Ellen's point of view

I was standing there looking around the room when May exclaimed,

"Oh my lanta! This is such an amazing thing! You know this whole time I thought it was someone well…possibly snobbish but thank goodness it's you! But who would have thought of the probability of the two of us hanging out with the famous F4?"

I raised an eyebrow at her and asked,

"You think I'm snobbish?"

She laughed and said, "Well no of course not! I mean you and I both know that a lot of these fans go way overboard unlike us."

I agreed with her and she turned towards the boys who were watching us. She was sure excited about this trip with F4.

The boy with the long, curly hair, I believe his name is Akira, asked us, "How do you guys know each other?"

"Facebook," we said in unison.

May said, "We were talking on one of our mutual friend's facebook about abortions and how much we hated them." She paused for a brief second in order to put her hand on her chest and started to tear up.

Too Dramatic May, I thought as she continued, "Those poor little souls but I should think about how they're in a much better place!"

I gave a fake laugh and said, "Oh May!"




"We also go to the same high school. Well I already graduated actually. Ellen will be a senior this year!" She said to the guys.

"Congratulations!" Akira, Sojirou and Rui says but not at the same time.

"T-Thanks." I blushed a little when they said that.

"Are you sure you're gonna be a senior in high school?" Tsukasa teases yet somewhat offending to me. "You don't look like one."

"Well you do look quite short," Sojirou remarks.

I felt my face grow hot with anger, and I crossed my arms and looked away. Darn those cuties, well except for Tsukasa of course.

May said, "You guys are just saying that because we all know you're getting OLD." She crossed her arms and laughed.

I had to admit that cheered me up a little, and I tried to stifle a laugh but Rui noticed me and smiled a little.

"I am not old!" Tsukasa protests. "I have my own professional skin care service that will make me look young for years!"

"Which is what? You're fiance's beauty products?" Jenna said.

May and I laughed. "Ahem." Ellen and I clear our throats to prevent ourselves from laughing again.

"All right now we must begin our official hangout," Sojirou puts his hands together. "And tonight we will have a party at Tsukasa's yacht with us of course. Tsukasa's lover, Makino Tsukushi will be attending as well as his older sister, Tsubaki and I believe Todo Shizuka as well."

"Shizuka is coming?" Rui asks.

"Ooh is Shizuka your lover Rui?" May teased him.

My felt started to ache but I don't know why considering that Rui was way older than me. I can't help, he is just so adorable!

"Well she was my first love but that's a long story." Rui replied.

"Isn't he even cuter in person?" May whisper towards me.

"Heck yeah!" I whispered back. Then, I asked the boys, "So how long do we have until the party starts?"

"In a few hours," Tsukasa told us. "My workers are busy preparing the yacht right now making sure they do everything correctly."

"And if they don't he'll get mad and have to fire them." Sojirou says in a quite serious tone making May open her mouth and eyes widen.

"Seriously?" May asked.

"I don't fire them like that!" Tsukasa yells.

That guy has some serious problems, I thought to myself.

"Well I do tell them to never bother coming back but that was the old me! This new me is much more almighty! Almighty me!" Tsukasa says with confidence as he punches in the air. "Alright! All hail the new almighty me!"

"Yeah, this is the new 'almighty you' alright." Akira mumbles, quoting the words, 'almighty you'.

While the others were watching Tsukasa, my mouth was slightly wide open and I saw Rui going towards the couch so May and I decided to join him.

Rui smirked as he sits down on a chair and said, "We seriously can't thank Makino enough for taming him."

May and I sat down on the sofa with a curious look in our eyes. "What do you mean by that?" I asked him.

"Well our group used to terrorize the school. If you do something bad especially towards us, you will get a red tag and you will be the target of the whole school."

"That's awful! How the heck can you do that?" May screams.

"Well for one thing we are rich so we basically can do whatever we want," Rui says taking a sip of his tea. Was that tea pot there before?

"But I thought most people there are rich?" I wondered. "How come you guys get special treatment?"

"We have our ways," Rui smirks and winks at us. "But mostly because people will do anything not to upset the Domyouji family."

"So how did she manage to stop him?" May asked.

"Who? Makino?" Rui asks and May nod. "She was a transfer student at Eitoku High School and the only commoner one. When she stood up against Tsukasa, she got a red tag the next day. But no matter how much they throw at her, she just wouldn't give up. I guess I could say I saved her a couple of times. Ah, you should have seen that when she punched Tsukasa. I must admit it was funny."

