Cutler pulled himself out of the grave he had made and rolled the dead body into it with a nasty thud. Hal stood away from him, flicking the cigarette ash impatiently. Cutler looked down at the body urging his senses to feel remorse for the kill, but none came. All that filled him was the satisfaction of the blood and thrill of the chase. He wanted it again.

"Time moves forward, and I grow ever weary," Hal said, lighting a fresh cigarette. "I can feel my bones turn to rot. Not often does that happen."

Cutler was easily intimidated by Hal, but the thought of the ancient vampires bones rotting as he waited for him to finish was so ludicrous that Cutler had to stifle laughter. He grabbed the shovel and began to pile dirt onto the body filling it up quickly and quietly.

"Fergus," Hal said. Cutler turned sharply to see the other vampire standing with his maker. He felt a twinge of jealousy but ignored it. "Cigarette?"

"Don't mind if I do," Fergus replied, taking one and lighting it. "Is the dicksplash done yet?"

"Not quite," Hal replied.

"Have you told him it was his kill?"



"He didn't know that was decided."

"Next time I won't be around to finish the job," Fergus said. "Oh, by the way boss, there's a little bar on Davies Street and well, it might just be what we are looking for. Discreet and has many visitors and regulars but many flavours."

Hal said. "Cutler?"

Cutler was wiping his brow, pretending not to have listened to the conversation. "Yes?"

"How long would it take to purchase this bar?" Hal asked.

"Why would you want to own it?" Cutler asked.

"Well, say a customer went missing, we could deny that they ever made it to the bar." Fergus shrugged. "It offers a range of possibilities. And, could indeed become very useful in the future. If we decide to stick around," He looked over at Hal nervously, as if in the know about something Cutler didn't about the old one.

Hal shot him a dark filthy look and Fergus recoiled slightly.

"Temper, temper," He warned.

Hal looked Fergus up and down before deciding against ripping his innards out. "Cutler?"

"If you have enough money you could own the place within a week," Cutler cleared his throat.

"Fergus, get on to it," Hal ordered. "See how much the owners will take for it. If they don't comply, kill them and recruit them. Then they might see to our needs. If that doesn't work, wait for me and I shall deal with them."

"What do you have in mind if they don't agree to the arrangements?" Fergus asked.

"Well, their skin will make lovely bunting," Hal smiled. "Rule Britannia I say."

Fergus chuckled slightly.

"Shouldn't you take a look at the place before buying it?" Cutler suggested.

Hal and Fergus turned to look at him.

"What was that?" Fergus said. "Do you know who he is? Don't you talk down to him like that."

"Fergus," Hal held up a gloved hand to silence him. He moved towards Cutler and the young vampire recoiled.

"Why so nervous?" Hal asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No…" Cutler cleared his throat. "No reason."

"Yes there is." Hal said. "You're right to be frightened. But I don't kill my own. Fergus is really the one who is danger."

"Thanks!" Fergus called, putting out his cigarette.

Hal studied Cutler for a moment. "Cutler… Nick," He smiled. "Did you have a tenacious relationship with your parents by any chance?"

Cutler stared at him. "Why?"

"Well why else would you react this way towards Fergus or myself?" Hal asked. "Though I'd hate to think of us as your adoptive parents." He chuckled slightly.

"My father was a bit of a…" Cutler looked away.

"Well, a part of being a history maker is you must shed all these mortal ties. I can no longer remind you of your father. Is your family still alive?"

"Only my mother. And my wife. My father left when I was young."

Hal took a moment to process this. "Mm. A wife did you say?"

"Keep her out of this, I don't want this for her," Cutler said.

"You don't want her to have happiness being with you?" Hal asked. "You don't want her to share this gift?"

"I don't want her looking into the eyes of someone she's killed. It would drive her insane." Cutler said.

Hal was still processing this. "You think she would like to watch you remain young and forever and history maker whilst her frail human body withers and decays?"

"I love her." Cutler said simply. "I would rather she died than spend an eternity like this."

"Don't you understand?" Hal asked. "Death is an eternity. No escaping it, it all comes for us in the end. Don't think that you are eternal just because you are immortal."

"I thought history makers were eternal,"

"No you fool," Hal shook his head. "Dear me, I chose an idiot. A history maker aspires to be eternal. Not that anyone has succeeded thus far… I can say a few who have stretched it so, for both good and bad, but they belong to humanity." Hal studied Cutler for another moment. "Well, we may as well visit that bar that Fergus was so eager about. Over three hundred years old and he still presents things like a child dying to have admiration from a parent."

Hal turned moving towards the car and getting into the back seat. Fergus watched Cutler move towards the back seats too, as if to get in beside Hal. Fergus pushed him away and ordered him to the front of the car before climbing into the driver's seat.

"Fergus," Hal said. "I'm terribly hungry,"

"Where do you have in mind my Lord?" Fergus asked.

"Oh I know a place, it's en route I believe." Hal said. "But just a small snack. I don't want to spoil my appetite."