This story is coming to an end soon. I loved all of your responses to this so much. I was listening to Time from the Inception sound track while writing this and it fit... Sad chapter. ~Lyn

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Ch.15: Funeral and Agreements

3rd Person

The day was dismal, sad, and gray. At least it wasn't raining. The ground was moist and green as all grass should be. The location was too dreary for it though. The majority of town and the Rez was present. In the front was Bella and the Cullens. Edward was holding Bella in his arms with his chin resting on her head. Bella was faced inward to Edward's chest but was still looking on to the site. Close to the back was a guilty looking Jacob Black. His face held shame, regret, guilt, and pain. After this, he would be isolated and hunted down by lions, bears, and angry readers in the woods. But before, an agreement had to be made. The place where these people are gathered is spotted with stones sticking from the ground.

The place, you might have guessed, is a graveyard.

And the place in front is an empty pit slowly being filled with an ornate casket adorned with wild flowers and ruffled tulips. In the casket is Charlie Swan.

The will was read and Bella was left with everything. Renee wanted Bella to come to Florida with her, she decide against it when seeing Bella with Edward.

Oh what a sad day it is in Forks...



That night we met at the treaty line. Jacob was prepared to leave for good and was just waiting for this to be over.

Carlisle and Billy Black came to an agreement due to the circumstances of the incident that occurred a week ago.

Bella was free to marry me with out any hate coming their side. And to become a vampire too.

Now for her to become happy again.

Then my question can finally be asked...

"Alice, when?"

"Soon, Edward. Soon."