I own nothing. After a point the "signs" will become "quotes". In this story, Bella is NOT Edward's singer but still is his mate, so it may be difficult to understand. ~ Lyn

Soundless Music

Ch. 1: A Soundless World


I see the world, yet I do not hear it. I can see people play the piano, but I can only guess what it sounds like. I was born hearing but by the age of six, the last thing I remember hearing is Clair de Lune on the piano.

I'm one of the first people to get off the plane in Seattle. As soon as I get off, a lady comes up to me and signs: Isabella Swan? I reply back yes and follow her out of the terminal to reach the baggage claim where my father, Charlie, is waiting. I run up to him and give him a big hug.



He picks up my luggage and takes me to the car. We make our way to Forks gradually. We stop at a simple two-story with a brown door. I smile up at warmly. Home, I think in my head. Once inside, I make my way up the stairs to my room. I open the door and see the old quilt Gran made for me. I go back down stairs and tell Charlie the rest of my thing will be here tomorrow from Phoenix and that I'm going to bed. He said okay, goodnight and kissed my forehead. I dreamt of a beautiful meadow with a mysterious guy in it. He was handsome with bronze hair and had a crooked smile.

The next day, I went with Charlie to register at the school. I may be deaf, but I want to live a normal life. The whole entire time the principal ignored me and was talking solely to Charlie. It was hard to keep up with what they were saying, because their lips were moving to fast. I signed to Charlie, can I see the school? He asked the principal if it was okay and led us out of the office with my schedule and a map. Soon after he'd left I asked Charlie if it was okay if I could go alone. He said it was okay as long as I stayed safe.

I was doing fairly well, fro myself. Until, I guess, the bell rang when a flood of students came out the classrooms. I was jostled and knocked on the floor. After it cleared out, guy was walking down the hall and saw me. His lips were moving to fast for me to read. I tried getting up but he was in the way too much for me to do so.

I grabbed my iPad2 from my bag and typed, "Talk slower so I can read what you're trying to say".

He gave me a confused look and said "Read?" He then grabbed my iPad and typed, "I was wondering if you needed help getting up?"

I shook my head no, grabbed the iPad and typed, "I must be going now. Nice meeting you bronze hair."

I met back up with Charlie and we were headed home. When we got there, I saw a rusty but nice old truck. Standing next to it was a tall teenager and a man in a wheelchair. I turned to Charlie and said, "Jacob and Billy?" He nodded his head and said that the truck was mine to drive to school so I wouldn't have to ride in the cruiser. I thanked him, after he explained to them what I "said". We bid them a goodbye and I went to bed, eagerly anticipating tomorrow.