The Magic of Love

A Collab between Keono and Woolfy

Chapter One

"God dammit, un!" The sound of paper being crumpled up was heard along with the sound of it being discarded. A teen with long blonde hair was sitting at the base of a large oak tree, a sketch pad in his lap and a pencil in his hand. From far away the person would appear to be a girl but it was indeed a boy as their features showed anyway. And this teen's name was Deidara. "No," The blond mumbled, his azure eyes scanning at all the paper he'd just wasted. He couldn't give a flying shit about all the trees he'd 'killed'; he just wanted to get a good idea.

Deidara was currently in his first year of college, being nineteen, and he had an art project due in three days and he had yet to come up with a good idea. He decided to take a walk in the local forest, hoping to find inspiration but all he found was moss stains on his jeans and the usual trees.

Sighing, Deidara leaned his head back and stared up at the leaves of the oak tree. His hair got tangled in the bark and he quickly pulled it away, fixing his small ponytail. He pushed the fringe in front of his left eye behind his ear so that he could get a good look at the blank page, a canvas yet nothing came to mind to sketch. The project was supposed to be a painting but he had to sketch it first.

"Fuck it," Deidara muttered as he stood up and brushed his pants of any vegetation. He put his sketch book and pencil in his book bag before walking through the dense forest, leaving his failed sketches on the ground. A lot of the trees were deciduous but there were also pines and Deidara wondered how diverse this forest was.

He stopped and looked at a tree, until he realized that a painting of a tree was very boring and there were enough hippies in his class that were already painting trees. The blonde saw two trees that were oddly intertwined, though there was a gap between them that the blonde could probably just fit through.

Out of boredom he decided to test to see if he could squeeze through the gap. He managed to do so quite easily, and he shrugged before he continued to saunter through the forest. As Deidara continued to walk he noticed that nothing looked familiar. He turned 180degrees and found that he had never seen this part of the woods before.

Swearing lightly, Deidara continued to walk, wondering just where the hell he was. Taking out his cell phone, he saw there was no service and he sighed in irritation.

He walked on for what felt like forever but was shocked to see a house, right in the middle of a clearing, just…there. He had had no idea that anybody lived in these woods; well he assumed they lived there because there was a chimney and there was smoke curling up from the top. The sun was about to set so Deidara hurried over to the house, wondering if the current residents had a phone he could use.

Walking up to the house, he grimaced. It looked like it would collapse at any moment, along with the great nana that must have grown up in it. Who would live in such a dump? The outside of the house was wooden sidings which were painted white but it was obviously chipping away, showing the rotting wood beneath. There was moss on the roof as well as on the front porch, which was somewhat collapsed. The windows looked dirty against the red curtains from the inside of the house and Deidara was sure one of them was broken. All over the house there were imperfections but Deidara still wanted to go inside and ask to use a phone.

The blonde knocked on the door and waited for several seconds, but he guessed that no one was home. Deidara turned the handle but he was surprised to find that it wasn't locked. The nineteen year old entered the abode, met by the warmth of a fire which burnt in the fireplace.

Everything looked elegant and historic in the place, although aging books were spread everywhere. The pages were yellowing and crisp, giving the impression of age but also of care. Deidara frowned and shut the door behind him, moving to gaze at the contents of one of the books. He could not recognise the language of the text; it all looked like a bunch of hand written scribbles.

Deidara cringed in disgust once he realised that the writing had not been written in ink; it was written in blood.

Shit! He had to get out of there!

The blonde suddenly went cold as he caught onto the sound of disturbed leaf litter as someone walked closer and closer and closer…

Shit! It had to be the owner! The blonde scrambled frantically for the first hiding place that he could find; he quickly slid underneath a bed that was meticulously made. Underneath it was dusty, but the blonde bore it when he suddenly heard the door open.

The nineteen year old froze in terror, and through the reflection of a long mirror that was positioned on the wall he could see a hooded figure. The blonde was unable to see their face beyond the black cloak. Deidara heard the stranger give a sound of confusion, "…Peculiar…"

The blonde could tell just from the person's voice that they were a male, and Deidara felt his jackrabbit heartbeat slow down slightly as he listened to the velvety voice.

"…It must be nothing…" The blonde heard the sound of turning pages and he relaxed. Deidara resisted the sigh of relief and he looked to the side, turning ghost white once he caught onto the sight of three human skulls that were under the bed with him. They were staring at Deidara with menacing hollow eyes and the blonde was far too freaked out by the sight.

He screamed and scrambled out from under the bed, quickly getting to his feet. He accidentally bashed into a bookcase, rocking it roughly. Something that had been on one of the top shelves slipped and the next thing the blonde knew it was around his neck.

It was a necklace…And it was shrinking…!

Deidara turned to face the stranger, who was quite baffled by the suddenness of the blonde. They appeared to recover their senses and the nineteen year old heard the stranger uttering an unknown language. The cloaked figure brought a hand up and Deidara stared in absolute horror as a ball of lightning formed in the palm of the male's hand.

