Waking up in Vegas

Jasper Whitlock is an old fashioned guy who believes you don't have sex before marriage and doesn't believe in divorce, so when he wakes up after a gig in Vegas to find a women in his bed and a shiny silver band on his left finger his world is thrown upside down.

Bella Swan is a chubby shy girl who has never had a date in her life. Imagine her surprise when she takes her best friend to Vegas for her "hens night" and wakes up in the bed of a stranger sporting a new piece of jewellery. She's pretty sure he was checking out the waiter, the male waiter, last night so this has to be a joke. Right?

What happens next is anyone's guess but one this is for sure. Things aren't always what they seem, and sometimes what you didn't know you wanted is right there in front of you.