Fire in Cold Glow: Revised Edition

By Masked Mouse

Edited by LuluCalliope

Chapter Eleven

Amber finally reached the ground, and she started to run. She didn't make it very far before she got tangled up with someone. Fearing it was one of the cats, she started to kick. "No, I'm not going back!" She said. "You cannot make me!"

"Hey, Am, it is alright, it's me!" A familiar voice said. Amber knew who it was at once, and she threw herself into the speaker's arms.

"Aiden, I knew you would come," Amber said happily, but soon fear returned to her. "We have to get out of here, and go back and warn the others." As soon as the words were out of her mouth, dark shadows appeared as the cats emerged.

"Amber, get some stones!" Aiden said, handing her his father's sling shot. At that moment Aiden was flung to the side as one of the cats sank his claws into his side, wounding him. Amber tried to go to him, but she felt herself being lifted.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you," said the cat who was holding her. Aiden managed to break free and bring his father's staff down on the cat's tail, which made him drop Amber. She quickly got to her feet, collecting as many stones as she could find. She aimed at the cat closest to Aiden, and she hit him on the nose. It wasn't happy one bit with her.

Finally, Amber couldn't handle anymore, and everything went black.

She woke up in a dark room. She was wrapped up in a blanket made of thin cloth. She felt something soft move beside her. "Aiden," she said softly, recognizing him after he groaned and winced. She held him close.

Suddenly Aiden leaned over and kissed Amber on the lips. The kiss lasted for what seemed like an hour before Aiden pulled away, panting. "Sorry, Am," Aiden apologized.

"It's okay," she said, smiling. "I liked it."

They were both silent after that. Amber tried not to cry, but she wanted to for many reasons. She thought of her mother and of her sickness. She hoped that she hadn't gotten worse. As she heard the sound of rain pouring down, she got an idea. She nudged Aiden softly. "What is it, Am?" He asked.

"Do you hear that?" She said to him. "It's raining, and if there's one thing that cats hate, it's water."

"But we might get caught in the storm, too," he pointed out.

"You're right, Aiden, but we can't just sit here doing nothing!" Amber said.

"Wait, listen," Aiden whispered. The two kept quiet long enough to hear a cat hissing at someone or something before an object was smashed against a wall.

"Whoa," Aiden said. "Someone has sure upset them big time." Amber nodded.