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I shot up with a scream. "Where am I?" I aske myself and look around. I'm on the roof with my brother by myside asleep.(AN Not in a perverted way) I see ruble and concrete down below us. Images of what had transpired before rushed into my head. I grab my stuffed bunny, Nina, and jump down off the roof. When I land I run all around calling his name, crying, searching for him. "Dad! Dad! Daddy!" I call. "Daddy! Daddy! Where are you!?" I call but receive no reply. "I can't find him. I have to find him. I have to find him. I have to find my dad. Please daddy! I'm so scared! Where are you? Where did you go? Daddy! Daddy! Daddy help Squee isn't waking up! Daddy!" I thought giving me a small amount of courage to continue my search. I hear a rumbling noise behind me. "Daddy?" I ask and turn. I see my dad lying on his back. I run up to him and hug him. "Daddy! I found you! I was so scared!" I cry relieved. My dad doesn't talk in his normal nice, slightly insane voice like he used to, he's just silent. "You have to wake up Squee! He can't wake up!" I cried. But he was still quiet. "Daddy? D-didn't you here me?!" I ask growing more and more terrified. Daddy doesn't look at me only down with his eyes closed. "Daddy? Daddy?" I asked while lightly shaking him. He doesn't move he's still like the skeleton at Skool. "Daddy?! Stop scaring me!" I cry getting really really scared now.

"It's no use Emily..." I hear a kind male voice say disappointingly. I turn and see Nailbunny lying on the ground; his head still attached to his body. I run from where my Daddy's lying and pick up Nailbunny. "What-What do you mean there's no use? Daddy's just sleeping. Isn't he?" I ask. Nailbunny sighed. "I wish I could tell you that Emmy I really do. But for one real moment, Nny is... d-dead..." Nailbunny chocked on the words to tell the young child. "D-Dead?! B-b-but Daddy died before and-and before he came back! L-l-like the first time! He can't be!" I cried. I run back to Daddy. I hug his chest and shirt. I lay my ear on to his chest. I hear nothing, no swishing, no heart beats, nothing. I felt tears explode from my eyes. "D-d-d-Daddy! No! Don't leave me!" I scream hugging him tightly as tears fell from my eyes. "Daddy! Please! I didn't mean what I had said! I didn't mean it! Come back!" I beg but he doesn't move he just lies there his eyes closed and blue spiky hair covering them somewhat.

"Your fault..."

My eyes widened. "W-w-what?!" I asked. I saw my fathers body move. But shadows covered his face his eyes were white and lifeless instead of light brown and brimming with insanity. "D-Dad?" I asked more terrified then heartbroken. He suddenly lunged at me and darkness surrounded me and my father. "YOUR FAULT!" My father growled at me. His voice sounded deeper, it sounded evil, he kept repeating those two words. I covered my ears but it did no use it sounded like he was inside my head. I fell to my knees the voice grew into three different voices all sinister and evil. I screamed for help but no body heard me. They all said the same thing...

"Your Fault..."

I bolted from my bed in a cold sweat and hot tears streaming down my face. I wait till I've calmed myself to move. Once I'm able to breath normally I wipe my tears away with my bed sheet and very slowly crawl out of bed. I walk over to the bathroom get a quick shower and change into a black t-shirt and red sweatpants. I come out of the bathroom and walk up to my dresser mirror. I look at my reflection. My dark blue hair all messy and spiked out more that it should be. I grab my brush and smooth out all my tangles and make my unmanageable hair lie down some. I grab my black eyeshadow and eyeliner out of my small makeup box, I got for christmas from Mary, I put my Charcoal black eyeshadow on first and a little bit of eyeliner. I don't use much cause the underneath of my eyes are naturally black from my insomnia. I know people say it looks like I have 2 black eyes but I really don't give a damn what other think. I look at my Girly Gothic Doll calendar and checked the date. Sadly today was December 7, my birthday, I sighed and turned to walk out to the kitchen.

