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Opening Archives. Summarisation of history starting year 2504, "The Second Great War", using United Terran System as a focal point.

October – General James Eugene Raynor (then Leader of Independent Terran Military Formation Raynors Raiders fighting against Dominion Forces, headed by Emperor Arcturus Mengsk*) rallies Mar Sara separatist civilians against an under strength Terran Dominion Logistic Headquarters. He meets up with an old friend, Tychus Findley, who claims he was representing Möebius Foundation, a scientific organization that specialized in archeology. With depleting funds, Findley's suggestion of obtaining Xel'Naga artifacts for the Möebius Foundation proves to be an opportunity.

Obtaining allies, Raynors Raiders slowly grabs pieces of the artifact, realizing that the zerg and the Queen of Blades Kerrigan** are after the same thing. Prince Valerian Mengsk, heir and son of the Dominion Emperor, strikes a shaky truce with Raynors Raiders, advising that the artifact may lead to de-infesting Kerrigan. Another old friend of Raynor, Protoss*** Dark Templar Prelate Zeratul, appears in the Hyperion (flagship of General Raynor), warning him of a prophecy concerning Kerrigan, tying her fate to the rest of the sector's and appearance of a race that threatened to destroy all.

General Raynor also to obtains a recording from an old adjutant implicating Emperor Mengsk as a war criminal while building his assets.

After successfully landing and establishing a FOB on the zerg core world of Char, they successfully held the line, letting the artifact build energy unleashing a wave that devastated zerg defenses enough to extract a more humanoid Kerrigan back to the Hyperion.

Unknown to them, back at Earth, a discovery of an alien ruins and technological caches on Mars**** introduces a new concept called Mass Effect.

Additional notes:

*- Arcturus Mengsk is a terran from Korhal IV. He led the Sons of Korhal and orchestrated the downfall of the Terran Confederacy during the First Great War. Mengsk ruled the Terran Dominion, the Confederacy's successor, as Emperor Arcturus Mengsk I. Relationship with General Raynor turned antagonistic after abandoning Kerrigan to the Zerg in Tarsonis. Theories regarding his betrayal ranged from Kerrigan being politically unreliable to a form of vengeance against the Ghost that killed his family.

**- Sarah Louise Kerrigan was a psychic terran female. Began her career as a Confederate Ghost and later became the second-in-command of the Sons of Korhal. Following Arcturus Mengsk's betrayal she was captured and infested by the Zerg Swarm, ultimately becoming the self-proclaimed Queen of Blades and leader of the Swarm up to this date.

***- The protoss are a sapient humanoid race that were native to Aiur. For more information, check 'Protoss' under 'System Alliance'.

****- Having not received word from the Expeditionary Fleet of United Earth Directorate during the Brood War, the worse was perceived and the UED established buffer militarized zones, creating Luna Base, and then expanding colonization in Mars. One of their probes accidentally detected the alien ruins along with three functional ships and a new element dubbed 'element zero' that were hidden deep beneath the south polar region of Promethei Planum.

November – Dominion Ghost SpecOps infiltrate Hyperion, hoping to catch the weakened Kerrigan off-guard. Hyperion crew and the recovered Sarah Kerrigan were able to drive off the Dominion Ghosts. Raynor and Valerian were unable to convince Kerrigan to stay. Enraged of the memory of being left behind in New Gettysburg, she disabled Valerian, and took an escape pod back to Char, where she tried to re-establish her brood, fighting off a mutinous Brood Queen Mother.

Dropping Valerian to Haven* for medical attention, Raynor's Raiders begin to concentrate on their engagements with the Dominion. Raynor uses the obtained data, spreading an outcry in the core Dominion worlds. Emperor Arcturus Mengsk tightens policy and declares a harsher Martial Law ruling. A majority of Dominion supporters unanimously declared support to Raynor's Raiders forcing Mengsk to withdraw from Korhal.

With the bulk of Dominion Forces scattered, Raynors Raiders were able to keep Mengsk on the run until Kerrigan, now establishing a majority of her broods, returned. Combined forces of both Raynor's Raiders and Kerrigan's Brood, cornered Arcturus Mengsk. Instead of submitting, Mengsk drives his ship to a collision course with the Hyperion, but was subsequently halted by concentrated fire.

Raynor succeeds Mengsk as leader of the terran Dominion. He establishes proposals for a more democratic form of government, but it is proving to be troublesome in applying to the numerous terran worlds. Valerian Mengsk has been assisting him regarding system politics.

Sarah Kerrigan began to search for more broods lost, preparing for the invasion of the enemy that the protoss prophecy spoke of.