The blonde yelped as it was suddenly thrown at him, and he covered his head instinctively. He heard the stranger give a confused noise and Deidara slowly opened his eyes. The ball of lightning was floating in the air right in front of him, stopped by thin air, "What the…?"

The ball buzzed for several more seconds before suddenly vanishing, and Deidara's eyes widened as he looked down at the necklace that was around his neck. It had altered its size until it now sat snugly around the blonde's neck; he could breathe perfectly fine, but when he tried to pull it off it wouldn't budge.

The cold necklace grew comfortably warm around his neck, and the stranger was staring at the jewellery as well.

Deidara saw that the stranger was distracted and he ran over some clutter to get to another door in the house. Though as soon as he got about five meters away he felt the necklace get burning hot around his neck and he gave a panicked yelp, trying to get the burning metal off. He turned around and saw the owner of the house walking over to him, the burning sensation going away. He tried to run away again but was caught by his arm.

"Why are you in my house?" The stranger said with a thick accent as they grabbed him by both of his arms when Deidara tried to get away.

"I just wanted to borrow your phone, un! You can have your freaky junk back, just leave me alone!" The stranger tightened his grip on the blond and he scowled. Deidara was only able to see his mouth which scared him even more.

"Why do you have my necklace?" The stranger asked, his voice smooth but venomous.

"It fell on me! Let me go and I'll give it back, un!"

The stranger shoved the blond. "You're a stupid kid for thinking that I can get that necklace back."

Deidara was still too shocked. "What makes me stupid? Here," Deidara yelled as he tried to pull the necklace off only to see that it was smaller than before. "Wha..." He tried even harder and the stranger gave an irritated sigh.

"Thank you so much for ruining my life, you brat!" The man took off his cloak and Deidara was shocked to see that the man didn't look like some evil man like he had imagined. He had messy hair that was blood red and big brown eyes which looked dark against his pale skin. That was when Deidara saw that he was wearing an almost identical necklace. Deidara looked down to see that his was silver with blue in the middle, while the other man's was red in the middle; some special stone? "Stay where you are and don't touch anything," The man commanded as he began to walk away to get something but stopped once both of their necklaces grew hot. Deidara gave another yelp and the redheaded man came back. "Never mind, follow me." Deidara was still afraid of what would happen but slowly he followed the man. "Hurry up!" He barked, his accent thickening with anger.

Deidara quickly scurried over to the redhead, still shocked as he saw more of his surroundings. There were some charms on the walls, the floor was cluttered with more things than he saw before and he saw a stove in the corner of the room with something cooking in a pot. Deidara scowled and the man just grabbed his arm, angered by the pace they were going at.

"I told you to hurry up!" The male pulled him along, grabbing a basket that was full of forget-me-not flowers. They stopped once they reached the cooking pot and the red head let go of Deidara's arm as he pulled the lid from the make-shift cauldron. "This was supposed to be my dinner, but this takes priority…Let's see…Two forget-me-not flowers…" The red head dropped two into the pot, "Ashes of a cremated animal…" He pulled a container from what appeared to be a spice-rack and he tipped some of the contents inside.

The male continued to name off random ingredients that made the blonde's head spin, before he suddenly felt a sharp pain as the stranger pulled a piece of hair out before proceeding to pull out one of his own. He dropped both hairs into the pot before taking hold of a wooden spoon, and the blonde made a move to bolt for the door.

"Haulog jupc xat trot (Stop where you are)." The words sizzled in the air and the blonde suddenly found that they were wrapped around him, halting his motions. He tried to continue to flee, but he couldn't even move a single muscle. The red head gave a growl of irritation and moved in front of the blonde, taking a tight hold of his ear. The spell immediately broke at the feeling of pain and Deidara yelped at the ache, though the other male soon let go. "Idiot! Stop doing that!" He gave the blonde a hit on the head with the wooden spoon and Deidara hissed, "You must be thick if you haven't realised what the hell has happened by now!"


The older male gave a groan and shook his head in ire, "I'm not a kidnapper; you broke into my house! And now you're wearing the other cursed necklace, Brat! I couldn't let you go as much as I wanted to – and believe me, I want you gone!" The red head sneered and dragged the younger male back over to the pot, "Shrotiv keh Konan (Show me Konan)."

The liquid of the pot began to swirl in a circular fashion, glowing different colours before it suddenly stopped. Deidara stared in utter shock as a woman's countenance appeared within the liquid; she had bright blue hair with a small plant pot on her head. A white rose was growing out of the pot, thorns shining dangerously. "Sasori!" The female grinned at him, "So nice of you to call! How's life?"

"Shut up, Konan!" Sasori sneered at the bluenette and yanked the blonde into sight, "This Brat broke into my house and now he is wearing the other cursed necklace that you gave me seven years ago – for my eighteenth birthday."