Weirdly. Squee wasn't out in the kitchen; all I saw was a arrow on the floor pointing to the door that leads to the basement. Shrugging my shoulders I descendant to the old must labyrinth of rooms. I followed arrows too a door I didn't recognize. Paranoia creeped up in me. I very slowly and resistant reached for the knob. The door creaked open from age and unuse. Inside was a dark purple wrapped box with a black bow and a light that was shining over said item. I walked up to the box, on the lid attached to a loop on the bow, I pulled it off.

1 Dress with Black Lace.

"Dress?" I asked myself. I pulled the lid off and looked inside was a dress. It was black and blue with white and black stripes down the skirt and up around the chest area. The sleeves were long and dark blue, she front had one of my drawings of a manipulative grey blob named Heather on the front with her teeth sharp and grueling, there was lace around the hem, I found a small curtain covered booth and changed out of my sweats. The dress also came with black pump boots and grey tights, and at the bottom was a silver hairpin that was in the shape of Z?. I clipped the pin in my side baings that had grown out some so it held them out of my face. Then I followed another arrow That was painted on the floor to another door.

I approached the other door. My nerves were less aroused. There was a card on the door. I grabbed it and opened the door.

2 thousand knives to put a smile on your face.

My eyes widened all around the room were knives. Some old some

new but more that I could carry in my trench coat. "Ooh! I love these! And that one!" I said as I tosses and searched through the hundreds upon hundreds of blades. Till I found one that was black handles and had my name etched on the blade. After concealing it in my dress. I followed a path, safely, through the knives and to another door.

3 men from different races that only hate.

I saw 3 guys tied up in straight jackets on the wall. I grinned. A awesome excuse to 'practice' my new knife set. Once the 3 were mutilated to my liking I continued on my way with a small grin on my face.

The next door was larger than the others. Another note was taped to the door. I grabbed it and opened the door and entered.

4 mirrors that are the gate to something great.

I stared at the 4 giant mirrors that covered most of the room, except for a door on the other side, I stared at the glass for I don't know how long. I did see something but it was more like a haze and I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. But I could've swore I saw a slick hand on my shoulder. I shook my head and continued on the path way before I turned more insane than I'm already am.

Same as before note on the door and I entered the room. Only with a regular sized white door.

5 Brain Freezys.

"Yay!" I said and grabbed a Freezy off the table. I sucked the first one down quickly. I scooped the other 4 up in my arms and left the room. "Best gift so far." I said and went into the next room. I managed to grab the note as I walked in.

6 pairs of gloves that won't leave you in a tissy.

I saw some awesome lace gloves. I chooses a black fingerless pair and pocketed the rest. I walked over to a red door more notes? Man this is getting weird.

7 bucks from Don't Bother Me I'm busy T-Shirt Co.

There was a small stack of bills on a table. "That's all I get?" I asked aloud. "This has Pepito written all over it..." I hissed in my head and stomp out the door.

8 hoes that need to die

I looked at the 8 platinum blond women with stuffed bras, fake heels, and very ugly clothes. It didn't take long for me to 'dispose' of these such fake creatures. No blood spilled on my dress or gloves. I headed for the rest of these crazy rooms.

9 Photographic Memories we could not buy.

I saw the room had blank pictures filled the room. Lying on a wall were 9 old Poloroid photos that were blown up and now 10 times there original size. I looked at them they were all from when I was 2 or 3. I smiled at them. My dad had taken them. One was of me gathering buckets of paint and one of blood. It was my first art class my dad was my teacher. After he had adopted my brother he had somehow gotten his artistic skills back. When I was born my dad decided to teach me how to draw and paint like his mom had taught him.

The next was of my first Halloween. I was dressed as a bloody fairy, Squee was a skeleton and had Shmee dressed as a tissue dog he saw on TV. Dad was Jack Skellington from Nightmare he was a awesome Jack they wouldve been brothers. Dad had made me and Squee Trick or Treat bags out of the mean Trick or Treaters heads. Squee pulled me in a wagon with Pepito with him and Mary was with us by then so she was in the with me. Dad had stayed behind to give candy too trick or treators. It was a fun Halloween.

