"Fleeting, un."




"Fleeting, goddammit!"

Ah, yes. Our favorite artists are at it again… No, not like that! You pervert! Why would you even think that!

You just scarred my virgin mind…



Sasori stopped and glared at his partner. "You're a moron. Art is eternal. A piece of marvellous beauty that lasts throughout the ages. Never dying or fading, its perpetual splendour enthralling generation after generation."

"No, you're the moron, Danna, un!" growled Deidara, pointing a finger at his senior almost accusingly, "Art is fleeting! A transient moment of beauty! Here one second, gone the next, but existing in the participant's minds forevermore!"





"How the hell is it fleeting!" growled Sasori, slightly miffed and glaring at his blonde partner with murderous intent.

"Because if art was eternal, then Hidan would be art!"

Deidara smirked as the puppets eyes widened in realization, and he began comically twitching.

…LoLz. x3

The blond stepped around the convulsing puppet carefully, inwardly doing a victory dance as he walked out the door.

Deidara sat at the kitchen table, sculpting dispassionately and occasionally flinging explosive clay at Hidan when his colorful ranting got too loud. The blonde's inner sadist smirked when his clay activated an inch from the immortals face.

Suddenly, Deidara was aware of a presence behind him.

"Dei-chan~" cooed a voice softly, the persons hand moving to lie on the blondes shoulder.

Deidara gulped, breaking out in cold sweat as he recognized his partner's voice. Shit, Sasori was pissed. "Y-Yes, Danna?" he stammered.

"I didn't know you swung that way, Dei~" cooed Sasori.


"You're kind of a hypocrite, you know? Contradicting yourself like that."


"You keep saying you hate him, but I know better~"

"T-The hell are you talking about?" asked Deidara, a blush warming onto his cheeks.

"If you think art is fleeting, then Itachi is art~"

Sasori snickered as Deidara fell out of his chair.

"I win."

Horrible, but my brothers challanged me to write a story in two minutes. xD

Did you know that England from Hetalia is voiced by Sas-gay? He sounds so different when he's not being emo. =D

Do you know that "Why" by Secondhand Seranade is also the best SasuNaru/NaruSasu/Naruto x Sasuke friendship song ever?

Did you know that I'm only telling you this to annoy you?