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Summary: Erik is a millionaire architect that works with his father in their family business back in America. He comes to France for business and when he is done he plans to go straight back home. He stops at the opera house for one night of entertainment and that is when he sees Christine. She is the lead dancer and the grace and poise catches Erik's eyes. After the show he meets her father and learns that they are about to become destitute. Erik decides he will take both of them back to America with him and marry her as soon as they get there. Her father agrees and soon all three board the Titanic to his home. Will Christine be accepting? What will happen when the ship starts to descend into the sea? Will they become closer or drift apart?


Chapter 1: Love at First Sight

"So I believe we are done here?" Erik said as he stood and started rolling up his drawings and floor plans that were spread out on the desk in front of the two gentlemen.

"Yes sir. I will have the money sent over to your home in America as soon as possible." The other man said.

Physically they were complete opposite people, but the one thing they do have in common is a visual eye for perfection. That is why Erik left the boardroom with a metaphorical lump of money in his pocket.

The man was short and round, much like all wealthy men that are married and have children growing. After a certain age their belly extends and they give up on keeping themselves clean and proper for their wives. He had a bushy beard and mustache and beady green eyes and blotchy skin. He was wearing his nicest suit which happened to be worn and had small holes in the elbow patches.

Of course Erik noticed and he was a bit irritated by it. Everything about Erik was clean and proper. He was tall and well built, as if he made some time for fitness and working out. His legs were long and his chest was burly. He wore a very nice suit black over white and a golden brown vest. His hair always was neatly combed back and parted in the middle and his teeth always shined pearly. His skin was never marred by pimples or rough from unshaved facial hair, he always made himself look perfect. The only thing that he regretted was the mask on the right side of his face. He had come from America, his home, to Europe on a great passenger ship to have a meeting and the first thing his customer saw was the mask.

His mother hadn't taken care of herself while she was pregnant with him. She hadn't realized she was pregnant with him until he was almost fully grown inside her. The result from smoking and drinking alcohol while holding him was the distortion on the right half of his face. Shortly after he was born his mother had died from a type of cancer that she had all through the pregnancy. The doctors were surprised she lasted long enough to give birth to Erik and they were surprised to see that he was completely healthy and in no danger of carrying the sickness that had taken his mother. His father never cared about the deformity and was just happy to have a son.

It was Erik's idea to get the mask and his father didn't try to object as he knew Erik always got his way. At the age of ten Erik had fashioned his own masks and would have one for almost every day of the month. Over the years the masks grew and got bigger as his face got bigger. Now at the age of forty he has one mask that he prefers among all the others. The plain white, half mask that covers from forehead to upper lip.

Now that his business was over he was ready to go back home. He was picked up outside the building by his personal chauffeur and was ready to go back to the hotel he was staying at and pack for tomorrow's journey back to the states. He was passing by many people walking on the streets and vendors passing out papers to promote an event or an opening of a business. Nothing he cared much for. When he was suddenly stopped in traffic he looked out the window at the magnificent opera house standing a few feet away.

He always loved music, if he didn't become an architect he would have composed music or worked for a company such as the opera house. He always loved the spectacle and the atmosphere that surrounded it. He never had time to stop and see a play and for some reason seeing the building now made him want to stop everything and just watch a performance.

"Michael, stop here." He said to the driver.

The car stopped and pulled over to the side of the street. Erik got out of the back without waiting for the driver to come over and open it. He signaled to wait here and walked across the street to the opera house. When he reached the steps leading up to the doors he could hear rehearsal going on inside.

He walked over to the side where the ticket holder stood and asked, "Sir is there a performance tonight?"

"Yes, sir. Carmen is being performed tonight and you are lucky because I just had two cancellations."

"Perfect. I just need one ticket please." He said as he put a few bills in his hand to cover the price.

"Alright." His eyes glowed at the money that was placed in his hand. "Your seat will be in box five. Here is your ticket and enjoy the show."

"Thank you." He said back before walking back to his car.

He had only a couple hours until the show starts so he had to change and have dinner before it was time to go.


Erik was led to the box and realized it was right next to the stage. He would be able to see everything up close and hear everything clearly. There was six chairs sitting in the space and he was given the one in the front row farthest from the stage, but given a very nice view. He had come early to make sure he got a good seat and would have time to look over the information sheet before the show started.

He looked at the title that meant nothing to him, Carmen. He didn't know what it was about or who was performing the characters. As he looked at the sheet he learned that the story was about a man who gave up everything for a gypsy that seduced him with her charms and he soon found out she moved on to another man. Jealousy takes over and he ends up killing her in rage.

He looked down the cast list and saw a Senor Piangi playing the lead role of Don Jose and a Senora Carlotta portraying Carmen. Both Italian actors playing the Spanish characters, at least the company got the right people to play the cast.

