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~Story Starts~

The next few days have not been kind to the Nura clan. Ever since Tamazuki had shown up in front of Rikuo, destructions had happened all around Ukiyoe Town. To add on, the disappearance of both of the Supreme Commanders was causing all kinds of panic within the Nura clan.

~Breakfast, Nura main house~

"First Supreme Commander…Second Supreme Commander…They are not here as well!" Karasu Tengu cried out, coming out of the barrel of rice, with grains of rice on his face.

"Oi, Karasu Tengu, how long have you been in there?" Rikun asked, his eyebrows twitching.

"I don't think they could be hiding in there, Karasu Tengu," Rikuo smiled awkwardly, a bead of sweat appearing at his cheek. Wakana and Yamabuki nodded in agreement.

"First Supreme Commander…Second Supreme Commander…" Karasu Tengu continued to cry.

"Jeez, that's all you can say nowadays," Rikun placed his bowl of rice on the table, looking at it with slight disgust. "Jiji and Oyaji always come and go as they pleases. They are Nurarihyons."

"But at a time like this!?" Karasu Tengu flailed his arms around. "First Supreme Commander…Second Supreme Commander…"

Rikuo sighed as the continuous cry. A lot had happened after he had met Tamazuki. First, the allied clan members are complaining to the fact that they were being confined here, mainly Hitotsume. Second, Tamazuki and his group actually went to meet with Rikuo for a second time, asking him to deliver a message to Rikun.

"Tell him, I am going to steal the Fear from him," Tamazuki smirked, before showing him the same gesture again, causing Rikuo to blush.

Afterwards, came the destruction of certain places in Ukiyoe town. So far, they had taken down two yokais from Tamazuki's group, the Seven Phantom Travelers of Shikoku, Inuhoo, who was defeated by the Sanba Garasu, and after finding out that they were targeting the shrines that held the Nura clan's Fear, Sodemogi-sama, the main perpetrator of the whole scheme, was vanquished by Kurotabo, who managed to arrived on time before another shrine was destroyed.

However, right now, Rikun was concerned at the fact of, why Tamazuki was always able to plan ahead of them. It was like, when they finally found a lead, Tamazuki managed to avoid it or erase his tracks away.

And also…

Rikuo glanced at Rikun, who was drinking his soup.

I heard that he is constantly having meetings with Gyuki-san, Karasu Tengu and Daruma Mokugyo-san, leader of the Daruma Aliance,to talk about the situation. Even though he does not show it, this is really stressing him up, and Hitotsume-san is really not helping at all.

Rikuo sighed again, rubbing his temple to ease the headache that was creeping on him.

Rikun licked his lips once he finished his soup, noticing that Rikuo was rubbing his temple. Blinking slowly, a smirk slowly spread on his face.

Rikuo bit his lips, still thinking about the situation.

Just how did Tamazuki know about our every move? Could it be that…!

Rikuo widened his eyes at the conclusion that he came up with. He turned to Rikun, mouth opening to tell him about it, but was stopped as a piece of fish found its way into his mouth instead.

"Mmmmh!" Rikuo blinked rapidly, his mouth chewing on reflex. He glanced up to see Rikun smiling at him, with a pair of chopstick in his hands.

Rikuo swallowed the fish down, "Rikun, wha-Mnn!"

Rikun cut him off by placing his lips over Rikuo's. Rikuo widened his eyes and broke the kiss.

"Wh-What are you doing, Rikun!" Rikuo covered his mouth with his hand, blushing hard.

"Hmmm…" Rikun licked his lips again, before giving him a smirk. "There. My stress level was just cut down by half."

"What?" Rikuo blinked confusingly, before he understood what Rikun had said. "Stop reading my mind!" Rikuo shouted at him, totally embarrassed as Yamabuki and Wakana giggled at the show of affection. Karasu Tengu merely observed silently, but there was a tint of pink on his cheeks.

Rikun shrugged, "I can't help it. You are always thinking so loudly." Rikun ate another piece of his fish, not bothered by their mothers' laughter or Karasu Tengu's stare.

Rikuo pouted slightly, "Why is that you are always able to read my mind while I can't even read yours?"

"Hoo?" Rikun's eyes glinted. "You want to know what I am thinking?"

"Eh?" Rikuo blinked. "What are yo-"

*I want you.*

Rikuo widened his eyes when he heard that confession.

"Wait! Ri-"

*Everyday, I found myself thinking about you. Wanting to hear your sweet voice. To feel you in my arms…you know, Rikuo, you drive me crazy, literally.*

Rikuo could only stare at his brother, who continued to eat his breakfast as if nothing was happening, his mouth gaping, and the blush on his cheeks slowly darkened as each sentence floated into his mind.

*Just by having you by my side is enough to make me lose sight of everything around me. You are so precious to me, that I don't think I can control myself if you were ever taken away from me…which was why I was a bit…angry…when you told me about Tamazuki…*

Rikun shifted his crimson eyes to lock on Rikuo's chocolate ones. Rikuo felt his heart beating against his chest.

*…Rikuo…* Rikun placed his chopstick on his lips. Whatever Rikun had said next was accompanied with him sensually licking his chopsticks, while staring deeply into Rikuo's eyes. This had Rikuo turned completely red on his face, smoke coming out from his body.


"You are going to be late for school, Rikuo-kun," Wakana decided to help Rikuo out. Having so much blood on the face is not a good thing after all.

Without another word, Rikuo quickly stood up, grabbed his bag beside him, the blush on his face did not diminish at all. Sliding the door opened, he stepped outside and slammed the door close behind him.

Rikun chuckled, "By the way, I had that suspicion already, Rikuo. But I need evidence, and, if possible, catch them red-handed," Rikun said, knowing Rikuo was still there.

