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Chobits Fiction

Holding on tightly to what you have
Part 8

'Uwaaah...' Hideki thought, gawking at the beautiful creature before him. 'W-Where did she come from?! She must be an angel... No, wait, those ears... She's... She's...!!' Soon he was pointing and screaming. "EEEEEEEEEEH!?!?!? PERSOCON!!!!"

"That's right." Shinbo replied, "No need to point and scream so much, Motosuwa. We all can see that's what it is."

"BUT BUT BUT WHY!?!?!" Hideki exclaimed, grabbing him by the collar, "Why are you with such a gorgeous persocon?! What about Shimizu-sensei?!?! SHINBO!!!"

"OI!! Calm down, Motosuwa! Let me explain!"

Ueda had come back from the bathroom and restrained Hideki while Shinbo recovered. By now, everyone but Chii were suspicious and giving him 'the look'. Even Sumomo, who had climbed onto her master's shoulder, was glaring.

"What?" he said almost jokingly, "Can't I get persocon like everyone else? I have Sumomo, but I mean, Kokubonji has more than one... There's nothing wrong with it!"

"But, Shinbo-kun..." Ueda uttered, "Aren't you... weren't you...?"

Minoru nodded. "You're supposed to be... you know..."

"IN LOVE, YOU BASTARD!!!" Hideki yelled, pointing an accusing finger at him, "HOW COULD YOU!? HOW COULD YOU!?!?!!?!?"

"Hey, hey! Didn't I tell you I'll explain!?" Shinbo cried, his expression now serious that Hideki put down the valuable vase he was about to hurl at his friend. "That's better. Hear me out will you!"

"All right... but if you say you're going to betray Shimizu-sensei, I'm gonna kick the crap out you! Chii will help me!"


"Sumomo too!" said the note-persocon as she kicked her master in the arm.

Shinbo scratched his head, as he didn't feel any effect from the little taps on his sleeve. "Sorry to disappoint you all, but I'm not going to betray Takako."

"Thank goodness!" Yuzuki blurted out. Everyone stared at her, but she scooted behind Minoru, just as surprised by her actions as everyone else. "It's nothing..."

"This persocon is the same model as Takako's husband's... I was thinking that maybe I can get him to confess to it and then it would tell Takako all that he's doing behind her back. I don't want her to get hurt again..."

"Don't you think that this is a little sneaky too?" Hideki asked, "Shimizu-sensei won't be happy if she found out that you went to all this trouble. She might think that you were doing something behind her back..."

"We can't be honest with each other." Shinbo replied, "Not until we resolve this. If she belongs with her husband, or if she belongs with me... I want to resolve this!!"

"Shinbo-sama," Yuzuki said, "You must not hurry. Nothing ever works out that way..."

"Yuzuki's right," Minoru said, "You've got to think about this more. What if you're wrong? What if you're the one who is interfering?"

"I thought about that too," he replied, "I've been thinking about it TOO MUCH. I've just got to do what I feel is right... But first I have to decide what that feeling is... I'll know as soon as I do this!"

"But...!" Hideki cried, stopping him with a hand on the shoulder before he could run out, "Shinbo! You can't...!" He looked his friend in the eye and smiled, "You can't do this alone."


"We're your friends. We're going to help you out."

"AI!" Sumomo said leaping up with her hands in the air, "We're going to do a top secret mission!"


"Count me in!" Ueda said.

Yuzuki and Minoru exchanged looks and both nodded their heads, smiling. "We're in too."

"Everyone..." Shinbo uttered, looking around at the determined faces. "Thank you..."

* * * * * * * * *
Hibiya heard a knock at her door. When she opened it, she saw a big crowd starthere. "Ara? what is it, everyone?"

"Kanrinin-san!" Hideki said, he and Chii and bowing onto the floor, "We need your help! Please help us!!"


Hibiya knelt down to them, feeling confusion. "Ano... what exactly do you want me to do now?" She looked up to see someone else to explain. "Shinbo-san??"

"Kanrinin-san, we need you to assist us in this plan we have in deciding if my girlfriend should stay with her husband!"

"Oh my..." Hibiya uttered.

"All of us have a part." Minoru explained, "We each are creating a situation for Shinbo-san to get the truth out of this man before it's too late and Shimizu-sensei will be stuck in an unhappy situation."

"Oh, the teacher from the prep-school." Hibiya noted. She looked to Shinbo. "You're dating? Congratulations!"

"Well, it's complicated..."

"Yes, I heard... She has a husband... I'm sorry about that."

"But he left her for a persocon... Then, when she wanted a divorce, he asked for her back..."

"I see..." Everyone waited for her to answer as she knelt there, with a thoughtful look on her face. She suddenly rose and gave them a bright smile. "I'll help only you do one thing for me."

