Hi everybody! How's it going? This is my first story, and hopefully not the last. A huge thanks to Tazski for betareading! THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! And of course a thanks to those who reviewed.

What happens when a plane crashes, in the middle of its journey to LA? And what happens when the angels are the only remaining survivors? I see your thoughts. They will stay close to each other, and of course survive the days alone on an island. Only... they don't really know each other.

The beginning.


Kelly was having a rough time. She was restless. It was her first time on a plane, and she was sure the crush was unavoidable. She hated every minute of it. Being close to the window and being gently pressed by the passenger next to her made her feel uncomfortable.

And they hadn't even gotten in the air yet! She was frustrated but tried not to show it.

She shifted, her muscles aching and studied the blond girl next to her. She looked about the same age as Kelly. Eighteen-nineteen, maybe a little less, maybe a little more.

Noticing the sudden attention the girl smiled and tossed a strand of blond hair of her face.

''Is anything wrong?'' she asked. ''Do you wanna change seats with me? I don't mind''.

''No,no. I'm fine,'' replied Kelly quickly.

The girl laughed and gazed at the window.

''You anxious?'' she asked again, her tone mild and pleasant.

''Well, maybe a little,'' Kelly heard herself say.

She uncomfortably tried to imagine how she would be recognised after the plane crashed and burned, and all that would be left is her skull. She cleared her throat and smiled sarcastically to herself, rubbing her eyes. She never liked early or on this occasion, very late calls, but she really wanted to take that trip to Los Angeles. Just the name sounded great. Angel Town or something like that, she thought.

The blond started unzipping her bag. She got out a sandwich and entertained herself with the carefully wrapped napkin.

''Want some?''

''No, no. I'm fine,'' she reassured Kelly, for a second time.

This was getting on her nerves. These seats were so freaking itchy! She came to an abrupt conclusion. She absolutely hated travelling! She would never do that to herself again!


''So, uh... is this your first time in LA?'' said the blond between chewing and biting.

''Yeah, my first time anywhere I guess,'' Kelly murmured. ''I never had the chance to travel,''

''Really? You'll love it! I'm Jill. Jill Munroe''

''Kelly Garret.''



'' I dunno...''

A-w-k-w-a-r-d was all Kelly could think of. She laughed ironically at her current situation.

Next to her Jill was getting really chatty. Kelly cursed herself mentally.

A stewardess passed by with the little trailer.

''You girls want anything to drink before the flight?'' she asked and offered them two paper cups. Kelly took a cup of coffee, though she knew with her nerves another jolt of caffeine wasn't going to help at all. The moment the doors began to slam close another person burst in. She was tall, lean, brunette and something about her brown eyes was wild and fiery. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt and a pair of old jeans.

After scanning the area she took the empty seat behind them and held tight a modest bag, which appeared to be the only piece of luggage she had, unless of course she had managed to hide a suitcase in her jeans' pockets.

Jill giggled next to her and smiled at her as a welcome. She didn't smile back, but instead just threw her an empty look and collapsed on her seat, eyes closed, fists clinched. Jill frowned and turned playfully to Kelly.

''She's weird,'' she mouthed and then lay on her seat relaxing.

Kelly didn't respond, and somehow Jill felt lonely. Nobody was talking to her! What a nightmare!

Kelly started rubbing her temples as they took off. She could feel the cold sweat at the base of her spine as they finally went on the air. She suddenly realised that except her, Jill and the brunette there were only two more passengers. Not a busy day.

The night had already fallen and she had nothing to do but wait. She saw some lightning from far away. A storm, she thought. Let's hope it is very far. The sound of the thunderbolt was indeed disturbing and making her swallow hard immediately.

She had heard that many flights were canceled or delayed due to bad weather conditions these days. It seemed that people had canceled their trips so at least it wasn't crowded. An old man coughed sharply somewhere at the back. She didn't turn to look, but Jill did.

Suddenly the plane shook and then it continued. There was a scream; probably the man and she held her breath. What the hell was that?

''Air gaps'' said Jill, overly excited.

'' Excuse me?''

''It happens all the time, don't worry, nothing out of the ordinary''

They wiggled again and Kelly's heart ran to her throat.

''I hate it...''

''Nuh... it isn't so bad''

''Mother nature, what have I done to you to deserve this...'' she said desperately and sunk lower. Jill seemed thrilled about it. Kelly turned to look at the brunette expecting some reaction but her face was serene and emotionless, her eyes closed.

Maybe she was sleeping. She lifted an eyebrow and tried to mimic her.

Another shake indicated that she held her breath until it passed. This last one had been greater. Next to her Jill was getting paler per shake. She had entirely lost her smile but Kelly tried not to look. 'Please, stay in the air, stay in the air, stay in the air,' she prayed silently and stopped to look outside.

''You said it was normal'' Kelly noted casually under her breath to the blond.

''Yeah, but the weather stresses me out'' she frowned. ''How 'bout you?''

''I'm scared of heights. I don't know how I talked myself into this. If we fall, please kill me before we land...''

Jill smiled and gave her a friendly push.

''It's gonna be alright'' she said.

She was wrong. Dead wrong.