This is my first and possibly worst attempt at writing a FF. The idea of this completely CRACK pairing came to me a while ago, and I was hoping that some magnificent mind out there had already conjured up a good plot. To my disappointment, I discovered that not only are there very few ByaKarin FF's out there, but almost all of them are ONE SHOTS. So I gathered up a whole lot of courage, and even more creativity to write this story. The rating is T for now, but as the chapters progress the rating may be subject to changes. I've set the time frame of this FF to be Post "Lost Substitute Shinigami" Arc, but Pre- "Thousand year Blood war" arc. I've expanded the time skip between the two arcs, so Karin is older in this ff.

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'I should have just stayed in bed this morning' Was the first thing that Karin thought as she entered the crowded subway. Karin yawned as she sat in her seat in the subway and stretched. Her body was still a bit sore from her weekend of training with Urahara. Karin was so drained that she didn't even feel like heading to the University this morning, but Karin knew that she couldn't start getting into the habit of skipping lectures. 'If this is just the second half of my freshman year, then I'm screwed' thought Karin glumly. Karen's main problem wasn't the workload that she had been given. Karin was incredibly intelligent – when she actually cared enough to display her intelligence – and Karin could easily earn top marks in her class as long as she was putting in at least some effort. Besides, at the unbelievably slow pace that her lectures were going at, exams wouldn't be anything to raise an eyebrow over. Karin's problem however, was trying to balance college, soccer practice, and the responsibility of being a fledging spiritual medium, all at the same time. Today would probably turn out to be no exception to her routine either. Karin had woken up early to start her day, and headed to the campus soccer fields to attend practice as-per usual. Despite having to wake up at 5:30 AM to get ready, Karin really enjoyed her practices. The workout kept her in great shape, and all the running and kicking she did was amazing stress relief. Whether she was kicking the bell, passing the ball, or acting as a goalie, Karin felt free whenever she was on the field. After soccer practice Karin had headed back home on the subway to get ready for her lecture at 9. The day was turning out to be fairly uneventful, and Karin was actually beginning to enjoy her lecture, until she spotted a rather large, lizard-like hollow lurking about the court garden just outside of the building she was in during her lecture. Karin inwardly groaned, knowing that she'd be left to deal with the problem, seeing that she was the only Shinigami nearest to the hollow. Damn it! Damn these hollow, Damn the lazy Shinigami in this city, and Damn my ability to see these stupid fuckers!

Karin rose out of her seat and excused herself from the lecture, making sure to ask her friend Ami to scan a copy of her notes for her. As Karin left the lecture hall she broke out into a jog, and as she turned the corner, she pulled out her gigonkan, swiftly ejecting herself out of her body. As soon as she did that, she regretted it entirely. She barely had any experience with fighting hollows with her zanpakutou; every other time she fought hollows she always fought in her human form (with the aid of some of Urahara's supplies, of course) but since Urahara had taught her how to achieve her Shinigami form, she had decided that she would start trying to use her Shinigami powers, rather than depending on her physical strength and Uraharas various supplies to fight hollows. But how was she supposed to fight a hollow with her Shinigami powers when she didn't even know how to use her zanpakutou! Karin's thoughts were abruptly interrupted when she just scarcely missed the impact of the hollows slashing tail. Karin leaped backwards into a nearby tree, and silently cursed herself for getting distracted. The Hollow thrashed its tail about and snarled. The hollow then refocused itself, and sensed for Karin's reiatsu. Once it found what it was looking for, it roared loudly and quickly advanced in Karin's direction.

Karin realized that she'd have to totally abandon the notion of retrieving her body, because doing so would only cause an excessive amount of damage to the surrounding buildings and endanger the people within them. Bracing herself, Karin wielded her zanpakutou, and charged after the hollow with as much force as she could muster up. She leapt overhead the hollow and dived down in an angled position, with her zanpakutou held in front of her. Once Karin landed, she gracefully spun around to survey the result of her efforts. She had managed to strike the hollows arm off from the shoulder down, but she didn't land an especially deadly blow. Karin was getting ready to attack again, when she felt a sharp stinging sensation in her left thigh. When Karin looked down, she saw blood trickling down her leg and instinctively clutched onto it to try and diminish the pain and the copious blood flow. Karin must have spaced out for a moment too long, because she was suddenly hit with the full force of the hollows tail, and was sent sailing through several buildings. The hollow wasted no time trying to finish Karin off and slashed its tail at the foundation of the building surrounding the area and raised its tail to give a finishing blow to Karin's battered form. Karin was too injured to get up, and in resignation and defeat, she closed her eyes and braced herself for the impact. I should've never gotten out of bed this morning…

Suddenly, instead of the feeling of crushing concrete and hollow-tail against her body, Karin felt only a slight pick-up in the wind, and heard a shrieking sound that appeared to be coming from the hollow. When Karin opened her eyes, she welcomed sight of the hollow she was fighting slowly disintegrating, and the devastation that the hollow left in its wake. The entire campus looked like a hurricane had run through it. Almost every building had suffered extensive damage; those that weren't completely destroyed, were in pretty bad shape. 'I guess I won't be having any physics lectures for a while...' Was Karin's only thought in response to the devastation that was staring her in the face. Just then, a pair of sandal clad feet gracefully landed before Karin amidst the rubble, and a tall figure with long, flowing black hair towered above Karin's form. The figure was male Shinigami, and had a presence that commanded respect, and reeked of authority. Karin mentally noted the Captains cloak that the male Shinigami had on over his shihakusho. The figure casually swept his eyes over Karin's figure, appraising her before he spoke.

"No individuals matching your description have been given authorization to patrol this district. State your division and rank within said division, so that a formal report may be made detailing your insubordination."

Karin simply blinked at the man in confusion. What on earth was he talking about? "I'm sorry, what?"

"It appears as though the other captains have taken a partiality to enlisting illiterate trainees with their ranks. It is of no consequence, I shall reiterate my previous statement in terms more befitting of someone with your mental capacity, or lack thereof."

Did he just insinuate that she was stupid? Oh, this day just kept getting better. Karin – understanding perfectly what the tall as getting at – was furious. Her anger was so fierce that she had forgotten all about the many injuries which she had sustained and rose to her feet, marched up to the tall man and gave him a slap across his face.

"Listen here you arrogant little crap, don't insult me and treat me as though incapable of comprehending anything you say! I heard you loud and clear, what I'm trying to get at king shit, is that whatever you're talking about doesn't apply to me. I'm not part of any division, and as a consequence of that I have no rank. Now if you had the decency to approach me like a human—err Shinigami, then you would have been able to acquire this information."

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