The Magic of Love

A Collab between Keono and Woolfy

Chapter Four

Deidara groaned once he finally awoke from his peaceful slumber. He had no idea when he had fallen asleep but he could tell it had been a while since the light was soon fading away from the day. He leaned up from the tree and hissed at his sore body. He must have been there for a couple of hours if he was this stiff.

Deidara stood up and heard something clatter to the ground. Giving a small yawn, he picked it up and saw it was a map with arrows pointing in one direction, towards the road. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, trying to remember if he had brought a map with him, but then he realized that he probably did without thinking about it.

Someone could easily get lost in these woods.

Picking up his bag and throwing it over his shoulder, Deidara began walking the way the map had shown him. He soon found the road and his car. Giving a tired sigh he went up to his beat-up vehicle and unlocked the door, ready to go home and work on his failing art project some more.

He took his phone out of his bag and opened it, realizing it was dead. "What?" The blonde asked himself in disbelief. He had just charged it this morning! The thing must have been dying. Rolling his eyes, he threw his phone into the passenger seat as he himself got into the driver's side.

Once the blonde got home to his apartment and he opened the door he saw that there was mail stacked on the floor. "The hell, un?" Why was there so much mail when he had only been gone a couple of hours? Shaking his head, he found his phone charger and plugged his phone in and saw he had something on his calendar. Opening it, the blonde saw that his art project was due today. His eyes widened and he looked at the date on his phone. How was it three days later?

He looked in the mirror and realized his hair was a mess, and it looked like he hadn't had a proper bath in a week. And... Were those scratch marks? They looked like they were just done healing, but they were still there. Taking a deep breath, Deidara ran a hand through his greasy hair and grimaced.

He seemed to be intact and he had all of his belongings; so what if his project was late, he was still going to turn it in. He muttered something to himself as he went to his bathroom to have a proper bath. But while he lay in the bathtub, his thoughts drifted to what happened over the three day span and how he forgot. But when he woke up he was by the tree again. He groaned and threw his head back, letting his hair fall into the water.

Had he been asleep for the past three days?

Deidara sighed and closed his eyes, letting the water work it's magic on his aching body…A short memory flashed through his head, and the blonde opened his eyes in surprise. In the memory he had been staring into the face of a man with deep brown eyes and blood red hair. There was a strange sadness in those muddy orbs, and Deidara felt that he should have known who the stranger was…Perhaps it had just been in a dream…

Deidara sighed and once again closed his eyes, feeling the warmth of the water against his skin.

An hour later he finally got out, deciding that he would have to start on his art now – he would hand it in tomorrow. Deidara dried himself off with a towel and looked in the steamy mirror, blinking in surprise – was that a bite mark on his neck? The blonde fingered the almost completely healed mark, feeling his skin tingle lightly…

It must have just been his imagination.


Deidara had set up all of his painting supplies and he had been staring at the blank canvas for half an hour. The emptiness of it seemed to be mocking him – damn, all that time in the woods and he hadn't found any inspiration!

Why couldn't it have been like Alice in Wonderland? Where she fell asleep and had that crazy dream? Nothing cool ever happened to the blonde!

The theme of the task was 'Another World'…

He sighed and began to dab his brush in the red paint, bored…Deidara blinked in surprise when something flashed in his mind – it was like a scene from a dream within a dream…

The blonde grabbed a large brush and began to smear black paint over the white canvas.


He was painting until the late hours of the morning, and at some unknown point he had fallen asleep amongst his artwork. Deidara woke up with a yawn, sitting up slowly as his gaze was met by several pieces of artwork.

The first one was a vicious creature of red with snarling jaws – it was a giant fox with nine plump tails. Around it was complete darkness and then sudden golden treasures that sparkled due to the red light that the fox's fur gave off.

The second picture was a Venus Flytrap-like plant. It had gaping jaws that were lined with millions of needle-like fangs. Blood was dripping from its teeth, and there was also a dark liquid that could only be some kind of toxic venom.

The third picture was a lot more harmless than the two before it. Within the image was a puddle with a plain blue fish swimming around within the water. Outside of it sat a weasel, leaning over the water precariously to gaze at the fish, although it was clear that it didn't have any murderous intent. The sheen within its eyes as it stared at the fish was a look of sadness, not one of hate.