Unknown to them, back on Earth, applying Mass Effect technology with current FTL technology proved to be fruitful. Application on a smaller scale is being developed. Science Vessel Discovery uncovered the dormant Mass Relay of Charon, which was initially thought as Pluto's moon. Talks of exploring Koprulu Sector again with a larger force were discussed, and after a few days of deliberation, finalized.

They sent a sizable contingent led by Admiral Jean Greystone to Koprulu Sector. Another expeditionary fleet was sent through the Charon Relay for exploration and colonization, led by Jon Grissom, reaching Arcturus system.

Additional notes:

*- Haven is a temperate garden planet within range of the Koprulu Sector. It is populated by refugees of both Agria and Meinhoff during the Second Great War. It was also a sight of skirmish between Executor Selendis and General Raynor when a zerg infestation was discovered within the population. Raynors Raiders were able to hold off the protoss fleet while Dr. Hanson, a genius scientist expert in biochemistry and other disciplines, was able to obtain a cure for the current infestation. Her work was able to stave off more complex zerg strains when used against the Alliance by the Hybrids, a perverted combination of both protoss and zerg.

December – Protoss Dark Templar Prelate Zeratul advises of his discoveries of the prophecy he obtained Ulaan, causing unrest among the many still separated tribes of the protoss. Even after the events of the Brood War, Hierarch Artanis was unable to keep the peace between the Dark Templar and the Khalai, reverting the protoss back to tribalism.

Worse, the emerging appearance of Hybrids began to attack and easily annihilating smaller tribes. With a common enemy, the protoss slowly began to unite closer tribes, slowly expanding and gaining small victories against the enemy. Unfortunately, a majority of the tribes have left to farther regions, and defending a front had put considerable strain in getting the word out.

Fortunately, the new United Terran Sector, led by Admiral Matt Horner (then XO of Hyperion flagship of UTS) assisted the protoss providing logistic aid to assist in rebuilding tribes and uniting the protoss.

On another front, hybrids have also been attacking the fringe planets of the UTS. The contingent of the United Earth Directorate had been caught unawares. Caught in an ambush, UED ships began to retreat and formed a defensive line that held long enough for a UTS patrol to confirm their location and send reinforcements. Both humans of Earth and Koprulu Sector worked together*, second time in history, to secure a retreat for the battered UED contingent.

Additional notes:

*- UED and the Terran Dominion first worked together during the Brood War, as they tried to take Char Aleph, an infested orbital platform used as a staging area for the zerg.

Year 2505

January– Heavy fighting in all sectors. Hybrid forces began to land on fringes of UTS space, and began employing zerg forces in a ground war. Overwhelming the terrans, they began to slowly evacuate civilians back to core worlds, each defensive position growing harder to push through every planet conquered.

Leader Raynor meets with surviving senior rank office of UED, Commodore Steven Hackett. Purpose of UED's presence is discussed, but with the looming war, an alliance is formed by both parties. The United Terran Alliance was formed. Mass Effect technology proved to be an interest, but deemed unpractical considering the situation. Instead, it was decided that Commodore Hackett would use the faster UED ships to use hit and run tactics at Hybrid flanks when the heavier and harder hitting UTS forces would pin them in place.

Hybrid forces were slowed down, but even with amazing synchronization between the former antagonistic terrans, they were being pushed back nearer and nearer to the core worlds.

Fortunately, it was enough. Zerg, led by Sarah Kerrigan, appeared and flanked the Hybrids. With numbers, they began to assist in breaking open any fortified defenses and Kerrigan's presence was also a decisive asset as she was able to confuse, and sometimes outright change the alliance of any zerg forces under the Hybrid's control.

In four weeks, Hybrid forces were decimated. They had no concept of surrendering, and were annihilated. In the end, the UTA was victorious in their front, and began to concentrate forces on the protoss front.

Protoss forces have finally united under a banner for both Dark Templars and Khalai, but were still outnumbered. Bolstered with the terran and zerg numbers, the hybrids were also annihilated in this front, ending the threat. Zerg forces dispersed immediately, and Kerrigan mysteriously disappeared.

March – UTA disbands as Leader Raynor and Commodore Hackett began talks regarding intentions of the UED. Deciding on talking with Earth leaders, a diplomatic convoy was planned. Mass Effect technology research and the retrofitting the UTS ships that will be used as diplomatic envoy to Earth began. Protoss sped up research, lending their expertise in warping and shielding technology.

An interest piqued among the protoss as they discover that Mass Effect technology is similar to the xel'naga technology they were using. Protoss request to accompany UTS on their diplomatic envoy.

Commodore Steven Hackett sends out a message and report of what has been happening, and advises the plot course to Earth.

June – UTS ships weren't as fast as UED ships, and took longer for them to return to the Sol System. Hackett's message got through, UED forces mobilized. UTS and Protoss forces were cleared through, but still under suspicion.