"Why didn't you videotape it?" May chuckled.

"Well we never knew someone would do that anyway. It came unexpectedly." Rui tells us.

"At least your school is more interesting than ours right Ellen?" He asked me.

There it goes again, my heart was beating fast when I answered him, "Yup."

"So are you girls ready for some shopping?" Sojirou says and puts his hands together. I was planning to ask but I may regret later so I simply just shrug it off.

Annoyed, I said, "We've been ready but you guys weren't."

"Hold on just a moment," May raised her index finger up giving them as signal to wait as she goes towards her bag and dug out a small book.

"What's that?" Tsukasa asks her but she was too busy looking for something inside that book.

"Where could it be?" May asked herself while flipping through a few pages. "Ah! found it!"

I walked up to May because I was curious, she showed me the page and I was quite impressed with her drawing. It was a sketch of a dress. It is a light silver thin strapped, knee length dress with a small white sash that makes a ribbon on the back. The left bottom part of the dress was decorated with cut out small flowers making the dress a bit longer on the left side.

After awhile, I exclaimed, "That is so cute!" and I snatched the book away from her hands to examine it some more.

But Akira was quicker and snatched the book away from instead. "That is pretty neat!"
May screamed, "Hey careful with that!"

"Did you do all these?" Sojirou asks as Tsukasa and Rui joins in.

While the guys joined in, I went to the couch and waited silently for them.

"I guess," She tells them. "But I don't think they're actual originals I mean considering how there are thousands of dresses around the world after all!"

"You know, we know someone who designs clothes. Do you want your drawing to come to life?" Rui smiles and my eyes became bright.

"Really?" she squealed excitedly. "I would love that!"

"Let's get going then?" Akira says.

"Okay!" She tells them. "So this hotel is where we're staying?"

"No," Tsukasa says. "You girls will be guests at my place."

I perked up when Tsukasa said that and I widened my eyes and said, "Seriously?"

"Well this contest was MY idea after all!" Tsukasa laughs with sheer confidence.

"Correction, this was ALL of our idea." Sojirou corrects him.

"Tsk, whatever." Tsukasa scoffs. "Now come on we're wasting time! Your bags will be taken care of by the staff here so just bring whatever you need."

"Alright." May and I say before we left the room.

The guys, May, and I all rode in one limo. I sat between May and Sojiro, Akira sat on the other side of May, and Tsukasa and Rui were sitting in front of us.

"Just get to my house at 4 o'clock woman! And don't be late!" he yells then hangs up.

Rui was looking out the window when he turned towards Tsukasa and asks, "Makino?"

"I told her to get over to my place after we go to the designer to have them make the dresses May drew." he replies.

"Told or commanded?" May say before whispering towards Sojirou,

"How the heck can she handle someone like him?"

"I guess that's what they call...love." was his reply.

"Of course," May laughed a bit. "Love can be unexpectedly crazy."

I sat there leaning against the window, suddenly tired even though it was barely five o'clock. Finally, the limo came into a stop and the driver told us that we have arrived. After the car door was open we all went out in front of a small shop and I can see different types of fabrics displayed at the window. May was the first one to go on ahead and went inside the shop. A little bell was heard when we walked in. The store was full of dresses, I wanted to just try on all of the dresses but we only have a little bit of time left before the party starts.

"Welcome." a lady said dress and walked towards May's direction. The rest of us were walking behind her was looking at the dresses.

Sojiro poked me in the arm and held out a strapless red dress, and pretended to model the dress. I rolled my eyes at him and continued to look through the dress as May and Tsukasa was talking to the lady.

I was talking to Rui when May came up to us. May told me to come help pick out our fabrics, and got ourselves measured for our dress. Then, the lady told us then that she'll give Tsukasa a call once the dresses are ready. We thanked the lady before we left the shop.

"So what do we do now?" I asked the guys.

"We can get ready at Tsukasa's place." Rui answers. "Makino should be there by now. Are you girls ready to meet the lion tamer?"

Lion tamer, this would be interesting. I thought to myself.

"Lion tamer?" May and I ask at the same time.

"What do you mean lion tamer?" Tsukasa asks. "Makino tames lions?"

The guys except for Tsukasa laugh along with May and I. It took a half a minute for Tsukasa to realize what Rui just said.