The fourth picture, however, was the oddest. It was set inside of a house that was cluttered with open books and strange oddities. Blood was dripping from the many pages of the books, dissolving whatever writing had once existed there. The perspective of the image was low to the ground, so everything within the small house seemed looming to the viewer. A fireplace burnt with a homely glow, and the place seemed clean despite the clutter. Within the middle of the image stood a mysterious cloaked figure – there was a hint of a red fringe beneath their hood.

He blinked at all of the paintings with wide eyes. He almost didn't even remember painting them, and they seemed to have dried overnight. He didn't remember... He glared at the paintings and suddenly felt the urge to trash them. Why couldn't he remember anything? He knocked over the first three paintings and was about to knock over the fourth, but stopped.

The figure in the painting seemed to be looking at something off in the distance and Deidara almost followed his gaze. He saw a bookcase and hanging from one of the shelves was a necklace, a silver one with a blue stone in the middle. He looked back at the cloaked figure and saw he was wearing an identical necklace but the stone in the middle was a bright crimson instead of the deep blue of the other necklace.

Deidara's eyes went wide once more and he stared at the necklaces. Something flashed in his head. He saw the figure wearing the necklace, right in front of him and the flicker was gone. The blonde closed his eyes and clutched at his head, wanting to see more, but that was it.

Opening his blue eyes, Deidara saw his overturned paintings and picked them up, seeing that they were unharmed. Giving a small sigh, he picked up all of the canvases and began heading to his car to drop off the paintings. He didn't even bother to make himself look presentable; for some reason that didn't seem important.

He loaded all of his paintings in the trunk of his car and climbed into the driver's side, now driving on the road. He would make it to class on time, but he could already imagine all of the snickers the kids would send him for handing his project in late. Shaking his head to rid himself of the negative thoughts, Deidara took a deep breath and went to the school parking lot.

He took the canvases out of the trunk and began walking to his art class, now wondering if the professor would even accept his project when it was a day late.

Though as soon as he got to the class, he saw that the students there were still working on their paintings. He looked over at the instructor who had changed the deadline. "What's going on, un?" He asked, looking around.

The teacher who was a woman in her late thirties walked over to the blonde with a shake of her head. "I sent an email out to everyone, Mr Iwa. Your art project is due in two days because most students wouldn't have got theirs done in time." Her eyes found the blonde's canvases and she pushed her glasses up so she could see them better. "Seems you've gotten them done, even though they're originally a day late."

Deidara nodded but couldn't find himself to give up his paintings. It was like a secret that he couldn't share with anyone. It wasn't his secret, at all. "I...I have to go, un."

"Huh?" She blinked at him in surprise, "When will you be back?"

Deidara held his paintings close, seeing a quick flash of a memory – a girl with blue hair was smiling teasingly at him and she mouthed out something that he couldn't quite hear. He shook his head, "Never." Deidara didn't know why but he dropped the paintings and bolted – he had to get back there. The teacher frowned and picked up the canvases, her eyes widening at the sight.

They were all blank…

She was quiet before raising her eyebrows in mild astonishment, "So he was the one who helped Itachi, Kisame and Akasuna to defeat the Nine Tailed Demon Fox?" The witch watched the door as it slammed shut and she gave a very slight smirk, "He must be very much in love if he is managing to fight a spell as powerful as the one that Akasuna has placed on him." She shook her head and turned to her students who were sniggering profoundly, "Get back to work!" They jumped in surprise and quickly bent their heads, continuing to work on their paintings, "Humans are so annoying sometimes…"


Deidara stopped his car at the place where he had parked it the day before, running off into the woods. He didn't know what he was looking for exactly, but as he ran more memories began to snap in his head. There was a weasel and a fish that both turned into men – they were very different and yet they loved each other. He could almost feel the burning around his neck that was the memory of his necklace.

The blonde fell over several times but he knew that he couldn't stop.

Then there was a sword in his memories – a brilliant sword with a golden handle that had resembled a bird. It has given him mouths on his hands but it had been highly valuable. "I hope Danna kept my sword…" Deidara hissed and fell over at the sudden use of the nickname. Something was warring in his mind and the only thing that was helping him to win was his heart. He was gasping heavily, trying to endure the torment that he was going through.

"What's this?" His mind went suddenly blank as he heard the voice, and he slowly looked up. He didn't recognise the person and he knew that it wasn't the one who he was searching for. "Fuck, it's my lucky day!" The male had slicked back grey hair and harsh magenta eyes, "A random bitch lost in the woods – you'll make a perfect sacrifice for Jashin!"

"Leave me alone!" Deidara glared at the stranger and got to his feet, "I'm not lost, un!"