"You mean the set of two? And you put one of them on before I had time to tell you that they were cursed?" She grinned at the red head, "Man, that kid is hawt! You always were the lucky one, Sasori~ Are you calling to thank me?"

"No! I want these things off!" He shoved the confused blonde out of the picture, but not too far away. "How do we get them off?"

The bluenette's smile faded and she looked thoughtful. She placed a hand on her chin and looked at Sasori. "... No clue." Deidara peeked over at the cauldron, wanting to see what was going on. Konan's grin returned and she waved. "Hello, Sasori's hawt boyfriend!"

Sasori snarled and shoved the blonde out of the picture again. "Hey, un!" Deidara protested. He was in this messed up situation too, so he should be able to see this chick!

"I know you know how to get these things off, Konan," Sasori near snarled. "You made them and-"

"Okay, okay!" Konan exclaimed, holding her hands up in defence. "Sure, I know how to get them off, but it's really complicated... So you two should come over for tea now! Bye!"

Sasori's eyes widened. "Konan-"

"Chaypfar! (Goodbye!)" And the liquid turned back to its original colour of murky brown.

Sasori swore in the unknown language and Deidara flinched. "Look, I didn't mean to intrude on your freaky life, but why can't you get them off, un? I have to get home and-" The redhead turned his hateful eyes on Deidara.

"I can't because they are cursed! I have already said this before, Brat!" The redhead groaned and grabbed the blonde's arm, dragging him over to the door that Deidara had tried to run to before. Sasori opened it and it revealed a closet. He quickly pulled on a random cloak, before dragging the blond outside.

"Hey! I have to go home, un!" The blonde pulled away and glared at the redhead. "Do your creepy magic and get this off!" He sat down on the dry leaves and twigs, crossing his arms.

Sasori narrowed his eyes. "Leiple keh (Follow me)." Deidara's eyes widened when his body gave a sudden jerk so that he was now standing. The redhead began walking away and Deidara followed against his will.

"Hey, stop, un!"

Sasori groaned. "Won Silell (Be quiet). You're honestly making me waste my magic, Brat." The duo continued to walk, Deidara trying to protest most of the time. After a while Deidara saw that he and Sasori were leaving the forest to cross the road. Deidara tried his best to make a sound and to move on his own, but there were no cars on the road. They went back into the forest and Deidara mentally groaned.

They had been walking for god-knows-how-long when they suddenly came upon a giant spider's web. Sasori stopped in front of it and Deidara stared in horror as an enormous spider crawled down to the centre. It had a pattern on its abdomen that looked like a grinning demonic face. Its real mouth moved and the blonde listened as it spoke the odd language in a harsh voice, "Tra ro jan byninlettura? (What is the password?)"

Deidara's face paled but Sasori seemed absolutely unaffected by the sight, "Jan byninlettura ro 'Konan ro orapy' (The password is 'Konan is great')…" The red head pursed his lips in annoyance at the girl's stupid idea of a joke.

"Xat trot yetta; xat nir og jan homca rf jan White Rose Witch (You are correct; you may enter the abode of the White Rose Witch)." The spider crawled partly downwards before taking hold of a string of its web, pulling it upwards to reveal that a house sat beyond the opening, despite the fact that behind the web there was none.

Sasori walked through the portal and Deidara followed behind him against his will, "Remind me to cast an amnesia spell on you after we get these damn necklaces removed." The blonde gave a sneer but he still could not talk, instead taking in the sight of the house.

It looked like an average cottage with a garden of flowers out the front – specifically a garden of thorn bushes with brilliant white roses blossoming across the green foliage. Homely smoke rose from the chimney and the door opened up to reveal the woman from the cauldron.

She still had blue hair with the small plant pot sitting on top of her head. The white rose that bloomed from the soil was almost luminescent, far more bleached in appearance than all the other roses. Konan wore an extremely odd dress – it had thin lacy straps and her clothes were a Lolita type of fashion. The dress was a mix of white and black that suddenly spread into a bell-like shape at her waist. The rim of the upside-down-teacup-looking dress ended at her knees with a pair of high leather boots.

"SASORI!" The bluenette gave a wide Cheshire grin and ran to them, pulling the red head into a tight embrace, "I WASN'T EXPECTING YOU!" No matter how frantic her motions were the plant pot stayed stuck to her head, as if by magic…

Sasori sneered and pushed the girl off of him, Konan immediately waltzing around him until she was in front of Deidara. "And you must be the hawt boyfriend! It's so nice to meet you! I'm Konan; the White Rose Witch!" She grinned at him before giving a blink, quickly rolling her eyes, "Sasori; don't play with your boyfriend! Xat nir talch (You may speak)."

Deidara suddenly felt the force that was holding his mouth suddenly vanish, and he said the first thing that came to mind, "What the fuck…?"

"Awww~ He's so cute when he's flustered!" Konan turned and did a spin around the red head, "You really snagged a nice one, Sasori~ So how did you managed to get the necklace on him?"

Sasori gave a harsh growl, "He broke into my house and stole it."

