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Affinity (Working Title): Locke, a socially awkward teenage loner, finds out that the world is out to get him, with deadly pens, chairs, and the ever ominous baby rattle and that he can use his only friend, Serena, who can transform into inanimate objects, against evil and to find out the mystery behind these abnormalities.

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Chapter Three: The Moon Goddess Strikes Back

I woke up to a certain Love Goddess spooning me, but that was pretty much normal when you live in her palace. If you sleep here, she will cuddle with you eventually. I was about to shove her off quietly when the doorbell rang, waking up Aphrodite, who was still in her "pajamas", if a bra and panties count as pajamas.

"Hopefully it won't be Ares asking for another 'meeting'," I grumble-whispered as we both got up. "I like my bed gunk-free thank you very much." I went out of her bedroom, Aphrodite in tow behind me. I opened the door revealing...

Lady Artemis. What would the Maiden Goddess do knocking on Aphrodite's door at ten AM? Oh yeah, to see if Aphrodite has been messing with her, which was true.

"Uh... Lady Artemis, what are doing here?" I asked. Artemis looked shocked, her pupils dilating. I heard from somewhere that your pupils dilate when you see your crush, so this means that the Love Arrows worked. Or maybe because I was only in my boxers. Yes, boxers do qualify as pajamas, and no, that doesn't make Aphrodite's clothes qualify.

"I-Um..." then she was interrupted.

"Percy, who is it? I want to get back to bed already!" said Aphrodite. Let's just say, it got really messy after that, but eventually, I got Artemis off of Aphrodite.

"S-Sorry sister. I'll just leave now." She then teleported to who-knows-where. Then my lady grinned hugely.

"It looks like someone's jealous, Perseus!" I groaned.

"If you don't mind, my lady, I'll leave now," I stated, walking towards the door. I was really hungry, and in the mood for a good cheeseburger to start the day. She waved me away, so I walked out the door, the sun hitting my skin. I decided not to fly, because I'm pretty sure they don't serve winged demigods. As I walked towards the elevator, I felt a sudden presence stalking me. I pulled out Aphrodite's Love and Riptide and pointed the bow at a nearby bush.

"Show yourself!" I yelled. Then a blinding light came from the bush. Great, I've got a god following me. I stowed my weapons and went on my way.

"Thank you, and come again. Next!" the bored cashier lady said, giving me my tray. I walked over to a booth and sat down, practically drooling at the Big Mac. I was about to have a bite when a flash of blinding light enveloped the booth. Then Artemis' teenage form appeared in front of me.

"Hello Perse- I mean Percy!" said Artemis. She was wearing a silver t-shirt with jeans, but that wasn't the problem. Artemis the Chaste was wearing make-up. She got a fry and popped it in her mouth. Then spewed it out. "I can't believe you eat this greasy mortal gunk." Then she made a box of... meat cubes appear. Then she offered me some.

"Would you like some bear meat, instead of that sad excuse of a potato?"

"Um, no thank you Lady Artemis, but-"

"No need to call me Lady Artemis, just Artemis is fine," she said, winking at me. I think that Love Arrow made her crazy. I was about to reply when another immortal interrupted.

"Ooh, move over Artie, I wanna sit!" said Aphrodite, stealing a fry. I had a feeling that this was just going to get worse. Artemis was about to protest when I stood up and left, taking the burger with me. I started running, trying to gain speed for flight, but was tackled down. The person turned me around, revealing Artemis, who looked like she was having her... special "girl time" aka, her period.

"LOVE ME!" she yelled. I saw Aphrodite hovering above, trying not to laugh. Artemis must not know how to handle being love sick.

"Fix her Aphrodite, I beg you!" I pleaded, Artemis shaking me like crazy, telling me to love her. She nodded, summoning a... frying pan. She then proceeded to whack Artemis, knocking her out.

"There, fixed! Happy now?" asked Aphrodite.

"You do know that I meant for you to tone down the love, right?" I replied.

"Well, for that, you'd have to do something for me." That did not sound good, but I didn't want to be stalked by Artemis forever, and this quick fix wouldn't suffice.

"Fine. What do you want me to do?"

"Go on a date with an Athena spawn from Camp Half Blood. I need to prove to Athena that love does rule over mind!"

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