The albino raised an eyebrow before chuckling, "Ah, bitch has a memory spell! Well I guess you can't be too important if they let you go…Hmmm…" His smirk fell momentarily, "There is great love in your heart…" The grin reformed, "Great! A spell I'm working on requires a heart heavy with love! You're fucking perfect!"

Deidara took a step back and wished he had something to protect him. "Fuck you! I didn't do shit to you and you want to kill me? I've had enough of near-death experiences, but thanks, un," He said sarcastically. He tried to sidestep the man, but he was one step ahead and Deidara was blocked by a scythe.

"You ain't going anywhere, bitch! Wait..." The man was lost deep in thought as he looked down and he gave a loud swear. "Fuck dammit! I need those skulls back from Sasori. I knew I shouldn't have let him borrow them." He looked ahead and found the blonde was gone. "The fuck...?" He turned around to see Deidara sprinting through the woods. "Hey! Get back here, bitch! I need your heart!"

Deidara felt the adrenaline pump through his veins and he knew he had felt the feeling somewhere else. He suddenly remembered charging a giant fox with multiple tails in rage. He remembered cutting off its tails, then its head. He heard some yelling behind him and his feet went quicker over the forest floor. After a few seconds his head was full of more memories of fighting the giant fox and he got distracted, unfortunately tripping over a tree root.

"Finally caught up to you, bitch," The grey-haired man panted with a smirk. "Little speedy fucker!" He went over to the blonde who was back up in a second but the stranger was quicker. He threw out his hand. "Suro hem (Bind him)!" Black chains flew from his hands and found their way around the nineteen year old's arms and torso, causing him to fall once more. Hidan chuckled in joy and the chains sunk back into his hand, dragging the blonde closer. "Jashin, I've been waiting to do this spell for the fucking longest time!" He squatted next to the blonde and lifted his head by his long hair, the human giving a hiss.

"Fuck off, I'm not giving you my heart, un," Deidara growled.

Hidan chuckled again and stood up, letting go of the blonde's hair. "Whatever, I'm just going to take it anyway. First, I need to get those skulls back." He shrugged and walked, Deidara being dragged behind him.

On the way to wherever, he was being scratched and cut up by the forest floor and none of his yells seemed to faze the albino as he whistled absently. Deidara growled and began moving around some, but it soon became useless and he fell limp, letting the stranger drag him to his destination.

After about half an hour, the man stopped moving and Deidara looked up, completely shocked to see Sasori's house in front of them. He could still hear the boiling cauldron, and he could smell the contents cooking over a fire.

Hidan knocked on the door and whistled some more as he waited for the red head to answer. After a minute the door opened, but Deidara couldn't see the person who answered it due to the albino being in the way. "What is it, Hidan?"

The blonde listened to the voice with its odd accent, overcome by Déjà vu and more memories flooded back. He was hiding under a bed…And the cloaked male entered the house… "I'm here for those fucking skulls back; I need 'em for a spell."

Deidara heard the male give a sigh, "Sure, come in…" There was a short silence, "What's that?"

"Just some random bitch I found in the woods, I'm going to use their heart for a fucking spell I've been dying to try." Hidan moved out the way so that the red head could see, and Deidara used the last of his strength to pull his head up from the dirt, giving Sasori a small tired smile.

"…Danna…" Sasori stared at him in utter shock, quickly snapping something in the strange language. The chains suddenly disappeared and Hidan gave a confused curse.

The next thing Deidara knew Sasori was their, and he was being cradled in the red head's lap. The older male was tenderly stroking his hair and the blonde's face was buried in Sasori's neck. Deidara continued to give his small tired smile, basking in the familiar warmth of the older male. The warring within his head suddenly stopped and all of his memories came rushing back – it was too much for his mind to handle and he abruptly fell unconscious.

"What the fuck?" Hidan frowned and looked to Sasori, "You know this bitch?"

"He's the one who helped Kisame, Itachi and I to defeat the Nine Tails." Sasori spoke in amazement, absolutely astonished that the blonde had managed to break the spell – the red head had used extremely powerful magic and the boy wasn't even a warlock anymore, "…And I love him…"

Hidan swore loudly, "Fuck Saso, I almost carved him up! Bitch should be more careful!" Sasori got to his feet, holding the unconscious blonde bridal style, "So you put the memory spell on him?"

