Mamoru's dark eyes peered through the bright light of the sun. Slowly he proceeded, his footsteps patting softly against the hard stones of the paved road. His eyes closed and then opened wide, feigning happiness easily. He moved forwards, skipping the last couple of metres on his approach to the Koneko no Sumu. He opened the door as he arrived, the little bells ringing his arrival to the hoards of girls in the room; but not distracting the four men busy with them.

The girls all looked up expecting to see another girl - one they didn't know who would try to steal away their folly. Instead they were given the image of the effeminate boy: Mamoru Takatori.

Mamoru took no notice of the girls, some of which broke away from the outside of the circles to swoon at him. Instead he walked slowly across the perimeter of the room, beginning to set his gaze on the pastel flowers arranged neatly about the room. A soft smile moved over his lips; only partly feigned...he was definitely amused.

When Brad had given him the address he hadn't expected the place to be a flower shop. He expected such a place to only be the workplace of male pansies...pathetic little flowers with no kind of strength or mastery with weaponry.

Oh how wrong he was.

This place was the perfect hiding place for four assassins...and gave them a little extra income too. In fact, the florists seemed to be doing very well...the only way the girls in the shop were permitted to stay was if they bought something - so the boys could even exploit their unarguable good looks.

And good natures...well...some of them; Aya did nothing but scold any girls that approached him. Good news for Brad...Aya had to be gay...

Eventually he caught the gaze of one of the Weiss members; Rohan, who came over quickly to ask if he could help, shaking off the ten girls persistently following him.

Mamoru looked up, a soft smile on his face, which brightened slightly at the longhaired man, and he blushed. 'I'm afraid I don't know a lot about flowers...' Mamoru admitted, looking back down. 'I don't know what any of these mean...and I do so desperately want to get it right...'

'Well...what kind of meaning were you searching for...?'

'A flower of new love...if those girls haven't bought them all from you...'

Rohan smiled a winning smile and took Mamoru's hand, leading the younger boy slowly from the room into the back. Yohji eyed him. The blonde followed him quickly: curiosity obvious on his face.

'New friend, Rohan?' the playboy asked slowly.

'Yeah...he actually wants to buy I thought I'd brings him back here so he could choose in peace.'

'Know anything about flowers, chibi?' the eldest asked, stepping forwards to tower over Mamoru.

'Nothing at all, Sir...' He bowed his head and then looked up hopefully. 'Could you help me?'

'Of name's Yohji; this is Rohan...and we are your flower guides for about five minutes till Aya catches us...'

'Aya? Is he the scary redhead chasing everyone away?'

Rohan grinned and ruffled Mamoru's hair lightly. 'I wouldn't call Aya scary...'

'Well he's not exactly a kitten...' Mamoru replied softly.

Yohji and Rohan eyed each other for a minute at the relevance of that particular animal - both in reference to the Koneko no Sumu and Schwarz - but they brushed it over...the kid didn't have any idea how wrong he was...he was an innocent after all.

How little they knew!

'Well...' Rohan began, leaning over Mamoru's shoulder and pointing to a bunch of Camellia's. 'See those flowers there? The white ones mean 'You're Adorable, the blue ones mean 'You're a flame in my heart' and the pink ones mean 'I'm longing for you.'

Mamoru's eyes softened happily and he pointed across to a yellow rose. 'What does that one mean?'

Yohji blinked in surprise and shivered. 'Opposite of what you want's a symbol of jealousy...'

'Oh...' Mamoru muttered and let Yohji and Rohan lead him onto another patch.

'These are violets...they mean all kind of different things...' Rohan started.

Yohji interrupted. 'The white ones mean 'I'll always be true' and the blue ones mean 'Let's take a chance on happiness...'

'Baka!' cried Rohan, smacking the elder man across the back of the head. 'You got it the wrong way round!'

'Really?' Yohji asked, a little dazed.

'Really.' Rohan confirmed.

'Sorry then...' Yohji muttered, folding his arms.

'Tulips...' Mamoru muttered softly, gazing across at some of the flowers lined against the wall.

'Beautiful aren't they?' Rohan said, moving close and plucking one of each colour from the pots between his fingers. 'The red ones are a declaration of love, the yellow ones mean 'There's Sunshine in Your Smile' and the variegated ones mean 'Beautiful Eyes.'

Mamoru swooned slightly as Rohan handed him the flowers, and then took his hand leading him on.

'Roses...' Yohji started, directing Rohan towards the many flowers lined up in long rows. He began 'The red rose means 'I love you', the dark red is a mourning flower. The Hibiscus means 'Delicate Beauty.' The pink one means 'Perfect Happiness.' If you put a red and white rose together they symbolise 'Unity'.'

Rohan took over. 'A single rose means 'I still love you.' A thornless rose means 'Love at First Sight.' A white rose symbolises Innocence and Purity or 'You're Heavenly.' And a rosebud symbolises the 'Beauty of Youth.''

'Yes...thank you for that, Rohan...' Yohji murmured.

'Thank you,' Mamoru repeated softly, clutching the tulips in his hand.

'Maybe he'd be better with Primroses...' Yohji suggested.

''I can't live without you'?' Rohan asked.

' sweet of you Rohan...'

Rohan rolled his eyes. 'The primrose means 'I can't live without you', Mamoru'

Mamoru lowered his head. With every second that passed he was more worried about what was going to happen...he had grown a liking for the boys in the short time he had known them...and he didn't want them to be hurt...slowly he stepped away.

'I...I have to go...' Mamoru murmured, his tongue twisting and choking his throat. 'I'm sorry...' he closed his eyes quietly, taking another step back. He opened one eye to catch the sight of a smaller flower beside him and he reached over, plucking it from place and holding it out tentatively to Rohan, who took it limply.

'What's this for...?' he asked, hesitantly.

'I...I think it's meaning says it all...' Mamoru then turned, darting out of the Koneko no Sumu before anything else could happen.

Yohji looked over to the flower in Rohan's hands and then swallowed quietly. 'That's...'

'Acontium...' murmured Rohan, still gazing at the flower.

'Monkshood,' Yohji cleared.

''Beware; a deadly foe is near.''