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Bra; 17, Pan; 18, Trunks; 19, Goten; 18, Marron; 19, Brooke; 18, Naomi; 17

Goten's P.O.V

The next thing I knew I was being dragged away, somewhere far. I couldn't really tell where we were going. It was definitely out of the mall-

Trunks cut me off.

"But we found your ki! it was in the mall?" Trunks said puzzled

I frown.

"I was getting to that part!" I glare at him.

Trunks grunts. "Sorry"

I get myself comfortable again before continuing.


"Where was I again?" I ask. Damn my memories bad.

They all sweat dropped.

"Well, you were saying something about-" Pan starts.

Oh yeah!

"I remember now!"

Bra chuckles. I can't help but look at her; she's becoming a woman right under my eyes.

"Goten!" Someone said

I snap out of my thoughts.

"Huh, wha?"

Marron grins at me."You were daydreaming...I wonder what about"

I blush, and look her in confusion. She doesn't say anything, just smirks. Oh shit what if she can read my mind?

My eyes widen in terror. Marron's still smiling, but not as much now. I must be going crazy. I'm such an idiot

"Can you just tell us what happened already?" Pan getting impatient. She's just like Mom.

"Chill out Pan" I laugh.

She glares at me and grunts.

"Anyway, as I was saying, we were somewhere out of the mall. It wasn't far from it; it was shaped a bit like a box. I couldn't really tell where it was, to be honest..."

"Do you think you'd be able so recognize it if you saw it again?" Bra asks, curiously...


"Hmmm" Bra's thinking. I smile.

"When we got there I suddenly blacked out. It must of been an hour before I woke up again, Naomi was no where to be seen. I was surrounded by at least 5 different people. I could only make out a couple of faces, one of them was Flint"

I look at Pan, she's emotionless...

"The other one was his friend Nathan, the others I couldn't really see".

I stretch, and rub my arm.

"I tried to get up, but somehow I was weak. I had no energy left what so ever. My body was in total pain, everywhere. My arm..."

I look down at it.

"...Still had that needle in it. I managed to take it out, maybe we can examine it?" I ask, mainly to Trunks.

"Do you still have it with you?" Trunks asks excitedly. He sounds like his younger self, always wanting experiment with things. I chuckle.

"Yeah, it's in my jeans"

I'm wearing a pair of Trunk's weird knee length shorts and his beige, how does he wear this stuff?

He run's off quickly to grab my jeans, Trunks has always been interested in that chemical stuff.

He comes back 2 seconds later holding a medium sized syringe filled with liquid, it dark yellow. According to Trunks, it has no smell. Bulma stands at his side, in her lab coat.

"Feeling better Goten?" Bulma asks with a smile.

I smile back, in fact I grin. Bulma's always has been like a second mother to me...even she can't cook as well as Mom.

"I feel great, thank you Bulma" I get cozy under the covers

Bulma smiles. "Anytime".

Trunks gaze's hard at the dark yellow liquid in the syringe; he seems to be struggling to find out what it is. Bulma notice's straight away, seen as though she is a scientist.

"Trunks, why are you holding GBH?" Bulma said frowning

Trunks wrinkle's his nose, he always, well mostly does that when he's seriously confused.

"What's GBH?" Trunks asks.

Bulma takes the syringe out of his hand and tilt's it left, and then right.

"It's a date rape drug" Bulma mutters.

Bra's mouth drops open. Marron, Pan and Trunks gasp. I stare at the syringe in total shock. This girl is seriously messed up.

Bulma look's at me, then Trunks curiously.

"Where did you get this?"

I open my mouth to speak, but of course Pan beats me to it.

"Goten's crazy girlfriend stabbed it into his arm, he brought it back with him so we could what it is..." Pan shakes her head.

Bra fly's out of the window, all we saw was a flash of yellow. She's turned super again. I can't help but smile. I wonder why she's so angry.

"Poor Bra, she's always been sensitive when it comes to friends" Bulma says a little sadly

...Oh yeah! I forgot about Bra's little crush. I'm grinning now, no one seems to notice.

"Let's follow her" Pan says.

Trunks and Marron nod, before telling me to "stay in bed"

They must be crazy, I'm going!

"Guy's I'm going and, there's nothing you can do about it! I'll finish the story later" I fly out of the window before they can say anything. I hear Marron and Trunks sigh and follow closely behind.

"Be careful!" Bulma shout's from the window

I wave and carry on flying at full speed. It feel's great to have my energy back! I stretch, spin, twirl in the air. It feels great. I stop messing around for a while and try searching for Bra's ki; it's rising quite a lot. Oh boy.

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