"Yes," Sasori gave a nod, "but it seems that it wasn't enough to keep him away…"

"So I'm guessing that I can't fucking use him for my spell?" The red head shot him an irritated glare and Hidan put his hands up in defence, "A-O-Fucking-Kay; I won't use him for my spell…" He gave a sigh and rubbed the back of his head, "Well, Kakuzu will probably hit me if I get back too late. See you; have fun with Blondie." Hidan whispered a few things and disappeared in a puff of dark smoke.

Sasori carried the blonde inside, shutting the door behind him. He carefully placed his love down on his bed, stroking his hair gently before placing a tender kiss on his lips. "You never cease to amaze me, Brat…" Sasori frowned lightly before he moved over to the cauldron, starting to brew a new mixture he had never made before.

Adding all the ingredients, at the right time and in the right way took around three hours, but he knew his efforts would be worth it. He looked back at Deidara who was now cuddling with one of his fur blankets and drooling all over it. The redhead gave a sigh and went back to his cauldron, his hard work now almost complete.

The mixture was an interesting red-pink colour, but it had no scent; something unusual while making a brew like this. After a few more minutes of stirring the last contents in, the blonde began to stir in bed and he abruptly sat up. A thin layer of sweat covered him as he panted, now taking in his surroundings.

Sasori turned around and guessed the blonde had had a nightmare of some sort. Though after a few seconds, the younger male saw him and he gulped before speaking, "Danna, un?" He practically jumped off the bed and wrapped his arms around the redhead, burying his face in his neck. "I don't want to forget again," He whimpered.

The warlock frowned and rubbed the blonde's back soothingly, shushing him while doing so. "I'm not going to do that again. I have a feeling you would find a way to break it again," He teased with a small smile, though it didn't stay. He moved the human away from him and cupped his face between his hands. Deidara tensed but Sasori just leaned in and gave the blonde a hard, but passionate, kiss.

The blonde wasn't expecting that and immediately wrapped his arms around the redhead's neck, pulling him closer. He moaned as Sasori forced his tongue between his lips and attacked his own muscle. It felt like electricity was bouncing off the redhead's tongue and it sent little jolts of pleasure through Deidara's body. He rubbed their hips together and Sasori pulled away at that, the younger male giving a frown.

"Before we do anything, I need you to do something." Sasori went back to the cauldron and saw the brew was now done. He took a cup from a nearby shelf and scooped up a small portion carefully. He turned back to the blonde and gave a small gulp. "Do you still love me?"

Deidara almost jumped in surprise at the question. "Y-yes," He muttered as he looked away blushing.

Sasori nodded and took a small sip of the potion, leaving a very warm but deadly feeling in his gut. He held the cup out for Deidara and the blonde just looked at it confused. "Drink it," He urged softly. "It won't hurt you," He promised.

Deidara gave a small nod and took the cup, looking down at the contents. Just a pinkish-red drink. If Sasori drank it, it must have been safe. He put the rim of the cup to his lips and drank the rest of the brew, already feeling warm all over.

The blonde sighed as he pulled the cup away from his lips, handing it back to the red head, "What was that, un?" Sasori gave a sigh of what could have been relief as he took the cup away, but that just made Deidara panic, "Danna?"

"Relax," Sasori placed the cup down and pulled the blonde in for another kiss. Deidara pressed back lightly, wrapping his arms around the red head's neck again, although this kiss didn't last as long as the last one had. Sasori pulled away a few moments later and moved the blonde's head forward into the crook of his neck, holding him comfortingly.

Deidara tenderly nuzzled the red head's skin, feeling his insecurities disappear in an instant as he felt the older male holding him. After he was calm enough, Sasori finally explained the potion to the boy.

"It is a mandatory tradition that must be made in the case that a magical being decides to be with one who was not born into magic. Both must drink it, and if it turns out that one isn't truly in love with the other, then they would both die." Deidara paled significantly at that – Sasori hadn't told him that before he had drunk it. "But we've passed the test," the red head pulled the blonde's face away slightly and gave him a small tender smile, "which means that we can be together."

"So…" Deidara blinked at him slowly, "If one of us wasn't madly in love with the other…We both would be dead right now, un?"

"I wasn't worried about your love for me; the only thing that can break a spell as strong as the memory enchantment I put on you was true love." He shrugged and the blonde nodded, pulling away from the older male. Deidara began to slowly look around the home, firstly gazing into the pot of pink liquid. It was bubbling subtly and bore no scent. He frowned and moved over to the stove, seeing a pot sitting on a low flame.