"I did not, un!" Deidara gave a snarl, though he still did not have control of his limbs, "I went inside searching for a phone because I got lost! Then I saw that your books were fucking written in blood and I heard someone approaching so I hid under the bed, un. Then I saw three fucking skulls and I bashed into a bookshelf! Next thing I knew this thing was around my neck and I couldn't take it off!"

The red head scoffed and Konan blinked in surprise, turning to Sasori, "Three skulls? I've heard of people having skeletons in their closets, but under the bed?"

"They aren't mine." Sasori sneered in distaste, "I borrowed them from Hidan a year ago for a spell, but I have not had the chance to perform it yet. Now tell me how the fuck do we break this curse?"

Konan rolled her eyes before giving a grin, "Let's go inside; I have a book on enchantments and there is a page on breaking the Kestay Lovrog (Locked Together) curse! Come on!" The girl bounded forwards to the house and Sasori followed behind her. Deidara had no choice but to follow, his limbs still not under his own control.

Before Deidara even set foot inside the cottage, the scent of honey and something else practically hit him in the face. He had no idea what the other smell was but he almost stopped resisting so that he could get closer to the cottage. Once he got inside, he saw the walls decorated with all sorts of charms, dried flowers that he had never seen and paintings. He turned his eyes to another part of the cabin and saw where the smell was coming from. There was a cauldron like pot over a small fire and the essence was coming from there.

Konan caught his gaze and smiled. "Oh that? That's a spell I've been working on for a while now," She said, rubbing her chin thoughtfully, "I'm pretty sure it's like a poison or something, but I can't remember. I just started mixing things that smelled good." She shrugged. "Come and sit down." Konan led them to a couch and Sasori sat down, Deidara having no choice but to sit down next to him. "Would you like some tea?"

Sasori sneered and gave an irritated sigh. "Get these things off, Konan," He demanded, pulling the silver chain to emphasize his point.

The bluenette sighed. "We're all out of mint, Sasori. How about butterscotch?" Konan snapped her fingers and the teapot on the table floated off and hovered above some teacups already set out for some guests. "Margakil (Butterscotch)," She said casually, walking away afterwards. The teapot poured the drink and Deidara stared wide eyed. After it was done, it floated back to the table and sat upon the surface.

Sasori gave another sigh as he picked up his tea cup, taking a sip. He looked at the blond with narrowed eyes. "Sippku (Drink)." Deidara gave a sudden jerk forward and he took the cup almost forcefully. He almost burned his face, but the rim landed against his lips and he practically chugged the drink down, chocking half way through. He coughed as it was all done and Sasori set his drink down.

Konan reappeared with a large book and she set it against the coffee table, making a loud thud. She opened it to a random page and a bird flew out, startling Deidara. Konan giggled and waved her hand a little, "It's fine, that's just a left over spell," She reassured. "Now," She said to herself as she began going to random bookmarks. "I know the spell is in here."

Deidara blinked. "What spell, un?"

Konan looked up and smiled. "The spell I used to make those necklaces you two look so good in," She chirped.

"Why did you even give me those necklaces?" Sasori asked, crossing his arms as he leaned back in his seat.

The bluenette giggled. "I knew you had to meet someone eventually and I thought this was a good way." She shrugged.

"Yes, making cursed necklaces is the best way to get a partner," Sasori commented sarcastically.

"Well Sakon and Ukon liked them." She pouted and the flower on her head drooped sullenly, "Even though they didn't become boyfriends."

"They didn't become boyfriends because they are brothers, and the reason why they liked them so much is because they share one body! They can't even get five metres apart so they don't know the affects of the curse."

Konan giggled and waved a hand, "Gawd; you're so uptight, Sasori!" The bluenette looked at the blonde, still grinning, "What's your name anyway?"

The nineteen year old was still feeling quite dizzy after chugging down the cup of hot tea, and he coughed lightly before speaking, "Deidara Iwa…Can you tell me what the fuck is going on?"

"Oh; that's easy! You and Sasori are wearing cursed necklaces; basically you can't move outside of five metres of each other. If you do then the necklaces heat up and shrink until they melt your heads clean off of your shoulders!" Deidara paled at the sound of that; the shit had really hit the fan. "But worry not; it should say in this book how to get rid of the spell!"

"Good; the sooner these come off the better." Sasori sneered and watched as Konan finally found the page within her large book of enchantments.

"Here we are! The Kestay Lovrog (Locked Together) Curse!" She grinned and sat down on a chair and began to read from it, translating the words into English. "How to break the Locked Together Curse…In order to break this spell, one must find the Sword of Summoning. After retrieving this artefact, then you must call forth the Lord of Wind. Present to him a Rose of Being, grown by the White Rose Witch…Oh!" She grinned at them both, "I have that!" Konan smirked at them more, "And then after you present it to him; presto! The spell is broken and you can go on with your happy little lives~"

"The Sword of Summoning…Where is that?" Sasori frowned lightly; he had heard the name before but he didn't know much about it.