Fading running footstep replied to Rikun, causing him to chuckle again.

"Rikun-kun…" Yamabuki admonished him. "Just what did you tell him?"

"Hm?" Rikun stood up and went towards the door. Before he left, he grinned at both of the women and Karasu Tengu.

"I just simply told him what I was thinking."

Which comes from within

~Ukiyoe Middle School~

Rikuo buried his face into his arms, which was on his table.

The rest of the Kiyojuji Squad, except Yura, who had not arrived, stared with slight confusion and concern. After a discussion between them, Kana stepped forward to Rikuo. She gently tapped on Rikuo's shoulder.

"Um…Rikuo-kun? Are you all right? You have been lying like this for quite some time."

"U-Un. I-I am all right. J-Just let me lie like this for a while more," Rikuo's arms muffled his voice.

"U-Un. If you are sure," Kana stared worriedly at Rikuo's head.

"Y-Yes. Sorry for worrying you, Kana-chan."

Kana make a disagreeing sound, "I just hope you can tell us what happen. You will probably feel better."

After getting a nod from Rikuo, Kana went back to the group. Once she reached there, Kana could only give a helpless shrug.

~With Rikuo~

Sorry Kana-chan, for not looking up while talking to you…that's because…

Rikuo knew that his face was still red from the earlier occurrence.

I am a bit embarrassed to look at anyone now…stupid Rikun!


Rikuo's lips trembled.

*…I can't wait for the time…when we will finally mate together…*

Rikuo shut his eyes tightly, his blush got a notch darker.

Who in the world would tell someone that kind of thing, straight in the face like that! Does he even know what he is talking about! Does he know that, when we…m-m-m…GYAAAAAA! Stupid Rikun! Stupid Rikun! I hope you can hear me, stupid Rikun! Stupid Rikun for teasing me like that!

Ever since Rikun found out about Rikuo's secret…fixation…about them being brothers and lovers at the same time, he had taken every chance to tease Rikuo about it. Rikun even started to get really affectionate to Rikuo, more than usual, thus the result this morning, and he was not in the least ashamed about it.

Rikuo bit his lips. However, no matter how embarrassed he was, Rikuo could not deny the fact that, it made him really happy when Rikun told him that.

Stupid Rikun…

Which comes from within

~In Rikun's room~

Rikun sneezed out loud, the papers he was holding flew away at the force of the sneeze.

"Are you all right, Third Heir?" Kurotabo, who was sitting across of him, asked, picking up the papers at the same time and gave them to Rikun.

Blinking a couple of times, Rikun took the offered papers. "Ah," He smirked. "Must be Rikuo."

"Pardon?" Kurotabo did not catch the last muttered statement.

Rikun shook his head, "Its nothing." He then continued looking at the reports that his subordinates had gave. "…Kurotabo."

"Yes, Third Heir?"

Rikun blinked at the report he was reading. "Did some of the clan heads went out despite the danger?"

"Eh? Ah…yes…I apologize deeply for not being able to stop them," Kurotabo bowed at him.

Rikun waved it off, "Forget it. It was only a matter of time before they get fed up with being coped up here…however…" Rikun showed Kurotabo the report he was looking. "When did he start leaving the place?"

Kurotabo looked closely at the report, "Ah. It was roughly about a week."

"A week, huh?" Rikun looked at the report again, scanning at the details.

Kurotabo watched as Rikun continued to look at the report, before he realized something as well, "Ah! Third Heir, you don't think-!"

Rikun held out a hand before Kurotabo could continue on, "Let's gather more evidence first before we jump into any conclusion." He placed the reports down. "Anyways, do you know where Zen is?"

"Zen-sama is-"

The doors suddenly slammed open.

"Oi, Rikun! I was looking for you!" Zen stood there with his hands on the sliding doors, his bodyguard appearing beside him.

"So I see," Rikun deadpanned.

"Impudent brat," Zen muttered, before turning to the two bodyguards. "Oi, I need to speak to Rikun alone, leave would you?"


"I need to speak to Zen as well, just leave us alone for a while," Rikun told them.

"Yes, Third Heir," The two guards bowed and left the room.

The moment the door was closed, Zen quickly grabbed Rikun by the shoulder and started shaking him. "Do you have some sort of plans? Things are getting worse! If you don't do something fast, those Shikoku yokais are going to get better of us! To add on, do you have any idea how restless the clan heads are? Also-"

"Zen. Zen. ZEN!" Rikun shouted to get his attention. "Calm down first. And stop shaking me," He slapped Zen's hands away from him.


Rikun sighed, "Stop telling me things that I know of. As for having a plan, I am trying to catch someone right now, the rest will have to wait."

Zen blinked, "Catch someone?"

Rikun merely waved it off, "How is Shoei?"

Shoei is the son of Hihi's and have temporarily taken over as the head of the Kanto Great Ape Alliance, due to his father's inability to lead the rest of their clan now.

Zen folded his arms, "Not good. At first, he was all right with just following your orders, however, as the situation worsen, he wants to avenge for his father…and Hitotsume is egging him on."

"Hitotsume-Jiji again…Does he really dislike me that much?" Rikun huffed.

"Well, you practically told him that he was the perpetrator for spreading the rumors about Gyuki and Rikuo during the meeting. Of course he is not going to like you very much," Zen shrugged, not sympathizing him at all.

"Thank you for your kind and comforting words," Sarcasm was oozing out from Rikun's words.

Zen smirked, "So, now that I told you what I wanted to say, what do you want to talk to me about?"

Rikun gathered the papers and placed them on one side. Folding his arms in his sleeves, Rikun stared at Zen.

"…You have been in the Nura clan for quite some time, right?"

Zen blinked at the question, "That is correct…why are you asking this?"