"And you, un?" Deidara took the lid off of the pot, blinking down at the contents. Like the other potion it was also bubbling slightly, but this was a dark purple colouration. It smelt heavenly but the liquid seemed quite foreboding for some reason. Next to it was a cup that was filled with the potion, and the blonde looked to the red head with questioning eyes.

"It's called 'Jan Eterna Suzo'…" Deidara blinked slowly, "…It means 'The Eternal Sleep' – it is a highly toxic poison." The blonde paled significantly and stared at the red head, "That's how I knew that I could drink the potion…" He looked away from Deidara, "I was about to drink it, but Hidan interrupted me." The blonde walked over to the red head and gently cupped his cheek, bringing the red head to look at him once more. Sasori gazed at him sadly although he was wearing a soft smile, "You're the only person who I have ever loved – I would rather die than live a life without you."

Deidara stared at the red head in utter shock, and he didn't even realise that he was crying until Sasori began to tenderly wipe away his tears. So that was why he had been in such a frantic rush to get there…

The redhead leaned down and let his lips brush against the blonde's before fully capturing them in a kiss. Deidara closed his eyes and moved his hand to the back of the warlock's head, pulling him closer. After a few seconds he pulled away and opened his eyes before gazing up at the redhead to see he was looking at the poison he had made for himself. Deidara frowned and made the older male look at him. "I'm here now, un." He pulled him down for another kiss and Sasori responded by wrapping his arms around the blonde's waist.

Only a few seconds in and the redhead shoved his tongue into Deidara's orifice, wanting to taste him again. The blonde moaned and ground himself against Sasori needfully, the redhead responding by taking a few steps back so the human's knees hit the edge of his bed before he pushed him down, lips still connected. He ran his hands up the blonde's sides and back down, catching the hem of his shirt and pulling it upwards, revealing his chest.

Deidara gave another moan and then gasped as he felt the redhead tweak at one of his nipples. He wound his fingers through the warlock's hair and pulled him closer as he arched into his touch. Sasori pulled away much to Deidara's displeasure, until he noticed he was gasping for air and becoming light-headed. His head lulled to the side and Sasori began licking and bitting his neck, sending little shivers of pleasure through his body. He felt the redhead bite down on one spot and suck, and Deidara squirmed in pleasure. He pulled away all too soon and went after the blonde's nipples, licking the one that he had been toying with. Deidara tightened his grip on the redhead's locks and gave a small gasp.

They didn't do anything like this last time; probably because it hadn't meant to be 'romantic', it had meant to save the blonde's life. But he had saved Sasori's life just by showing up - even if he was dragged by Hidan, it still counted. But this felt different than before for obvious reasons.

They were in love and Deidara knew that wouldn't change.

Sasori pulled away and gave the blonde a smirk, rubbing his arousal through the cloth of his pants, "You're eager to become a warlock again." Deidara moaned and leaned his hips up slightly, before managing to shake his head.

"I'm not eager t-to become a war-warlock again, un…" The blonde pulled the red head so that they were face to face, "I'm eager for you t-to make love to me…" Sasori blinked down at him slowly before he brought the blonde into another kiss, although this one was more chaste and less frantic.

Deidara pressed back, moulding into the kiss perfectly. It lasted at least a minute and the red head soon pulled away, "Do you want to become a warlock again?"

After a few moments the blonde gave a slow nod, "If it means that I get to be with you then I do." Sasori gave a light smile before pulling off his cloak, revealing his bare chest beneath.

It was still covered with the magic burn scars, although even the sight of what magic could do didn't deter Deidara. He loved Sasori, and he would do anything to be with him.

He took hold of the blonde's hand and gently bit the base of the boy's palm, drawing blood. Sasori collected the crimson liquid on his tongue before spreading it on the boy's fingertips. Deidara remembered this ritual from last time, and after the red head had finished spreading the mix of blood and saliva the blonde pressed his hand against the older male's chest, "I agree, un…"

Sasori smirked lightly at the blonde, whispering something in the ancient language before he brought his own hand to Deidara's face. The younger male bit down on the red head's palm until he managed to break the skin. Deidara lapped up the blood before licking the red head's fingertips, and Sasori pressed his hand against the blonde's chest. "I agree as well…" He said a few more things in the magic language and Deidara's breathing hitched as he felt the magic course through his body.

"…Danna…" Sasori connected their lips again, and the magic inside of the blonde swelled greater. Deidara kissed back, feeling the older male's tongue enter his mouth, skilfully brushing against the blonde's own. He moaned and wrapped both of his legs around the older male's waist, grinding their clothed hips together needily. Sasori pulled their lips away, groaning as he rubbed back against the blonde before he finished pulling the blonde's shirt off.

