Author's Notes: Yay, new Gamma drabble collection. There shall be thirteen Rodolphus/Narcissa drabbles, written for rarepair_shorts on Livejournal. Enjoy!

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Title: Wanting Her
Prompt: One by One
Rating: PG
Word Count: 300
Summary: Rodolphus is the only suitor who remains.


There had been a time in Narcissa's life when she had been in high demand. Even after Lucius offered his hand in marriage, even after they were betrothed, even after the ring was on her finger, she had had suitors at her door every day. They begged for her, insisting that they were better lovers than Lucius could ever dream of being and that her husband need never know of them. Narcissa had giggled and blushed and watched their hapless advances with amusement, but as time passed, they gave up on her, and, one by one, they left her, gone to find a girl more easily convinced to spread her legs.

Rodolphus was not among them.

Rodolphus did not attempt to woo Narcissa – he never had. He simply seemed to take it as a given that, when he appeared in her home, she would give herself to him.

There were times when Narcissa resented this. She did not care for his aristocratic pride and arrogance about the matter, not when she knew how weak he was wont to be. It seemed unfair that he could be so cool about an affair, then expect her to put up with his tirades against Bellatrix and her infidelity.

But put up with him she did. She did not turn him away when he came to her, all nonchalance, expecting to bed her. And when he was in furious tears half crazed with anger because Bellatrix dared to sleep with another, Narcissa bit her tongue and comforted him and did not accuse him of hypocrisy.

It was because she loved him, and no other reason, she told herself. But deep down, she knew that was a lie. Her real reason was that, if he left her, it would mean that no one wanted her.