The rest of the people he had to share a box with arrived with flutes of champagne and sat in their seats. Only a short time after that did the orchestra start and the lights started to dim. Suddenly the curtain was open to reveal a small square in the middle of Seville, Spain.

The music started and all the actors started singing. The lyrics were in French, which made it hard to understand the story, the only way to follow it was to watch them perform and watch what they do. When Carlotta came onto the stage and sang her song of seduction Erik just wanted to run away. Her voice was horrible. He looked around to see everyone else enjoying it and he realized this was opera. 'That high pitched, annoying sound coming from her throat was entertainment?' he thought with disgust.

He was about ready to get up in leave; he didn't want a burst eardrum from sitting here for a couple hours listening to that. When he was about to stand he saw the dancers come out and whirl around the singers in an exotic dance. The leading female dancer broke away from the others and did a twirl. Erik was suddenly amazed and sat back down in his seat.

Everyone else on the stage was a blur and he could no longer hear the music or the awful screech from Carlotta. All he saw was her.

She had gorgeous flowing brown hair that fell to her hips in loose curls. A piece of her hair was pulled back and held by a blooming red rose. Her skin was a creamy pale color and she had a light blush on her cheeks from the dancing and the music. She was wearing a lacy dress with her shoulders showing from the drooping sleeves and her ankles were showing from the short skirt. She was barefoot and her feet moved with such grace.

Erik looked down at the information and right next to where it said lead dancer it said Christine Daaé.

He looked back up at Christine and noticed she had blended back into the other dancers and was now up close and personal with a shirtless male dancer in an exotic pose. A stab of jealousy hit him hard at the look she gave the man she was dancing with. He knew it was acting, but she made it look so real.

The song ended and everyone dispersed to the wings of the stage and the curtain fell. Everyone started clapping for the amazing acting and the amazing dancing. Erik clapped for the beauty of one Christine Daaé.


The play ended all too soon and everyone stood for a standing ovation. The whole cast of the play was standing on the stage bowing and accepting the flowers that were given. Erik stared at Christine as she bowed gracefully and gave a large smile of respect.

When she exited the stage Erik stood and made his way to the back of the stage. He had to meet this woman. When he made it to the back all the performers were gathered around having something to drink and removing the wigs and accessories that they adorned on stage.

Erik passed some dancers that were giggling and past Carlotta and Piangi who were gloating over the manager's compliments. He almost scoffed from the way the managers were blatantly dishonest in front of them and the Spanish actors didn't even realize it.

He saw a door that was open wide at the end of the hall and next to the door it said, Mademoiselle Daaé. He quickly made his way through the crowds and when he reached the door he saw Christine sitting at her vanity wiping the make-up off her face. She had pulled the rose out of her hair and it was now pulled back with a black ribbon. She hadn't noticed him standing there and before he could step through the door and introduce himself another man walked past him and led himself to Christine.

The man was about his age only he had graying hair and circles under his eyes. Erik suddenly felt angry that man had cut in front of him and approached Christine. The anger suddenly dissipated when she turned to look at the man and smiled before saying,

"Hello, Daddy."

'That man was her father?' Erik thought. 'I have no reason to be jealous then.'

"Hello Angel. That was an amazing performance." He said to her as he pulled a single rose out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Father, you shouldn't be spending money on flowers and a nice suit for every time you see me perform. You shouldn't even be wasting the money on tickets to see the plays when Carlotta is the one singing." Christine said with distaste.

Erik smiled at that. He was proud to hear that someone else hated that Italian woman's voice. He was happy to see that this woman was generous and had good taste in music.

"Sweetheart, I will always come and see you perform. I don't care how far in debt we are. I will always spend money on you."

"Father you need to stop. The business is going under and we are living off what I make in dancing, which is not a lot." She said angrily.

Erik was surprised by that. Her father looked very well put together, he had a nice suit and looked like he had a lot of power. Apparently not. They were living off of a leading dancer's salary. He suddenly got an idea and was about to walk in and interrupt when her father spoke.

"I don't want to talk about our financial stress right now. Get cleaned up and I will meet you outside with a carriage. We are going to stay with Madame Giry and Meg."

As her father started walking away Christine pulled him back and asked curiously. "What happened to our home?"

Her father didn't answer that question, but gave her a guilty look and just said back. "Get ready. The Giry's aren't going to wait long."

Erik backed away from the door when her father left the dressing room and closed the door.

When he turned and was met face to face with a man wearing a white mask on the right side of his face he stepped back in surprise.

"Excuse me, sir." He said as he went to walk by Erik.

"I am sorry, but I couldn't help but overhear. You are having financial trouble?" Erik asked in a business man tone.

"I'm sorry sir?" he said confused.

"I have a proposition for you." Erik said with a small smile.


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