"I think it is a two days trek…Perhaps three…You can ask Hiruko to send you to the Evergreen Forest; that is where your journey must begin. You cannot use any teleportation magic once you pass through the portal so you will have to go on foot from there…Plus the spell that you have on your boyfriend will also disappear once you go through the portal, so you gotta be careful to stay close~ Make your way through the Evergreen Forest, and you will soon reach a place called the Fox's Seal. You will encounter a great evil inside, so be ready…You must kill it and then retrieve the Sword of Summoning."

Konan stood, as did the red head - which of course meant that the blonde was forced to stand as well. "But first you need to give us the Rose of Being." Sasori frowned lightly and the bluenette giggled in response.

"Of course!" She led them both out of the house to her large garden of white and green. "But your boyfriend has to choose; which one is the Rose of Being, Deidara?" The bluenette turned to the blonde and tapped him on the nose, "Xat nir loomo (You may move)."

The blonde almost fell over as he suddenly regained use of his body, but the red head grabbed him by the back of his shirt, righting him, "…So after we do this quest shit, I can go home? I have an art assignment due in three days, un, and I'll be killed if I don't do it."

"Of course, Brat." Sasori gave him a slow look of irritation, "But I'm going to put an amnesia spell on you to make you forget afterwards." Deidara nodded and the red head sighed, "Now choose which one is the Rose of Being; the sooner these necklaces are off the better."

The blond looked at all of the roses and blanched. "I don't know which one is the 'Rose of Being'," He said truthfully. He looked at Konan and Sasori who were just watching him. Konan made a hand gesture for him to go forward and Sasori just glared at him.

Turning back to the garden, Deidara looked at all of the roses and gulped. He began walking around, trying to find any rose that popped out at him but all of them looked the same. He began walking around, touching the tops of roses lightly with his fingertips, not feeling that any of them was the rose that he was looking for.

He groaned and turned back to Konan and Sasori. "Hurry up, Brat." The blond returned the redhead's glare and turned to Konan.

"I can't find..." He stared at the rose in the flowerpot on Konan's head and quickly plucked it.

"Hey!" Konan reached for the rose and Deidara held it away from her.

"I choose my rose, un," He said confidently.

Konan stopped and sighed. "Darn, I thought you wouldn't figure it out," She sighed. "Well you found it! Do you two want to stay for more tea before you have to go?"

"No!" Sasori barked as he grabbed the blonde's hand and dragged him from the garden, back to the cottage and outside. "I want to get this done as quickly as possible."

"Okay!" Konan yelled after them. "Use protection!" Deidara looked back at the woman disgusted, only to have a shield thrown at his face.

"Ow, fuck, un!" He stopped to rub his now sore nose and Sasori growled. "Why did you throw a shield at my face?"

"I said, 'Use protection'." Konan put her hands on her hips and sighed. "Do you think I'm that perverted...? Well I am, but that shield is for mortals who need protection from strong magic. Sasori has his own spells to protect him, but you're just a weak human so this will help! YAY I'M AWESOME!"

Sasori rolled his eyes and picked up the shield. He took out a scroll from his cloak and opened it. "Selavi (Seal)." The shield disappeared into the magic paper and Deidara sighed. He didn't even bother to be shocked anymore. "Let's go," The redhead said, putting the scroll back into his cloak.

"Have fun, you two!" Konan yelled as she waved. "And don't forget the condoms!"

Deidara blanched, wondering what was wrong with the witch. He had just met Sasori a couple of hours ago and they were obviously not attracted to each other…Although, the red head was quite attractive…The blonde quickly shook his head to rid himself of the thought, looking towards the rose.

"Wait, un…What do I do with this rose?" He stopped and Konan gave an exclamation of remembrance, bounding over to the duo.

"Here!" She took the rose for the blonde and held it within her hands, wrapping them around it, "Hapky tero shacker (Change this form)~" Konan pulled her hand away and the Rose of Being had been replaced by a small white ring. "Put this on; don't worry, it isn't cursed! Once you need the Rose, then you say the words 'Nin jan lamli (Find the light)' and it will once again turn into its true form~" The bluenette gave the blonde the ring and he cautiously put it on, testing several times to make sure that it didn't become attached to his fingers.

"Enough Konan." Sasori sent her a sharp annoyed glare, "Tell me what the password is for the Evergreen Forest Portal; Hiruko really needs to remember people's faces."

"Of course!" She gave a smirk, "The password is 'Howl spo jan taly behstall unta ceruob a agges (How did the story become once upon a time)'."

"Good, now come on Brat." Sasori dragged the blonde off and they exited the portal, returning to the forest. Immediately the red head spun them around and the entrance to Konan's house slowly disappeared, the last glimpse of her waving vanishing several seconds later.

Hiruko – the spider – gave a rough gasp, waiting for further direction. "Ro teat riir (Is that all)?"