Rikun stayed silent for a while, "…What do you know about the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons? "

"Ah?" Surprise took hold of Zen. "Unnnn…It is just a term used for gathering yokais under a leader's banner, which can only be mobilized by the leader's command."

Rikun closed his eyes, "…That is not what I was looking for…"

"What?" Zen frowned, coughing a little. "Why, Rikun? What are you looking for?"

Rikun took a deep breath. "Zen," He revealed his crimson eyes.

"Why did you exchange Sakazuki with me and Rikuo?"

Which comes from within

~After School~

The five bodyguards of Rikuo's watched as their Young Master contemplated about something, while walking back to the house.

"Hey, what is Young Master thinking about?" Aotabo whispered to the group.

"Who knows? I am more interested as to why Young Master was red in the face this morning. He totally just ran all the way to school. I wonder…could it be that, him and Third Heir…" Kejoro squealed out the rest of the sentence.

"What? What?" Tsurara questioned.

Kubinashi coughed, "I believe that is none of our concern. Don't pry into their private life."

"You are no fun, Kubinashi," Kejoro pouted, causing Kubinashi to sweatdrop.

"…The Onmyoji was injured."

"Eh?" Everyone turned to Kappa, who had his hands behind his back, giving his usual relax expression.

"The Onmyoji?" Kubinashi asked.

"Un," Kappa nodded. "She had an arm sling on her…it seems recent."

"Eh? She came to school? When?" Tsurara was shocked to hear that. "I did not see her at all today! And how did you know?"

"She came in during lunch, and was taken away by the teachers," Kappa told her. "It happened when you were too busy trying not to freeze Young Master's childhood friend when she-"

"Ahhhhh!" Tsurara shouted out to mask the rest of the statement, clapping her hands as well. "Um…maybe we should asked Young Master what is bothering him then?"

~With Rikuo~

Rikuo had a serious expression on his face, his fingers under his chin in a thinking pose.

Keikain-san came in with an injury. She said it was just attack from a yokai, who was trying to blend in with humans, and that, it was nothing…but, judging from the way she was wincing…also, the injury was quite recent. She mentioned that she attack the yokai first because they were emitting an evil aura and that she had never seen them around…eh?

Rikuo blinked and stopped walking for a second, causing his bodyguards to stopped as well.

"Is something the matter, Rikuo-sama?" Kubinashi looked at Rikuo worriedly.

However, Rikuo was in deep thoughts.

Seen them around…? Keikain-san lives near the First District, right?

"…And that is how I got this injury," Yura said.

"You sure are lucky to have spot a yokai, Yura-kun!" Kiyotsugu placed an arm on her shoulder.

"U-Um…Isn't it more important to get that treated, Keikain-san?" Rikuo eyed her arm sling.

"Hmm…" Yura stared at Rikuo, making him slightly uncomfortable. "I will be fine."

"A-Ah. Is that so?" Rikuo sweatdropped at the stare he was receiving.

"Ah, Keikain-san! Please don't come to school if you are injured! Come with me to the infirmary," Their teacher came in and motioned Yura to follow her.

Yura bowed her head and followed.

"Ah, Yura-kun! Could you at least tell us how long has this been going on? Maybe we can catch this yokai!" Rikuo sweatdropped again at the sparkles that appeared near Kiyotsugu.

Yura glanced back before she walked off, "I had asked around. It seems that yokai have been around for a week or so."

A week or so…a week…First District…


"Y-Young Master?" Tsurara, along with the others, was stunned by the shout.

Rikuo turned to them, "We need to hurry back to Rikun now!" He then started running to the main house, leaving the five yokais no choice but to follow him.

"Y-Young Master, did you figured something out?" Aotabo asked as they run alongside with Rikuo.

Rikuo nodded.

"I think I know how Tamazuki was always able to get a step ahead of us!"

Which comes from within


A stick struck on the rock.

"Hoooo…its been 300 years since I had been to Shikoku," Rihan announced, back to his yokai form with one hand holding a stick and the other on his straw hat while looking around the place, with Nurarihyon, who had the same stick and straw hat, beside him. "Now that I think about it, our territory ends at Mount Nejireme, right?"

Nurarihyon did not answer Rihan's question, choosing to look around, "Strange…"

"Hm?" Rihan looked at him. "What's strange?"

"This place had changed," Nurarihyon narrowed his eyes.

"Ah?" Rihan squinted his eyes. "Well…we are at a forest, and 300 years is quite a long time, so if it has changed, it is not that surprising…how could you tell anyways?"

"It's no-"

"I smell something foreign," A loud booming voice came from above them.

"Eh?" Nurarihyon and Rihan looked up, to see an Oni standing there, sniffing around, not noticing them yet.

"An Oni?" A bead of sweat appeared at Rihan's cheek. "Oi, oi, I don't know that Onis live here."

"They don't," Nurarihyon told him.

"Hah? Then what is that in front of us?"

That Oni heard their conversation and turned towards them. "Hm? I-Intruder!" That Oni then proceeded to attacked them with his fists.

Nurarihyon and Rihan quickly jumped away to avoid the hit.

"When I said that the place had changed, I was talking about the lax in security."

"How is that, lax?!" Rihan pointed at the Oni, who was coming towards them.

"That," Nurarihyon jumped into the air with his stick above him, "Is a fake." He then hit the Oni on the face with his stick.

"OWWWW! IT HURTS!" The Oni ran away crying while clutching his face.

"Eh?" Rihan sweatdropped, watching the Oni got further away.

"Don't let him run off!" Nurarihyon shouted, running after the Oni.

"What? U-Un!"

However, as they chase after the Oni, a giant bottle of sake hurled towards Nurarihyon.

"Oyaji!" Rihan shouted, eye wide at the giant bottle.

