, but you had better hope this works Yukari!" she said as she flew off and joined the battle with Jason, while Yukari began to stand from afar and cast spells.

Meanwhile, Mizore was almost casually cutting down monsters with her sharp ice blades, slicing through skin, armor, fur and other materials that were less promising.

Suddenly, she felt a whip like sensation on her back as she stumbled to the ground. Get on one knee she turned to see who attacked her... Only to find the last thing she wished to see.

"The Kraken!" she whispered, her voice betraying her calm appearance as within seconds she was lifted into the air as a malevolent voice called out, "Thats right bitch, I'm back and better than ever! And now time to have some fun with YOU!"

Mizore screamed with fear as she saw tentacles already reaching for her private parts and she closed her eyes, waiting for the act to be done.

However, much to her amazement, she never felt it come. Instead, she felt the rough hard stone floor hit her rear end as she realized that she had just been dropped.

She opened her eyes to find the former Gym coach screaming in pain as his tendrils had been cauterized as if they were burnt by a flamethrower.

Which wasn't That far off as Jason was currently pummeling the Kraken with powerful blows.

"HOW DARE YOU!" he roared in such anger that it caused all the monsters to stop and watch.

Jason the grabbed a handful of burnt tentacles and pulled with all his might while roaring, "YOU PERVERTED SQUID,"

The amount of strength that Jason exerted was so immense that he actually lifted the former coach of the ground, threw the squid over his shoulder and while still holding on to the tendrils, slammed the Kraken straight into the ground.

"YOU DARE VIOLATE HER, AND ILL TEAR YOU APART!"He said with a roar as he jumped and released a blue beam of radioactive energy, effectively burning the Kraken and setting him on fire.

The screams of agony releases from the Kraken were so horrible and screeching like, that all the monsters seemed to be scared out of their lust for greatness and retained a great fear for the Human Kaiju. If he could do this to the Kraken, then whatever he could do to them must be much worse than what he had already done, and they wisely decided not to test this theory any more.

Speaking of which, Jason had already begun to move to where Mizore was lying on the ground being comforted by Kurumu and Yukari.

"Are you Allright?" he asked.

Mizore was completely stunned. The fat that he had just been able to lift the Kraken off the ground and slam him into the ground was not only incredible, but she couldn't begin to believe that it had really just happened.

She shook her head a little and brought herself back to reality, "Yeah I'm fine, but what about Tsukune?"

"Well find him Mizore, but if we're to do so then we must act quickly." assured Kurumu as she helped her get up.

"But if we need a plan, and I have the perfect one." replied Jason with a grin.

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