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Notes: My first Chobits series! I already wrote a couple of one-shots, a funny one and a waffy one, so why not combine!! Okay, this will please everyone, I hope - not in a bad way ^^. But, please send me comment and cheer me on.

Chobits Fiction
Holding on tightly to what you have

In the lamplight, Hideki held up the picture of a building. "Hora, Chii - do you remember what this is???"

Wearing one of his long pajama shirt (blue and plaid ^^), Chii blinked her eyes. "Un... Chii remembers. That is a 'Love Hotel'. Hideki said never ever to go into one, not even if someone asks Chii to."

"Sou da na! Chii don't ever go into those places!!" he said, nodding his head, "Chii, do you remember why??"

"Un! Because, lots of BAD things happen in there."

"Sou sou darou! VERY BAAAAAD things! SO! CHII! Remember!! NEVER EVER go in there!"


Hideki let out a sigh of relief. "Haa...I'm so glad we've worked this out. Now, Chii, let's..."

Chii was still look at the picture. "But is it okay if Hideki asks Chii to?"

"EEEEEEEEEEH?!?!" Hideki freaked out. "Iya, sono...ore...!!!" His face bright red as Chii innocently leaned forward, their noses touching. 'Kaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!' Hideki thought, 'She is so cute!'

Just then there was a knock on the door. "AI!!" Sumomo popped up and started dancing around on the table. "There is a guest at the door, Master~! Please answer the door~!"

Hideki face-faulted. "Haaa..." he muttered into the floor, "Who could be coming here at this hour... Hold on..." His eyes lit up. "C-Could it be Hibiya-san?? Aah, she is so pretty!"

Chii frowned a little. "Does Hideki like Kanrinin-san??"

"Ah... well... I like her looks... And she is very nice... Um... ah... don't put me on the spot here, Chii...!" he stammered as he got up from the floor, "Besides, Kanrinin-san isn't quite my type..."

"What is Hideki's type??" Chii asked anxiously, following him to the door.

Hideki scratched his head. "Aaah, I don't know... I guess, I'd like a girl who was pretty and nice..."

Chii took that, still looking anxious. "But doesn't describe Kanrinin-san??"

"And just about every other girl in Tokyo??" Sumomo added.

"Ah well... let's talk about this later..." Hideki replied, very embarrassed by the confrontation, "I'm going to answer the door now, so you two don't say anything about what we were talking about."


Clearing his throat, Hideki turned the knob. "Hello..." he started to say. Suddenly the person on the other side lunged forward and grabbed onto him. "UWAAAAAAAH!!!!!"

"Hideki!!" Chii gasped, startled by his yell. She then saw that the person was one of Hideki's friends. "Ah! Welcome! Um... can we help you...??"

Shinbo had a teary face as he huggled the stunned Hideki. "Aaaaaaan..."

"Ex-Master..." Sumomo asked as she climbed up his pant leg and up his shirt until she perched onto his shoulder, "What's the matter??"

"Sumomo..." he whimpered, "Actually, I don't want to talk about it right now..."

"OI!!!" Hideki exclaimed, trying to squirm away, "T-Then why are you here, Shinbo no yatsu?!?!"

Shinbo fell over, but didn't change in expression. He looked like a stone statue that had fallen on its side. "Aaaaan..."

"Oi, Shinbo... are you sick??" Hideki asked, now getting concerned over his friend, "Did something bad happen to you?"

"Did you go into a love hotel??" Chii asked.

Hideki quickly reprimanded her. "Chii, not now..."

"Chi??" she asked innocently, "Did Chii say something wrong?"

"Ex-master!" Sumomo cried, holding up his face with her little hands, "What happened!! Tell us! Onegaishimasu-!"

Shinbo closed his eyes for a moment. "It's Takako..."

"Ah, I see!" Hideki exclaimed, pounding his fists together, "You two got into a fight! She found all your hidden porn and decided you were a pervert and threw you out! Right??"

"Chigau yo..." Shinbo muttered, "You got it all wrong. We didn't fight or anything... I just... stepped out."

"Oh, you had me worried there for a second there," Hideki said, as he closed the door and took a seat on the tatami mat with him, "So everything is okay with Shimizu-sensei."

"No," Shinbo said, closing his eyes. "It's over."

"EH?!?!????!?" Hideki exclaimed, freaking out and flailing his hands in the air - Chii of course mimicking him. "W-What do you mean?!? What happened?!? How in the hell is it over?!?"

"Well... it started like this..." Shinbo explained while Sumomo dragged him a can of beer and opened it for him, "We were having dinner together and..."

Shinbo lifted his head from the plate of pasta. "Hmm? The phone is ringing... Ah, Sumomo...!" He paused. "That's right; I gave her to Hideki. I got to answer my own calls for now on. I'll be right back..."

Takako smiled. "Hurry back or your food will get cold."

"Hai hai," he said, patting her on the head as he passed her while going to the hallway. He picked up the phone. "Hello? This is Shinbo."

"Is... Takako-san there?"

"Ah, just a moment." He turned around and held out the phone. "Takako, it's for you."

"Hm? Atashi?" She got up and walked over to take the phone. "Hello?"

Shinbo crossed his arms and leaned against the table. He contently watched her play with the cord and pace in a circle as she talked on the phone. He suddenly realized the worried look in her face. 'Eh??'

"I... I understand... Demo...!" Her voice then lowered. "That's true as well..."

Takako slowly hung up the phone, her face still a little strained. Shinbo walked over and put his hands on her shoulders. "What's wrong? Who was that?"

"That was... my husband."

Shinbo blinked. "W-What did he want?"

"Well... you know how I said I sent him the divorce papers last week. It seems when he received them; he said he 'woke' from a dream. He claims he had sold his persocon to the Yuku Pon shop and wants me to come home. He says it'll be different..."

"I... I don't get it." Shinbo stammered, in a lot of shock, "Just like that - he said he'll change, after making you suffer for almost a year? So... now what are you going to do...?"

Takako looked to the floor. "I don't know..."

They were quiet for a long while, the two of them feeling uncertainty. When they decided to finally say something, they lifted their faces at the same time. "Um...!" they said in unison.

"Y-You go first," he told her.

"Hiromu," she uttered, "He said that he won't sign the papers unless I go back and give him at least one more chance to explain himself."

"But...!" Shinbo shook with fear. He didn't want to let her go, but he didn't know what else to do. "Takako... ore..."

She put her hand on the side of his face, his eyes slowly closing at the soft touch of her hand. "I don't know what to do either... But, be strong, Hiromu... For me."

Shinbo quickly broke away. "I... I have to step out." he stammered, grabbing his coat, "I'll be back later." Before she could say anything, he slipped on his shoes and ran out, slamming the door.

His feet had brought him here, sitting across from Hideki and Chii, while Sumomo opened him another beer.

"S-So, do you plan on going back??" Hideki stammered. His friend shook his head. "Oi! You can't do that to Sensei! She'll be worried about you!"

"I can't..." Shinbo whimpered, "I can't be strong for us. She's going back to her husband and I'm going to lose her!"

"No, you're not!" Hideki exclaimed, "Look, Shinbo! If Sensei does go back, it's only because she wants the divorce so she could be with you! Right??" He turned to Chii and Sumomo for support.

"What's a divorce?" Chii asked.

Sumomo was hugging Shinbo's hand. "Ex-Master, I'm so sorry!! You're going to be a bachelor again!!"

"I know..." he sighed, throwing aside another beer can and covering his face with his hands, "Takako!!"

Hideki dropped his head and sighed. 'No one is listening to me...'

to be continued...