A thumping sound.

A steady, repeating, thumping sound.

It became irritating after paying attention to it, and going back to sleep with the distraction, now that it was there, was impossible.

Turning a little helped silence the sound but now the angle of his head was uncomfortable, almost as if something was pressing his head down.

Heartbeat. That's what the thumping sound was like.

Slowly registering the feel of his pillow not being at all as pillow-like as the usual pillow he was accustomed to, Will's cheek was somehow sticking to the surface. It moved up and down. Definitely not a pillow-like thing to do.

Consciousness crept from the slumber of Will's mind, and within the moment between thumps, Will opened his eyes to take in the surroundings.

Futilely, since everything was gray.

Lifting Jack's shirt over his head helped widen the scenery, the next blink jolting him up, gasping a lungfull of air that would have tasted like yesterday had he not had his tongue, apparently, replaced with a pine cone.

The pulling trickery of the Earth itself caused Will to collapse on the mattress, tiny rivulets of recently made memories cascading in. The wave of full recollection had him burrowing himself into the sheets in an attempt to shy from the crushing revelations.

With little success of doing that, Will was bombarded with a rumble.

"M'rning, love."



"Why are you here …Or better still, why am I here? Weren't we supposed to-"

"You don't remember?"

"No, I remember. I'm asking you because I want to hear the second, more colourful version."

"You don't remember, do you? I'm shocked!" Jack gathered Will into his arms with a grin.

Will laid his head back on to Jack's chest gingerly. "Now. How much rum did you pour into me?"