"And that is???" everyone feeling curious of what she wanted.

"Motosuwa-san," Hibiya said, while holding out her hand, "Please pay your rent."

Hideki went pale. "Oh yeah..."

When the finances had been settled, Hibiya finally went along with them. As they were heading out for supplies, they ran into Yumi, who was outside the apartment complex.

"Thank goodness!" she cried, running up to Hideki and Chii, "I was so worried that something was wrong with Chii-chan... To see that she's all right now, I'm really glad!"

"Arigatou." Chii replied, bowing her head slightly. "Yumi-san... Would you like to help us?"


* * * * * * * * *
Soon the group went over their roles and the plan went underway. Chii and Hideki began in a telephone booth. "Now, Chii, I want you to do as I told you..."

"Okay, Hideki..."

Hideki slid the phone card in the slot and dialed a number. There were four rings before someone picked up. "Hello, this is the Shimizu residence..."

"Ah! Sensei! It's Motosuwa!"

"What's the matter, Motosuwa-kun??"

"I'm in trouble, Sensei. It's Chii... She's having a problem and... Oh, here she is. Chii, could you please tell Shimizu-sensei what is your problem."

Chii took the phone. "Shimizu-sensei..."

"Yes, Chii-chan?"

"Chii... Chii has a feminine problem..."

"EH!? C-Chii-chan, don't say anymore! I'll be right there to help you... Please give the phone back to Motosuwa-kun!" Chii handed the phone over to Hideki. "Motosuwa-kun, where are you now??"

"We're two blocks from the prep school. You know, the phone booth near the underwear shop..."

"I'll be right there! Don't move!" After hanging up, Takako turned to get her coat. "I'll be right back..." she said, when she saw that her husband was coming towards her.

"Where are you going? Who called?"

"One of my students; he's having problems..." she started to say, but his hand caught hers tightly. "Ano..."

"It isn't 'him' that you're going to see, is it??"

"O-Of course not! I told you I wouldn't see him until we've settled this... Don't you believe me?"

"Not really." he replied, adding to the indignant look in her face, "What?"

"You know, I don't say anything about your betrayal... I still believe in you. Why can't you do the same for me?"

"Because it's different. A human is different from a persocon." he said, his grip tightening. "There are things you can't do with a persocon, that I know you can with a human..."

Takako lowered her eyes. "It hurts..." she said, staring at their linked hands. "It hurts the same, what you did to me..."

"Then shall we call it even? You forgive me and I'll forgive you? Let's start over, Takako..."

"No, I can't do that..." She broke away from him and went for the door. "Please, let's talk about it when I get back. One of my students needs me..."

As she went into the hall towards the stairs, she could hear him mutter, "Her students were always more important..."

Once in the staircase, Takako's face filled with tears. 'I feel terrible... He's asking for a second chance, and I cannot give it to him. Am I the one who was wrong? Am I the one who is not fighting to save this marriage?? But I love Shinbo-kun...'

Walking outside, she went right past Shinbo, Ueda, and Yumi, who were hiding behind some bushes. "Shinbo-kun, isn't that her? She looks so sad." Ueda noted.

"Perhaps that jerk said something to hurt her." he sighed, "I wish I could go over there and hold her and make her feel better."

"Senpai, you can do that later." Yumi replied, "Let's get on with this... However... why do I have to wear this outfit??"

"Remember??" Shinbo said, "You and Ueda are advertising the Chiroru. Door to door samples. While you're distracting him, I'll bring the persocon into the room... that is while Kokubunji cuts down the security system."

"But this outfit??" Yumi said, blushing as she covered her bust of the scanty-clad maid type clothes.

Ueda blushed even more when she brought the attention there. "I think you look nice in those clothes, Yumi-chan."


"Really really!"

Shinbo made a face as the two gazed into each other's eyes. "All right, Lovebirds, let's get going."

"By the way," Ueda said, as they snuck into the apartment complex, which allowed them access through Yuzuki's hacking, "What was Hibiya-san's role??"

"You'll see..."

* * * * * * * * * * *
Yuzuki and Minoru were working inside of a Chiroru delivery van. While Minoru punched away at his portable pc, Yuzuki worriedly stared out the window. "Minoru-sama..."

"What is it, Yuzuki?" he asked, lifting his head from the screen for a moment. She had an exhilarated look on her face. "Yuzuki??"

"I know it's illegal, but it's exciting what we're doing. To think we would be aiding in a battle for love."

"Yeah... Usually I wouldn't care for this stuff. But, I can't help myself from hoping that all will work out."


"Yes, Yuzuki??"

"There's a cop outside our van."

"Eeeh?!?!" he gasped. The two quickly rushed to the window and rolled it down. "Officer, what seems to be the problem??"