Nurarihyon jumped into the air just as the bottle hit the ground. Looking around, Nurarihyon spotted a giant yokai, while he was in the air, nearby. Heading straight in that direction, Nurarihyon tried to assault the yokai with his stick, to which the yokai countered it with his hand.

Nurarihyon smirked as he leaped back, "It's been 300 years, Inugamigyobu Danuki. Looking old, aren't you?"

The yokai smirked back, "Right back at you, Nura clan's Supreme Commander."

Which comes from within

~At a place filled with statues~

Rihan looked around in awe, "Ho! This is an amazing amount of statues here."

"There seems to be less than before," Nurarihyon commented.

"Really? Where are we anyways?"

"This is the Kingpin of the Shikoku's Yokai Clan, the headquarters of 88 yokais of Shikoku, Yamaguchi Holy Shrine…If memory serves, there used to be 108 of them. Isn't that right, Inugamigyobu Danuki." Nurarihyon directed his question at the yokai, who was seated at the middle of the place.

Danuki nodded. Behind him, the Oni that Nurarihyon and Rihan were chasing after, turned into a puff of smoke, changing into a smaller raccoon dog form.

"Boss, you know this two old men?"

"Old man?" Rihan's eyebrows twitched.

"That's right, Mamedanuki. Why don't you go and play now?"

After the small yokai left, Nurarihyon went and sat at a fluffy seat near Danuki.

Rihan sweatdropped, "O-Oi! Oyaji!"

"Hm? What's wrong?" Nurarihyon looked at Rihan, who was pointing at his seat frantically.

"Sorry, but that is not a seat," Danuki told Nurarihyon.

"Hm?" Nurarihyon looked down and stared at his seat. Blinking a few times, Nurarihyon realized that he was actually sitting on Danuki's lower stomach. "Oh! Sorry about that," Nurarihyon quickly stood up, scratching the back of his head with a huge sweatdrop.

Rihan turned his head to the side, trying to control his laughter. Nurarihyon helped him by whacking him on the head with his stick.

"Haha. Let's have some sake. There is much to talk about," Danuki said. A female tanuki yokai, wearing a red yukata, stepped forward and started serving them.

Nurarihyon and Danuki then toast.

"So, may I ask who is this?" Danuki gestured at Rihan.

"Ho. This is my son, Nura Rihan, Second Supreme Commander of the Nura clan," Nurarihyon introduced.

Rihan bowed his head at the introduction.

"Second Supreme Commander? Ah…you mentioned that before…so he succeeded you at that time then?" Danuki drank his sake.

"Hm," Nurarihyon followed his example.

Rihan, on the other hand, was slightly confused.

That time?

"I see," Danuki turned back to Nurarihyon. "So, what exactly brings you here? Not for social call I take it?"

"Just a little curious about something," Nurarihyon placed his cup down. "You are not leading any yokais now, are you?"

"…" Danuki paused for a while. "…I am not. Did something happen?"

"One of my clan members, Hihi, was attacked by a yokai called Muchi."

"Mu-Muchi!" Danuki jerked his head. "…I see…"

"You know that name," Nurarihyon stated.

Danuki let out a sigh, "That stupid son of mine…"

Rihan perked up at that, "Your son?"

Danuki nodded, "Tamazuki. He is my eight son of my 88th wife, and has inherited most of my powers compared to my other children."

Rihan gawked, "88th wife…!"

"That is what you are not suppose to focus on," Nurarihyon deadpanned at him.

Rihan laughed nervously while rubbing the back of his head.

Danuki continued his story, "Tamazuki is trying to rule yokais using Fear, just as I have done in the past. He even recruited the Seven Phantom Travelers of Shikoku to help him." Danuki let out a disappointed sigh, "He must have heard about your new successor, the Third Supreme Commander of the Nura clan, and thought that if he could take him down, he would be able to bring glory back to the '88 demons of Shikoku'."

Rihan tilted his head to the side, "Hmmm…so Rikun is having trouble right now as we speak." He then drank his sake, as though the thought did not bother him.

Nurarihyon chuckled.

Danuki blinked at the unconcern nature the both of them are displaying, "…I take it that the new Supreme Commander is strong?"

"Not at all!" Rihan grinned at Danuki, who sweatdropped slightly at the confident answer. He then smirked, "…Compared to us, that is."

"Rikun will do just fine, he has Rikuo beside him," Nurarihyon said.

"Hmm…I hope that you are right…the Seven Phantom Travelers of Shikoku is not to be underestimated, especially the yokai, Inugami."

"…Inugami, huh? A yokai, whose Fear is based on hatred," Rihan frowned slightly.

Nurarihyon sipped on his sake, "Hmm…Anyways, Inugamigyobu Danuki, there is something else that piqued my interest."

"What is?"

Nurarihyon looked at him in the eyes, "…Is it true that your son holds the Mao's Hammer?"

Danuki took in a sharp breath while Rihan's whole body became stiff.

Which comes from within

~In Rikun's room, evening~

"…And I think that, that is how they have been able to know about our movements," Rikuo told Rikun, who was sitting opposite of him with Zen.

Rikun and Zen glanced at each other after hearing that from Rikuo, to which Rikuo noticed.

"…Do you know something?" Rikuo tilted his head to the side.

Rikun looked at him, "Somewhat…" Rikun then stroked his chin. "…Seems like we will have to go out tonight…Kurotabo."

The door slid open, revealing Kurotabo kneeling there, "Yes, Third Heir?"

"Gather the others, we are going to hunt down a spy."

"Understood," Kurotabo then left to do that.

Rikun stood up, "Well, time to leave."

"You are leaving me behind again," Zen growled out.

"We are just going to catch a spy. I doubt you will want to do such a thing," Rikun said, making Zen huffed in annoyance. Rikun then turned to Rikuo, who had his head down.


