I've had a major inspiration bomb explode in my head one night, this is the results of it.

A new JtHM story. Now this is different from Don't You Remeber Me and is NOT a sequel in anyway.

Its only a very sad story of loss.

I do not own JtHM in anyway. Only the story and Emily.

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As autumn winds blew and the storm roared with tremendous thunder. If you look you would see a small home. It wasn't grand or new it was barely any bigger than a gardeners shed. But the massive rooms it had down below surely made up for the house's meager appearance. Old and rackety; but it was a good enough home for this small family of three. Inside of this wrongly heaven numbered home. Light but swift footsteps echoed through hollow halls. A small girl barely 4 ran fast through the halls, sheer terror and small tears were shown on her face. She didn't stop, fearing the monsters and shadows would come and swallow the young child whole.

She ran till she came upon a black door. She turned the aged knob but the door wouldn't budge. The shadows drawing near they're mouths salivating and there grins wide. The girl in shear panic raised her small leg and with all her strength kicked the door in. The girl jumped into the room and slammed the door shut. She turned fast and saw her older brother Todd cowering in the comer of the room. Todd was clutching onto his stuffed bear Shmee in tears. Poor boy believed that these monster were his doing. These devils, products of his nightmares, coming for him. Oh how more wrong that boy could've been. Todd raised a hand fast out to the terrified girl that was standing back facing too the door. "Emily! Come here!" Todd cried. Emily ran from the door into her brothers open arms. Emily too was in tears absolutely terrified. Both children were unsure as too whether they would be able to see the sun ever again. As these hellish devils started to beat the door down to get to there prey. The children screamed as the thrashes at the door grew and grew. Todd close his eyes tight and held Emily close. He crouched down into the corner using his own body as a shield; he would make sure she would be protected from most of the monsters attacks. "Were going to die... Were going to die.." Was all that ran through the boys mind. His mind used to be filled of stories of fun and wonder, now all that was left was that lone thought and the sound of wood snapping and breaking made his thoughts more and more of a reality.

Then a sudden chilling wind blew into the back of Todd's head. His eyes shot open. "The window was locked and closed!" Todd thought franticly. He slowed turned to face the window. Only to see glass sprawled all around the floor and around them, and a extremely slender figure crouched down on the window sill. The figure was Todd's step father Johnny. Johnny looked at both of the kids with a stern face but very calm black eyes. He gave Todd his bony almost skeletal hand to take. "Come on Squee it's not safe here." Johnny said a bit rushed. Although his body movements were very calming as he picked up the two terrified kids in his
bony arms.

Johnny climbed on top of the roof of the small shack like house. By then the monsters of the night had broken the door down, but haven't acquired no traumatized children too feed upon. Johnny held the badly shaken children close to try and calm them. But his efforts to comfort the children were didn't help as the demons quickly followed them. Standing at a colossal height the demons and devils now morphed as one, roared a horrible roar as the storm began to grow into a typhoon. Johnny glared at the monster. This monstrosity of hell was not because of Todd's mind but his. This creature was made from the corpse of the wall monster that Johnny had feed for years till he was finally able too kill it emotionally, mentally, and physically. Now the son of that beast was coming to exact the blood it had lost. By killing the one thing Johnny cared the most for his children. "YOU WON'T HAVE THEM YOU FUCKING BEAST! YOU HEAR ME? YOU'LL NEVER TAKE THEM!" Johnny growled at the beast. "They're blood shall taste heavenly!" The beast smirked.

Johnny glared and pulled out one of his thousands of knives out of his jacket sleeve with his free hand. Todd saw the knife and let out a squeak like he had as a small boy. When Emily saw the knife she held onto Johnny's torso tightly, terrified, afraid to let go of her father. Johnny glared at the creature then looked down at his children with sad eyes. "Either they die or..." Johnny thought. He closed his eyes tightly for a moment, as pain seared his heart like a flame had burned through his entire body. He sat the kids down behind him. "Nny?" Todd cried confused as to what his actions were for. Johnny turned away from them, silent, "Nny what's going?" Todd asked in tears. "... Todd..." Johnny started to say but stopped himself. "... Todd promise me... Promise me you will take care of your sister..." Johnny said trying to keep himself from breakdown into tears. Todd went wide eyed. What did he mean? He would be there to help him take care of Emily? Wouldn't he? Why would he tell him that? "Nny?" Todd asked terrified. Emily looked at her father confused. "Just promise me!... Please..." Johnny said not once turning to face them. More tears fell from Todd's pale face. Emily hung onto Todd crying. "Todd what's daddy doing?" Emily cried. Todd shook his head. "I-I don't know Emmy." Todd stuttered. The monster roared growing more and more enraged. "... Promise me. Todd please, it's all I need to hear!" Johnny exclaimed. Todd looked at Nny. Nny turned slightly his head at them. What they saw made they're hearts drop. Johnny was crying. The homicidal maniac never cried even if he was in the most horrible pain imaginable he just wouldn't. Hot tears fell from Todd's eyes, he nodded. Emily tried to stand so she could hug her father. She always hated seeing him sad. Only to have Todd hold her back. "Todd?" She asked. Todd shook his head as the beast trashed about destroying homes and buildings. "FACE ME YOU COWARD!" It roared growing more and more impatient every second Nny kept it waiting. Johnny ran forward to face this beast. Only turning once to see his children. Emily and Todd looked at their fathers sad face. "... I love you two. Don't forget that." Johnny said. Todd sucked in a breath and stood as Johnny turned from them. "We love you too dad! And I promise I'll take care of Emy! I promise!" Todd swore through tears. Johnny closed his eyes and smiled a small smile but it was filled with what little happiness he had left. Running hard on his steel toed boots Johnny attacked the devil. The monster roared in pain and anger. But for Todd and Emily the world around them suddenly went black.

