Final chapter of this very serious and dramatic story. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

The Sky at Dusk

Chapter 6: In Which they Discuss Sex

In their kitchen, Alice arabesques over to her tall, bronze-haired brother.

"I can see you're afraid to have sex with your girlfriend." Her voice chimes like someone playing the triangle.

Our boy nods and pinches the bridge of his nose, to show he's distraught with what he's about to say. "Willingly becoming a monstrous murdering demon who takes innocent lives is one thing, but sex before marriage? There's no worse sin. My girl will never be pure again. And neither will I."

Alice answers him in a silent, interpretive dance which enlightens both the boy and the author on how illogical this thought process is. Sex is not so bad after all.

"But I might kill her." His voice sounds like crystals being crushed in his hand.

"You won't kill her."

His head snaps up, happily because he's happy now. His smile reaches his gold-flashing eyes to prove it. "Are you sure?"

"Positive." She laughs, though, pretty hard. "Why didn't you just ask me? I promise, killing isn't something that happens."

Her brother frowns at her. "Hurting?"

"Only in the normal virginal sense."

Our vampire boy nods and makes his decision to make love to his mortal girlfriend. Alice laughs, and when Edward searches her mind to see what's so entertaining, he comes up with nothing but smurfs la la la-ing. She's blocking him from her mind for some reason.

Our boy decides to hunt before his sexual escapade, and even though they could have the whole vampire house to themselves, our boy and girl share their first sexual encounter at the girl's house because if the threat of death isn't enough, the threat of Charlie maybe walking in on them is even better. (The author rubs her hands together in gratification of her own brilliance.)

On the girl's bed they kiss. Finally our boy opens his mouth to let her tongue in. She sighs, and feels wetness in her panties while his tongue wets hers.
Over her clothes he kisses her down her chest, mouths her breast, and, lifting her shirt, tongues her bellybutton like a popsicle on a frying pan.

"I love you," they say to each other, his voice like a velvet pillow, hers like feather-down.

He takes her shirt off at vamp speed.

She takes his off at human speed.

He takes her pants off at vamp speed.

She takes his off at human speed.

They're the perfect compliment to each other, they both think, with contented sighs on their lips.

The vampire touches carefully and then kisses carefully his human's naked breast. "Do you like this?"

She moans her yes, and grabs for his cold, vampire-hard erection. She shivers. "Do you like this?"

He thinks he wouldn't mind if she stroked a little harder. A lot harder. But the truth is, he does like it, so he moans his yes.

Our vampire boy, who's never had sex in what feels like a million years is about to burst quite literally through his vampire-hard erection into his girlfriend's tiny, fragile, sweet, warm hand. He stops her gentle stroking, positions his hips between her legs and gets ready to make his entrance. Everything is breathy and gaspy and quivery and moany.

"You're near my center."

"Your core."

"My lady part."

"Your folds."

He kisses her sweetly, holds his breath, concentrates hard on not breaking or biting his girl, and enters. He can hear, feel, and smell his entrance. It's the sound of shredding, the best feeling of snug-cushioned heat and wetness and heavenly surroundings he's ever felt, but the smell is of blood, and even with his breath held, he can't unsmell it. He's on the other side of the room, naked against the wall, falling to the floor in no time.

"What happened?" She perches up on her elbows, her ladyship cold and abandoned.

"You're bleeding," he says, and he could cry. He wanted this so badly. He's never been angrier with his author. How could she do this to them? Why didn't she decide to make the hymen blood different from the other blood?

Somewhere in her story pocket at the crafts services table which offers everything but animal blood, Alice is laughing.

The author is very uneasy with her own vampire boy character's awareness of her, and decides to let the mortal girl clean herself up, get rid of every last remnant of the blood, and let the two sweet, beautiful, perfect lovers make love sweetly and beautifully and perfectly until their toes are curling, the stars in the sky surround them, and the heavens open up in a chorus just for them. As they hotly and coldly pull and tug and hug and hold and kiss and lick and caress and grind, there are violins and harps and flutes and pianos and fireworks and envious angels in their bubble of love-making.

They're flying through their very own starry sky on the tails of comets.

They definitely have wings.

"You're so perfect," each lover tells the other in his and her lovely euphoric haze of post orgasmic love. And they are. Perfect.