The red head latched his teeth onto the younger male's neck, biting down hard until he could taste blood. Sasori began to clean the wound with his tongue and Deidara gave a lustful moan, tightening his grip on the red head. The older male whispered a few words in the other language and the wound glowed for a few moments before returning to normal. It would heal, but the mark would be permanent on the blonde's neck. It was a sign to tell others that Deidara belonged to Sasori and to no one else.

The redhead kept on moving down while placing small kisses on the blonde's skin. His hands reached down and began to undo the blonde's belt buckle, soon getting it unlatched. His mouth stopped right above the hem of his lover's pants and he looked up at Deidara who was blushing deeply. The blonde gave him a needy look and rocked his hips, wanting the redhead to continue with what he was going to do.

Sasori smirked and slowly pulled the younger male's pants off, leaving his boxers on. Deidara whimpered and the redhead nearly grinned. "What is it you want me to do, Deidara~?"

The blonde looked away embarrassed but slowly looked back at the redhead after a few seconds. "M-make me feel good, un~" His voice was filled with lust as he rocked his hips again. "Please~?"

The redhead chuckled and moved his hands in front of him, only undoing one button at a time. "Well since you said please," He began slowly. "I suppose I can, but..." Deidara looked at him confused. "You have to return the favour." And the blonde turned around ten shades darker than before.

"O-okay," He whispered. Sasori smirked again at his shyness, wondering why the boy was so flustered now, when they had had sex before. And he was pretty sure that the blonde hadn't been a blushing virgin when they had met anyway, so he was bashful for no reason. He almost rolled his eyes but looked down at the tent in the shorter male's undergarments and he slid the article of clothing off the blonde, getting a small gasp from him.

Looking up at Deidara, Sasori licked the head of the blonde's rock hard member, causing the teen to give a small jerk and a moan. Deidara rocked his hips and the redhead growled slightly before holding them down with one hand. He took the head into his mouth, now swirling his tongue around the meat as he continued to watch the blonde.

Deidara gave a small cry and threw his head back in bliss, the lust practically dripping off of him. He wanted to forget their 'little deal' and go straight to the sex, but he couldn't seem to get a single word passed his lips as the redhead continued to pleasure him so wonderfully. "Da... Dann-ah~"

The redhead continued to stare at the blonde as he took more of his cock into his mouth, moaning as he did so, sending vibrations through Deidara's member. The blonde's eyes widened and he clenched the redhead's hair between his fingers as he came with a scream.

Sasori quickly began to swallow all of the blonde's liquid noticing it was a little too salty for his liking. Though he continued to nurse the blonde's cock till he had gone dry and he took the member out of his mouth. He sat up and licked his lips as he stared at the younger male panting as he rested on his bed.

"Your turn." Sasori smirked and Deidara gave him a hazy expression for a few moments before noticeably swallowing. He shakily sat up, crawling slowly to the red head so that his face was level with the older male's crotch. Deidara began to unbutton Sasori's pants, fumbling lightly due to the anticipation and nervousness that was coursing through his body.

Eventually he managed to undo the older male's pants and he eagerly pulled them off, along with his boxers, revealing his hard member below. Deidara shuddered lightly when he recalled just how good the length had felt when it had been inside of him. He wrapped one hand around it, stroking lightly to make sure that the red head was as hard as possible before leaning downwards.

He took the tip of the older male into his mouth and lightly sucked, closing his eyes in order to focus on the task at hand. Deidara teased the very tip of the red head's length with his tongue, slowly sliding downwards to take more of Sasori inside of his mouth. The older male groaned in pleasure, leaning his head back slightly before bringing his hands to clutch at the blonde's locks, encouraging him to go further.

Deidara slid the red head's length into his mouth until the blonde was deep-throating him. He moaned at the feeling of the magic that sparked off of the older male's skin, feeling it sizzle in his mouth as the blonde slowly began to bob his head up and down. Sasori closed his eyes as he let the pleasure consume him and he groaned loudly once he was nearing his release.

The blonde stifled once he felt the red head cum in his mouth, and he struggled to swallow all of it. The hot liquid slid down his throat and Deidara felt it mix with the potion that he had drunk earlier, his stomach growing pleasantly warm. He pulled away after milking the red head of every last drop, liking the taste of Sasori. They made eye contact for a few brief moments before the red head connected their lips in a feverish kiss. While their mouths were locked, Sasori moved the blonde to lie back again and the red head was quickly above him.

