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Chapter 12

Ember yelped as he felt an electric shock hit him. He got up and looked around for the source and saw a little black tail hiding behind Snow who was awake and nodding behind her. Ember slowly snuck up beside her as he watched Bolt's tail wiggle. He saw Bolt peek out from behind her and then grabbed him and tickled Bolt.

Bolt laughed loudly as he was tickled. "No! Mommy stop that tickles!" He giggled loudly and wiggled around on the couch as Ember tickled him and Snow watched with a smile.

Ember kept tickling Bolt until he felt something soft hit him and he looked up. Grady was looking at him with a mixture of anger and tiredness in his eyes. He had just thrown a pillow at him. "Please keep quiet. I'm trying to sleep." He growled.

Ember smiled. "Sorry Grady." He got off Bolt who scampered back to Snow and hid behind her. Snow smiled and laid her fluffy tail over the giggling Pichu.

Grady slowly got up as he rubbed his head which made most of his hair stand up. "I hate mornings." He then began to do some stretches.

Ember jumped off the couch and did his own stretches. He felt something small and heavy land on his back and looked over his shoulder to see Bolt on his back. "What are we going to do today mommy?"

"I don't know yet Bolt. Depends on if Grady has the gym planned today or not," Ember looked up at Grady who finished stretching and began making breakfast for everyone.

"Actually Brandt and I are going to wait a little longer. He wants to go out to the canyon and take a look around." He said as he set down four bowls of Pokémon food.

Bolt ran over and started eating small pieces from one bowl as Ember walked over and ate beside him. Soon after everyone ate and Grady had took a shower there was a knock at the door. Grady opened it to reveal Brandt standing there. "Hey man, you ready to go?"

Grady nodded and Pidge flew over and landed on his shoulder as Bolt climbed up on Ember's back. Snow and Flare walked out together and Ember followed them as Grady closed and locked the door behind him.

As Ember walked out with everyone he noticed that Striker was outside with Nina and Kia. Sledge and Flora must have been inside their poke balls. Kia was sitting by the fountain watching Striker fail at trying to flirt with Nina. When Kia saw them walking out of the hotel she stood up and walked over.

"We're all ready to go then?" She asked. Brandt and Grady both nodded and started out toward the east of the city. Ember walked back beside Flare and Snow. Bolt keep burying his face into Ember's mane as Flare and Snow kept tickling him with their tails.

Snow smiled at Ember as she rubbed her tail under Bolt's tiny arms. Bolt giggled and tried to bury himself more. Ember laughed at him and smiled back at Snow. "Alright girls lets let him breathe." Flare made a pouting face as Snow giggled.

"Oh fine, spoilsport." Flare said and bumped her butt against his side. Ember chuckled and bumped her back.

Bolt giggled and then climbed onto Snow's back. "I wanna ride here now."

Snow smiled. "That's fine with me." She then wrapped her fluffy tail around him to keep him warm. Ember nodded and looked around as the terrain started to get rougher and rockier. He started noticing more rock type and ground type Pokémon around. Grady and Brandt were chatting along with Kia while Striker was still trying to win Nina over. Flare and Snow were chatting and giggling together. Ember decided that this was the perfect time for him to be alone with his thoughts.

His eyes flicked back over to Snow. 'She is cute and very sweet. Could she and I be together?' he asked himself silently. Snow was playing with Bolt who was giggling and trying to evade the tickling of her tail.

Ember decided to walk up with Grady and the other two humans and see what they were doing. As he walked up he noticed Pidge wasn't on his shoulder like usual. "Hey Grady where is Pidge at?" He asked his trainer.

Grady looked down at his friend. "She's scouting ahead to make sure we won't fall into any holes or to make sure no really strong Pokémon are around."

"Oh okay. I'm just starting to get really bored." Ember told him.

Grady smiled and patted the fire fox's head. "Don't worry, we'll be there soon." Ember shrugged and then heard a rumbling sound and looked around.

"What in Arceus's name is that sound?" He asked.

The humans all looked around. "Must be a rock slide, there will be a lot of those here." Brandt said.

"Are we in any danger?" Snow asked as her and Flare walked up with Bolt on Snow's back.

Grady shook his head. "As long as we keep an eye out for each other we'll be fine." Snow still didn't feel comfortable and walked a little closer to Ember. Ember didn't mind at all. He just made sure he didn't show his happiness.

Flare noticed Snow doing this and felt a little jealousy growing in the pit of her stomach. She walked forward and snuggled close to Ember's other side making it hard for him to walk. As Ember was about to say something he saw a shape in the distance and realized they were getting close to a canyon wall with a railing around the edge. Pidge was perched on the railing with her eyes scanning the area. When they arrived she flew over and landed on Grady's shoulder letting him stroke her feathers. "Good girl Pidge."

Ember peeked over the edge and saw a very low valley beneath him. "Wow, we're high up." Flare and Snow peeked over the edge as well and both nodded.

Grady looked over and shivered a little. "Y-yeah, Lets not walk close to the edge."

Flare grinned evilly. "Oh why not, are you scared?" She giggled. Grady gave Flare a dark look which didn't faze her at all.

Snow smiled and shook her head. "Flare be nice to Grady." Grady lightened up a little.

"Thank you Snow." He began.

"It's not his fault that we're so high up were the slightest breeze can throw him off and over the edge to where he plummets to his death with a splat!" She laughed. Flare joined her and soon they were rolling on the ground laughing as Bolt giggled as well. Ember smiled and chuckled a little.

Grady growled a low sound. "I've got the baddest luck by catching you two." He then walked over to a bench and sat down looking tired.