Rikuo jerked up, "A-Ah. Um…be careful."

Rikun blinked at the warning. He kneeled in front of Rikuo, "What is wrong, Rikuo?"

Rikuo bit his lips, before letting out a shaky sigh, "…Just a bad feeling…"

Understanding lit up in Rikun's eyes, and a smile spread on his face. He leaned his forehead against Rikuo's. "Everything will be fine. Don't worry."

Rikuo smiled at the assurance, "Un." He then took note of the close proximity between them. "U-Um…"

Rikun observed the blush that was slowly spreading across Rikuo's cheeks. He raised a hand up and gently caressed Rikuo's cheeks, "Rikuo…"

Rikuo felt his heart beating very fast at the way Rikun was calling him. It was the same as this morning. Rikun slowly leaned forward, bringing their lips closer, until they could feel each other's breath. Then-


Rikuo flew backwards and held a hand on his chest, breathing hard.

G-Gyaaa! I forgotten Zen-san is here! Again!

Rikun was not pleased at all at the interruption, and he showed that by glaring at Zen.

"Don't glare at me. You have work to do," Zen gestured at the door, where Kurotabo, Aotabo, Kubinashi, Kejoro, Kappa and Tsurara were standing. Kurotabo and Kubinashi coughed into their hands, Aotabo was rubbing his head, Kappa merely blinked, while Kejoro was squealing at the scene, and Tsurara was blushing.

That caused Rikuo to blush even further. He stood up, "I-I'm going to my room."

Just as he was about to walk towards the door, Rikun's hand caught his.

"Eh? Wha-" Rikuo widened his eyes when Rikun placed a chaste kiss on the back of his hand.

"I will see you later, Rikuo," Rikun told him with a smile, letting go of his hand.

Rikuo tried to say something, but was unable to, his blush darkening. He could only give a timid nod and ran out of the room.

"You just like to tease him, don't you?" Zen deadpanned, watching Rikun getting up and walked to the giggling and blushing yokais.

Rikun simply smirked, "Well, shall we go?"

Which comes from within

~First District~

"Welcome to Bakenekoya! Ah, Hitotsume-sama! The usual?" Ryota Neko greeted his guest, who happened to be Hitotsume.

"Ah," Hitotsume walked to one of the seats and sat on it.

"Hello, Hitotsume-sama," A woman with pale face and violet eyes approached him and started pouring him sake. "A bad day as usual?"

"Hn," Hitotsume closed his eyes in irritation and drank his sake.

The woman merely smiled and continued to pour him sake.

Which comes from within

"…I can't believe I allowed a yokai to injure me so easily," Yura huffed, clutching on her arm sling while walking along the streets.

As she continued to walk, an image of Rikuo coming to see her at the infirmary and asking question about the yokai came to her mind, causing her to pause.

He even asked me for a picture…

Yura frowned, before shaking her head fervently.

"I need to find that yokai, before they do any damage," She punched her fist in the air.

Which comes from within

~At the main house~

Rikuo sighed as he kneeled down at the pond beside the cherry blossom tree, "Why does he like to do this kind of things to me?"

"It's because Third Heir cares about Young Master a lot."

Rikuo turned to see Kappa floating in the pond towards him with his eyes closed. "Still, it's a bit much, isn't it? He even had you and Tsurara to stay with me since he is bringing the others with him. Where is she anyways?" Rikuo looked back at the house.

"Trying to prevent herself from melting," Kappa said.

"Huh?" Rikuo blinked confusingly at Kappa, who did not elaborate further. "Haaa…Anyway, at the rate that he is going, a blush is really going to stay permanently on my face," Rikuo placed a hand over his face.

Kappa opened his eyes, "But it makes you happy."

Rikuo jerked at that statement, staring wide eyes at Kappa. He dropped his head down, unable to deny it, "…Is it that obvious?"

Kappa simply made a noise, "Third Heir would not be Third Heir if he does not do this kind of things."

"You don't see him doing this to the others," Rikuo frowned.

"Because they are not the one Third Heir loves," Kappa looked at Rikuo.

Rikuo blushed lightly.

Kappa chuckled, "You know, Young Master, everyone is waiting for that day."

Rikuo blinked, "E-Eh? What day?"

"Why, the day when Young Master and Third Heir are joined together as one," Kappa replied, before floating away from Rikuo.

Rikuo watched blankly as Kappa float away, before he realized what Kappa was talking about.


Which comes from within

~Back at Bakenekoya~

"…And that stupid brat actually dared to accuse me in front of all the clan members!" Hitotsume hiccupped, holding his empty cup out to the woman, who dutifully filled the cup.

Hitotsume gulped down his sake, giving a loud sigh of satisfaction, "Hnnnn! I know he is not cut out to be the Third Heir. Even now, he is not even inclined to do anything! Just simply letting those yokais run amok!"

"Oh? Such a bad leader he is then. He is not going to do anything now?" The woman asked.

"Bah! He just copes himself up in his room," Hitotsume waved his hand. "If this goes on, the Nura clan will fall in pieces." He drank his sake again, not noticing how the woman was smirking.

The front door bell rang

"Welcome to Bake-Ah, Third Heir! Did you come here to have a drink?" The woman heard from the Ryota Neko.

~With Ryota Neko and Rikun~

"Ah, Ryota Neko. Sorry, we are not here for relaxation," Rikun told him, reaching into his sleeves and pulled out a paper. "Have you seen this person?"

Ryota Neko looked at the paper, which shows the woman that was with Hitotsume, "Ah! She is one of our waitresses! Would you like me to get her?"

"Please," Rikun nodded.

~With the woman~

The woman cursed when she heard that. She quickly made her way towards the back door, just as Rikun came into the room.

"Oi! Where are you going? My cup needs refilling!" Hitotsume shouted after her.