I can't find him. I have to find him. I have to find him. I have to find my dad. Please daddy! I'm so scared! Where are you? Where did you go? Daddy! Daddy! Daddy help Squee isn't waking up! Daddy! (Rumble) Daddy?

Squee's POV

He woke up in a shot of cold sweat. He prayed that the night before was only a dream. None of it ever happened. There were no monsters or demons and he did not see his father run off to fight them alone. He didn't see his father cry. He did none of the sort. At least that's what he prayed for. Sadly when he opened his eyes he saw the damage and the ruble on the ground and concrete below. As if something giant had destroyed it. He stood on badly shaken legs, hardly able to stand. He suddenly remembered the promise he had made to his father and turned to where he had last seen his sister. To his shock she was not there. All that laid in that spot was his companion Shmee. He walked over to him and picked up the aged rag tag bear. "... Emily..." He said in a small voice. "WHERE ARE YOU!" He screamed. Tho the neighbors didn't hear, they never did, even the cries and screams of pain he had done when he was a child were never once heard. Those screams were caused by the fists of his first father and his hatred for the boy that was his son.

Past aside he had made a promise to Johnny, the one person he actually thought as a father, and he attend to keep it. With quick feet he jumped off the roof of the house. Once his feet touched the ground he ran around the ruble calling her name. "Emily! Emily!" He called. He soon heard soft cries behind him. He turned fast on his sneakers heels. He faced Emily who was sobbing hard, holding 2 objects tightly in her hands. Seeking comfort from anyone and anything that was near or far. He ran up to her so relieved that she was alright and not even the least bit harmed. "Emily! Your okay." He said so full of relief but his relief quickly turned to worry when he saw her face. She looked at him her eyes red from tears and hot tears falling from her slightly pale face. "Emily... Whats wrong? What is it?" He asked franticly. Emily sobbed. He saw that in her hands were her stuffed rabbit and Nailbunny. A small dead rabbit that had it's head sewn back onto it's rabbit body and a nail through it's body. It was one of the few voices Johnny had really liked and listened to fully. "N-Nailbunny s-said that h-he c-can't come b-back again and-and D-Daddy won't-won't wake up!" Emily cried. She hugged Nailbunny tightly but not so his stitches would pop off. He looked at her his eyes unbelieving. What was she talking about? Of course he'll wake up he's always lived no matter what terrible things happened to him. He shook his head this couldn't be true. "... Johnny's alive... He has to be... He always has and always will be!" He said his voice breaking. Emily gave the most saddest of looks and slowly raised her hand in front of her. She didn't point in any general direction, just forward, too a pile of concrete and rubble. He rushed to the pile hoping that his father was only gravely injured. But it was not so. What he saw made his whole body freeze, as if time itself had stopped. There he was. There was Johnny lying on his back, as if he was napping, the maniac's clothes were torn but still hung on his slick bony body, there's was blood. Lots of it. Spewed everywhere around Johnny or on him. He felt as though as he was going to vomit, it was such a grisly sight. The sad realization and painful truth of it all hit the young boy so fast. He collapsed and fell to his knees. No noise was heard, not even Emily cries. The world around him seemed to have grown colder. Everything in his life flashed before the boys eyes, everything Johnny had done for the boy, everything he had taught him, everything he had protected him from, everything he had given the boy, his happiness, a caring home, a nice family that actually loved him and he loved back, a sister. All of that. Every single one of those things most fools on this earth would take for granted, was all that the boy ever wanted and Johnny had given him everyone of them. But now in this instant, they were gone. The one person that bothered to look up, the only person that seemed to care about him was no gone and taken in such a painful way. The boy knew the world had it in for some people, but what did he do to have the last bit of his happiness taken?

3rd person POV

"NO NO NO NO! DAMN YOU GOD NOT NNY!" Squee screamed to the heavens. But not even God would answer their pleas. Emily ran to Todd and clung on to his arm for the only comfort she had left. Todd wrapped his arms around his little sister as they both cried over the loss of they're father. "But... No..." Squee said in a whisper. "No!" Squee said and shook his head. Emily looked at Todd confused for a moment. Todd stood and walked over to the body of his one and only father. Emily was holding onto Todd's arm tightly. Squee tried to wipe his tears away but there was no end. Taking in a shuddered breath. He looked at the body. Johnny was still the same man he was when Squee had first met him when he was 4. "You-You were... More th-than a killer N-Nny. Y-you were my fr-friend if not m-my only one. Y-you were m-mine and E-emy's dad." Todd cried his voice breaking. Todd cried more tears. Emily let go of Todd's arm and went towards her fathers dead body. Emily kneeled down next to Nny. She laid her small hand over his heart. No drum like heartbeats beat against her small palm ,nothing, no sign of life that she knew. "D-Daddy! P-Please don't go over the stars! We-we m-miss you Daddy!" Emily cried. She hugged her fathers thin chest sobbing into his black Z? shirt. Todd walked behind his sister and placed his hands gently on her shoulders. They both cried until they're eyes were dry of any water. They made a make shift grave in the backyard. After time had long since passed they walked back into they're small home. Todd lead Emily to the small couch and tucked her for some much need rest. He made sure to do just as Johnny would've. Emily started to cry but turned to her side so she didn't have to face Todd's sad face. Todd hugged her close and laid with her on the small couch. They're tears and sounds of grief are all that echoed through the hollow halls this night. Of this now empty home.

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Also Nny had adopted Squee when he was young after killing his parents then a half year later Nny had Emily. (Not in the sort of way u know what I mean.)

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