"Taenf wu ya jan Evergreen Forest (Take us to the Evergreen Forest). Jan byninlettura ro 'Howl spo jan taly behstall unta ceruob a agges' (The password is 'How did the story become once upon a time')."

The spider gave a few clicking noises, looking at them with beady eyes before crawling up slightly, taking hold of a new piece of thread from its web, "Xat trot yetta; xat nir og jan Evergreen Forest (You are correct; you may enter the Evergreen Forest)." Hiruko pulled the thread back, opening up another portal that led to a thickly forested area that didn't look that different from the forest they were currently in.

"Come on, Brat." Sasori dragged the blonde through the portal, both feeling a faint rush of wind pass as they moved into the new location. It was a wind that lessened magic powers subtly, and it was mostly felt by the red head.

He coughed a few times and quickly caught his breath; he still had a lot of magic for summoning weapons and for protection, but none of his controlling powers or teleportation spells would work in this place. Sasori turned back to see that the blonde was a little dizzy, but other than that he was fine.

"Let's go; we're headed for the Fox's Seal, which should be about a two or three days walk from this location. In the meantime it will take Hiruko the same amount of days to spin a new portal into his web, one close to the Seal. That way once we finish this quest we won't have to go through the long trek back to this portal. Got it?"

"I think so; it is quite a lot of information for someone who woke up this morning depressed just because they couldn't think about what to draw…Happy fucking days, un…" Sasori scoffed and began to drag the blonde behind him through the woods.

The Evergreen Forest was dark at the moment and awfully foggy. Every few seconds there was the sound of something scurrying across the forest floor but Sasori never payed any attention to it. Deidara could barely see the moon so there was very little light and he wondered how Sasori knew where he was going.

"Are we going to walk the whole night, un?" Deidara asked as he heard something howl. He crept closer to the redhead, only to have him stop so he bumped into him.

Sasori looked irritated as he stared down at the blond. "Yes, I don't care if you are tired, I want these stupid things off. Now let's go," He ordered and began to drag the blond behind him once more.

Deidara frowned and shivered as a chill went pass them. He really should've brought a jacket. "How can you see anything?" He asked, squinting.

Sasori's eyes narrowed back at the blond. "When you're mind is adjusted to magic you can see things others don't. Humans just ignore the things they see and blame it on the lighting. The fact that you were able to find my house is a miracle."

Deidara glared at the redhead, though they continued to walk. "I am not a boring human," He protested. "I'm an artist, un." He gave a smug smile. "We see things differently."

Sasori looked at the blond cautiously. "Really now? Well then I guess since you have amazing eyes you can cast spells? I'm sure you can summon things to your command."

Deidara scowled at the older male. "No, I'm not a freak like you, un. I think outside the hexagon and create art."

"Yes, that's why you were in the woods littering and swearing because you can't draw a damn thing." Sasori took a sharp turn and Deidara had to catch himself against the redhead's back.

"No! I just needed some inspiration. But inspiration is like true art," Deidara said enthusiastically. Sasori raised a red brow. "It's fleeting, transient. True art is something beautiful that's there one second and gone the next."

The redhead's eyes widened and he stopped walking. "Are you serious? You think art is something like... that? You are the craziest human I have ever met! Art is obviously eternal. Something magnificent that can be seen by all generations and ages. That's true art," Sasori justified, looking as proud as ever.

Deidara blushed in anger and sneered at the older male. "Oh yeah? What were you doing spying on me?"

Sasori narrowed his eyes. "I just happened to walk by you, but you're 'amazing' eyes didn't even see me."

The blonde blinked in surprise before scowling, "Well isn't that just convenient, un? How come I didn't see you then but I saw you when I reached your house?"

The red head frowned and they started walking again, "People can usually see my house in the condition that they pass through the portal that leads to my house…Similar to how Hiruko is the gateway to Konan's home…My portal is between two trees that are quite close together – so close that people generally wouldn't go between them." He shrugged and gave a slow scowl, "But you must have done so…And you said earlier that you saw that my books were written in blood? Well then you must have seen the actual text; it's an ancient language and just by gazing at it for a few seconds one would be able to perceive strong sources of magic, including me, Konan and even Hiruko."

"Whatever, un; I still stick by the fact that it's because I'm an artist." Sasori scoffed and they reached a clearing that seemed quite peaceful, "That's it, un!" Deidara stopped walking and the red head also halted, sending the blonde a sharp look. "I'm tired and I don't care if you're not, I need to sleep!"

The blonde dropped down onto the ground, crossing his arms stubbornly. Sasori gave a loud growl of frustration, "You're so annoying!"

"I'm tired, my legs are killing me, and I am dying from starvation! We are stopping for the night and I am not moving from this spot until you agree." Deidara sneered and heard the red head give a harsh sigh.

"…Fine." He shook his head before he also sat down, pulling a small book from his cloak. Deidara watched with suspicious interest as the red head began to read from it in the strange language. He was shocked when a fire suddenly appeared and the red head closed the book. "This is a magic flame; it will protect us from the creatures of the night that lurk in these woods." Deidara blinked and looked around, thinking for a moment that he saw a pair of yellow eyes watching them from the dark forest that sat outside of the clearing. There was the sound of rustling and whatever it was fled at the sight of the fire.