"What are you doing inside this parked vehicle??"

"Umm... nothing really..."

"Are you a little too young to be driving a car??"

"Oh that... Well, I'm with my persocon..."

"Now really?? Can that persocon drive a car??"

"I have the program to!" Yuzuki replied, very offended with this man's tone of voice, "Minoru-sama isn't doing anything wrong, so please leave us alone."

"Restrain your persocon or I'll do it for you!" the cop snapped.

Minoru clenched his fists. "Don't talk to us that way! You have no right to bother us if we're not doing anything! So go before I report you!"

"Hold it kid!" the cop stammered, now a bit uneasy from recognizing his uniform to be from that private academy for gifted children. 'If his parents hear about this, it's a big lawsuit...' He laughed it off and tried to act as though he was kidding. "Look, Kid, sorry to make you mad. But I still have one more question."

"Yeah?? Make it quick."

"What are you doing in a bakery delivery truck??"

"We're waiting for our friend who is doing some deliveries."

Yuzuki cut in. "We're watching his van. This neighborhood has had 5 break-ins during the last month. Now, if the cops were doing their jobs..."

"I got it! Fine! I'll leave!!"

They watched as he got on his motorcycle and left. "Phew, that was close." Minoru sighed, "I thought he might want to search our van. Yuzuki, that was quick thinking."

"Minoru-sama, thank you..."

"Eh??" he uttered, staring at her very affectionate face. "What for?"

"Oh, it's nothing..."

Finally, the two got back to work. They had been ignoring Shinbo's call until now. "Hey, what happened?"

"Nothing really." Minoru replied, "Okay, we're putting down the security system. You can enter through the bedroom window."

"Righto! I'll signal Ueda and Yumi to go!"

The husband was sitting at the coffee table, reading the newspaper when he heard a knock on his door. "What the? Did Takako forget her key again. Unless, it's one of those girl scouts..." he mumbled, going to answer. "Yes??"

"Uum..." Ueda stammered, "W-We're from the Chiroru Bakery, that's in the neighborhood... And we're advertising a special promotion door to door ..."

"Would you like to try a free sample??" Yumi asked, holding up a cake full of frosting, "And if you like it, you might buy one. We've got a couple on hand."

"I guess I'll buy one. I'm not too fond of cakes, but my wife likes sweets you see. I'll be right back with my wallet." He then left the room.

"Aww! Aren't you so kind!" Yumi said, leaning towards to Ueda to whisper, "(He seems like a nice guy... are we doing the right thing?)"

"(It's for Shinbo-kun's happiness... I think I have to side with him because I've known him longer. Besides, think of the awful things he put Shimizu-san though.)"

"(You're right... but I do hope he buys more than one cake. I really worked hard on the bunny design on this one.)"

Meanwhile, the husband was searching in his bedroom where he put his money. "Ah?" he said, noticing that the closet door was slightly open. As he went to close it, it flew open and there was the persocon with red hair. "What are you doing in there??" he gasped.

"Master..." she uttered, "It was too dark."

"I'm sorry. You can't be here anymore... If my wife found you, she would leave again. I need a little bit more time." He moved over to clasp her hands in his. "Then we can be together..."

"To be with Master... I can wait a bit longer."

"I'm glad... Now, how did you get here? I thought I put you in my storage? You must've been activated or something and came home. Well, I better hide you before 'she' comes home."


"Yes, what is it, my dear??"

"You're a damn jerk!"

"Eeeh?!!?" he gasped. Shinbo stepped out from the window. "YOU!!"

Shinbo grinned, holding a device with a microphone. "Got you! This really isn't your persocon. But now that we know where yours is, my friends and locating it to get the memory, and whatever plans you had in store for your wife."

"What is this? Are you blackmailing me?!"

"No, I just want to protect Takako from further pain."

"And you're doing that??" the husband asked, "You, a part-time ronin? Can't even get into college? Could get her fired? Put her career in jeopardy??

Shinbo glared at his opponent. They were at a face-off and they had just the time to argue about it until Takako came back...

* * * * * * * *
Takako ran down the street to meet Hideki and Chii, when she suddenly got caught by the arm by someone. "Eeh? Who are you??"

"Don't you remember me?? I'm Motosuwa-san's landlady."

"Ah, r-right... Chitose-san... We met during the summer break..."

"Come with me for a second."

"Eeh? Eeh?!" was all Takako could say as Hibiya dragged her off.

Watching from behind the corner, Hideki and Chii were putting thumbs-up. "Yoshi! That's that!" Hideki said, lifting a walky-talky, "Hey Shinbo! We did! Shimizu-sensei is way off track... Hey, Shinbo? You there??"

But there was no answer.

To be continued...