At that, Rikun turned to where the woman was running off, "Kurotabo, Aotabo, Kubinashi."

"Yes, Third Heir!" The three of them followed after the woman.

"Eh? What?" Hitotsume stared at the direction they had left and at Rikun.

Rikun glanced at him and sighed, "It just had to be you, Hitotsume-Jiji."

"Wha-" Hitotsume's eye widened as he figured it out. "That woman is a spy?"

"Ah," Rikun tilted his head. "Kagibari-Onna, one of the executives of Tamazuki's. You know, Hitotsume-Jiji, I expected better of you. Babbling information to an enemy is unsightly."

"Wh-What! I don't even know that she is a spy! How do you even know that it is me! Anyone could have done it!" Hitotsume defended.

Rikun ran a hand through his hair, "Rikuo came to tell me that his friend, who lives around here, was injured attacking a yokai who was around for some time. Since Bakenekoya is the only place here that is associated with the Nura clan, it is safe to say that the yokai was spying here. As to why it was you," Rikun started walking past him. "You are the only clan member who had been coming here for a week, which was the same time when things started falling apart."

Which comes from within

The woman, Kagibari-Onna, watched as the three yokais ran past the alley she was hiding in.

"Ku! How did they find out about me? Didn't that oaf say that he was not planning anything?" Kagibari-Onna bit her thumb. "Did I accidentally give myself away?"

She started thinking about how, when an image of her fighting with Yura came to mind.

"It's that brat! It must be! When I find her, I am going to kill her!" She swore. "…I need to report to Tamazuki-sam-" She paused as she was going to the other side of the alley, only to see her target walking past. "Great timing. I will kill you for foiling my cover!"

Which comes from within

~Nura main house, meeting room~

"Apologies, Third Heir. We lost her," Kubinashi, Kurotabo and Aotabo bowed at him.

Rikun gave a sigh.

"I am really sorry about this, Third Heir!" Ryota Neko bowed deeply at Rikun. "Letting an enemy in and letting her gain information of the Nura clan, I apologize deeply for letting this happen! Please punish me as you see fit!"

"It's fine, Ryota Neko. You couldn't have known," Rikun raised a hand to stop his bowing, only to have him looking down at the ground in guilt.

"Tch. But I can't believe that you are the one who was giving the information away," Zen narrowed his eyes at Hitotsume, who was cowering at the door.

"How do you plan to take the responsibility!" Shoei, who was there as well, yelled at him.

Seeing how Hitotsume was trembling, Rikun decided to stop it before things got too far, "Stop it. It was not as if he did it intentionally."

His words served as a boost for Hitotsume. Hitotsume quickly stood up, "That's right! We are all in this state due to someone's poor ability to lead!"

Everyone watched as he left the room, not wanting to stay any longer.

"…He is right about that," Rikun muttered, staring off to the side.

"Third Heir…" Tsurara glanced at him.

Rikun turned to her, "Where is Rikuo?"

"Ah…he is…" Tsurara suddenly looked nervous, making the yokai blinked.

"He is in his room, Third Heir," Kappa helped her out.

Rikun raised an eyebrow, "I suppose I should go and thank him for the image and the information he had given us," He moved forward, only to have Kappa stood in front of him to prevent him from going out of the door.

Silence filled the room at the daring action made by Kappa.

"What are you doing, Kappa?" Kubinashi asked, looking between him and Rikun, who did not show any expression on his face.

Kappa exhaled through his nose loudly, before looking at Rikun while scratching his cheek with his webbed hand, "Sorry, Third Heir. But Young Master stated that he does not want to see you now."

"…" And a blink of the eyes was Rikun's reaction to the statement.

"Pfttt!" Zen quickly turned around, trying and failing to hide his laughter, while the other yokais stood in the room awkwardly.


"That is what you get for teasing him too much." Zen smirked at Rikun, who responded with a huff.

"Whatever. I will see him later then," Rikun said, closing his eyes. "Sanba Garasu."

The room was suddenly filled with gusts of wind. When it stops, the three mentioned yokai, kneeled in the middle of the room, facing Rikun, "You called, Third Heir?"

"Search the town for Kagibari-Onna. You as well, Ryota Neko," Ryota Neko jerked up at the command, looking shocked at Rikun, who was staring at him. "The First district in your domain, you should be able to cover the place fast."

"Y-Yes, Third Heir!" Ryota Neko smiled at the chance to redeem himself.

"Don't let her escape."

"Understood." The four of them then quickly left to abide the order. Once they did, Rikun gave a slight glare at the still laughing Zen, before leaving the room as well.

"By the way, Kubinashi," Tsurara called for his attention.


"Where is Kejoro?" Tsurara noticed that she was not here.

"Ah…she is…"

Which comes from within

"Really…asking me to look after a human," Kejoro sighed, staring at the said human, who happened to be Yura. "A yokai taking care of an Onmyoji…this is almost unheard of."

Kejoro sighed again, following Yura at a distance, "…But why did Third Heir asked me to look after her? She should be fine on her own…" She closed her eyes, thinking about earlier.

While they were making their way towards Bakenekoya with Rikun in the lead, Rikun suddenly stopped and glanced to the side.

"Is something the matter, Third Heir?" Kubinashi asked, before looking at the direction Rikun was staring at.

There, at the opposite alley, the yokais saw Yura walking there. Rikun took note of the arm sling she had.

"Ah, the Onmyoji," Kejoro said. "Why is she out so late at night?"


"Yes, Third Heir?" Kejoro turned to Rikun, who was still staring at the same direction.

"Follow her."

"Eh?" That surprised Kubinashi, Kurotabo, Aotabo and Kejoro.

"Erm…" Kejoro looked at the other yokais indecisively, before giving a bow, "Yes, Third Heir." She then turned to follow Yura.