"…Can you magic us up some food, un?" Deidara's stomach rumbled to prove the fact that he was hungry.

Sasori gave a slight frown, "No…But I have this." The red head put the book away and he pulled out a small bag. From inside of it he took out two seeds and he blew of them lightly. The two pips shook slowly and began to grow, morphing until they had grown into two ripe red fruits.

"Apples?" Deidara took one and bit into it, finding that it really was just a normal apple, "…I was expecting some kind of exotic fruit, like a cross between a watermelon and a grape…Or something that tasted like chicken…"

Sasori rolled his eyes and pulled his cloak off, revealing that he didn't wear a shirt beneath. "You have issues, Brat…" Deidara stared at the older male's chest, or specifically at the various scars that he possessed; a lot of them looked like burn scars, though the skin wasn't constricted. Sasori caught onto the look and frowned lightly, "Sometimes spells backfire, and the caster becomes the one who gets burnt."

Deidara soon turned his gaze to the fire, not knowing what to say. He took another bite of his apple, chewing it slowly. He honestly didn't want to be involved in any of this at all, though he couldn't just leave. A few minutes went by as Sasori also ate his apple, soon finishing it and throwing it into the magic fire.

"Get some rest, you'll need it for tomorrow," Sasori said, as he lied down on the ground, his hands behind his head.

Deidara stared at him. "You aren't cold, un?" Sasori was near the fire, but Deidara was closer, obviously wanting to get warmer.

The redhead cast the blonde a sideways glance. "No," He answered simply.

Deidara almost pouted but he scooted closer to the fire. "Can I use your robe then, un?"

Sasori scoffed. "It's a cloak, and no you can't. I have scrolls and weapons in there and I can't have you dying on me." He rolled over so his back was facing the blonde. "Go to bed," He ordered.

The younger male frowned. "Fine... Good night, un." Deidara lied down and tried to sleep but found he was still cold. "... How are you warm?"

Sasori groaned. "I just am." The blonde scoffed and held himself up with his elbow.

"Well since you're warm can I sleep next to you?" The blonde already began to move closer to the redhead, but he was stopped.

"No, I don't want any contact with you." Sasori almost looked disgusted. "Sleep by the fire and you'll be fine."

Deidara glared at the redhead. "Just because I'm human?" He asked sitting up.

"Yes, now leave me alone, okay?"

The blond gave a small sigh. "What damage am I going to do? You're obviously more powerful than me," Deidara explained in a mockery tone. "And I'm going to forget it anyway, so there's no need to worry, un."

"I have my dignity, Brat. Now stop complaining and get to sleep." Deidara sneered and got to his feet, much to the red head's shock. The blonde began to traipse away from Sasori, soon reaching the boundary of five metres, looking back at the red head, "…You wouldn't dare…"

"I will if you don't let me." Sasori glared at him for several seconds before giving a harsh sigh.

"Fine then; just let me get to sleep!" Deidara brightened up as he won the argument and he traipsed back over to the red head, collapsing onto the ground. Sasori mumbled something and pulled the blonde's back against his chest, putting his arms around the nineteen year old.

The older male was pleasantly warm and Deidara immediately felt the icy chill disappear. Even the necklaces seemed to grow slightly warmer, and the blonde gave a small sigh of content, "Thanks, un."

"Don't mention it…" Sasori gave a low growl, "Seriously; if you mention it then I will kill you." Deidara rolled his eyes but he was too comfortable to complain. The blonde soon fell asleep in the soft glow of the magic flame and the older male's arms.


The blonde awoke slowly to find that it was even warmer than it had been last night. "…" Deidara slowly opened his eyes to find that the red head was still sleeping, and during the course of the night the blonde had rolled over. He now had his arms wrapped around the red head, with his face buried in the older male's neck. Deidara could feel the warmth of Sasori's own necklace and things seemed nice…

The red head seemed to wake up at around the same time, as he gave a soft groan and began to move slightly. Sasori gave a yawn and the next moment the blonde was pushed away from him, "It's morning now; let's get going."

The red head stood up and pulled his cloak back on while the blonde sat up. Deidara watched as Sasori spoke several words in the odd language and the fire disappeared. The blonde swallowed faintly; what if they were attacked by something while they were walking?

"Hurry up, Brat." Sasori shot the blonde an annoyed look and Deidara got to his feet, stretching his limbs. "We still have two days of travelling until we get to the Fox's Seal…" The red head looked around the clearing, narrowing his eyes slightly, "We can't stay in one spot for far too long; the creatures will gather if we stay in one place for too long…I would rather avoid fighting if at all possible."

Sasori began walking and Deidara followed, his stomach giving a grumble. "Do you have anything else to eat, un? That apple wasn't very filling." The fog had cleared some and the blond could see things much better now. He walked beside Sasori and waited for him to say something. "Hey," He called out. "Don't ignore me," He said pouting.