Flare and Snow stopped laughing and lowered their heads. They walked over and jumped in his lap pushing their heads under his hands. "We're sorry Grady; we were just trying to be funny." Snow said.

"Yeah, we didn't mean to hurt your feelings." Flare added. Grady rubbed their backs.

"Its fine girls just don't do that again. I really hate heights." He rubbed both their backs.

Ember turned back to look at the canyon. Bolt walked over and peeked over the edge as he hung onto a pole. Ember pulled Bolt back. "Careful Bolt, it's dangerous if you do that."

"Sorry momma, I was just looking." Bolt said. He backed up and stood next to Ember as they looked out over the canyon.

Ember patted Bolt's head. "It's alright but this ledge could give out at anytime." Bolt widened his eyes and then hugged Ember close.

"You won't let me fall will you momma?" Bolt looked at Ember.

Ember smiled. "No I won't let you fall." Suddenly a rock blasted against their side of the canyon startling everyone. Ember looked across and saw a big round rock Pokémon battling with another one.

"Grady what are those things!?" Ember shouted behind him.

"That's a graveler on the right and a Golem on the left! One must have entered the other's territory!" He heard behind him. Ember ducked as a boulder shattered and debris flew around them.

"I'm scared mommy!" Bolt yelled and buried his face into Embers neck. Ember grabbed Bolt by the scruff of his neck and ran to a nearby bench and pushed him under it.

"Stay here. You'll be safe. I'm gonna go help the others." Ember then ran back and did the same with Snow and Flare. As he turned he saw Kia and Nina running behind Striker, Brandt and Grady. A huge boulder flew up high in the air. Nina was fast enough to pull Kia back as the boulder smashed into the ground and it began crumbling under them.

"Kia! Nina!" He called out. Grady and Brandt turned just in time to see the cliff break apart and Kia and Nina fall into the canyon below.

"No!" Brandt yelled and ran toward where they fell with Striker hot on his heels.

Grady grabbed Brandt's arm before he could jump after them. But neither he nor Ember were fast enough to catch Striker as he dived down to them. Ember looked over the edge and watched as Striker straightened his body out to speed faster toward Kia and Nina.

"What was Striker thinking?! Even if he gets to them he can't lift them out! He has no wings and Nina is too scared to think of flying!" Brandt yelled.

Ember was just as confused as Brandt. He then widened his eyes and everyone gasped as they saw Striker be enveloped by a bright white light. Ember watched as Striker's body grew larger than before and then two shapes fold out of his back as he grew his wings that were as wide as the canyon walls. Ember then winced as heard Striker roar so loudly that made the two rock pokemon stop their fight and retreat in fear. He then watched as Striker grabbed Nina who still had Kia in her arms and flew them both out of the gorge. He then ran over to where Striker landed a safe distance away. Brandt ran faster then everyone as Striker released Nina and Kia. He passed them and tackled Striker in a hug that made the huge pokemon step back a little.

"Don't you ever do that again!" Brandt yelled at his pokemon. Striker grinned and shrugged. Brandt then let him go as he turned to Kia and Nina. "Kia are you alright?" he asked in a soft and caring voice.

Kia smiled and nodded. "Yes Brandt, I am." She then walked up to Striker. "And thank you so much Striker. Me and Nina both owe you our lives." She said and then kissed his cheek softly making him blush deeply.

Nina walked close up to Striker as well. "Thank you Striker, and I just want to tell you….I love you." She said and then kissed him deeply as Kia jumped away so as to not get trapped between the two charizards. They all watched Nina kissed Striker deeply as he returned her passionate kiss with his own.

Ember then saw something that got his attention. "Hey Grady, is something wrong with Nina's right wing?" he asked and pointed at the oddly bent wing.

Grady looked and then gasped. "Oh shoot, hey Kia, I think Nina's wing is broken."

Nina heard this and pulled out of the kiss as she looked at her wing and slowly let it out and then gasped in pain.

"Careful Nina, we don't want you to damage that wing of yours more." Kia told her and slowly rubbed her back.

"It's gonna take a while for us to get her to a hospital to get that wing fixed." As he looked at the wing closely.

Ember thought for a moment. "Why don't you get Pidge to go look for a house where we can set her down and put a cast on Nina's wing?" Grady thought for a moment and nodded.

"Pidge come here girl!" Grady called and Pidge flew down and landed on his head. Grady looked up at her. "Can you go look for a house that we could use to help Nina?"

Pidge nodded. "Sure Grady, I'll be back as fast as possible." She then took off to go search for a house.

Ember watched her and then felt a small furry body jump on him. "Mommy you're alright!" Bolt cheered as he hugged Ember.

Ember chuckled and nodded. "Yes Bolt I'm fine." Snow and Flare walked up and both nuzzled Ember.

"All of us were worried about you Ember." Flare told him. Snow nodded. "Yeah, we're glad you're safe now."

Ember smiled at the attention he was getting. "Thanks girls. But there was no reason for you to worry about me."

Both girls giggled. Soon Pidge came back and landed on Grady's head again. "There is a small cottage about two miles west. We passed it on our way here but it's behind a big rock face. That's why we didn't see it."

"Alright thanks Pidge. Let's go everyone." Grady said. He then led everyone as Striker leaned down and let Nina on his back and carried her.

Ember walked back beside him and as he locked eyes with Striker he slowly blinked and Striker grinned and winked back. As they all walked it was silent except Nina's hissing pain sounds as her wing unfolded. Soon they reached the place Pidge had said.

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