"Is there a reason for sending Kejoro after the Onmyoji, Third Heir?" Kubinashi asked as they watched Kejoro walked off.

"Hmmm…" Rikun titled his head towards him. "I am just heeding Rikuo's warning, that's all."

"Eh? Young Master's?" Kurotabo blinked.

Rikun did not explain, walking off, "Come on, we have things to do."

"Haa…" Kejoro sighed once again. "Exactly what can happen if I just take my eyes off her for a second…?" Kejoro paused when she opened her eyes, to find that the person she was following was gone.

She blinked and quickly looked around the place, still not spotting Yura anywhere.

"Me and my cursed mouth…" She quickly ran around the town, trying to find Yura.

Which comes from within

Yura was still walking around the street aimlessly.

She sighed, "I guess that's it for today. I better head ho-" She jerked as she suddenly picked up an evil aura behind her.

This feeling…yokai!

She glanced behind her worriedly.

This is bad, there are too many people here, I need to find a seclude place.

She then quickly maneuvered herself through the crowd, the evil presence following her.

"This place should be fine," Yura reached a place where there are flat tires and construction materials lying around.

"You little brat."

She turned around to see Kagibari-Onna standing there, "…So I was right. Yokai of Shikoku, Kagibari-Onna."

"Why is an Onmyoji helping yokais out? Did you not hate our kind?" Kagibari-Onna snarled. "Telling them about me…I will destroy you and sent your head to Tamazuki-sama!"

"What? Helping yokais? Since when did I do that?" Yura narrowed her eyes.

The only person I told about her was Nura-kun…It can't be…No! Now is not the time to think about this!

"Just what are your intentions?" Yura demanded.

"I don't have to answer to the likes of you!" Kagibari-Onna leaped into the air, spreading her hair and sending them towards Yura.

Yura pulled out her shikigami papers, "Shikiga-" Sudden pain erupted from her injured arm, making her paused her action and causing her to be struck by Kagibari-Onna's hair.

T-This is bad!

Kagibari-Onna took advantage of her weakness and raised her up in the air using her hair.

"Kuh!" Yura choked out as the hair started to squeeze her, making it hard for her to breathe.

"Die!" Kagibari-Onna sent her hair towards Yura again, intending to end it. However, before the hair could reach Yura, it was cut off, along with the ones holding Yura up, causing Yura to fall from the sky.

Brown hair curled themselves around Yura, preventing her from hitting the ground hard, before landing her safely on the ground.

Yura weakly tilted her head, getting dizzy from the lack of air earlier, trying to take a glance of the one who saved her.

"…W-Who…" She whispered, before she fainted due to her injuries and dizziness.

Kagibari-Onna looked at the one who had interrupted her. "You-!"

Which comes from within

~Nura main house~

Rikuo sat at the corridor outside his room, staring at the cherry blossom that was swaying with the wind.

"…I can't believe Kappa said that…" Rikuo sighed, a tint of pink appearing at his cheeks.

A cherry blossom petal slowly made its way towards Rikuo and landed on his lap. Rikuo blinked and picked up the petal. He stared at the petal before blowing it off his fingers, watching it float to the ground.

"…Stupid Rikun…"

"That was rather mean of you to say that, Rikuo," A voice whispered to his ear.

Rikuo gasped and turned around, only to find himself staring straight into a pair of crimson eyes. They stared at each other for a while, before Rikuo took in their position. Rikun stood behind him, bending down so that his head was directly beside Rikuo's. Their lips are only an inch apart due to Rikuo's movement.

Rikuo shakily opened his mouth and-


He quickly moved backwards, dropping onto the backyard's ground, before standing up just as quickly and backed away to the bark of the cherry blossom tree. "Wh-What are you doing here!" He unsteadily pointed a finger at Rikun, who was rubbing his ringing ears.

"…You don't have to shout," Rikun stood straight up and made his way to backyard as well. "So, what's this not wanting to see me all about?"

"I-I was just…erm…" Rikuo turned his head to the side, embarrassed to look at Rikun. "…I-It's nothing."

"Hm? Is that so?"

Rikuo blinked.

The voice sounds nearer…

Rikuo turned his head back to find that Rikun was already standing in front of him.

Wh-When did he-

Rikuo gasped as Rikun pressed Rikuo's body further against the tree with his own. Rikuo heard his heart thumping loudly, his eyes widening at the feel of Rikun's body against his.


"…If it wasn't for the mind link and your reactions, I would have thought that you do not share the same feelings for me."

"Eh?" Rikuo looked up, finding those eyes staring at him again.

Th-The same loving eyes again…

"Wh-Why do you say that?"

"Because…" Rikun leaned down towards him, "…I never did hear those three words from you."

Rikuo widened his eyes.

"The last time you said it to me was about nine years ago, when you were three years old. And these days, whenever you are about to say it to me, it was always interrupted." Rikun placed a finger under Rikuo's chin and tilted it up, "So, Rikuo, would you make me the happiest yokai by saying those words to me?"

Rikuo went red at the brazen words that Rikun spoke, "I-I didn't know that you are a romantic person, Rikun."

"Only you, get to see me like this," Rikun grinned at him. "So, how about it?"

Rikuo took a deep breath to calm himself, trying to work up the nerve to say it, while Rikun patiently waited.

"I…" Rikun perked up his ears, staring at Rikuo who had his bangs covering his eyes. "Rikun, I…" Rikuo then made eye contact with Rikun.

"I lo-"

"Third Heir!"

The shout startled both of them so much that, it caused Rikun let go of Rikuo's chin and Rikuo to slide down to the ground while holding a hand over his chest.

Ryota Neko landed on the roof of the walls. "Third Heir! I fou-Erm…" He saw the states of the both of them. "W-Was I interrupting something?"