Raynor, Valerian, High Executor Selendis and Prelate Zeratul meet with UED representatives at Freedom station. First day of talks seemed promising. Impressions of what the terran criminals made themselves productive in Koprulu sector seemed to appease the UED representatives, and talks of trade of goods and services seemed be the opening both terrans needed for mutual peace.

Protoss also offered services on their views of Mass Effect technology, making their request to see Mars ruins much easier to allow.

There was more scepticism regarding alliance with zerg. Their absence on the diplomatic envoy made their involvement questionable.

September – UED, UTS and Protoss establish the System Alliance. This secures trade routes and establishes and promotes cultural exchange between the Terrans and Protoss. Zerg nominated as a member, but with the silence of Kerrigan and her brood, most rules concentrated on the UED, UTS and Artanis' united protoss tribes.

Protoss discover more similarities of the xel'naga and protheans. Extensive studies show that the disappearance of the xel'naga may have been caused by something else other than the protoss division. Scholars and religious figures argue the continued studies of the xel'naga and protheans, most advising it may cause another Aeon of Strife*.

Zerg overlords find a dormant mass relay. UTS transport the relay to a system near Koprulu Sector, the Protoss and the zerg worlds. UED scientists activate the dormant relay, and realized the relay was able to connect to the nearby Charon relay. Trade became more efficient.

Additional notes:

*- Aeon of Strife is considered the bloodiest civil war in protoss history. Due to massive scientific and psionic development, protoss began to splinter to different tribes and waged war on each other.

October – UED and UTS began to establish colonization rights. Exploration of other planets outside the Sol system for colonization approved. Planet Terra Nova and Eden Prime surveyed. Protoss were invited to join, but with the devastation of Aiur, their homeworld, and other Protoss colonies, they concentrated on rebuilding their old colonies and home planet.

Ghost and Spectre SpecOps training was combined and re-purposed to the N7 program. This is due to a Ghost and Spectre successfully stopping a terrorist group from crashing a ship filled with element zero at Singapore International Spaceport. The attack was covered up. To the general public, what happened was an error that was almost a catastrophic accident.

Both UED and UTS began to modify training regime for both Ghosts and Spectres. Instead of treating psionics in the program with suspicion, they began to take a more active role in turning them to long-term military assets.

December – UED and UTS combine resources to begin colonization. Demeter was the first to be colonized, and plans for Eden Prime and Terra Nova were underway.

Protoss offer retired templars to expand on human knowledge about psionics. Specialization of psionics break down the N7 programs to three branches. N7 program was also modified and took in non-psionics for training purposes as well. Soldiers and even engineers that showed the highest competence and skill were invited. While psionics regarded non-psionic recruits with suspicion, the broadening of training aspects allowed them to pursue careers beyond just being black-ops soldiers. In time, both the psionics and non-psionics of the program worked together with little friction.

Private biomedical firm Sirta Foundation produced a medical breakthrough - the first prototype medi-gel. After years of gathering information obtained through surviving ground medics and medivacs regarding the First and Second Great War, the firm produced the all purpose salve that combines anaesthetic and clotting agent. Military and civilian use of medi-gel expanded longevity rates and reduced complications and discomfort for patients.

Freedom Station moved slowly to Arcturus system. Expanded and built upon. UED and UST begin to expand the station, and plan to build massive fleets as a means to protect their colonies.

2506 – UED and UTS completely occupies Freedom Station. Protoss fleets allowed to dock and station there. Freedom Station was re-inaugurated to Arcturus Station. System Alliance plan to use the station as a base of operation.

2507– Planet Shanxi established for colonization. Thanks to Terran technology, Command Centers began rapid deployment over the planet. Settlements and military personnel oversee civilian ships settling in, and began to expand quickly.

Protoss explorers establish a smaller developments on the outskirts of the terran cities. In constant communication, the allied races began to expand total sphere of influence on the planet.

Caches of minerals were found concentrated at the centre of terran population. Protoss settlements found notable hotspots for vespene geysers.

UED forces began to scout and fortify defenses off-world, building orbital platforms in orbit. UST fleets patrolled the space, where they discover a dormant mass relay near the edge of the system.

Three days ago - A Science Vessel Newton began to travel to the dormant relay for study, and began to plan on activating it.

Current Date, Five hours ago - Newton advises they are activating First Contact protocol. They sent data of unknown signal coming from the outer rim of the system.

Four hours ago - Newton signal lost.



Logging you out, General Williams.

Author's Notes:

I've been wanting to combine the two universes for a while now, and I thought, what better way to paint the picture is with the first war between the Alliance and the Turian Hierarchy? While I am a bit knowledgeable regarding the two games, I still like to have some feedback from those who have studied the lores of both. If any think I missed something or correct me, click that review button or PM me.

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