Hi everyone, this is my first pokemon fanfic and I hope its good. Please read it through.

Ember's Journey

"Ember! Come here son!" A Umbreon called out to his son who was playing in a grassy field with a Cyndaquil and Bayleaf.

"Coming dad!" He yelled and ran up to his father. He wagged his tail as he jumped up and down next to his father. "Is it going to be today dad?" He asked excitedly.

His father chuckled. "Yes son, today you get to go with a trainer and you two get to start your journey together."

Ember crouched down. "I bet I'll grow stronger then you dad." He playfully growled.

"Oh no you won't." His father said and crouched down to his son's level. "No one's as strong as your dad," Ember tackled his dad and father and son wrestled together.

A beautiful Espeon came in to see the two males wrestling. "Ok boys that's enough, Ember, you have to save your energy. You're going to be leaving soon and you need to reserve as much as you can." She leaned down and nuzzled her son.

"Mom stop, I'm not a little kit anymore!" Ember whined.

"He's right Lia; we need to see him as grown up, not a kit." Her mate told her.

"But Night, he's our baby!" Lia whimpered. Ember came over and nuzzled his mother.

"Mom, I'll always be your son, but I'm about to leave. Don't cry." He told her.

Lia wiped her eyes. "I know I'm just going to be so worried about you." The three pokemon then heard a loud whistle.

Night walked up to his. "Come on son, its time. We'll walk with you." Ember nodded and the three pokemon left the small den and headed toward a house with a big windmill. Night walked up to a man in a white coat and they had a mental telepathic conversation. The man soon looked at Ember.

"Ah, Ember, are you ready to meet your trainer?" Ember nodded and all four of them walked into the house to see a chubby human inside sitting down with a book in his hand and his legs crossed.

"Grady?" The professor asked, the young man put the book away and looked up. "This is your partner."

Ember and Grady approached each other, both waiting for the other to make the first move. Grady stretched out his hand and Ember sniffed it nervously. He liked this human's scent. The pokemon and trainer then stared into each other's eyes exchanging words that did not have to be said, they accepted each other as equals.

"I see that you two like each other." The professor laughed as Ember wagged his tail.

"Thanks Professor Oak. What's his name?" Grady asked.

"Ember, his parents are right here." Night and Lia stepped forward.

"Nice to meet you," Grady bowed his head. 'If you hurt my baby during this adventure, I will rip your insides out and hang you by your own intestines!' A voice said in his head. He gulped and looked at the Lia from where the voice came. "I swear that he will be safe with me."

Night nudged Lia. "Lia, be nice." Lia giggled and nuzzled Ember.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Yes mother,"

"Ok, be safe. Don't forget to take a bath every night."

"Ok mom"

"Be sure to clean your fur good. Clean behind your ears"

"Mom ok, can I go now?" Ember asked as he felt heat go to his cheeks in embarrassment. Grady could tell Ember was getting embarrassed.

"You ready?" He asked the small Eevee. Ember nodded and Grady shouldered his pack and they headed toward the door.

"Grady, aren't you forgetting something?" Professor Oak asked. Grady turned around to see the Professor holding a square red device up.

"Oh." Grady walked over and got it with a little blush growing on his cheeks. He then turned it to Ember and pressed a button. A beep sounded and Grady read the words that scrolled down the screen.

"So you know Tackle, Tail Whip, and Quick attack. Cool." Grady got down on his knees to look Ember in the eye. "You ready for our adventure?"

Ember nodded and the two headed for the door. "Ember! Don't forget to wash your private place!" His mother yelled to him making Ember blush. He decided to quicken the pace and ran forward making Grady run to catch up.

(An hour later)

Grady sat down on a small log. Ember and he had just completed their first three miles. He unslung a canteen and drank some from it; he then poured some in a dish for Ember.

"There you go boy, we need to drink water a lot." Ember lapped some up. They then heard some bushes rattle behind them.