Chapter 6 Part II: In Which they Discuss the Change on a White Blank Page

"Change me," our girl pleads of her boyfriend.

"I won't take your humanity away."

"Yes, you will," Alice says, coming from nowhere en pointe. "I've seen it. All the decisions haven't been made yet, so I can't see how it happens, but it does happen. You might as well do it now."

"What if I decide not to?"

Alice takes a few minutes to sashay and search this future. "Well…" she pauses her speaking, but not her sashaying. "If you decide not to change her now, three more books will be written that will take over the world. Movies will be made that will make two actors, who don't want fame, famous over night. They'll duck and cover from their fame for years as if missiles are being dropped on their heads. Fame is excruciating for them. Insane people will find sites on the internet to discuss their new passion or guilty pleasure, and they'll argue about everything, especially which boy they think is the right boy for your girlfriend to end up with. Oh, that's right. Your relationship will be threatened by a stinky werewolf." She plugs her nose as if she smells him, and she probably can.

"There will be a love triangle of sorts that most readers will think is ridiculous and forced, but they love the books anyway so the author has nothing at all to worry about, except being ridiculed by critics and sometimes her fans. There's also something going on with your stomach." She points to the girl. "But I can't see inside it. I'm blocked so that there can be a lot of scary, sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspence and the threat of imminent death. It's the kind of horror that makes you, my bronze-haired god of a brother, pull at your hair all the time and hate yourself."

She puts both hands on the sides of her head, concentrating harder but she still can't see inside the stomach. There's a lot of blood though, and her brother looks miserable. She doesn't like this option at all. "I also see feathers, broken headboards, Jane assaulting a few of us, Aro threatening the death of your girlfriend even though there's no chance that will happen since she's the protagonist in a romance novel. And the reader will learn why Rosalie is such a bitch to her. It all comes down to this moment. The power is in your hands, my bronze adonis."

Our boy turns to his girl with sadness and pain, hurt and discomfort in his eyes. "I don't want you to maybe fall in love with a wolf." He feels like crying but he can't.

"I don't want to, either." And she's crying because she can.

"Don't cry." He touches the single tear that's making it's way down to her chin and it turns to ice. She brings her own fingers up to it until it melts and then she wipes it away.

"We can't trust this author," he says.

"I know."

"She made us both think the wolf boy was only your brother."

"He is like a brother." Her one single tear hasn't stopped.

"But I'd like to break a headboard."

"We'll both break headboards." She bites her lip and blushes.

The boy smiles.

"Change me," she whimpers. She sobs and wails and touches his chest where his cold, dead heart doesn't beat. "Make me like you." She kisses his chest, her very own stone wall of comfort, and he's done for.

Alice has disappeared into her story pocket to let our lovers have their bubble back.

The boy agrees to change his human, realizing there was never any other choice. "I'll love you for eternity."

"I'll love you for eternity, too."

He leans toward her.


He stops.

"Are you sure you'll still love me when I'm no longer warm, you can't hear the sound of my heart, don't smell the call of my blood, and I'm able-bodied instead of rescue-me-clumsy? Because even though I'm willing to give up my humanity and my family..." the author takes a moment to remember the girl does actually have family, and then she shrugs, "... I'm still not sure our love isn't contrived and flat and superficial."

"I'll love you for an eternal amount of eternities."

And with that, she believes him like she believes there are stars in the sky, moss on the trees, and mist in the wind.

He kisses her lips carefully, bends her head back to arch her glorious, smooth, pale neck, runs his nose down her throat, and kisses his favorite spot to bite into. He's never given a kiss before biting; he savors the moment, prolonging the kiss against warm flesh. Licking his lips, venom spilling forth like drool, he hopes he's strong enough to stop. He says a little hopeful prayer in case he believes in God. Somewhere, somehow he reads Alice's mind who tells him he is strong enough.

He opens his mouth to sink his teeth in.

"I'm Bella, by the way."

"I'm Edward."

Edward bites.

Bella gasps.

Dusk takes over the sky as the story ends so that the title makes literal sense, and all our vampires, even their newest addition, live many alternate lives immortally ever after.

A/N: Yeah, so just a tad bit of sarcasm there. And I really do love Edward and Bella, and Rob and Kristen are great, and if it weren't for Stephenie Meyer, this wouldn't be here and neither would I, and something in my life would be sorely missing. And also, I'm a feminist. :)

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