The redhead scoffed and reached into his cloak. "You have to know how to ration things, Brat." He pulled out two more of the pips and blew on them like last time. This time it turned into an orange. "Here," He said handing it to the blonde. "We won't eat again till sundown or until we find food."

Deidara nodded and took the orange, peeling it as they walked. Once he saw what was inside he exclaimed in disgust. "Yech! I don't want a grapefruit, un!" He gave a small glare towards the redhead who ate a slice of the red fruit, skin and all.

"Too bad, Brat. Eat it." He ate another slice and Deidara grimaced as he saw the fruit. He hated grapefruit! It was sour and sticky and gross! Sighing, he cut the fruit in half and ripped off one slice, trying to get the skin off. As soon as that was done he began to eat the slice but the sourness made him cringe. "Do you want to eat or not?" Sasori asked, casting the blonde a sideways glance.

Deidara gave a small grumble as he continued to eat. After a few minutes they were both done and they threw the remains into a nearby bush. Every few minutes Deidara heard something scurrying on the forest floor, or something flying and screeching from above and he was beginning to think someone was following them. "What's in this forest, un?"

Sasori shrugged. "A lot of things." He stopped and pointed to a plant. "That's a fern and that's-"

"I mean like monsters or something," The blonde interjected, as he crept closer to the redhead. "I think something's following us," He confessed. The redhead gave another shrug.

"I'm sure it'll go away soon. It was even with us when we slept."

Deidara's eyes widened and they continued to walk. "Why didn't you kill it or something, un?"

Sasori eyed the blond. "Because I don't need any rabbits at the moment."

"If it is just a rabbit then why would it be following us?" He gazed behind them, seeing a bush shudder not too far away, though he didn't see anything. "This place is creepy; I know that you can see everything because you're a fucking wizard-"

"Actually I'm a warlock…" Sasori frowned lightly, "…It sounds cooler than wizard…" Deidara sneered and he jumped at the sound of something giving a fierce growl not to far away, bumping into the red head. "Geez! Here!"

Sasori turned around and suddenly pulled the younger male close, unexpectedly pressing their lips together. One arm wrapped around Deidara's waist while the other moved to the back of his head so that the blonde could not pull away. The younger male muffled a protest, but soon it died down as he melted into the kiss. He felt the red head slide his tongue into his mouth and Deidara immediately submitted, letting Sasori have full access while wrapping his arms around the red head's neck.

He could taste the magic that the older male possessed; it crackled across his tongue pleasurably and Deidara gave a slow moan, going weak at his knees. Soon Sasori pulled away and Deidara slowly opened his eyes, hissing lightly at the brightness.

The fog had strangely vanished.

"There," Sasori let go of the blonde, scowling darkly at him, "I've given you the temporary ability to see all magical entities. Now stop complaining." The red head turned and continued walking, though Deidara was still shocked.

"What the fuck was that for?" The blonde sneered in embarrassment, flushing at the same time.

Sasori scoffed and stopped walking again, shooting Deidara an irritated glare, "I gave you the ability of sight temporarily." He gave a sigh, "There are two ways in which one can gain permanent magic powers. The first is to be born into it such as with Konan and I, while the second way is to have sex with a witch or a warlock – albeit powers gained by the latter method can be taken away by the one who bestowed the powers." The red head sneered lightly, "By kissing you I have transferred some of my magic prowess to you as well. But it is only enough to allow you sight and it won't last long."

Deidara frowned at the oddity, looking behind him, finally being able to see the culprit; it wasn't actually a rabbit. It was a weasel. The creature was dark grey with a long body and a pair of black eyes. Its nose twitched and the weasel intently crawled forward towards the blonde.

The male was about to lean down in order to pet the creature, when the red head quickly stepped in front of him. "Stop; it is magic…You have no idea what its intentions are."

The rodent immediately stopped and twitched its nose, scratching the ground unthreateningly a few times. It blinked twice and took several steps backwards while still staring up at them. "…I think it wants us to follow it…"

The weasel gave a few eager nods of recognition, "I don't care; we don't have time for this."

"It needs our help, un." Deidara frowned at the rodent as it began to scurry off, and the blonde evaded the older male's grip, starting to run after it. Sasori – not wanting to experience the pain and constriction of their necklaces – began to follow the blonde, managing to keep within the five metre mark at all times.

Sasori sneered; he knew for a fact that they were now off of the natural path, and he began to utter a few charms of protection as they ran forward.

Soon they reached an almost-empty clearing that had a tiny pond sitting at its centre. Sasori frowned lightly; it seemed out of place. The weasel stopped in front of the pond and looked up at the duo, nose twitching. There was a single fish within the water. Sasori gave a slow blink as he recognised the sense within the air. "…An enchantment…" The rodent looked directly at him and gave a very slow nod, "This weasel and this fish are cursed."