The two shared a glance and Grady nodded. Soon a red pokemon with many tails came out.

"A Vulpix? I've always wanted one of them! Ember get ready to battle!" Ember walked up and growled at it. The Vulpix growled back.

"Ember use tackle!" Grady ordered. Ember ran at the Vulpix and tackled it in the side. The Vulpix went flying and skidded across the ground, it go back up shaking its head and got ready for its counter attack. "Ember don't give it time! Use quick attack!" Ember shot forward in a quick burst of speed and hit the Vulpix one last time. The Vulpix then fainted. "Pokeball go!" Grady threw the small sphere and it hit the Vulpix causing a red light to appear and the Vulpix disappear into the ball. The red light blinked for a few seconds before it finally dinged. Grady walked over and picked it up.

"Yes! I caught a Vulpix! Oh yes! All thanks to my best Eevee!" He ran over and hugged Ember. "Great job man, now let's meet our new teammate." He released the Vulpix in a flash of light.

Ember walked up to the now released Vulpix. "Hello, I'm Ember. Nice to meet you." The Vulpix looked at him.

"What's his name?" She nodded toward Grady.

"His names Grady, he's our trainer." Grady walked over.

"Ummm, Vulpix, may I check something?" The Vulpix nodded and Grady looked behind her tails which both of them to blush. "Ok yep, you're a female. So, I'll call you…Flare?" The Vulpix nodded smiling at her new name. "Then Flare it is, come on you two, let's keep going on this adventure." He got up and continued down the path with his two pokemon following him.

"So far, how is Grady as being a trainer?" Flare asked Ember.

"Well, I've only been around with him for a while, but he's really cool. He kinda looks at us like equals. Which is really cool." The two pokemon and the trainer continued until the sun started to set.

"Ok guys, we'll stop here for the night." Grady then got out a tent and set it up. It was big enough for three Ryhorns to lie side by side in.

"Is the tent big enough?" Ember whispered to Flare which made giggle. Grady looked back wondering what the giggling was about then shook it off.

"Ok guys, who wants dinner?" He asked. Ember and Flare both yipped. "What? I can't hear you." They both yipped louder which made Grady chuckle and get cooking stuff out.

"Ember can you and Flare go find me some firewood?" He asked and the two pokemon ran into the forest looking for some. They soon came back with sticks in their mouths and logs on their back. "Thanks guys." He propped the twigs and logs in a teepee form. "Flare can you light it for me?" Flare nodded and sent a small ember into the middle making the sticks blaze up.

"Ok guys, go on and play and I'll call you when dinners ready." The two pokemon yipped and went and played in the tall grass. Ember snuck up behind Flare when they were playing tag and tackled her softly to the ground.

"Yeah! Who's the pokemon?" He cheered as Flare laughed and pushed him off her. They then heard Grady calling for them and raced back to the camp.

When they got there they saw him pouring steamy broth into three bowls, one a bit bigger than the others. He laid three bowls on the ground as he sat down on the ground.

"Eat up guys. Eat your fill." He said and started to eat his. Ember walked over and ate some of the soup, he tasted meat in it and started to eat quicker and slurp the broth up.

"Slow down Ember," Flare giggled. Ember smiled and slowed down a little. Flare leaned down and lapped some of her soup. She looked over and saw Ember finish with a little meat stuck on his cheek.

"Hold still." She said and licked it off causing both her and Ember to blush.

Grady looked between the two pokemon. "Did something happen between you two when I wasn't looking?" He chuckled as they both shook their heads and making them both look as red on the cheeks as Flare's fur. Soon night started to fall.

"Ok, I'm sorry for embarrassing you two, let me get this fire put out and we'll go to bed." He then dumped some dirt on it and put the pots and pans away. Ember yawned and walked into the tent. Flare followed him and they lay by Grady's bed roll and closed their eyes. Ember heard Grady come in and lay down between him and Flare. The two pokemon snuggled against Grady's body and all three of them soon fell into a deep sleep.

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