This story will have two writers in it;Myself and my friend included here (I'm the one who will updating i)So there will be one chapter in my point of view and a chapter on her point of view. The 'History' of this story was about a couple of months ago when we got (pretty) obsessed with the show and this came up! :D

Note: The F4 of this story is from the Live Action Version(2005 starring Mao Inoue, Jun Matsumoto, Shun Oguri, Shota Matsuda,Tsuyoshi Abe) and not the anime version!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

What tough luck this is! I grunted while I was on my flight. How can this stupid contest have two winners?

About a few weeks ago, the media announced about this really awesome opportunity of hanging out with the famous group from Japan called the F4. No, they are not in a band or in a singing group but they are some of the richest people in Japan. Possibly the whole world. The F4 consists of their so called leader, Domyouji Tsukasa along with Sojirou Nishikado, Akira Mimasaka and finally, the hottest member of all, Hanazawa Rui. Everyone else can go gaga over the famous Domyouji but sadly(for his admirers) he has met the wonderful, strong willed girl named Makino Tsukushi. I remember when Domyouji announced it all over the world and I must say that was really romantic of him but Rui is still my favorite.

When they picked out the winner or should I say winners, it was just plain fantastic. Someone else other than me gets to hangout with the F4? Again, how fantastic! I rolled my eyes and mumbled about how practically stupid whoever decided to plan this.

Then again, I guess I should be happy that I was picked to hang out with 4 hot guys from Japan. It's better than not getting picked right?

I suppose.

It was such a beautiful(and rare) day and I would have enjoyed it outdoors except if I walk out of the plane right now, I'll doubt I'll be landing on a soft, fluffy cloud. I sighed and leaned towards my window looking at the view across and trying to not look down. If I did, then it may not be so good. I never get sick but I always get this "fall" feeling thing whatever it's called. I've been sitting on this soft chair for quite awhile now.

I was getting impatient but maintained myself. After all, it has been quite awhile since I rode on a plane. I have no idea how long it has been since I left California but in my language, it's been forever!

Okay maybe not forever but it has been awhile and I really don't remember how long this flight will be. So it was either I'm watching whatever is on screen, sleeping or eating.

Finally after whatever hours, the plane landed in Japan and I squealed as I smiled widely while exiting the plane. I can't believe I'm actually here! I went to the bag claim and grabbed my luggage before doing other things that are needed to be done. It was quite crowded while I was making my way towards the exit of the airport. Once those automatic doors opened, I immediately saw some guy wearing a button up white shirt with a black coat and black pants holding up a sign with my name on it.

"May?" the man asked and I nodded happily.

"Welcome to Japan miss," the older man bowed and not that it's bad but I'm nit used to this treatment. " How did your flight go?"

"Great!" I smiled when he took my luggage. "Great when we finally landed! That flight took forever!"

He laughed a bit as we were heading towards the cars.

"So where's our ride?"

"Right there" he pointed at the long, shiny black car which we call a limousine.

"Oh my gosh!" I squealed and ran ahead towards the transportation, jumping out and down with happiness. "I get to ride in a limo?"

The man opened the door and without him saying it I went inside the limousine. It was fantastic!

Best part?

I have this all to myself! Yeah baby!

"We'll arrive at the hotel in about half an hour." the man announced.


The limo ride was so much better than the plane. I explored around the small area a bit but most of the time I was having a mini sight seeing of the beautiful country of Japan from out the little window. It was a grand experience yet.

When we arrived, the hotel was beautiful and it looks expensive. Then again, I'm not paying for any of this! The driver gave my luggage to one of the employees and I grabbed my backpack. Stepping on each marbled steps, I was getting more excited. I was like a time bomb ready to explode at any moment. The hotel look so fancy and here I am wearing a pair of shorts with a kimono style top. Everyone else? Either in uniform or rich looking clothes. I was lead towards the elevator and finally after five minutes, I was in my room.

I gasped and held my breath. This room is so cool!

And did I mentioned huge?

The employee set down my luggage down the carpeted floor and I just happen to drop my backpack. Luckily there was nothing breakable in there.
I looked around the place. There was a mahogany table with a lovely bouquet on a magnificent vase. A leathered sofa with a small palm tree on each side. An absolutely beautiful chandelier hanging proudly on the ceiling.

There were double doors at the west of the room. I opened them and saw a king sized bed, a night stand on the right side of the room beside the bed. A huge window glass door that leads towards the balcony. I leaned towards the glass and I saw different buildings from was another door across the bed. I went there, turned the knob and saw that this room was the bathroom. It has a huge bathtub! Also a shower, the vanity and the toilet of course. But the bathtub caught my attention. I closed the door and ran towards the bed. It was a water bed!

The bed was making a wave and I laughed really hard. I got up into a sitting position and took another good look of the bedroom. Still having that smile on my face I bounced out of the bed and finally I yelled,

"I'm in a Japan oh yeah!" I was like a hyperactive fangirl jumping up and down, clapping like a seal. Overall, I was excited.

I squealed before I exited the bedroom. Little did I know, there was some else in the room.

Four to be exact.

I opened the door excitedly and did a fist pump. I did mention I was really excited right?

"Yeah bab-Oh my gosh!"

There they are. In front of me.

The famous F4. Akira and Sojirou were sitting on the leathered sofa, Tsukasa sitting on one of the chairs with his feet up the coffee table on the phone with Tsukushi possibly and finally,the cutest one, Rui leaning towards the pillar holding 2 bouquet of beautiful flowers.

I secretly prayed that one of them was for me.

This isn't exactly how I pictured this moment. Here I am being an explosion full of excitement and I didn't even know they were already here!

The boys smirked as I was turning red due to embarrassment.

"I see you're really excited there" Sojirou noticed.

"Uh by any chance how much have you seen?" I laughed nervously.

"Just about everything," Akira admitted before he practically mimicked me in a possibly terrible way.

"Ah well ehehe okay" I said.

"I hope you're liking our country so far," Rui came towards me and handed me the bouquet. "This is our welcoming present for you."

I smiled maybe like an idiot but hey, I can control myself.

"C-could you please excuse me for just a brief moment please?" I slowly backed away and Rui looked confused.

"You don't like them?" he asked.

"No I do it's just that I value your hearing so be right back!"

I dashed towards the bedroom and I squealed loudly. I took a deep breath and calmly exited the door. I can tell the boys were controlling their laughter but they failed. Rui had a huge smile on his face and attempted to give me the welcoming gift.

"Thanks!" I gladly took the flowers from Rui and looked at the beautiful arrangement.

"These are lovely! But where is the other contest winner? Isn't there suppose to be two of us? I haven't seen her or maybe him yet."

"Well first of the other contestant is a girl." Akira said.

"And we were told that she's on her way here." Tsukasa announced when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Sojirou yelled out. The door opened and the same employee entered carrying a huge suitcase inside the room.

"I'm sorry for the interruption but the other winner is here."

"Oh let her in then!" Tsukasa determined.

"Yeah can't wait to see her! I sure hope she's just as cute as May here." Sojirou complimented and pointed at me. I giggled a little.

"Sure," the employee bowed and told whoever is behind him to come inside. We all looked to see a young girl shorter than me with smooth black hair, almost chinky eyes and she was wearing pair of jeans and a pretty cute top with a pair of sneakers. She carried a bag around her shoulders and had a pretty shy look on her face.

"Oh my gosh!" I gasped.

"You know her?" Tsukasa raised an eyebrow. I ignored the curly haired leader and ran towards the girl. Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth into an 'O' shape.

"M-May?" she raised an eyebrow but smiled.

"Ellen!" I squealed and gave her a hug.