Soon they pulled away and Sasori began to grind his hips against the blonde's, forcing them both to become hard once again. Deidara moaned loudly and wrapped his arms around the older male, rocking his hips needily. He wished that Sasori would just take him rather than tease him.

The older male seemed to have the same idea, as a few moments later he brought his hand to the blonde's mouth, "Suck." Deidara didn't bother to even nod an agreement as he took the fingers of the red head into his mouth, following his command. He sucked on them and ran his tongue across the digits, smothering them seductively with saliva. Sasori was absolutely captivated by some of the lustful expressions that the blonde was making, and he had to use all of his willpower just to restrain himself.

Soon he removed his fingers and he eagerly began to kiss the blonde, moving his digits to Deidara's entrance as he did so. He carefully slid two inside of the younger male, the blonde moaning lowly at the feeling that would lead up to intense pleasure.

He began to scissor him slowly while thrusting the two digits into the blonde. Deidara gave a small moan of impatience and he rocked his hips lightly, wanting the redhead to go faster. Sasori just rolled his eyes and smirked before adding a third finger, Deidara almost not noticing. Though around the fifth thrust the redhead finally hit Deidara's prostate and the blonde moaned lustfully. Sasori eyed the younger male writhing on his bed every once in a while and leaned down to capture his soft lips. It was just a chaste kiss which was soon ended.

"Ready?" He asked, mumbling against the blonde's lips.

Deidara gave an eager nod and Sasori pulled the digits out of him before grabbing his hips and positioning them so they rose off the bed slightly. Deidara gave yet another needy moan as he felt the redhead press against him so he wrapped his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist, pulling him closer.

Sasori understood how eager the blonde was and decided it would be okay to pick up his pace. Still keeping a tight grip on the blonde's hips, he thrust forward, sheathing himself quickly into his lover. Deidara's eyes widened and he gave a pained noise before burying his face in Sasori's neck. His whole body trembled as he tried to get used to the redhead's girth. Sasori gave a small sigh and began rubbing small circles into the blonde's lower back.

He began to move again and Deidara bit into his neck but made no complaint to stop him. Sasori continued to move till only the head of his member was in the blonde and he gave a quick thrust in again, still not able to find the teen's sweet spot. Deidara gave a small whine and let go of the flesh in his mouth to lie back down on the bed. Sasori repeated his actions but changed the angle of his hips, now able to hit the blonde's prostate.

Deidara gave a sudden cry and his hands moved down to the redhead's back, now clawing at any flesh available. Sasori smirked and continued his actions while also taking the blonde's lips with his own. Deidara almost automatically opened his mouth, inviting Sasori to play with him. Sasori thrust again and the blonde moaned deep in his throat, now bucking his hips in time with the redhead's strong, but slow, thrusts. He wanted more.

Sasori's tongue was ravishing his mouth, and Deidara was moaning loudly into the older male's orifice. The red head began to speed up his thrusts, but it still wasn't fast enough for the blonde. He pulled their lips apart, panting heavily to try to regain enough oxygen, "Danna-ah!…F-Faster!" He moaned loudly as Sasori once again struck his sweet spot, and the red head decided to do what the blonde said.

He sped up his thrusts, the older male giving a groan in pleasure, albeit this was muffled out by the blonde's orgasmic cries. Sasori automatically went harder, wrapping his arms around the younger male. Deidara continued to claw at his back, crying out in utter bliss until his throat felt almost raw. Oh gawd!

Sasori hit his sweet spot without fail, successfully driving the blonde crazy. It was all becoming far too much and yet Deidara didn't want it to end. The red head hissed once he realised that he was coming close to his release – he didn't want to finish just yet. Damn, the blonde was so unbelievably hot and tight; the red head couldn't finish first.

He moved his hand to the blonde's weeping length and he began to pump him vigorously to try to make him release. Sasori moved his mouth to Deidara's neck, nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin. The blonde began to scream in bliss, wrapping his legs tighter around the older male's waist. He didn't want to finish, but he knew that Sasori was trying to make him reach his release. Deidara felt the pressure building up and he thought that he might explode any second now if it kept on building.

Deidara gave a scream as he hit orgasm, the red head groaning as he came inside of the blonde less than a second later. They were panting hard and Sasori began to whisper some complex words in the strange language. The magic in the blonde swelled, and a few moments later Deidara realised hazily that they were both glowing once again.

