~Boys of Summer~

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Chapter One: Boys of Summer

The thudding, hollow sound of three horses hoofs hitting the ground broke the quaint silence of the forest and troubled the hitherto peaceful stroll of a lonely fox prowling the woods to an extend that made the small animal quickly disappear into a nearby shrubbery. As the galloping drew nearer loud voices joined the noise of the hoofs, a particularly sonorous cry flushed a whole flock of birds, that had been chatting away mirthfully in the sun bathed branches of an old oak tree, only moments before one of the horses appeared around one of the corners. The rider, a young man clad in dark leather and cloth, had his head turned, prospecting for his followers while his shock of thick dark curls and his deep brown fur mantle were streaming in the wind. His horse reached a small clearing circled a group of knotted, gnarled trees and laughing melodiously with his head thrown back, the ride halted his horse. Moments later the second and third rider appeared on the clearing, also bringing their horses to a halt. Still grinning widely Robb Stark crossed his Arms before his chest and with his cool grey-blue eyes shot a lofty look back at the laggards.

"I told you so, Geyjoy. But you were so desperate to put me to the test. Here is your proof: There is no one in Winterfell who can cross these woods faster than me. Least of all a shellback like you!"

The last sentence was uttered with such obvious contempt and irony, that Theon Greyjoy, currently dismounting his horse, snorted disapprovingly. He rearranged his clothing and put a hand through his reddish blond hair in the attempt to stall some time to find an adequate answer.

"If you hadn't cheated and cut short the way on the edge of the forest you wouldn't have been here earlier." He sad lamely and rolled his heavy-lidded grey eyes in annoyance. It was difficult enough to handle that wherever they went girls and women would sigh dreamily at the appearance of Lord Eddard's oh-so-pretty sons but the constant trying to measure up to Robb and his bastard brother was starting to put quite a strain on Theons nerves. Jon had also dismounted his horse and was now stretching his legs after the challenging race along the rough and bumpy paths in the Wolfswood.

"You're such a bad looser, Greyjoy." He said flatly and walked over to a large rock to join his brother, who had seated himself in the warming beams of the summery midday sun, his fur mantle dropped to the ground carelessly. The summers in the North were still harsh and rainy but often enough there were relatively warm and fairly sunny days. Sitting so close to each other the resemblance between the two boys was just as obvious as the small but distinguishing differences. On top of the rock, his head thrown back and the face turned directly into the warming sunlight, sat Robb. His strong features , full lips and distinctive cheekbones looked a little smoothened by the radiant sunlight, his black curly hair and the thin beard revealed a red shimmer in the light. He was tall, broad chested and had the vibrant, vigorous appearance of the Stark men, with perhaps an ever so slightly less gloomy, grim disposition than his father Lord Eddard. Jon on the other hand, seemed to have inherited the full load of gloominess. Although his face resembled Robbs, his features looked a bit softer and longer, less dashing and demanding. He was a shade paler than his brother and his slightly too long curly hair was as ink black as the stubbly beard he had grown. Alltogether Jon, sitting on the ground leaning to the rock next to his half brother, looked a little more slender and delicate though his body too had been sculptured well by practicing sword fighting and archery.

Pushing away the urge to keep complaining about the unfair race and risk to get the pouts that would surely provoke mocking remarks from Robb, Theon also perched onto a sunny spot on the clearing. He had never been one for enjoying the beauties of nature, of the dark thick woods and rolling green landscape that stretched from the gates of Winterfell as far as the eyes could see. Theon could imagine the rustling of the wind in the tree tops and the rippling of little becks to be rather appealing sounds, given they sounded along to the bedding of the warm, inviting flesh of a willing maiden or at least to the consumption of a large pint of strong ale, but that was about where his deeper connection to these joys ended. Stark and Snow were different, he knew that. A look over to the other young men drew his attention. Robb had laid one of his strong hands on his half brothers head and, burying it deep in his curls, tousled his hair while smiling brightly. He then gave him an affectionate thump in the side.

" Savour the sun as long as it lasts. You're starting to look like a piece of unbaked bread." He teased. "No girl likes that!"

Jon smiled back at him with raised eyebrows and though Theon only very seldom shared the opinion of the bastard he understood the meaning of this look immediately and grunted to himself in approval. Snow had never been very good with girls and at times it had occurred to Theon that the lack of interest he had displayed in improving those skills was bordering on the suspicious. In his opinion more than mere shyness was the core issue. Surely lack of readiness on the female side could hardly be the problem for Snows thick shiny hair and his dark, intensely wistful eyes made pretty girls heads turn wherever he went. But there was something in that ostensively innocent gesture of brotherly love that Robb had bestowed on his bastard brother moments ago. It lingered a fraction to long, contained a hint to much tenderness. Theon had started to notice a while ago that, although the half brothers had been as good as inseparable ever since he could remember, there was something extraordinarily tender and intimate in their behavior towards each other. It had been noticeable in supposedly secret glances, unanticipated blushes in delicate touches barely visible to the eye of the beholder. But if you spend as much time with them as Theon did, you couldn't help but notice. And in time you learned to pay attention.

"Hey, Stark! Care to give me the chance to get even?" Theon interrupted the scene provokingly, deciding it was high time to break the peculiar tension. Whatever had been developing there the last month and years, he definitely didn't want to be a part of it. It seemed to take Robb a second to bring his attention to Theons challenge, who was beginning to feel, like increasingly often these days, like the third wheel.

"If you insist on learning the hard way…" Robb replied, smiling haughtily. He slapped Jon on the back. "Get up, Jon. You have to witness Greyjoys second glorious defeat, so he can't deny it later." He turned to Greyjoy. "And don't you get all ill-tempered! I want only cheerful people on the feast tonight for I intend to drink and laugh extensively. Who knows when the next occasion for a feast will arise."

While Robb and Jon got up from their resting place, Theon climbed on his horse. How could he have forgotten? The great feast in honour of the heir of Winterfells name day. Well, at least there would be an abundant dinner, plenty of ale and presumably several half drunk wenches. Enough to connive the sickeningly smug look on Lord Starks face and the sentimental sighs of Lady Stark while melting in pride over their noble son. He edged his horse to go forward, back on the way they had come.

"The race starts at the old Willow by the pond and ends at the gates of Winterfell?" he suggested Robb. "And no cheating this time." Theon added mumbling, not sure whether he wanted the other boys to hear it or not.

"The same applies to you, by the way!" Robbs words were not directed to Theon, but spoken in a low voice to Jon, while they also mounted their horses and rode back into the forest side by side. "No sulking. My mother knows I want you around tonight and not on a table in some sullen corner of the hall. You'll be by my side."

Jon smiled gratefully and gave a faint nod. Both boys turned their heads on the path ahead. "Where you belong." Robb added gently, then after a moment of silence. "Now, let's see to it that we put the prideful Lord Greyjoy in his place. May we never live to see the day on which a Greyjoy beats a Stark on a horseback!"

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