Next was of Halloween too. Only I had fallen asleep after running around all night. So I was now resting in my father's arms. Dad was smiling down at me his eyes were caring and calm. He seemed happy. I don't know what about me just exsisting would just make my dad smile for no reason; same with Squee it was like without us dad had no reason to live. It was always liked that even, with all the blood and chaos Dad caused, our childhood was normal in a small sense of the matter. There were good moments and bad ones but it was perfect none the less. I wiped more tears away an looked at the other ones.

The next two were of my dad messing around with his victims while we watched how he killed them. Squee looked like he was ready to pee himself out of fear, I wasn't scared, I was smiling sitting criss cross. I was 3 Squee was 8. One had my dad with his eyes open grinning with his favorite pair of knives pointed upwards like he was gonna slice us up, which he never would, we would just laugh when he would try to scare us; we knew he was kidding. The next was of my dad holding a bloody chainsaw looking very insane. If you would look in the corner you'd see Squee running for his life. It was a funny day.

Next was one Squee took for some reason, me and Squee could never explain, Dad would always look depressed but Psychodoughboy and Mr. Eff weren't there anymore. I was looking up at Dad with Squee behind me; he had left the camera on the table and set the auto flash to take it. I had my arm pointed up to poke my dad's head cause he wasn't looking at us.

Next was a pic of Dad working on one of his paintings. Me and Squee are watching him so we both took it.

The next 2 were actually the same picture. They were the only family photo we all took. Dad had bopped off a world famous photographer and we got his HUGE collection of cameras he had managed too lug around with him everywhere the guy went. So we used his professional futuristic camera to take the last shot the film had which was this photo. Me and Squee were sitting next to dad while he was kneeled down next to us. We had small smiles nothing too creepy or too over done like all those fake families do. I smiled at the pictures. I walked over to a blue door this time.

10 Sets of Paints so you don't cry.

They were the big tube kinds that cost 30 bucks each. Next door was Grey and looked like it was made of metal.

11 New canvas so you spread our sign.

They're were giant canvases. I grinned and grabbed a bucket and large brush. I squirted out some if my black and blue out into the bucket, mixed it into a dark blue and painted Happy Noodle Girl and the Z? In the background. I hurried on my way leaving my painting to dry.

12 Hearts that beat, no those aren't mine.

Okay... Now there's real human hearts here... Weird... I quickly scooted away from the hearts. I was homicidal not a cannibal.

The last door was Black. The number 13 was painted on the door. I walked in.

13 Wishes for a Homicidal Girl

"Happy Birthday Emily!" Squee, Marcy, Pepito, and Mary called. "Thanks guys." Emmy said with a small smile. "No problem little Sis." Squee said and gave his baby sister a hug. Emmy returned it smiling. Squee was happy his sister seemed less pain stricken now she seemed to be genuinely enjoying herself. "So did you like your gifts?" Squee asked. Emmy nodded. "Mmhmm." She hummed. "Glad you did. But were not done we got one more big surprise waiting for you." Squee said rubbing his little sisters head. "Hehe okay." Emmy laughed. The 5 friends began too leave when Emoly stopped in her tracks. "What's wrong?" Squee asked the birthday girl. "It's not Tuesday is it?" Emily asked looking afraid and very Paranoid. Squee shook his head while Emmy let out a huge sigh of relief. "Good." Emmy said and walked up ahead of everyone grinning. "Why'd you lie it is Tuesday?" Marcy asked Squee in a whisper. "Emily has a big fear of aliens, and from experience, aliens appear to adduct on Tuesdays." Squee whispered back. Marcy giggled. "You were adducted? Very funny." Marcy laughed some. Squee looked a little bewildered. It was true he was adducted almost on 2 occasions. He shrugged his shoulders as him and Marcy and Emmy got in his fathers grey POS car. Pepito got in his black 1986 Mustang with Mary. The two groups of teens drove off too the next surprise.

What's the next surprise?

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