The Battle of Hogwarts had ended. All the dead had been moved, and Voldemort had been moved into a separate room, Moaning Myrtle's bathroom to be precise. All were either happy, or happy, yet grieving the loss of a loved one. A young girl, however, was doing neither. She was weeping over the still bodies of her mother, brother, and father, all fighting for the good side. She had lost all of them in a matter of hours. She had no-one, no-one cared. She needed someone, anyone, just to tell her she had a future. She felt like stopping the party in the Great Hall, telling them the truth.

She remained there until someone carefully sat down next to her and whispered "Are you all right?" The girl sniffed and said "No. I've got no-one. My mother, father and brother are all dead. I have no future, except to die." The boy whispered "No, you do." She looked up and gazed into the green orbs that were looking at her with, not malice or hate, but love, care.

"Who are you?" the boy asked. "Hannah, Hannah Doloras." She did something she never thought she'd ever do again – she smiled. The boy looked relieved to see her smile and she went over to him and sat close to him. A medium height lady with bright orange hair came out of the Entrance Hall and said "Oh, Harry there you are!" She rushed over to him but he put his hand up and said "Okay, okay, I'm taking this girl to the Gryffindor bedrooms, and then I'll be there." She returned to the Entrance Hall and Harry cradled the young girl in his arms and carefully picked her up.

He carried her up to the Gryffindor Common Room and sat her on one of the armchairs. He then changed one into a bed and a cushion into a pillow. She fell asleep almost before her head touched the pillow. He left her. She woke up suddenly. She looked where the kind person had been and she yelled. Sh looked around the room in vain calling "Mum? Dad?". She looked sorrowful, and tears streamed down her face. She knew, she knew it was time. She felt herself drifting away and just said "Hello Mum…" Her eyes closed for the last time and she sighed peacefully before... Her eyes went blank and glassy. Harry crept up to the room, opened the door slightly and saw her still body.

She had joined her parents, where she wanted to be.