Rikun and Rikuo thought.

"…It just always had to be when things are getting intense…" Rikun muttered, before giving out a sigh, "What is it?"

"Ah! I found Kagibari-Onna!" Ryota Neko told him.

Wings fluttering could be heard behind them. Rikun glanced back to see the Sanba Garasu standing at the opposite roof.

"Looks like Ryota Neko beat the three of you," Rikun smirked.

"Eh?" Sanba Garasu looked towards Ryota Neko, who was grinning with pride.

"Is she alone?" Rikun held out a hand to help Rikuo up.

"That's…" Kuroumaru trailed off.

"Hm?" Rikun and Rikuo blinked.

Which comes from within

"You are from the Nura clan!" Kagibari-Onna sneered, her hair spreading out.

"Ara, ara, I sure had a hard time finding the Onmyoji, and be careful there, your hair is all in a mess, old lady," Kejoro grinned.

"What! Watch your mouth, you old hag!"

"Old hag?!" A vein popped on Kejoro's forehead.

"I will sent your head as a present to Tamazuki-sama!" Kagibari-Onna leaped into the air, "Jonen Onnagoroshi, Hari Jigoku!" Her hair then shot towards Kejoro in two large spikes.

Kejoro quickly avoided it and took out a pair of tessen. She spread the fan open, "Midaregami, Asobi Onna no Mai!" She then started to dance around, her hair following the movement and moved towards Kagibari-Onna.

Kagibari-Onna quickly defended herself with her hair and shot her own hair to Kejoro, who also countered it with her hair.

The two of them went at it for a while. Attacking and defending, defending and attacking, until both of them were panting.

Kagibari-Onna frowned tiredly.

This is endless…

She then shifted her gaze to the unconscious Yura.

I will just attack her!

Kejoro gasped when Kagibari-Onna aimed her hair at Yura. Unfortunately, during their fight, Kejoro had moved away from Yura, making her vulnerable to attacks.

I won't make it in time!

"This is my win!" Kagibari-Onna grinned in victory.

Suddenly, both yokais felt something that caused them to freeze up.

"Wh-What?" Kagibari-Onna looked around fearfully, letting her hair revert back to its original state.

This Fear…

Kejoro did the same as well, looking calm as she knows whose Fear it belongs to.

"Apologies for being late, Kejoro."

Both women turned towards the voice. Rikun was standing at the top of some of the construction materials, with Ryota Neko and Sanba Garasu beside him.

"Yo-You! I-I will…" Kagibari-Onna started to spread her hair again.

Seeing that, Rikun simply spread his Fear even more while raising the unsheathed Nenekirimaru, "Allow me to give you a proper greeting."

Kagibari-Onna could only watch with wide eyes as Rikun moved forward and swung his sword down, cutting of a portion of her hair and causing her to fall to the ground, "Argh!"

Rikun then landed on the ground before Yura, glancing at the spy. Kagibari-Onna trembled before him, looking at Rikun with fearful eyes.

As if knowing what she was thinking, Rikun said, "I won't kill you."

Kagibari-Onna jerked in shock.

"I need you to bring a message back to Tamazuki," Rikun placed Nenekirimaru on his shoulder. "Don't resort to cowardly things like spying and using woman to do your dirty job, at least face me if you want to take me down."

Kagibari-Onna gritted her teeth, looking at the yokais surrounding her, before retreating, knowing she had no choice.

After she left, Rikun looked down at Yura, "Looks like Rikuo is right again." He looked back at Kejoro, who was holding her right arm, which was injured from the earlier fight, "Go back with Kejoro and get her treated."

"Yes, Third Heir." Sanba Garasu and Ryota Neko landed themselves in front of Kejoro.

Which comes from within

Yura flickered her eyes open.

Wh-What happened? I was…fighting Kagibari-Onna…then…

Yura gasped and sat up, only to wince in pain due to her fast movement.

"Awake, I see."

Yura turned to the side to see Rikun sitting on some of the tires, a few feet away from her.

"You!" Yura shouted. "What are you doing here? Where is Kagibari-Onna?!"

Rikun merely glanced at her and jumped off from where he was sitting, "…Take care of that injury of yours." He then walked off, not answering any of her questions.

Yura struggled to get up, "W-Wait! Just what are your motives?"

Rikun continued to walk off, seemingly not to hear her question.

Yura bit her lips, watching Rikun fading off at a distance.


Which comes from within

~At a building~

Kagibari-Onna kneeled at the floor, closing her eyes in shame.

"Hm? He said that, did he?" Tamazuki looked down at Ukiyoe Town from his position, "…What an interesting Supreme Commander."

"Tamazuki…" The boy that was seen with Tamazuki when Rikuo first met him, stood behind him, "Shall we do as he says?"

"Hmmmm…" Tamazuki tilted his head. "Getting excited, Inugami?"

"We should just take him down now! Don't give him a chance to get back up!" Inugami snarled out.

"You must really exercise some patient, Inugami," Tamazuki smiled. "Rushing will get you nowhere."

"If we could just take him down, there will be nothing to worry about! I don't understand why you are prolonging this! If you won't do anything, I will!"

Tamazuki sighed, "…Do as you wish."

Inugami smirked, "Good." He stalked off, eager to get down to work.

"I don't really want to witness Inugami's ugly side," Tamazuki glanced back at the town. "I can't wait to meet you, Nura clan's Third Supreme Commander."

~To Be Continued~

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Tanuki = Raccoon dog

Jonen Onnagoroshi Hari Jigoku = a technique where Kagibari-Onna's hair shoots toward an opponent in two large spikes with the intent to skewer or trap them.

Tessen = A type of Japanese war fan, these holding fans are made of heavy plates of iron, and can be used to fend off arrows and darts.

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