He felt unbelievably hot, yet it wasn't an unbearable sweaty heat, and Sasori slowly rocked his hips a few times to milk out the last few drops of his seed. Deidara shakily pulled the red head down into a chaste kiss that lasted until the glowing and the intense heat subsided.

Sasori began to kiss his neck tenderly, and Deidara gave a sigh when the red head pulled out of him. "Danna…" His throat was sore and his voice was hoarse from screaming so much. The red head smiled at him affectionately, running a hand through his soft golden hair.

He got off the blonde and lied down next to him, pulling him close to his chest. Deidara gave a small moan and snuggled closer to the redhead. He buried his face into Sasori's neck while the redhead wrapped his arms around the blonde. Even though they were both stark naked neither of them felt cold next to each other. They were content and ready to fall asleep.

A few seconds of peaceful quietness went by and there was a loud rap on the door before it opened. Sasori sighed and quickly covered him and Deidara up with a nearby fur blanket. Konan ran over to the bed just in time to see them covered. She wore an ear-to-ear grin as she saw the two males. "Yay! You two got back together!" Her mood suddenly changed and she pouted. "Why didn't you guys let me watch?"

Sasori rolled his eyes and continued to try to sleep, ignoring the bluenette. Deidara didn't even bother blushing, knowing the woman saw him having sex before.

Konan's pout went away and she narrowed her eyes at the duo. "Hinho (Off)"

The blanket suddenly flew off the two males and Sasori glared at the woman, now propped up by his elbow. "Yes, we are back together now. No you can not watch us have sex and... Why did you come over?"

Konan grinned again. "I wanted to check up on you since I knew you were all depressed and all and then I felt the yaoi power and teleported here for quicker transportation!" She threw her fists into the air. "I'M FUCKING AWESOME!"

Sasori rolled his eyes again seeing Deidara on the verge of sleep. "Yes, you are." The red head looked at the boy's hands, noting that the mouths had reformed, one of them giving a tired yawn…He covered the blonde in a blanket and got out of bed, finding his pants and putting them on.

Konan saw Deidara sleeping and cupped her face with her hands. "He's so freaking adorable~!" She cooed loudly and Deidara gave a groan from the bed.

"Be quiet~" It was practically a whimper.

Sasori glared at the witch who just shrugged her shoulders. "I just came by to say hello is all... So..." She rocked back and forth from the balls of her feet to her heels. "Does the word 'bloodline' mean anything to you?"

Sasori scowled. "I really doubt that will happen, Konan. We met almost a week ago."

Konan held up her hands in defence. "Fine, fine, but you know. Don't want our race to die out."

"That's what you and Pein are for."

"Yeah, but our children will have the curse whereas yours won't…Although, even without the curse they could still end up naturally gay since the curse doesn't force people to be straight…" She gave a shrug and actually took on a serious expression, "You know that you'll have to eventually – the Akasuna bloodline has been around since the beginning of warlock kind. It's one of the most well-known and respected heritages of our people. Your parents died protecting you, their sole heir; you can't let it end with you."

Sasori frowned before giving a sigh, "Eventually…But not now; he still has a lot to learn about our world and our customs."

"A year." She gave him a sharp look, and Sasori gave a very slow nod.

"I'll talk to him about it in a year then." Konan's seriousness faded instantly and she gave a wide smirk.

"Awesome!" She twirled on the spot, the pot on her head remaining in place. "Oh! Tell me when you finally decide! I wanna have a baby at the same time as you! You know," she gave a wider smirk, "now that I'm the queen and all~"

Sasori sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "Don't blame me if he doesn't agree to it though."

"You don't have to necessarily tell him~" The red head gave the bluenette an offended expression and she sighed, "Okay, maybe it would be best to tell him, but you will have to do it eventually."

"I know." He frowned and Konan giggled joyously.

"Well, I best be off! Foxy will get terribly lonely without me to keep him company! See you, Saso and Saso's hawt boyfriend!" Deidara mumbled something, but he was fast asleep. Konan spoke a few incantations and disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving the red head with a frown on his face.

Sasori sighed and pulled his pants back off, crawling into bed with the blonde. Deidara woke up hazily and Sasori began to tenderly pet the blonde's hair. "Shhhh, it's okay."

"Danna…I love you, un." Deidara snuggled against the red head, nuzzling his face into the older male's neck.

Sasori smiled at the blonde tenderly and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead, "Love you too." Deidara fell asleep and the red head gave a sigh, holding him close, "But you have a lot to learn about our kind."

The End